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1903_00_00 Thoughts and guides (Filip)


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Готов превод Мисли и упътвания - 1903-ИБ-18 / .: 1903-ИБ-18

Thoughts and guides

Never overdo one job. Never rush to finish it in half, because you will have to repeat it again, and without achieving the goal you are pursuing. At the same time, remember that everything in life must have its time and place, otherwise you will have to regret that you put things out of place and that you did them out of time. And this will cost you a lot, because it will deprive you of what you deserve to accept - your satisfaction that you have done something good. Because the beauty of a deed depends on the correctness and the order in which it follows to be done in a timely manner - and that is exactly, which gives it its value. Do not offer your favours where they are not needed, nor your friendship where there is no place. Stay in your position right where you are placed to be, and carry out your purpose as you understand it, and is dictated to you by your conscience, for in this lies the dignity of man. And everyone who is lazy to understand the Truth will suffer - his lamp will go out, so be careful in your life, lest you do this to become careless to the eternal principles and build your happiness on sand. Keep your heart from futility and you will be happy in your life. Do not wish for what you do not need, and do not ask for the impossible, because you wish for two unattainable things. Call on God in everything to bless you before you begin and your deed will be blissed with success.

Do not hesitate in the way of the Truth and do not say what I am going to use if you follow it, because if you get thinking so, you will surely go down into the ditch and you will be forgotten by everyone because of your deed that you despised it.

Do not stop doing the Good, because if you stop doing it, be sure that you will die soon and you will immediately feel in yourself that life has no purpose. Know that the purpose of life is Virtue, and the purpose of Virtue is happiness, and the purpose of happiness is man, and the purpose of man is Truth, and the purpose of Truth is God, and the purpose of God is Love, and the purpose of Love is Everything. And so, if you also master Everything, you will surely be happy because you have accepted Life to its fullest. And he who receives, receives it from God who is the Giver of everything. And do not be ungrateful for what He has good will to give you, because ingratitude is the first sin in life that shortens it.

So, if you have gained Wisdom, know that you have also gained Virtue, and Virtue is never ashamed of, because it is the strongest soil on which you can build anything. Stay away from empty thoughts, because they are a snare from the father of lies to rob you. Remember, they are the empty promises that ruin the happiness of Life. Аnd so, if you see an empty space, do not put your foots in it, lest you get caught and then make you sick; and if you get sick, know that you will spew happiness from your heart. And if you lose what you are not in power to return, know that you are doomed to suffer.

And so, when God speaks, you listen with all your heart and keep His Word, lest you find yourself later deprived of wisdom and thus be thrown out. For that listen to the One who does everything. He is the Eternal Invisible God, to whom the Word flows throughout the world. And if you have His words of Life, you are saved; and salvation is the work of Love. And so, do not despise what Love does, because you will harm your soul. Know that being man means as if you were the Son of God, and to be like that, you need to love His Truth. For the purpose of man is Truth, and the purpose of Truth is Knowledge, and the purpose of Knowledge is enlightenment, and the purpose of enlightenment is ennoblement, and the purpose of ennoblement is education, and the purpose of education is revival, and the purpose of revival is Virtue, and Virtue is the basis of everything because it is eternal in the order of the world. And so, if you own it, you will be safe from everything. And when everything disappears and changes, only it will remain in your soul invariable and unwavering for strengthen you. Therefore, prefer it to all the riches, whatever they are and wherever they are, because if you prefer it, it will love you with the fullness of its heart and its Love will strengthen and consolate you throughout your life.

Know that the two eternal purposes of Life are Virtue and Love. And the one who gave birth to them is Father of everything, whose Name no one knows. And so, understand the Truth that the purpose of Life is birth, and the purpose of birth is Love, and the purpose of Love is suffering, and the purpose of suffering is character, and the purpose of character is Virtue, and the purpose of Virtue is God, and the purpose of God is Love, and Love is the ultimate purpose of infinite eternity, where whole is Peace and Joy. In Peace for the eternal Will of the unattainable Emmanuel, a mighty God, rules; in Joy for the Virtue and Love reign.
Therefore, in order to be able to live as needed, these two beginnings of Life are needed, to refresh and elevate it, for without their assistance there can be no Life.

