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Готов превод Огнената пещ - 17.4.1921-НБ-355 / ...: 17.4.1921-НБ-355

TITLE: The Fiery Furnance

"And these three men, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, fell down bound into the midst of the burning fiery furnace." (Daniel 3:23)

When a feast or a banquet is present in modern society, all guests are interested in
the banquet, but the most important thing on the table is the menu. Everyone wants to see what menu will be placed on the table. All conversations are centered around the banquet. There could be a talk about politics, social order, finanace, but the hidden purpose of the talk is the menu: how is cooked, what effect will be produced on the guts of the present guests. There are different menus with different qualities. Sometimes menu is nice, well prepared, there are various dishes. Sometimes the menu is not well prepared.

In the chapter read, a seemingly historical narrative is converted into a figurative sense. Three young men had a special conviction, of a spiritual nature, which did not agree with the beliefs and convictions of the people of that time. As punishment, they were thrown into the fiery furnace. You will say that this happened in barbaric times. - And the same happens today. The world has not changed much. If anyone today dares to violate the basic law of the Government, at the very first moment he will be in the precinct, in prison, even in the hot fiery furnace. It applies not only with those who deviated of common political views, but also with those who are different by their brothres by religious beliefs and convictions. And they will be placed in the fiery furnace. Anyone can be thrown into the furnace. A man can throw his wife and children, a woman can throw her husband - all people burn in this furnace. I consider the word "furnace" in a broad sense. He who has conviction will come out of the furnace; he who has no conviction will remain there. The maiden can be thrown into the furnace by the lad, but the lad can also be thrown into the furnace by the maiden. Everywhere I see people thrown into the furnace. This is a test, or, as we call it, "evolution," i.e. transition from a lower state to a higher one.

Now I ask the following philosophical question: Can't the present order, like this of the past and future centuries, come in a different way, can it? I say: Maybe yes, may be no. As true is the first, so the other. It depends partly on causes within us, as well as on the causes out of us. In other words: Everything that happens in nature, as well as in society, is neither caused only by nature, nor by us. Nature is not the only factor for resolving this vast question, nor can man himself resolve it.

I will ask you the following philosophical question: Why has nature put man on two legs? You will say that a person is perfectly constructed. - He is perfectly constructed, but not yet perfect. At the slightest loss of balance, the machine - man, loses either a wheel or a spoke on the wheel. I see a man standing up, waving his arms, walking proudly. I say: Wait a minute! Your car is not perfect yet, there is something to be finished. So far, people are still in a hypnotic dream. They believe in something, but they do not know what their beliefs are. They talk about that world without having a memory of it. They talk about God without seeing Him. They talk about Love, but it does not fill their hearts. They talk about such dishes that they have never tasted. They live in a sleepy state, like the characters in the fairy tales "1001 Nights". You say, "I'm unhappy." "It will be strange not to be unhappy if you dream that you are a king's son, surrounded by splendor and splendor, with servants and maids, and when you wake up you see that you are an ordinary man, without palaces, without servants and maids." - "So I dreamed." - You dreamed, of course. For one who awakens from a deep sleep and sees reality, we say that his consciousness has awakened. He awoke in the life of evolution. Whoever suddenly wakes up becomes unhappy. If a woman wakes up, she becomes unhappy; if the man wakes up, he becomes unhappy; if children wake up, they become unhappy. When they wake up, all people become unhappy. They see that their work is not going as it should and as they have thought. - What should be done in this case? - Free yourself at least temporarily from your personal life and reflect with me.

Often you carry in your mind the thought that you owe someone a hundred thousand levs. - These are not alive levs, ie. alive lions. If they are alive lions, it makes sense to be afraid; to be afraid of dead lions, I do not understand. These are paper lions. Therefore, the things discussed in the chapter read are nothing but life itself, in which both the individual and all humanity are placed. Sometimes the oven is very hot, like the oven in where bread is baked; sometimes the furnace is low, it is pleasant for you to stay inside. There are creatures who are not able to live in the same heat which you live. As soon as they fall into this heat, they die immediately. There are creatures who live at a higher temperature than the one you live at. If you enter them, you will die. Therefore, in order to understand this thought, you must get rid of the paper hundred thousand levs you owe. Keep in mind that you are children free from all debts. You say, "I'm married, not a child." "You're married, but asleep." When you die, will you be married? When you die, will you owe, will you have policies? One day, when all people die, who will owe whom? To whom do we owe? Who is our real creditor? You say, "That's what the law says. It is created by God. - Where has God written that it should be so? Do not falsify God's signature. Do not abuse His name! Few know the truth. When one has to take, one speaks the truth; when he has to give, he does not speak the truth. From this point of view, there are two kinds of people: one uses the truth when they have to take; others when they want to prove they will not give. In both cases, they use the truth to their advantage. You say you are using the absolute truth. - Absolute truth does not use taking and giving.

