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1921_11_20 Ananias and Sapphira (Edith) - 65.5%


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Готов превод Ананий и Сапфира - 20.11.1921-НБ-400 / ...: 20.11.1921-НБ-400

Title: Ananias and Sapphira

And the young men arose, and wrapped him up, carried him out and buried him. (Acts 5:6).

This is the only "job" these youngsters can do - to bury people when they die. The new ideas replace the old once. Since we are speaking in accordance with the laws which govern the Nature, my goal always has been to present in symbols everything that is going on in the living Nature. Without learning the symbols, you won't have the understanding. The text says: "The young men arose", doesn't say the "old men". "The young men" means the ones who are strong and healthy, with strong armpits. This law is correct in every way you want because strong armpits mean sound mind and healthy heart. Moreover, sound mind and healthy heart mean a normal soul. I will not go in depth to explain this, you can read it in the books. A normal soul is considered a soul that develops and manifests itself in a normal manner. You shouldn't be concerned why the soul is not manifesting the right way. This is because she (the soul) is still in the first stage of her development. What is manifesting on the outside, is the human mind and heart. The fabric is still weaving; while the fabric is weaving on the loom, it is call work. Once the fabric is complete, then the soul will manifest. This will not happen in these times, in this epoch, with this type of understanding, but in the next one, so called “the sixth race”. Then the mind and heart, the two greatest principles: the principles of the man and the principle of the woman, will come to agreement and realize why they came down to the world. Here is the thing, if the man believes that he came to the world as a man, and the woman believes she came to the world as a woman, we will always see bleeding noses, broken legs and ribs, broken hearts and so on. The women will now say: "Why we have to be born as women?" I can explain why. They ask: "Why we were not born as men?". God has created the world so beautiful and so just, that everything that is weak, He has compensated with bigger advantages. The purpose of this law is to avoid differences. The man has been compensated with wisdom, and the woman - with emotions. All the growth in the world depends on the small, not the big. I will walk you through this. The urge of growth depends on the Love; later the Wisdom comes helping. Therefore, first is the weak and small seed, and then - the big oak tree. If there wasn't a seed, there won't be an oak. Now, when I explain this, some women may say they want to remain women. You must build the new moral, not the moral that is written in some book, but the eternal, Divine moral, that is absolute and never changing, moral without exceptions. If you allow one exception, the devil will put his foot down (no matter how miniature is his foot). In the Divine moral, you will find an absolute measure for everything. Now you are a woman here in the physical world, but in heaven, you are a man and the opposite - if you are a man here, then you are a woman there. I will tell you why the man should not insult his wife. Here in the world, she is weak, he is strong. If he insults her here on the physical (plan), he will be insulted by the woman in the spiritual. When a woman insults a man in the spiritual, all his glory will be gone. There is a saying: "Women, appreciate your men", when you know this principle, you understand that your men are on the spiritual plan. Appreciate them and know that your strength is on the spiritual, not the physical plan. It is your mistake that you look for his strength here on the physical world. Some men say that their strength sits in a woman. Man' strength sits in his wife, who is on the spiritual plan. Therefore, men and women on this plan, love and appreciate each other the way men and women love each other on the spiritual plan.