Keep your soul from nonsense, because in it sin is inevitable; and where there is sin, there can be no peace. Therefore, anyone who wishes Peace and Happiness needs to avoid sin. Because he is the destroyer of all Good; and where the Good is destroyed, the misfortune is ready. Because evil and Good are incompatible with each other - if you prefer sin, misfortune is ready because they are two related as cause and effect and by perceiving one you will also perceive other. And if you perceive Good, you will also perceive happiness, because purpose of Good is happiness. So, know that in the eternal order every violation leads to its consequences and if your Peace has been violated, you have violated some commandment of Virtue. So watch rather to correct your mistake, because otherwise your wound will become bigger.

Listen to the voice of your Guardian Angel, the conscience, to be calm and blissful ever. Therefore, be careful how you walk the path of life. Do not hesitate when you have to choose two opposite paths, because in your hesitation you show your weakness which can become a catch for you to get harmed. From two paths always choose the right although it is narrow and there is few who walk there. And be sure that you will also save time, as you will not encounter big obstacles. Don't be wisening more than you know, because you will be looking as a man who spends more than he has. And it is as if you are looking for either poverty or madness. So be careful when you speak, lest your tongue slip out and say what you don't know - you will lose a lot from one slipping, which will be difficult to correct later.

When you feel exhausted of spirit, seek peace in solitude where your soul can receive nourishment. Do not be lazy in spirit not to pray - prayer is the power of Life. What the Lord commands you to do, do not delay and what the Lord wants, do not refuse, if you want the Good of your soul. What benefit will you acquire if you procrastinate, and what if you refuse. And so, reject duality and stubbornness from the path of your life, to let the Truth be good willing in you. For the Lord is pleased only in those who walk before Him in righteousness and purity. Learn before God to walk with a humble heart and the Love of Life will please.

Refrain from anything that is harmful - do not run to acquire things that will not serve you in anything good. Always be vigilant and be careful not to lose the auspicious minutes of Life, because you will not be able to achieve them. And that, what is missed and cannot be achieved is a real loss in the path of Life.

And so, always listen to that secret voice that speaks to you and guides you, because in his speaking you have to learn what you need to do in order to gain true bliss. And in three things never get lazy, if you don't want to lose what you have: do not leave the Faith, do not forget about Hope, do not quench the Love, because the Life of the future is hidden in them. Therefore, do not tear down the foundation of your soul, without which you cannot exist as a man. Know that the lamp of your soul is Love that supports you with both hands so that you do not fall into the abyss of despair, from where there is no return if you go alone. Therefore, think carefully before you set out on the path of this world, lest you go where you will find nothing but emptiness, sadness and despair.

Of the two thoughts, always accept the first - do not give a top the second to be overcoming, because you will surely make a mistake. When you start working, never hesitate, because where there is hesitation there is division. And the division is sure to create in your soul a disagreement between aspirations that will, in themselves, interfere with the realization of your noble purpose, which you have undertaken. Do not serve two minds because it is impossible to achieve your desire. Guard your thoughts as you do your job. Watch for the evil one, lest he know about you. Don't brag, don't talk about yourself, because it's a waste of time. Don't make plans for your life because it's not your job - someone else takes care of that. Just do what you are given to, and the end will be good. Do not give place to any bad thought to enter your soul. Do not hide your mistakes from yourself, do not apologize for what is done, because you will commit two sins. The unity of every thought and feeling is the force that achieves the purpose. Do not set tempting things for your purpose in your life, lest they distract you from the path of your calling. Don't get carried away by the appearance of things, because you will definitely make a mistake in your choice. Do not think that everything that is presented to you is for your personal good. Things have nothing to do with this or that belief, they do not make life better or worse - their use is what spoils everyone's happiness. And so, the first thing in life is to learn how to use them, and everything that is used must bring some benefit, otherwise it is harmful without this good fruit. Do not ask yourself to burden more than you can handle, because you will definitely suffer from overwork. And anything exaggerated is premature and may be useless. Whatever you do, do it as hard as for yourself, because otherwise you may suffer with others. Don't promise what you can't do; do not get involved in matters you do not understand. Unhappiness when it befalls you, do not worry, nor grumble, because if you make this mistake, you will accept two loads as a salary. Happiness, when it reaches you, do not rejoice, because you will bring yourself two misfortunes - you can lose it and it can lie to you. Happiness is like a woman who smiles at everyone as if she loves them, but when it's time for a wedding, she gets lost. If happiness smiles on you, don't think it means good to you - no, it is lying to you. When it talks to you about love, think that it talks you about a game - to make you lazy. He who believes in happiness wastes his youth. Don't be stupid, be sober, Life is not a game, not always a joke - it requires work and persistence in Virtue.


Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Filip22 (Филип Костадинов)

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