What does the truth represent? - A special state of the human soul, when it is in absolute peace, in harmony with the Source of life. Truth determines man's relationship to the Eternal Beginning of life. When we take down the truth from its high and place it on the level of public life, this is our truth, not the absolute, eternal truth. I call human truth by the word "ruth." He who has such a truth, a ruth, feels a sense of loss, disappointment. You say, "You don't have to tell the truth." "Yes, you don't have to get disappointed." Therefore, by changing the first letter of the word "truth", you come to human truth - ruth.

These three young men fell bound in the fiery furnace. These young men had a character. Why hasn't the author of this drama taken three actors instead of only one? - This is the author's secret. An author wrote a drama in which the protagonist dies and the heroine remains alive. Why are some of the characters imprisoned and others left free? On stage, things happen the way the author wants. The first author - the father of mankind - wrote the world drama as it is played today by his children. If you ask me why everything is like this today, I answer: Your father wrote like that and what he wrote cannot be changed. You will say, "God wrote this drama." "God didn't write it." He does not deal with such dramas. Who did your father write this drama? Do you think he was very noble? Do you think that your mother was also very noble? God had great confidence in your mother and father and placed them in heaven. Your mother broke the laws, so God drove them both out of heaven. Coming out of heaven, your father wrote this drama and said, "Let the future generation know what his parents were like." Let him know what kind of heroes they were - heroes who can oppose the Lord.

In the lives of the three participated young men, on the one hand, the mind, heart and will, and on the other, the spirit, soul and body. Speaking of the first three - mind, heart and will, everyone accepts it; speaking of the second trinity - spirit, soul and body, they accept only body, and reject the other two elements. The only cult of humanity that all people stop at, is the body. And the spirit and the soul remain as elements of heaven. Say, "Spirit and soul do not exist on earth." However, many ask, "Does man really have a spirit and a soul?" I do not deal with this question; it is personal, everyone can solve it. See what your father wrote about this. Have you seen your spirit? Have you seen your soul? One cannot speak of unhappiness that cannot be seen. The word "vedi" means to talk about things we have seen and know. The concepts you use should not be considered in your mind, but presented as a coherent, great truth. Everyone who seeks happiness outside of himself is a Don Quixote.

So modern people look like Don Quixote. Sometimes the man is Don Quixote and the woman is Sancho Panza; sometimes the woman is Don Quixote and the man was Sancho Panza. Do not be offended by this comparison. I do not consider you as individuals, but I consider you as ideological people. I examine the stage life, not the real life. I examine your father's drama. So don't think that stage life is your life. You have to think correctly, to understand correctly. Now I do not want to criticize things mercilessly. But I say that things can be true, and sometimes they fail be truthful.

In ancient times, a handsome young man lived in a kingdom, who possessed rare beauty. Everyone talked about him: poets and novelists sang about him, courtiers, statesmen went around him - to see him, to admire his beauty. This lasted for 10 years. At one point, they started talking badly about him. It was said that his life was not as clean as it seemed. Something mysterious was happening around him. "Who spoke ill of him?" - Women. The men stayed away. He was finally brought to justice. 40 girls injured by him appeared in court. The king issued an order to behead him. Before serving the sentence, the boy said, "Take your time before you cut off my head, strip me naked." What turned out? This guy was a girl. I ask: How could he disgrace these girls, harm them? The accusation fell by itself. So in your drama: you have all filed a lawsuit against the handsome boy for being defiled by him. It is enough to strip him naked to make sure that he has not done any harm

"Three men fell tied up in the fiery furnace." It was an exam that kept you well. Sometimes the exam can be of a political nature, sometimes can be of a religious nature, sometimes of a family nature, and sometimes of a personal nature. Whatever the nature, the test must be separated. The three boys said to the king, "Know, O king, that you do not serve your gods, and we do not worship the golden image he has set for himself. It's your will, you can burn us, it doesn't matter to us. We will remain firm in our conviction. " - What do you think, the three boys were men or women? They were men on the outside, but what kind of character they had inside is not known.

