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1913_12_05 We will achieve (Edith) - 55.5%


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Готов превод Ще постигнем - 5.12.1913-ИБ-74 / .: 5.12.1913-ИБ-74

We will achieve

We read Romans, chapter 12.

We reflected on the following verse: " Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation and steadfastly in prayer" (Romans 12:12). What we need to know about hope? The hope comes from God. The hope, this is the mother of the humanity, she feeds and supports us, like the mother nursing her child; she gives us strength and life; she sustains our faith and belief in our good deeds. Without hope, the man is losing courage, impulse for work. When someone is feeling down, we say he lost hope; a similar feeling of not having a mother; a person without Divine shelter. Whether, with hope we acquire courage and motivation to complete our work. Lets be joyful in our hope. We feel happy and satisficed in our good desires, and if we are not- that's when we whine. However, most of the time we feel sad, unhappy or gloomy because we are not on the right path and we don't put the efforts to follow in God's law. We want to have love- it is furniture we want to have, without having a house to put it in. Therefore, first we need to build a house from our good deeds, robust house, made from sturdy material and then to bring the furniture in. We need wisdom to furnish the house well and to install a floodlight. The Truth will brighten it, since if there is Light, there is no thieves to rob us. Thieves exist in heaven too, they rob us from our good deeds, thoughts, our love etc.

Usually, we tell ourselves that we wish to do good deeds, but since we are weak, or poor, we just can't. It isn't so. We have been sent to school and we must take lessons from everything around us- from the sun, the grass, the stones etc. Let be known that until the sun and the stars are shining we can't lose hope because there is light and the light fixes everything. Everything is placed in the manner to learn from it, we just must open our eyes and minds and reflect on it. Then, we will be like a fountain where every day our Father will infuse knowledge. We must learn from everything and develop our minds, se we become capable of building healthy home. We build, but we build using weak materials and poor minds; to be able to build, we need skills or the foundations will collapse. If we are not smart enough to do good deeds, everything will collapse, but if we learn how to read the Divine book, we can then, understand the language of the Nature. One day some people asked Dr. Buckley what he has been doing and he replayed, he was watching the fleas marching. The people thought he was joking, but he told them to come and see for themselves. He took them to a restaurant where under one of the tables there was a glass lid, and many fleas were marching under the command of their trainer. Now, if creatures so small can learn something, what can we say about the fellow man. When he appears in front of our Heavenly Father, what he will say, what he has learned? Maybe these fleas are ahead of us; they serve their purpose well. God is sending them to bite those who are lazy, so they scratch, move around and work.

Our Heavenly Father is constantly working and creating, we must do the same. We must create good thoughts, they are future conditions; and if we suffer at this moment, those are conditions from the past - these conditions we have created ourselves, they are our own creations.

For example, if we meet someone and say this person is bad or ugly, this won't be true since the Divine creations can be neither bad nor ugly. A person can have an ugly lips, nose or eyes , but this futures have completely different meaning: the nose tells us about not quite developed brains, eyes- not quite developed soul. This person may have shortcomings and limitations in his present life, but we have no information about his past and if in this present moment we don't see him as beautiful as we want, this can change because there is nothing bad or ugly, it is all creation of our mind. Therefore, we must create positive thoughts and ideas without losing hope, regardless of mistakes we make. Making mistakes is not that bad at all, as opposed to, not making mistakes due to not working.

When in school, children make mistakes, the teacher corrects them and they will finish at the end, except the lazy ones, who neither make mistakes nor study. Sooner or later, they will be expelled to make room for the ones who want to work. The same principle applies to us, we must work and keep at it, acquire wit and make a plan about life by putting our knowledge in order, so that when we build, we have tools and hope that we will accomplish it; without hope we will feel lack of courage and fortitude, like skeletons in this world.

Socrates was not famous during his lifetime. Very often he swept the streets for living. In the meantime, he learned how to sweep his own heart and the hearts of his neighbors, that is how he entered the history. Similarly, if we learn how to sweep our own hearts and those of our neighbors, our names will be written in the book of life in heaven.

Now, the second idea: " Be patient in your sorrow".

What is sorrow? We grieve and cry for many things in this life.

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: SophiaV (Edith Nakova)

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