Therefore, there is a crisscross. I used these words in their purest form. Take this literally. I used them as I understand the Divine union and harmony of the souls. A woman must be absolutely pure; a man must be absolutely pure. You women, do you know why you must be absolutely pure? Because, when you sin on earth, you defile your man up there, you defile the great principle. Therefore, you create your own misfortune. Some people think that just because they are men, their sin doesn't count, but the sin committed by woman - counts. Well, the sin in heaven counts because there he is a woman. This that doesn't counts on earth, counts in heaven; this that counts on earth, doesn't count in heaven. Therefore, men and women must live pure and holy lives, without a drop of street moral. Some men say: "we can do it our way". Yes, you can, but then you will create such a bad karma, that generation after you will ask why they are going through so much suffering. You can make your own conclusion. So, all men and women are equal, some up there and some down here. The woman that is weak on earth, is strong in heaven; the man who is strong on earth, is weak in heaven. As you see these values are balancing out; then the Love will start coming down and will weave through the Wisdom. All of you must follow this Law. The woman must see her man in every man on earth, and the man must see his woman in every woman on earth. Do you understand? This is how he must love every woman on earth, do you understand? This is call moral and everything that doesn't fit - is call garbage. No other moral exists, that is how we understand these things. The verse says: " And the young men arose, and wrapped him up, carried him out and buried him". I see now what you are thinking: "this, the whole thing is so difficult". Yes, it is. It is difficult to enter His Kingdom. I am talking to the young people, the ones that will take the old out and bury it. The old that is rotten in adultery, we will bury it. We will bury it without priests, prayers, songs, music; we will bury it and won't put a stone or a sigh. We will make it disappear in total forgetfulness, because it was full of nasty doings. Those, who want to protect it, they continue to lie. This is what Ananias is saying and it is coming to the world for everyone without exceptions. You now have expectation for your cornfield, right?

I am asking: "the cornfield, for how much you sold it? First, comes the man and speaks: " we are safe, we put some in the bank". here comes the woman: "That's how much you sold it for?" - "Yes". They both agreed, but they both were burying themselves. And who will take them out? - the youngsters. Who is the youngster? - The Love in the world. The youngsters, who are coming with this kind of spirit. The youngsters are always ready for sacrifice; the child is always giving, doesn't calculate like the adult: "at this old age, without wife, children or money, who will take care of me; I can't give". This is how the old man is thinking, and how noble is he with this gray hair. What kind of life or culture he can build with this gray hair? So, for how much you sold the cornfield? The man and his wife agreed: "for $100", no more, no less. You will say: "give $10 for your son". No, you will give him everything. It is cold outside, but you have an advantage: it is cold, but the air is crisp, when enters the lungs, it refreshes. As far as the others, they have privileges, but they don't have what you have, so everything balances out. They are the man inside; you are the women. I am speaking very seriously, without any back thought. I am speaking the truth the way it is. No departures, not at all.

They took him out - who they took out? The one who told a lie, the one who lied to himself and God. That means that today you will take out of yourselves your Ananias and your Sapphira to bury them. When he comes, ask him quietly: " You, how much you sold the life for?" When his wife comes, ask her too how much she sold the life for. Bury them, apply the law absolutely if they tell you lies. Let the youngsters take them both out and let this life's drama finish once and forever. In the nature, the young ones always chase out the old ones. The young leaves chase out the tree the old ones and what is happening with them? They fall on the ground and the young ones take their place. Therefore, the one who lies, will fall on the ground too. Those of you who think they can change the laws of the Nature, will find themselves in a situation of a leaf that will wither just to see someone else, better and worthier, taking its spot. Now, God is Love, but you also must be Love. There is understanding between love and love; wisdom and wisdom; truth and truth; justice and justice. That is how it works: if you love, you are going to be loved; if you are thoughtful, others will think about you; if you help, you will be helped; if you shine on others, they will shine on you. This is how the great Universal law is working. I call all of you young people or old people, but I distinguish in the following way: "old" person the way is written in the Book, means person of the sin, and the "young" person - means person of the Divine, person of excellence, who is ready to serve God. Please, be aware that in this specific sermon, when I say "old" person, I mean sin. Usually, "old" is connected to the Wisdom, but not now. An old man is a selfish man, who only thinks about himself. The young man is a man of Love. You can't help but notice how closed channel these old people are - they live with old ideas, no one can tell them anything new to accept, and they constantly repeat the same old thing over and over again. The old man doesn't want to suffer, he wants to live in abundance. The world is now old; you will see in all these offices telephones, bells and telegraphs. Everyone will tell you that we have a great culture today, we can talk through the wires. I know a culture, much greater than the culture of the telephones, bells and telegraphs, I can program my telegraph any time without expenses. You sit around the tables, you want someone to come to you and you say; " Come to me". But me, when I want someone to come to me, I go to him, in one-two minutes, I walk around. Sometimes I walk to the sun, it takes me eight minutes; your fancy phones it takes 4-5 hours to get reactivated before you can use them again. We can go to 100 places in only 4-5 hours. Then, I am asking you what kind of culture your culture is, comparing to the culture in the Spirit world. You may say: " Do you know that we are using telephones?"; and we will say:" Do you know that we are using the light and the thought?" In this case, you are correct, but we are also correct by not wanting to replace our culture with yours. You are now going into the next phase, where all of your wires will be replaced. How? The old wires will be replaced with new ones, more flexible in accordance with the new energy. The young people must replace the old ones. The old electrical installation must be updated. You ask:" If we invest in the new teaching, now will we live?" The people that have old habits ask: "How can we apply the new teaching with the old habits we have". The answer is you can't. Everyone must become young. In the new culture there should be no one that is ill, lame, in mental distress, everyone will have healthy body and mind; no one will think about dying because the two worlds will be connected, and the soul will freely ascend and descend. Except that the soul won't descend here on this earth but will descent on the new earth that is now in a process of building. Then, the New Jerusalem will come, and the new culture will begin - the culture of the Divine Soul and Spirit. Sometimes you say: "my hearth is broken" or "my soul hurts". Your soul doesn't hurt, your soul never descended. Your soul stays in heaven and waits.