Now, I will not go deeply to reveal this drama, but I say that all the sins and deeds that people talk about, are illusions in their minds. The law is: No creature, no force outside of you is able to defile you. The only one who can defile a person is himself. When he defiles himself, anyone else outside of him can easily defile him. You say, "They seduced me." - No, you seduced yourself. There is great fearlessness in the character of the three boys. - When does a person appear fearless? - When his soul and heart are filled with Love. Only he who has seen the face of God and the light that comes out of His face, who understands the great truth of life. Until you know this truth, do not talk about it. It is written: "Seek, knock, seek!" - What? "The great truth." Don't play the role of actors thinking you're kings. Temporarily, on stage, you are king, but not in life. You have found the truth on the stage, but not in life. He who has found the great truth is in the position of the three boys. He is ready to go into the fiery furnace, to burn the ties that connect him with life, and to go free, without any ties to the earth. Next, to the one who has found the great truth, the ties will fall into the fire and burn; if they do not burn, he has not found the truth. If your spirit remains strong, not scorched by fire, you have also found the truth. Do you have to act like treasurers?

One summer day I was in a village in Provadia. I went for a walk along the fields. A peasant shouted at me, "Sir, where are you going?" - To take a walk, to enjoy nature. "I think you're a treasurer." And I'm doing this job. I am about to discover a great treasure. I have already found the nine signs, the last one remains. Can you help me find it? The tenth sign is hard to find. ”“ That's right, my friend, you're right, but you have to look for your own wealth. I have long since found my wealth. If you want wealth, come with me. "Have you really found him?" "I have found him." "Then you're not like me, a wild one, to fight for so many years."

Now, I interpret the word "sofa." Sofa, couch means a person who stands up and thinks what to do. He says, "I still have a lot to think about to find the last sign." This sign is needed for your soul, for your spirit and for your mind. Only in this way can a person solve the important question that is asked to him: To go to bed or to enter a new life? Which life is preferable: the life of the drunk, or of the sober; the life of the sleeper or of the awakened? The drunk constantly raises a full glass of wine and says: “Long live Bulgaria! Ours win, give me another kilo! ”When the Bulgarians lost, he wondered how this work had happened. - Very naturally, when people drink, they always lose. However, those who work on the levels that burn in the fiery furnace, only they are people of reality, they elevate humanity. Who has pimples on the mind, heart and will, these are signs that he has worked on the levels. According to people's current understanding, one should have white, clean hands, without any pimples. The body should also be white, clean, without any wounds or scars. The ancient Romans paid great attention to their bodies. And so far people still protect their faces and hands: they keep their faces with veils, they put rings on their fingers. It is not bad for a person to want to be beautiful, but beauty must be inner. I'm talking about the beauty of the soul, the character, to withstand even the toughest exams. The angels above observe which man has the valor and strength to enter the fire and endure. The fiery furnace is created to test the human character.

I ask: What will women and men do if some king issues a strict command about every woman to leave her husband and every man to leave his wife and marry another? Whoever disobeys this command will be thrown into the fierly furnace. How many women will remain faithful to their husbands? How many men will remain faithful to their wives? Both will say, "That's what we were looking for." Out of gratitude, the women will give a royal feast and say, "May God give health to this king, who saved us from our husbands!" from our wives! ”I say: This law cannot solve social issues. Life has a deep inner meaning. It doesn't matter if you leave your men and women. It is important where you will be in a hundred years, for example, and what position you will occupy. You can be a leaf, flower, branch or fruit of the tree of life, or you can be a leaf or flower that has fallen to the ground.

Often theologists preach that some of them will be in hell and others in heaven. Those who have enjoyed life will be in hell, and the righteous will be in heaven. In fact, this is so, but such hell, as it is described, does not exist. People have created hell themselves. There live souls who have not passed their exam. Hell implies bad, negative thoughts that seek conditions to manifest.

Three men fell bound in the fiery furnace. They held a high social position, but they were put to the test for their conviction. The king told them, "If you do not worship the golden image, I will take away your position and throw you into the fiery furnace, where no one can save you." And now the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego is repeated. Today all the people are thrown into the fiery furnace. If you do not worship certain opinions, systems or beliefs, you will enter go into the furnace of fire. There is no freedom today; today all people are abused and how! In an illegal way. They present legality as a pretext for justice, but this legality rests on violence. Who they being raped? - Noble and good people.

Let's go back to the personal, individual life of man. In fact, man lives on earth. If this life creates suffering for him for centuries, I ask: Does it make sense to live? If denying life brings happiness for centuries, doesn't it make sense to deny it? Where is the happiness? "In the man himself." Your happiness is in your good mood. In that sense, what you are experiencing at the moment is real. Happiness is in the light of your consciousness. This state can be interrupted or reappeared; it can exist for thousands of years. When one wants to solve a question, one must immerse oneself and say, "I want to see what is written in my soul, to understand how I think about it." In order to resolve the matter properly, he must give up his weaknesses, his personal life, and present himself as having come to earth for the first time; that there is no connection with anyone, no taking-giving; that he has done neither good nor evil. Only in this way can one solve important social issues. And now, you meet one, he smiles at you, another frowns at you. Why is one smiling at you and the other frowning at you?

