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1911_01_14 Good heart and good mind (Filip)


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Готов превод Добро сърце и добър ум - 14.1.1911-ИБ-34 / .: 14.1.1911-ИБ-34

Good heart and good mind

In God there is always a desire to be revealed to us, but we with our desires and others. We remove it, ie. we create a barrier.

God in us outgrows both good and evil. Here is the free will that we must prefer the good, namely: we must educate the heart, and the mind itself will develop. Therefore, education is for the heart. Our mind on earth is a servant of the heart.

There are certain laws by which the heart is cultivated.

People teach to fight evil, but it is a mistake.

One verse from Isaiah says, "Buy without gold, without silver."

Gold - wisdom.

Silver - knowledge.

In the world, wealth is given only to smart people, so heaven is not a place for stupid people, and stupidity in man is a sign of great transgressions, because heaven wants only smart people. The smart life is to build only upwards, not downwards. The force that draws us to earth is sin. If 10 people focus on someone they attract him to them.

The heavier a person is physically and mentally, the more sinful he is. The lighter you are and connected to heaven, the easier it is to raise you up.

When you are angry, then you are the heaviest.

Christ is the vine and all are grafted into Him.

Man has three main bodies in him - three colors: red, orange and blue.

The physical body - the flesh.

Thoughts and desires - the spiritual body.

Muscles correspond to the physical body.

The lungs - the spiritual.

The brain - the mind.

Man is a symbol of the whole universe.

For thousands of years if we go with this science, we will always remain in this position.

Suffering in life is given to push us to lift.

Many want evidence i.e. they want to see - it's easy, as long as you have a strong desire and your spiritual eyes will open.

The gospel gives one rule: First, to see God, you need a pure heart.

The sufferings are waterfalls to wash our hearts, to whiten us. Sufferings will cease once spiritual services are harmonized. Every man who has no flaws is not poor, but is very rich. So let's not grumble about fate, that it doesn't help us to get rich.

I am telling you all this because you are Christians and because it would be bad to wait for another incarnation to correct yourself, do not leave your lessons for tomorrow to learn them.

Christ have said "I am the light of the world" - I am the One who has power. And if you want to serve God, it will depend on how much you can sacrifice. This is a law for our development. But the world did not live like that. Don't let this bother you, because it is enough for your world to improve, then the whole world will improve for you. There is a need for understanding people who have good wishes and can progress. Don't throw pearls on pigs, but namely – on bad people. Those who are given by God listen to Christ, and others do not listen to Him. Make an attempt - separate your soul from your body, you will soon realize and then your spiritual gaze will be inward.

Life is when the spirit leaves the body, and then it will act strongly, that is why Christ says "I gave My body for food", namely, He gave His spiritual body, that is why a person, if he does not sacrifice, cannot rise.

Religious people must be smart. All people need a good heart and a good mind.

A mind without virtues has no foundation.

An artist in London met a torn boy and invited him home to paint him, but he, ashamed, begged for better clothes and then entered, but the painter chased him away, because he wanted him to come with the torn clothes. That is why we must want to go as we are, otherwise everything is hypocrisy.

The evil that is in us, God will turn it into good.

January 1, 1911 V Tarnovo

Notes, held at meetings which Mr. Deunov did at Mr. Boynov's home

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Filip22 (Филип Костадинов)

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