"And the young men arose" to do what? To take out this Ananis, the man of lies. What kind of moral can you have if you don't take the lie out of your mind? It won't be any positive moral. All the problems of today's misunderstanding, all the errors are occurring because the mind is not flexible enough to understand in depth. For example, a distance of 4 kilometers, some will see it as 5, and some other - as 10. The man is getting confused, without knowing that he has special tool in his brain just for that purpose. We can measure everything with an error 1 to million. Today we can calculate everything to one million i.e., in million doings, we can make one mistake. This is almost nothing. Later, I will talk in symbols, about the visible world; just don't think that this world is imperfect. It may appear to be imperfect to you, but from God's point, the world is perfect.

When you take that clean canvas to the artist, without knowing its purpose, and he takes the brush and smear it all over with paint, you are going to say:" What is he doing, he completely destroyed it?". No, he didn't, he wants to express an idea, but he can't do it immediately. Like in photographic picture, the idea is not always expressed. This artist needs time to express and plant his idea, and if you hold and wait, his idea will stand out in this gorgeous painting, and the canvas will acquire its value. When God starts working on you, the first thing He will do is to make you dirty. Your thoughts will change, just wait for a day or two. That, people today don't get, when they come to me and I make them dirty, they say: " he changed my thinking". Yes, I agree, that I have changed your thinking and I made you dirty according to your perception, but just wait a day or two, or maybe a month and then speak. Don't think that I am kidding or taking sides. Just assume that people are canvas and this artist, this Divine brush has now started making a mess. Look at this beautiful woman, when she gets pregnant, blemishes appear on her face. Inside, this great painter is painting his picture, but this white canvas must get dirty, or there will be no effect. What I mean is that we don't want the stupid painter to get you dirty, but the one that is smart, genial and Divine! Please, make a difference. Someone can draw a different conclusion. When you make someone dirty, you should be able to get something out of it, like
wash him, paint that picture and say: "Are you happy? Go and enjoy yourself". When some people come to us, they want to see us clean. They are old people, running away from the world, coming to us like coming to a mountain shelter, saying that we are not good people. They believed we are generous people, but we put them to work. They believed they came to us to eat pork chops, drink wine and celebrate life: "This is a perfect pig, and the wine is blessed. What great things God created!" And keep drinking, one glass, second, and start talking about moral and what is the right way of life, holding their knives. What is the right way of life? The pigs squeal, the chickens squawk, the lambs bleat, the cows moo, the women cry. Why so? A wedding is celebrated with meat and wine; churches are being blessed, but nothing works out the way it should. Even in America people have noticed that when a church is being built in attempt to make up with Life, this is still not enough.