Two young men are walking down the street. They meet a young, beautiful young lady. They both have known her - they greet her. She smiles and leaves. Then two others meet a young lady. They look at her but do not greet her. She frowned and continued on her way. I know the reason for both the smile and the frown. Both girls are sleeping and dreaming. One has a good dream and is happy with it, so she smiles. The other has a bad dream, so she is unhappy and frowns. The girl who smiles at the boys says, "These are excellent, noble boys, of high origin." The girl, who frowns, says, "These are loafers, wild ones, they have nothing in their heads - they just swagger." This is an internal conversation. In my opinion, both young people are under the same denominator. However, both girls are noble. One has the freedom to express her joy and the other her resentment. Both girls have illusions that boys can make them happy. I say: Do not seek your happiness outside. He who has awakened once must seek happiness in himself. If you are healthy, if you have a bright mind, a pure heart, a strong will, you are happy. As long as the mind, heart, and will are within your life, you are happy; once they go beyond that, you are unhappy. Everyone put his hat off to the rich - he is happy. The poor is pushed by everyone - he is unhappy. It is logical, there is nothing to take from the poor.

"Three men fell bound in the fiery furnace." And it is required to be as brave as the three boys. What is the manifestation of this courage? - Through the mind and thoughts, through the heart and feelings, through the will and actions. Right thoughts, right feelings and right actions are required of all people. You who are listening to me now, try to see how brave and enlightened you are. Try to get rid of the disharmony in your mind. If you can't completely get rid of it, reduce the disharmony at least 50% at your homes, of the obstacles you encounter in your life. Try to strengthen your will without telling others what you are doing. Experiments are conditions for finding the truth, which is based on mathematical principles.

Now I will dictate to you a few numbers, between which there is a certain ratio: 35, 57.9, 36.5, 29.5, 32.5, 13, 19.4, 16, 15.4, 14.5, 80. These are living numbers, this is man. Other numbers: 163, 47, 71, 36, 17, 16, 10, 7, 6, 9, 8. What did you learn from these numbers? The order in which I gave you the numbers represents jungur-lungur-fluff. The number 35 indicates that a person has orbited the sun 35 times. You say, "Can the sun go around 35 times?" When the earth goes around the sun once, you go around with it. So it is true that man has orbited the sun 35 times. When a person orbits the sun 35 times, his head orbits his center 57 times. Find the ratio of the speed between these two numbers - 35:57. Which speed is faster? I can translate all these numbers to this ratio to see the speed of movement of each organ in the human head. From the shape of the eyes, eyebrows, ears can calculate how many millions of years began their creation. Such calculations can be made for the organs of the whole body. The amount of energy expended in the movement of each organ can also be calculated. These are abducted truths. In the future, when you come to understand these truths, you will know how to organize your life. What's going on today? The woman expects her husband to work, to leave her a pension. What will happen if the state goes bankrupt one day or the man cannot provide it with a pension? Everything can change. On earth, things are not absolute. So, what can you count on? There is a great divine law in which there is no exception. It regulates relations between all people. This is a great mathematical law. The life of all peoples and societies moves according to this particular mathematical law. I see that all nations will, in the end, reach the goal that this law has set. And you, with all your misunderstandings, will wake up and reach this goal. Then you will not be in these bodies; you will not walk on two legs; nor on all fours; nor like birds to fly. How will you move then? Tell me, how does light move: with two, with four legs or with wings? However, all beings that travel throughout space emerge from the light. Each ray of light is a living being that extends from the sun to the extreme limit of the earth. When it reaches the limit, it shrinks, retracts. After him comes a second ray.

