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1920_09_12 The Good prayer (Edith)


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Готов превод Добрата молитва - 12.9.1920-ИБ-317 / .: 12.9.1920-ИБ-317

The Good prayer

Both, prayer and breathing have something in common. The lungs are filling with air and the breathing becomes slower. When you read: "Oh Good Lord, who gave us life", stop, think, and reflect in a manner that allows you to proceed slowly and complete the prayer for more than half an hour. Along with articulating the first few words, take a deep breath and visualize all your life from childhood up to this moment. When we say: "Good Lord from Heaven", we also must be good like Him, due to father-son connection. All things that give us joy and happiness, courage and determination, are called "presence of Spirit". It is better to lose 10,000 dollars, than to lose your praying disposition. We should never rush or be in a hurry, when praying. Rushing in life, doesn't bring solution, only confusion.

Start the Good Prayer by inhaling and exhaling.

How to fulfill God's will? Let say, a poor man prays God for a long time asking help, then God sends his Spirit to someone else, leading him to carry out good deed to the first man. And when the Spirit is leading us, we must drop whatever we are doing and fulfill God's will, because God's will has tremendous importance above anything else. We should never say: "What is going to happen to us?" Let me ask you this: you have always been after your business and your affairs have always had priority. Look at your life now, is it better? There is no man, nor angel who had refused to fulfill God's will and was able to succeed; they have always been destroyed. So, lets fulfill God's will and stop thinking about the consequences. If you read The Good Prayer by inhaling and exhaling, you will be healthy and in good spirit.

Take a notice, when you rub a person who has passed out and start reading the prayer, the way I just suggested, he will start moving slowly and then will take a deep breath and you will experience great feeling of joy.

I gave you the short version of the Good Prayer. This prayer is way too long and I will need more time to explain the meaning.

In this time a woodpecker started jabbing on the wall outside and the teacher said: This shows us that all of you must remove the warms you have in your heads. One day, when you are ready to hear the entire prayer, you will see the benefit. The agreement that is based on love, comes from God; if the agreement has been forced- it comes from the devil.

Now, sit down and think which passages from the Good prayer you will read by inhaling and which- by exhaling.

In this case you will be fulfilling God's will. Then you will be strong and mighty.

The Good prayer is a passport, you will start by saying it.

We are starting the Good prayer by saying: "There is no love like God's love. Only God's love is love". When we write someone, we write: T.I.N.L.L.G.L. (there is no love like God's love), and second: O.G.L.I.L (only God's love is love). If a friend writes to us T.I.N.L.L.G.L., we will reply: O.G.L.I.L. You can spell out entire text but only to brothers and sisters who are loyal; they won't throw the paper in some dirty place for people to step on it.

September 12th, 1920.

G. Tarnovo, Bulgaria.

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: SophiaV (Edith Nakova)

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