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1903_00_00 Waywardness (Filip)


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Готов превод Своенравието - 1903-ИБ-19 / .: 1903-ИБ-19


The beginning of Wisdom is understanding the Lord's path. In this stands the beginning of all knowledge useful to the human heart. Therefore, to become wise, you must abandon waywardness, which is a major obstacle in any life. The wayward man cannot conform to that which is good, because waywardness is the beginning of the disorder which excludes Virtue. Anyone who wants to advance in life or gain Knowledge and Wisdom about the things of this world, must give up its waywardness, which, if not removed in time, will bring disorder and upset Life itself. Because waywardness wants to go its own ways without thinking about their bad consequences. The wayward on the whims of his desires wants to change the general order and make things move according to him. For him, the desires of others mean nothing. He is a master of himself, to whom all must carry out his wayward will. The wayward man is persistent in all his ways. And the persistence of the wayward soul is the first beginning of all misfortunes, because the wayward persistent man is negligent of the Good of others, and therefore of his Good, which is included in the Good of his fellow men. And it is known from experience that negligence is the mother of all evils. And you, who want to avoid evil, know that waywardness is his father, and negligence - his mother, persistence - his brother, and recklessness - his sister.

And so, waywardness is deprived of all Virtues. Therefore, he who walks in its ways and listens to its advices will not see good in his whole life. Beware, therefore, of such a bad manner, which begets evil from himself. And if you are wise to understand these things that are told to you, you are blessed, because your happiness depends on the understanding of things - only they are directly governed by the Spirit of God. And where God Himself rules and directs things, there can be no evil, because He is a complete Light that penetrates everything. Therefore, accept Knowledge and Wisdom to be your guides and your life will always be full of Peace and Joy. Wisdom will teach you how to live. And you will achieve this with the help of perseverance and tireless diligence, which will gradually develop and give to your soul all the good qualities that are given to it by God. And with their development and flourishing, your soul will resemble a cultivated and well-arranged garden, in which all the fruits of your Life will ripen in time and bring an abundant harvest of all Virtues.

And so, walk with the fullness of your heart before God and always listen to His teachings and they will be your eternal advice. Guard your soul from this evil manner, do not give it a place to nest inside you, because with its entry into your soul the devil will enter and sow thousands of evil seeds. And you will become a hotbed of evil and a pursuit of hell, which will have you as it wants. And woe to you, if the evil one inserts in and nests in you and hell makes its way to your soul. I tell you the Truth, you will not come out healthy until you pay with your life. Therefore, beware of this great inextinguishable evil, which can deprive you of all good and make you miserable forever. And so, do not give place to the devil, nor to his brother, keep his father and mother aside, lest they become your neighbors. Believe me, you will always pay dearly of their dishes. Therefore, strengthen yourself in Virtue, put on the Truth, arm yourself in Righteousness and take the weapons of Love and you will always be free from their power. You will have the Freedom that no one will take away from you; you will have the Peace that no one will disturb you, and the happiness that no one will deprive you of.

(Thoughts dictated by a sublime spirit).


Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Filip22 (Филип Костадинов)

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