- "Is it possible what we are told?" - It is possible if life is understood. The only issue that is not in dispute is life. Philosophers argue about all issues, but once they come to life, everyone understands it equally. Life implies all the favorable conditions through which the human mind, the human heart and the human will are expressed. In order to understand life, we need a living faith in reality itself - not to look at it as something abducted. God is the great reality. He is invisible because you made Him so. You are moving in the opposite direction to Him. That is why it is said, "No one has ever seen God." It is true that without light one cannot see God. God is the true light, there is nothing to see. The visible cannot be seen. The light cannot be seen. She reveals things, makes them visible, but she herself cannot be seen. The measure by which you determine reality cannot be measured. The unit, as a measure of things, cannot be measured. Therefore, God is invisible. He is the unit by which we measure all things. If you say to measure Him, you will lose all proportions. Your idea that God is invisible is confirmed by the thought of sin. You say, "We are sinners, so we cannot see the Lord." Not so. You do not see the Lord, because He, in Himself, is real, cannot be measured by anything. You say, "When I love, is my love real?" You love one, you love another, and you ask if that is love. What is love? In love, a slight rise in temperature is observed. This expands things. Measure the girl's neck before she falls in love; measure her neck when she falls in love. In the second case, you will notice a slight expansion of faith, at least one millimeter. Her arms also expand.

And so, any increase, expansion or attachment to the body is called love. Where there is no expansion in the body, there is no love. You say, "I'm a religious person." - Measure your neck and arms and see if there is any enlargement. If so, you are religious. "I'm a politician." Measure your neck and arms and see if there's any enlargement. These things can at least be easily checked. It is easy to say that someone was a politician, a public figure; that he did good to Bulgaria. "He did good!" He brought five, took a hundred. These were virtuous people! He used to do good deeds. - No, in our time what he did. There must always be changes in your heart - to come to a rational number. Today you start a job, the next day you cancel it. You say, "I have decided to live a pure, pious life." The next day you run into obstacles: they put you in the fiery furnace. You put off your intention and say, "Today is not the time for that." You are one of the fast people. Those who are born prematurely, who are in a hurry, soon die. But those who are not in a hurry also die. He who is born on time, only he does not die. That is why a radical change must take place in your hearts. Your love should not be as changeable as the wind; it must be lasting, unchanging.

"Three young men fell tied up in a fiery furnace." Interestingly, after throwing three boys, they saw a fourth person in the furnace. The king asked, "Weren't there three people?" Who is the fourth among them? ”- This is the one millimeter with which they expanded, ie. the presence of Love. The king ordered them to be taken out of the furnace, to say what was there. He said, "There is a reality there." I ask: Where is your reality? Speaking this way, some distort my words, but that doesn't mean anything. I know the opposite law. When the positive truth becomes a negative quantity, I take another negative quantity and, from two negative quantities, I form a positive one, as in multiplication in algebra. For example, someone insulted you. It turns a positive quantity into a negative one. Say, "I deserve this insult." So you answer the negative value with a negative value and so you get a positive value. Whoever insulted you will start apologizing. This is how you seek that great truth in which people stop insulting you. - When do they insult a woman? - When there is no man. When she has a man, no one insults her. By "man" I mean the mind. Therefore, when you have a mind, no one offends you. When the truth is in you, no one offends you. In other words, when God lives in us, no one offends us. That is why you should strive to find the Lord Who lives in you. You say, "We have tried this Lord. He has always helped us. " - Are you sure He helped you? Tomorrow you may waver in your belief. Some of you believe in me more than in the Lord. They say, "That's what Mr. Deunov tells us." However, if someone says something bad about me, they will confirm the same. So they did with Christ. They greeted Him with date twigs, shouted, "Hosanna in the cherries!" Three days later, they shouted, "Crucify Him!" - This is not a belief, this is not a religion. As long as public figures and religious people change their beliefs every day, there will always be actors on stage, people will always be disgraced. That's what your father wrote.

Which character trait of the three boys deserves attention? "Their courage to enter the fiery furnace." Now you are also facing the exam to enter the furnace, to clear yourself so that the fourth one can come. It is one millimeter by which you have expanded. Enter the furnace without any fear, without any movement outside. You can move inside, in your soul, but not outside. When you meet a beautiful girl, you smile; when you meet an ugly girl, you frown. The woman symbolizes the soul. As long as you look at it as an external form, you will always be wrong. You say someone is ugly; for another it is bad. Neither is true nor the other. These are temporary manifestations that do not define human character. The true man is known when his soul awakens and begins to think of the Lord. He easily solves his tasks and helps both himself and his loved ones.

ask: Having listened to me for so many years, what have you learned? You have learned many things, but nevertheless you are in the position of that treasurer who sought the nine signs and sought the tenth - the last sign. You say, "Let's read books, it may be written somewhere for the tenth sign." - Nowhere is written about this sign - neither in the sacred books, nor in the secular. I found that sign. If you come into my room, I'll tell you where you can find it. And when you enter my room, I will tell only the one who has renounced everything, ie. who has renounced life. Stop thinking about any insults. Think you came to earth for the first time. Be kind to all people. (The teacher wrote a formula in the air.) Here, I have given you the secret of this question. Do you know what this looks like?

