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1903_00_00 Welltime (Filip)


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Готов превод Благовремието - 1903-ИБ-17 / .: 1903-ИБ-17


What do you want? Say it clear don't hesitate. Whether you agree or not, don't search - every need must be met on time. If you beg, beg properly, if you are willing to acquire. Don't think that without doing this, you will get what you want. Desire must find the need, and the need must rightly be supplied so that there is no break in the order of the soul. And if you beg and you do not receive, know that you must understand the way of the begging, and not go in silent. Silence only when you are full, but not when you are hungry - the purpose of silence is to give the soul time to do its duty. And know that doing two things at the same time is incongruous - every moment in your life has its work, when nothing else should be done, except what is required. And understand that God is a God of order, and not of disorder, there are no incongruity in Him. He always comes out initially, comes in at first, and works from sequence to sequence. There are no leaps in Him, nor gaps - in Him everything is complete and ready for every given moment of eternity. He cannot be surprised by anything, because he abides in all moments.

And so, everything follows its moment from the beginning, and this moment, unclaimed at its temporary beginning, will leave an imprint of disorder in this soul, which has not stood faithfully in its post to meet all the given moments of Life. And every moment lost prematurely is lost forever in eternity. And so, remember that there is no excuse for not understanding. That's why you have to ask - to understand, to be ready. This is why you must constantly pray to be in touch with the moments you expect and be prepared, like a groom, for the bride to leave at the appointed time. Therefore, stay true to your place to the end. And let nothing tempt you to leave, either first or later, because in that case you will be out of the Divine order. And everything out of Divine order cannot exist, nor to be in agreement with it. And everything out of its order ceases to be its. Do not think that you can enter Heaven whenever you want and when you wish. No, you can only enter there when they call you and you are ready for the moment.

And so, be careful not to lose the case of the calling, for it is only one for all eternity. And know that eternity runs to its infinity, in which Life is born. And all that is once born, must follow the One who gave birth to it. Because, as the child cannot do without the mother and the father, so your soul is unthinkable without God - He is the beginning and the end of everything and without His presence there is no Life. And so, if you understand Life, you have understood the given order, you have mastered the given moments. Therefore, you are moving forward towards the purpose, which is the unification of everything in the Divine order, in which all enter consciously into the general message of the Love which has begotten all beings - from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, from man to the Archangel and to the infinitely Great.

And so, remember that there is only one moment to be born and to enter into the fullness of Life, because in all eternity no two moments are the same, nor two souls are the same. Because moment by moment it is evident by virtue of its weight, and soul by soul is evident by virtue of its consciousness. And so, do not think lightly of the things that God can do as He wills - God has no will as man does. He has a Love that must give everyone what they deserve. And what God gives, he must give at its appointed time or at a given time.

Do you understand where you are now? If you understand, think! Because the moments are coming and you are blessed that God is with them.


Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Filip22 (Филип Костадинов)

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