I will tell you now two jokes that i heart some time ago. One day, a good Christian man was walking down the street. He had a neighbor, who was constantly praying in front of the chimney for the Spirit of God to come through there. He had noticed that the devil was sitting on the top and he asked him why he was sitting there. The devil said that down there was a man, wo was praying a lot and by doing so, was disturbing him. The man, then, suggested the devil goes into the church because everyone was praying there. The devil said people in the church were his, but this specific one was burning incense, that was why he wanted to block his chimney to stop burning, because he couldn't stand him.

The second joke about the devil is the following: the devil went outside to visit different churches. The first thing he wanted to see was their condition. He went to one orthodox church and saw lot of dust. "I don't need that kind of church", say the devil and go out. He went to another one but didn't like it either. Finally, he went to one that was clean, and everything was well polished. "I like this church, I can work here", he said. So, the devil started working and making a mess. He has his own brush and says: "let me draw something". He is a painter. The youngsters must take Ananias out, the young women must take Sapphira out. Men will bury men, and the women will bury women. The new will come when you bury the old; when you deal with disappointments and suspicions, you are on the Truth's path. You are closer to God and His Kingdom when you are overwhelmed by suffering, difficulties and suspicions. Then, you are closer to solving your problem. When the studying becomes extremely difficult for the student, this is when he is the closest possible of solving his problem. This is also the moment when the student would like to quit. Wait a minute, when you deal with difficulties, you must know which way is the right way. The right way is in the Love! The right way is in the Wisdom! We are not talking about the ordinary love; we are talking about God's Love and God's Wisdom. The right way is the Truth, that looks into everything without exception. The young people must bury the old within themselves. The new is now coming. The new, Divine brush, that will start painting the canvas. Have patience to see what the Divine Spirit will create inside of you. You think that the Spirit is something imaginary, without essence. No, the Spirit is real, it has essence, the most real, never changing essence. The Spirit - the foundation of being. When this Spirit comes, He will bring goodness and life. You will feel like the blind man, whose eyes Christ opened. You will say: "I was blind but now I see!", this kind of life the Spirit will bring. I said that many times before, when you immerse yourself in the Love of God, and feel all her vibrations, when you understand this Love, then you will understand the great symphony of this life. Right now, you value life from your point of view only. You say: "There is no children like mine, there is no husband like mine"; and the man says: "there is no wife like mine". No, wait a minute, your wife isn't here, she is up in Heven. What is Heaven? Pure, clean, spotless. If you caused spots to the holiness inside of you, wait until you become clean again. Why we need to clean ourselves? This heavenly man (God's Wisdom) and this heavenly woman (God's Love), when they unite, they will take the ordinary man through 7 living fires, and then we will become clean, the matter will transform, we will acquire new bodies where the sin won't stay. Then, there won't be important if someone hugged or kissed some woman, or someone received compliments, because it will be done like the Light hugs and kisses. Does the Light kiss all of us? Every single ray that comes from above is alive, it kisses us on the face and brain, it hugs us. And you are thankful. If it didn't kiss and hug us, we wouldn't be there. And that woman who tells her husband: "if you just know how well my lover used to kiss me". The man replies: "I know, your love hasn't been the same for the last 5-6 years". This external man should not kiss you but the Spirit of God. The external man cannot give you anything. People can give only when they acquire the Love of God. The Love must come from inside. The source runs from the inside like a fountain so we can taste the life. Today, the young and the old people, they are both wrong, they know that the marriage is a lie. The way people understand, and practice marriage is a shameful and is a parody of the primary Law of God of God's Spirit and of God's Love, God's Wisdom, God's truth, justice and virtue. The marriage today is a disgrace. I am speaking of behave of this great Love of God, where there is no exception. The entire world is disgrace. People are not being born according to the Law of God's Love. They are being born because of their lustful desires; they are not coming from above, they are coming from below, from the ground and the world is getting full of criminals. Recently, I have heard the story of a 12-year-old boy, who broke into the safe of his father, robbed him with 2000 leva and disappeared. His father went to the city council asking for help to look for his boy. If this 12-year-old run-a- way starts dealing now, what kind of moral we are talking about. Dealing is now everywhere- in schools, churches, and all these dealers are complaining that there is no moral.
What is moral according to you? - "They charged me too much". Oh, they charged him too much, and so what. A gentleman was telling me how the bribing works, so listen to this. A man goes to some office and says: "I need five more days" and shows his five fingers. That means he is willing to pay 5,000-leva bribe to get the job done. The teller in his turn, shows 10 fingers and says: " Oh no, you will need 10 days". That means you need to pay 10,000 leva to get the signature and get it done. We are all people, we have families to feed, we understand. When you look at this situation as an outside viewer, you may say this was funny, but actions are so contaminating, like a bad disease in the Spirit world, that a 1000-year coup is happening in our organic development. You are going to say "like this" with your hand, but do you know what this hand could create. These small actions will have big consequences. For example, the biggest fire in American history happened in Chicago in 1875, when the entire city burnt down. How that happened? A cowboy went to the barn to milk his cow. The cow kicked the candle, the hay caught fire, and everything burnt down. The biggest fire was caused by a candle. Now, you go to the office showing your five fingers, not knowing that after several generations this will cause bad consequences. During the fire a rich man told some worker: "I will give you $2000, just move my safe to the other side of the city". The worker responded that he was running for his life and didn't care about the rich man's safe. like, now the world is burning, big fire is coming, and you are asking: "where is it?" You are now getting amused by playing with your safes, like "of course I will take my safe with me". I see now lot of Christians carrying their safes with them, thinking they will be able to feed their children when the fire strikes. The fire is coming after you. A man won $50,000 lottery money and thought he and his family were taken care of for life, but he died the same night. Took the safe and died. This is the old man thinking, young people need not to be concerned with money and safes. We must have pure souls and bright minds to not put our trust and hope in the banks. This is an adultery. You create this money; it is to bring simplicity, not trust. Therefore, we should not deposit our money in the bank; we should become God's living banks. Men and women, the energy God planted into us, we must use it for good. The old must renew. This is the teaching to renew the world. God Himself said He will renew the world; it was not me. The old planet earth and the old heaven are both walking out like an old piece of cloth. This teaching is not my own, new teaching, this teaching God Himself invested, this is His teaching. God is now seeping your old heaven. His servants are coming with their brooms, millions of servants. Do you understand? All existing problems, God will solve instantly. Rich and poor now are leading wars. Recently, I saw two children, brother and sister, their mother gave each an apple. They immediately started fighting, the brother insisted to get his sister's apple because it was bigger. He started pushing her and pulling her hair until he grabbed it. The mother said: " he is my angel". No, we don't need angels like this, we don't need heroes like this. It would be different is the sister took the apple, sliced it into two equal parts, God understands sisters like that. The brother to say: "look, my apple is bigger, I will let you have it". Why are kids acting like this? Because they see this type of behavior and copy it.