In India lived a great philosopher who could talk with the movements of his hands and fingers. He met a simple man who told him that he also knew how to talk with his hands. The philosopher said to himself, "Here is a man I will talk to." The philosopher raised one finger up, the common man raised both fingers. The philosopher stretched out one hand with his fingers facing down; the common man also stretched out one hand, but with his fingers pointing upwards. When asked what the philosopher said to the common man, he said: "I pointed one finger at him, telling him that there is only one king in the world - God. He replied, "There are two kings, God and the king of our country." Then I told him it would rain heavily. He told me that after this rain all the plants would sprout, all the flowers would bloom. The common man was then asked what he learned from the conversation with the philosopher. He said: "The philosopher threatened to take out one of my eyes. I said I would take out both of his eyes. Then he said he would come out against me with five soldiers; I told him I would go against him with five other people. " I say: The language of supposed numbers is dangerous. The formula I wrote to you will be understood for you when you free yourself from private property, from all envy, hatred, and begin to think that you have come to earth for the first time.

And so, the true real greatness is the supreme Love, which has nothing to do with ordinary human feelings and dispositions. This Love is known by the fact that when it touches the fool, it makes him smart and wise; when he touches the dead, he rises and comes to life; when it touches leprosy, the leprosy immediately disappears; when he touches discouragement, his discouragement disappears. Supreme Love works miracles. Wherever it passes, it creates and recreates. This Love must be studied! All the knowledge of mankind, gathered for eight thousand years, cannot be compared with the smallest manifestation of the great Love of God. Therefore, there is still much to learn. You have already woken up. Be brave! Do not succumb to any doubts and suspicions. Whatever they tell you, be faithful to your mind, your heart, and your will; be faithful to your spirit and to your soul. This is the first principle. If you are true to yourself, you will be true to all; if you are not true to yourself, you cannot be true to others. Someone says, "You have to be faithful to me." - I ask the question differently: Are you faithful to your mind, to your heart and to your will; are you faithful to your spirit and to your soul? "I'm faithful." "If so, you will be faithful to me." If you start to deviate from the answer, your loyalty cannot be relied on. A boy writes a letter to a girl. Write a few lines, put a colon; write a few more lines, again a colon. The colon is an irrational quantity. This guy is working with a few strangers. I say: Dude, you have to convert those numbers. The right relationship must be established between you. And the girl writes a letter to the boy. He puts a colon every two or three lines. I translate her letter: "Indeed, you are a good, learned man, but you are an ordinary clerk, with a small salary ..." The dot means: I am a lady of high society, you cannot fulfill my requirements. As he reads the letter, he stops, thinking about what she wants to say with the colon. - Very simple work. The points are money, gold wheels, English or American. You say of two young people, "These young people are very much loved." - Look at their letters, to see how many points there are. He who marries with a colon ends again with a colon. Marry so that no dots enter the letters. You will throw out the words "if" and "other". Your speech needs to be defined. Say, "I will be faithful to you as I am faithful to my mind, heart, and will, as I am faithful to my spirit and soul." "Then give me your hand." This is a character! And lest our God deliver us, we must be willing to sacrifice everything for Him.

"Three young men fell bound in the fierly furnace ." They knew the truth, so the fourth came down between them to see what was happening. They were virgin souls, three sophisticated angels incarnated on earth, neither as men nor as women. I ask: Has your angel come down to you? This is a question you cannot answer. You say, "Let's see what else we have to say." I told you one of the great truths of life. You say, "Wait!" - There is nothing to wait for. The one on the way was told on the train, "Wait!" When the teacher taught, the students had already prepared their notebooks. Should they tell their teacher to wait a while while they take out their notebooks? They must be in place at least five minutes in advance. The sun is not waiting! So, get rid of everything that hinders you. I see in your minds and hearts so distorted thoughts and feelings that I wonder with what hose to clean them from the inside. I have no doubt that you will purify yourself, that you will go through fire, that your relationships will fall apart. It is important not to go through unnecessary suffering. Ask yourself: Would you pass the exam of the three boys? Do not rush to answer; don't be in a hurry to tell someone you love them. Love is not in a hurry. She doesn't even talk. She says and does. If you tell someone that you love them, I will ask you: Are you ready to give everything for them? "Ah-ah!" Then you don't have to say you love him. Either you give everything or nothing. He who seeks Love must give absolutely everything.

