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1915_02_04 Equilibrium between Wisdom and Love (Filip)


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Готов превод Равновесие между Мъдрост и Любов - 4.2.1915-ИБ-114 / .: 4.2.1915-ИБ-114

Equilibrium between Wisdom and Love

The Master Peter Deunov said:

Isaiah - it is a physical man.

The Assyrian - the mental man.

Israel - the spiritual man.

The city of the sun is now called Osiris - from the root "озари" - illuminate.

In Egypt, the 19th dynasty reigned for several thousand years and gave the old culture to Egypt, which the Romans destroyed.

Many other things are locked in the dungeons of the pyramids that will be discovered and explored. As a result of the fall of а stone, a hole was opened and many antiques were found. Everything about Christ is written there. Laws should not be issued. Therefore his servants (spirits) crucified Christ, because he gave a teaching not in time.

Nature is demanding of the foolish, and condescending to the smart. Nature gives us rules to reform ourselves. The way is only with water, and not to purify ourselves like the woman who, in order to clean her house, covered the rugs, swept the floor and raised the dust, so that it filled the room and it took 2-4 hours to purify the air.

We have to learn the laws of the Reformation, and they are: from the small to make the big, from the seed to make a beetroot head - beet for sugar, not factories, machinery and then from millions of kilograms of beets some kilograms of sugar. Let us not be like that Bulgarian priest who, when he put the child in the water and baptized him, it died and said: "Give another." Thus Christ out of 5 loaves entrusted Him to prepare more loaves and feed thousands of people. We have the elements of bread in the air.

It is read from the Epistle to the Ephesians, chapter 3. The last verses are about faith, love - to meditate on this verse.

Faith is a substantiated science, which rests on study. It is a deep force, which heals. It is the angelic language. People are now very vain, superstitious, and have little faith. He who has faith has immortality, he who has no faith has no immortality; he has hesitation. Now are the best days to develop faith. The more we rely on God's wisdom, the more we can work. Faith, in itself, brings knowledge, and it is gained instantly. As we focus, we will know, for example, what is happening on the battlefield. When we pray, we must feel warmth in the place where the soul is - this means that the spirit works. If there is no warmth, the mind works poorly, and this is no longer a prayer. In faith we must interpret things in the right sense - always give thanks. Suffering is a result of healing.

He who believes without criticizing has reasonable faith.

We must bear our transgressions - let us sin no more, and the Lord will forgive us. The correction must be collective - of two, three, ten, who will turn to God and He will correct a ruler, a minister, etc. Christ says, "Everything you ask in My name will be given to you."

A prayer is needed for each other: the man for the woman and the woman for the man. To bring our minds closer to God and to work. What the Lord has to do, we will turn to Him in faith, without thinking about how He will do the work - the Lord will give us by faith. Without suffering, our prayer is not satisfied. When we come to reasonable faith, we will close the book - we will put aside our knowledge and we will say to the Lord: "You now, whatever you do, it will be, we are based that You will do what is necessary for us." And we should not bargain with the Lord, but obey His laws.

Human souls do not have the quality of fallen souls, fallen angels but are purer in soul.

There must be solidarity in our thoughts and feelings. Unity of intellect, heart and soul is needed. "Without faith one cannot please God." We must stand before God without an exceptional opinion. Humility is needed.

"To bless me ..." - it means learning the ways to be saved, and the Lord pressed Jacob's thigh and told him, "Only through suffering will you atone for your sins."

January 22, 1915, Friday, at noon In the home of Mincho Sotirov • Burgas

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Filip22 (Филип Костадинов)

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