Then Peter said: "Rise and carry Ananias out". Why? He wished lying to the Holly Spirit. And Peter told him: "this is yours, right?". Therefore, according to the Devine teaching, we must do everything voluntarily. We don't oblige anyone. Try and see for yourself. The things that you do, you must do consciously, led by this great Love. Can you do it like that, then, it is accepted by God; if you can't do it like that, from Love, is not accepted. When comes to this, we must be cleaver. A cleaver man can accomplish a lot. I will tell you a story from American life to understand better. A rich, American man build a railroad from Chicago to Buffalo, 400 km, spending millions of dollars, but in a process, his venture led to a bankruptcy. The man started thinking of killing himself. He spent lot of time in his room, isolating himself, until one day his wife asked him what was going on. He told her he had millions of dollars in debt and didn't want to live. The wife said, she will try to help him. The next day, she went in the office of another prominent man, who was a billionaire and asked him to be the first person to ride the train from Chicago to Buffalo. The billionaire agreed, saying it didn't cost him anything. The next day, the newspapers posted the news that such and such prominent person will ride the train for the first time from one end to another. Since this railroad, ran parallel with another one, owned by a different man, the last one asked whether it was for sale and offered to pay twenty million. This is how a cleaver woman arranged one billionaire to ride the train from one end to the other. Now, the railroad is in state of bankruptcy, let your wife go to Christ and say: "Please, dear God, come to our railroad and we will be saved". This is a symbol. You will have 40 million dollars in your bank account. You can say this is an empty talk. Can Christ ride the train on this railroad? Yes, He can ride the train on your railroad. Your whole life is a railroad. From time to time, Christ is coming down saying his time is very expensive but if you practice the new teaching, and if you are determined to become a good person, then He will ride on your railroad, otherwise - not.