I say: Enter into harmony with the whole of Genesis. You will strike with a knife to cut all the old ties and say, "Everything again!" Do not say that you are disgusted with your past. Return to it and give thanks for all the suffering you have gone through. Kiss the hand of the one who stabbed you. Kiss the hand of the one who took your money. Whoever stabbed you wanted to bleed so that you would not commit a great crime. He who took your money freed you from depravity. I will quote the following story: A rich merchant had two children - a boy and a girl, whom he left in the care of his servant, in whom he had full confidence. In time he died. The servant planned to deprive the young heirs of their inheritance, so he sold them to slaves. After great suffering, wandering and wandering, happiness smiled on them as well. The girl grew up, became a beautiful maiden and eventually married the king's son of the neighboring kingdom. So she became queen. After long wanderings, the boy also managed to occupy a high position in the country. The king of this country was at war with the neighboring king, where their former servant, who had conquered their inheritance, lived. The merchant's son decided to demand an account from their benefactor, a servant. And he began to look for him throughout the whole kingdom. He finally found it. The servant lived richly and comfortably with his wife, his five daughters and sons. The sister, learning from her brother about the situation of their former servant, told the whole story to her husband. They both decided to catch him and deservedly punish him. Not long after, the servant lost one daughter after another, and then his sons. The four sons were abducted far away. Then the servant's houses, properties, and fields collapsed. The cattle also began to die, until one day he was left completely alone, poor, torn. He said to himself, "Why did God give me so many punishments?" At last the thought came to him that his punishment was that he had committed a crime by selling the children to his master. You say, "This is a story." - Yes, a story that happens every day in life.

I ask: Don't you think that you have sold your master's son and daughter? Where is your spirit? Where is your soul? Haven't you sold them? Scripture says, "What do I gain if I win the whole world and sell my soul?" Suffering reformes man. They awaken his higher consciousness until he finally decides to lead a clean and bright life. What is happening now in the world is due to your children sending you punishments from above. Tell me which servant or master, which woman or which man has not betrayed God? There is no person who has not betrayed God, not only for a moment, but throughout his life. Who was honest and sincere with God? That is why I tell all people to dress in sackcloth and live in a new, spiritual way. You say, "We are of high origin. We, the Bulgarians, are tortured by the neighboring nations. " "Leave that!" All people, all nations, along with their priests and preachers, all men and women have committed great crimes. You should all turn to God and say, “Lord, we have committed many crimes, we have distanced ourselves from You. We want to start a new, clean life. "Everyone's sackcloth!" Repentance, not violence! Stop it now - let him drive, let him hang! Repentance is required of all, not one! Give up all gods and live with the new understanding of the great Love. What are you doing now? You are divided into Orthodox, people from new teachings. Put the knife sharply on the old one and say, "All or nothing!"

You say: You teach us good, but we are waiting for good conditions. What will these conditions be? Tomorrow worms will come to eat everything you have. If the Greeks call you thick-headed, can't your head be sharp-headed? As you listen to me, some of you become bitter, grieve and say, "Too much!" If there's a friend who tells you the truth, it's me. I show you the path to follow. Let's forget the past! Let's kiss those hands that have caused us the greatest suffering! Let's forget our mistakes and live with our virtues!

I ask you now: Is there harmony between you? Where is the harmony? It is not in the Orthodox Church. It is not in the Evangelical Church, it is not in the Buddhist Church, it is not in the New Doctrine either. Many people come here, but with their old luggage. We do not accept such. If the old man comes in here, he will want to be served. We want to live in the name of great Love and, when someone says he loves you, you know that he loves you. And if someone says he will do something, know that he will do it as promised. You say, "There are no conditions for that." - There are always conditions for good. Do not think that God wants this from you. He looks at everything calmly and says: "My children are still asleep. They have a bad dream. The child sleeps restlessly and cries in his sleep. "What's up, Mom?" "I was dreaming something bad." "What's she dreaming about, Mom?" "They were chasing me." sleep. His mind would pop out of fear. And I say: There is nothing, mom, this is a dream! But the Lord says, "My children sleep and have bad dreams." It is written in the Scriptures that in the last days they will prophesy.

I wish you all to prophesy and have visions. So let Love speak in you. She has not yet come between you. I do not want to discourage you, but I say once and for all to put a cross on the past. Remember the past, but say, “I begin in the name of Love. I am opening a new page in my life and the worse I have been, the better I will be. I will build in the name of Love and I will lend a hand to everyone. May the living Word be carried throughout the world! The God I preach to you is special. You have never listened to His voice. You have never seen His face. He does not live in churches or in Jerusalem. He comes down from his house and comes among you. Turn to Him, not to me. It is a delusion to worship man! Here is a truth. Some say they had to believe in me. "Don't trust anyone at all." Don't let that offend you. Don't believe in me, don't believe in yourself. This does not mean that you have no faith in anything, but I turn your gaze to God. Believe in God's Love, which settles all things. This is the great and powerful in the world.

