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1912_09_15 Why do I help you? (Edith)


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Готов превод Защо ви помагам? - 15.9.1912-ИБ-61 / .: 15.9.1912-ИБ-61

Why do I help you?

In this meeting, Mr. Dunnov said the following;

We will start working this year. All small talks must be put aside, so we can have a good start. There are lot of circumstances that could make this endeavor successful. In each endeavor, the battle is external, and the harmony - internal. Certainly, we will have some resistance on the outside, but between us and inside of us, there should be no conflicts, otherwise, we won't make progress. There is specific order to start with that is given from above. There is absolutely no need from our part trying to fix or correct the Gospel- theosophists, orthodox etc., since every single teaching is good, yet people may use it in the evil way. God is sending us this pure source, and we must stay alert to keep it that way without sending impurities. We need completely different channel for our filth. We are required to stay clean because these who are above us will pull back. First and foremost, I would like you to have love toward God and if you have it, then you will have a foundation for work. If you don't have love, arguments will occur who is to be the first and who last. God is close, but He only says things once.

Don't reason whether God is talking to you or not. God talks because if He doesn't, sadness and confusion will take place. Don't ask yourself if you are worthy or not, rather, show that you are worthy. Once you are invited to work, start fulfilling your duties and if there is something you can't do, God will not count it against you. However, sometimes we feel like God is making us sin, this is karmic, we feel sad for the past and suffer.

Now, I would like to show you the right way to be and if you are not mindful, you will repeat the past. Numerous tries were made in the past but without success. We will repeat our experiment by having these three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In order to rebuild the harmony of the soul, we will work with yellow color. I don't want any arguments between you. There is a devil among you, and if you don't tell him to leave, I will. Why are you arguing? Go outside in the world and fight there. Don't halt your success, because if you don't stay in agreement, the heaven will eliminate anyone causing a conflict.

After reading the days scheduled for reflection, Mr. Dunnov continued:

By using the following understanding regarding the connection day/color: Friday-pink color, Saturday- violet and Sunday- orange, you must tune your deeds into your inner Spirit. All of you stumble over obstacles due to lack of harmony and the law we need to apply this year is to be selfless i.e., no desire for what doesn't belong to you. You have lost what once belonged to you and now I am helping you to retrieve it. Why am I helping you? Because I would like to help other people who are coming after you, and you have become a clog, blocking the trail. By helping you, I am removing that clog, so the other people can follow; therefore, move forward or step aside. If you do neither, you are entering tremendous sin. The law is clear. Tune your mind to God, Who is speaking to you now, it is not me, it is God who is talking language easy to apply. Each one of you has a worm that I want to remove. By using the colors, we are conducting an experiment allowed by heaven. The White Brotherhood is in charge for that experiment, and you will receive the help needed. Let not be upset by the different forms since all faiths and teachings are moving toward inside. The inner side is the same for all.

You must love all people and respect all beliefs; for the sake of your love of God, don't go there. The wellbeing of the Bulgarian people will depend on how well you do your job. Don't meditate too long on "who are we". You are the person who holds the handle and pushes the water up. Who am I? A person who pulls or pushes the handle. That's what our work consists of. Plus, it is true that you must improve physically, mentally and financially.

Sunday, September 2nd, 1912.

First meeting after the yearly meeting of the Chain in the city of Tarnovo.

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: SophiaV (Edith Nakova)

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