The world we are talking about is real. Don't think that no one is taking care of you. Someone loves you, at least one loves you. Do you know who that is? If you are a man, there is a woman that loves you. I have seen her. If you are a woman, there is one who loves you and is absolutely loyal to you. I fully accept him. There is one who loves you and is ready to sacrifice everything for you. When he walks along the road of your life, all your difficulties will disappear, and you will resemble a beautiful, blooming rose. You may say: " this is all good, but now we are all shivering". It requires time, like the public speaker has an anxiety in the beginning. The shivering signifies inspiration. Can you speak in front of public?

I will now give you another example from the time of Nero. You are going to say: "we know all that". You and I, we both know lot of things but keep quiet. During the time, when Nero was on the Thron, there was a man, roman patrician, whose name was Onorcii. He was about 35 years old, extremely educated nobleman, who gained his knowledge in philosophy and occult science by spending time in Egypt and India. One day, after his comeback to Rome, he saw on the street a 10-year-old girl. The girl was dirty and very ugly, but he felt this overwhelming desire to help her, although he wasn't clear where this feeling was coming from. Onorcii took the girl by hand, and they walked to his house. The name of the girl was Amriha. He then, decided to give her the best education available in the Roman empire. She started attending Seneca's classes and studied Greek philosophy. Onorcii couldn't help but notice how beautifully the girl's appearance begun to change and toward her 16th birthday she became one of the most beautiful Roman women. And not just that, but he also noticed that her hands possessed extreme power - when she stretched her hand to grab a rock, the rock flew in the air. You will say this can't be, but this is real. Like 25 years ago in America appeared a very strong woman. Eight men couldn't constrict her to a tree and hold her in place because when she put her hand on the top of the tree, it started to rotate; when she squeezed it in a clamp - it became a mulch.