I wish all of you to become unbelievers. - "Then?" - You will liquidate everything old. - "What should we believe in?" - In Love, in that unit that changes all quantities, that gives meaning to life and lays the foundation for new life. Get rid of all the philosophers who have spoken about God and say, “We want to see this God, Who is coming for the first time in the new way in the world. We want to see Him with our own eyes, without any intermediaries. This applies to those who give up private property, to their past, not to those who say, "Let's think a little!"

Now return to your homes and carry in your mind the thought of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. The first letters of these names are "C", "M", "A". What French word would you form from these letters? - "C'est moi." In Bulgarian I would form the word "seeds". Which Lord do you want to serve now? You will say that you want to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, who lived two thousand years ago on earth and was crucified. I am glad that you believe in Christ, but where are the fruits of your faith? After all, Christ said on the cross: "Lord, forgive them, they do not know what they are doing!" Why do you still have sins after these words? What did the European nations, followers of Christ, do? Did they say, like Christ, the same words when they were crucified? Did the priests speak like Christ? Now they gather at conferences to get things done. - No, the world does not get better with a lie. One day I will give a talk in which I will prove mathematically why the world cannot be fixed with a lie. I will prove how the lie was created as a quantity.

Turn to your soul, to find that life which has not yet been pushed and about which you know nothing. Turn to yourself and start a new life. Go back to your homes and start working without talking. The new life will have a shocking effect on you and will transform you. You will not go wrong, but you will become heroes. New power will flow into you and transform the conditions in which you live. Your inner world will change, and with it, the whole outer world. Then the Lord will say: For you have changed, and I will change my attitude toward you. This means that peace will come to earth.

Return to your homes and find where your Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are. One lives in the mind, you will look for it in heaven. The other lives in the heart, you will look for it in the astral world. The third lives on earth. The fourth is now coming from above. Because your suffering is great, God sends His ray and says, "A great cry is heard from the earth." Go see what is going on there to put an end to this suffering! As you listen to me now, some say, "Is this man telling the truth, or is he wrapping us up?" - What I am telling you can be tried. I have given you different methods, I have recommended many attempts, but so far no one has done them to test their power. You have made many attempts, but not this serious, decisive experience. Because I told you not to believe in anyone, you will not believe in yourself. Don't be discouraged. I tell you not to believe in what you are today. Believe in that beginning that once lived in you - in the Divine beginning. Not what you are today, but what you were originally when you created the world. Go back to that time and say, "This is us." When you reach this state, move forward.

Accept the Love that is already coming into the world. It will make you happy. She will show you where your loved ones are. Aren't your hearts talking with love now? You say, "Our hearts are beating." "Your hearts are beating, but your loved ones are gone." They are now coming down to earth. You only see their reflections, so you get frustrated and say, "My beloved has weaknesses, too." - Yes, the truth is not in them yet. When your loved ones come from above, then you will understand the truth.

I ask: Are you offended by what I am telling you? Will you hold me responsible for my words? I don't like to be responsible for what I say. I want to pay now. I do not want to say my special opinion, but I want to repay now. I say: This is the real way, but only for the sincere who want to develop and live in the new conditions. Suddenly you can't fly up, however, a new life requires a new understanding. Nature does not tolerate anything old. It is not possible to live like caterpillars and beetles in the future. Those who follow you may live like you, but you cannot live the old way. If you enter the furnace, your shackles will fall. Now you are all in the furnace.

I wish everyone's shackles to fall! Let the fourth among you come and say, "There is no other God like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. There is no other God like the One who puts order and harmony between all brothers, sisters and friends. There is no force like Love. If so, accept Love consciously, according to the laws of absolute denial. When you renounce the devil, the church asks you, "Do you renounce the devil?" - "I renounce." This means not believing in the devil, who has ordered everything in the world. He embraced the Divine works, held them in his hands and placed his signature under them. Say to yourself, "We renounce everything old, everything devilish."

So there is no God like the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. I want you to return to your God. He is also my God. My God is yours too. He is one. For the first time since the world existed, He sent a ray to the sons of mankind and said through the prophet, “Turn to me. Accept my love. Make my law. Bring the fraternity everywhere. Put the violence aside. Not a trace of the lie! Awake, my children, not to dream terrible dreams, not to be ashamed of heaven by your words and deeds.

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