Onorcii had a goal to seal in her conscious that her power must be used for good. He has also noticed that everything she said, was well thought out, she never spoke anything in a foolish way. All the speech and words coming out of her mouth, were chosen like the most beautiful pearls and diamantes; she would never say a cuss word or anything ignorant. She was clean on the inside. Many rich roman Patrici started hand around her house in hope of meeting with her. One day Nero walked down the road, saw her and told her to come to his palace. She went there. Nero's intention was to have her and play with her as a beauty. The night came down, Nero tried to grab her, but she placed her hand on him and he flew in the air. He didn't know what to do, first time he experienced something like that, and he became scared. He looked at her saying: "I beg you...". He relaxed after she removed her hand. He reached to grab her second time, and again he found himself in the air. Then, she opened the door and went out. They wanted to stop her, but she put her hand on them and they all flew in the air. That's how she did all praetorians. The entire Rome started talking about her. When she met a soldier dragging a prisoner, she would put her hand on the soldier, he would fly in the air and the prisoner was free. "Comon, go home, you are free", she would say. Every time she came across someone poor, she would help in a similar way. Everywhere she walked, the path was clear. Nero came out with an order no one should speak or write about Amriha, since she was a dangerous woman. Nero didn't want people to know this awesome truth. I say, how many of you, today's people, can be just like Amriha? All the rich and powerful people in Rome admired her, her way cleared in front of her and every time she placed her hand on someone, he flew in the air. Everyone admitted that she is not from this world for people to play with her. Can people play with you? Yes, they can. Do you have Amriha's clean vocabulary? You must know that the power of man sits in his speech, in his word! If you can refine your mind in the manner that all your words are well thought out, all your feelings are clean and positive, so you can fall in love with God, and because of His love, you now have clean thoughts and feelings, you will finally, gain the power of your hands. Here, I will give you a suggestion: give yourself ten years to purify your mind and heart and when you place your hands, then you will have Amriha's power. You, today's Christians, why you don't have that power? Because you boast too much; because you do one good thing and then you don't stop talking about yourself. For example, I have helped many people heal. Just imagine if I say:" This person wouldn't feel better if it wasn't for me. I only put my hands on him, and he was cured". It doesn't work that way. The reality is that I helped him by the Law of Love. This Love is Divine. Using the Low of Wisdom, I gave him knowledge. At the moment I say that I did all of this, I will lose my power. Bear in mind that you are only a vehicle of the Divine Spirit in the world, a note on the stave and millions of notes like you will create the most beautiful song. When this Divine impulse passes through you, it will bring greatness to your life. I can't boast for my holiness, strength and knowledge. With all this boasting man loses his power. Be modest, this is the force that comes out of you. God, who lives in you will bring you up. The Bible says that God will lift you up, not you. When you have strength, God well lift you up, but only if your soul and heart are absolutely pure. God, the great Spirit will come, but He can only live in our soul and not in our mind because our thoughts change. You know the mind of the man. One day the man says: " This is that way", and the other day, he says: " No, is not that way". Today, the heart will say: "I love you", and tomorrow will say: "No, I don't". So, I am asking what kind of love my love is? How many times I felt it? Someone comes to me, and I listen to his stupid things out of being polite; then, someone else comes, much wise than the first one, but I am in a hurry, saying I don't have time. You don't have for me, but you listened to the stupide guy, say the second man. Yes, I have you down for a different time; I am testing their patience. I will now tell you a story with my own words. This story is about the life of a Hindu. One day, a very determined Indian student, who wanted to know more about the teaching of the Yogas, went to a prominent teacher saying: " I would like to learn about the world, and I like to be your student; I met different teachers, but only you can pass on the great teaching to me. What should I do?" The teacher stayed silent and silent for a day, two, three days, a week. Finally, the student said: "Teacher, tell me what to do, you are the only one". The teacher got up, took the student by hand and dragged him to an empty room. There, he gave him a bag with salt and said: " You are going to grind that salt to become fine. You can thing about anything, except for the word rhino. Don't allow this word to come to your head". The teacher then left. The student started grinding the salt, then ground it all and went back to the teacher. "Well, what did you think about while grinding?", said the teacher. "I couldn't think about anything else but the word "rhino", said the student.

Let me explain the meaning to you. This teacher gave student freedom to think about anything he wanted, except for the word "rhino". Thinking about "rhino" was forbidden. This means - you can think about anything you want, but not about the sin. You, the contemporary people think about the sin only - this is the rhino. I say, until you think for the rhino only, this great power will not come to you. Turn off the rhino, and the power will come to you. In India the rhino is just a symbol. This power will flow through your heart to make you mighty!

I can't make fun of you, because this will mean to make fun of myself. However, the weak side of you will manifest itself because you can't stick to what the Divine Spirit wants from you. On the other hand, we must be vehicles of the Divine Spirit.
Remember Amriha? - she lived during the time of Nero until the Christians arrived. She was well honored while she stayed in Rome. The persecution of Christians began when she moved away from Rome. But why she moved away? Because the Christians started asking themselves whether her power came from God or the devil. With their thoughts they chased her away and consequently, the witch hunt began, and if a suffering comes to the world today, it comes because Amriha went away. This world demands purity and truthfulness. Some think that we preach one thing and do the other. Purity is like when you are in front of God. That kind of purity the world needs. One day everything will be revealed. Our life will open. Christ said: "There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed". We are not afraid. I am telling you there is only one way, and the Bible says that the fear of God is the foundation of the Wisdom. Therefore, fear God and nothing else. Let the young people bury the old. I tell the young people I don't want you to get old; if you get old other young people will bury you.

Would you like me to elevate all of you in the air? (The teacher extended his arm). I will elevate you; not just me, I want all of you to extend your arms like that. My knowledge, I will give it to you can see how they will hang from the air. Then, the youngsters will be ready to bury the old Ananias and Sapphira. The lie must leave the world. The first condition for us, for those who listen to me, who want their life to become meaningful, to push up their hearts and minds, to become stronger - finish with the lie once and forever. Do not fight with it. Do not fight with what is worldly. We will replace the lie with truth; instead for the negative, we will look for the positive in everything. I have told many people who came to me, while I gave them the power: "You are going to live pure and holy lives". "But what if I comit a small sin"? I think you are talking to me about the rhino. When I tell you, you must live pure and holy life, I really mean it without conditions. It is not me who is talking and if God is telling me, I will simply say "God, may your will be". I say: "every time you have talked to me God, I keep your name like a treasure in my heart, for it is so holy and sacred. I want all of you to have the name of God, inside your soul, to keep it pure, clean and holy, then this power will appear that will enlighten your life and you will begin to understand the new occult science. It will all make sense to you; you need to develop the new senses that are required. We are now using the language of symbols since is faster to communicate that way and I don't have much time either. If I need to present a speech according to your language, it will take me a year to talk. I tell you this now - the Universe is one whole with multiple varieties. That is how the Universe is manifesting herself. Take one seed and plant it. It will grow millions of leaves and roots, one huge variety, but at the same time it is one. Therefore, the variety has one principle, and the movement of this principle derives from one Divine beginning. The movement is the way to transfer this energy, the principle of oneness within us, the numbers, on the other hand, the mathematics - this is the result of this movement. When we say that some activity is over, that means all of us are going back to this principle of oneness, to the one God, where we came from. You may say: "the end is here". The end means that everything has completed, and we are returning to God. He is the One we came from, lets live inside of Him and with this rich experience lets understand the meaning of all the different worlds that exist. If I tell you what is like on Sirius, what kind of culture is now developing on the Pleiades, Orion, Ursa Minors, what kind of beings exist on the Milky Way and on these 18 million solar systems, what a beautiful world for traveling! You are saying: "What sense does it make?" If I would take you on my wings as an angel to carry you there, you will say that there was meaning to live. You need room, space around you, but you are sitting and crying. The stars are telling you: "Why are you crying, sister, come to me, make sure to come". The Sun, Mars are telling you the same thing. Not just them, but in secret, a spirit on wings is telling you to not be afraid. When you pray and dream in silence, the same spirit will whisper something. "Something is whispering", you will say. It is real. We are being surrounded up and down by witnesses visible and invisible. They tell us: " Don't be afraid! Faith, Love and Truth, everything is for you. All your sufferings are nothing. You can be strong. If you are weak on Earth, you are strong on Heaven", Some can say: "I am good for nothing". If you thing like that, let it be. What if you become like Amriha, to be chosen your word and to be pure your heart, then Rome will be an open door and Nero will be hanging in the air without barking orders: "take him out".

I am telling young people to get strong and bury the old. This Ananias was yours, young men, bury him. I address the young people today, only them. I tell the young ladies to bury Saphira. In your homes, an absolute Truth must rule, without any lie; an absolute Love, without any hate, absolute Wisdom, Righteousness and Goodness. We made a decision to serve God to fullness, without exception. We will not stain our soul for no one! Our God, the God we serve is loyal, we call that "Faithful and truehearted". The Bible calls Him that. I would like everyone to know who Christ is. His name is "faithful and truehearted". Is this "faithful and truehearted" in the church? Or is He in their hearts? Is this "faithful and truehearted" in the courts? Or is He in your homes? This is what I am talking about. I want you to sit this "faithful and truehearted" in His Throne and to proclaim everywhere: "Faithful and truehearted is God, who now lives inside of us"! I would like you to call all people "faithful and truehearted".

Some of you are blaming me now for people taking me as a deity, surrounded by women and such. A Godlike being, they say. Am I a God? I would like all people to be Gods. What means to be a God? - To Love like Him. "Gracious is", says Christ.

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