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1921_01_02 Advices by the Master (teddi_blue) - 79.5%


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Готов превод Съвети от Учителя - 2.1.1921-ИБ-345 / ...: 2.1.1921-ИБ-345

Advices by the Master

Diseases are needed in the world. A bad thought comes to the bad person - he gets
a bad stomach - let him be sick, lie down, stay at home, otherwise he will manifest his bad thought and do evil - such a person should not be healed by you.

Hunger educates, this the reason why God gives hunger in order to empty the human stomaches

All diseases are easily treated with 50-60 sunbaths altogether with water procedures.

Sit in a half bath, legs outside, and start rubbing on the abdomen and the intimate parts. The blood is purified by this strong reaction. Two sweatings and changing clothes per day.

Old sweat should not return to the body.

After the lecture, talks on the same topic over lunch.

1. Open the pores of the abdomen, chest and head and the person will begin to breathe. Close the same pores - breathing will stop and you will die. Respectively, these are the pores of the soul, heart and mind.

2. Today is a very sunny day which shows that people will begin with love, and illuminated by the Sun, they will come to life and rise again. Today is like the day we came to Shumen (Monday, December 27th).

3. Once it is transforming and changing, it is lost. For example, a person grows old - he changes. We need to enter a category that does not transform, but changes, such as the sown grain. The dead who have disappeared as we enter the spirit world, we will find them. Everything in this world is transforming and changing; for example, a criminal must change and alter his perceptions. Our physical world is transformational and change. The angelic world is betrayed without changable. The divine world neither transforms nor changes. It is the basis. Everything is built on it.

4. The husband must tell his wife to love his Lord, and the wife must tell her husband to love her Lord, otherwise both of them will be orphanated.

5. People say that minor encounters do not startle them, but a cry of the child is needed to see that everyone at home is startled and refreshed.

6. Bulgarian man is a materialist, but when you startle him to take his possessions, he becomes spiritual.

7. When the big river flows not into a swamp or a lake, is used for watering gardens instead, it will be useful. Even if the rich distribute their wealth, it will be useful only when it is used for the benefit of others, and not for stagnant capital to aimlessly be spent.

8. When you do good, Christ says, "Let not one hand see what the other does," i.e. the lower man does not know what the spiritual man is doing; let neither the lower man to whom you do good nor our lower man know of the good we have done. Ours and the other man's lower, the lower man's are partners. We must be satisfied with every good we do. If we are dissatisfied, that is, it is from the old man, as the Scripture says. When we come to the will of God, we must not hesitate to help. The law is: one person at a time is destined to help a hundred people. It depends on the first - if he refuses, the others will refuse, if you help, the first, and the others will help. You can experiment with a beggar - if you give him first, everyone after you will give him the opposite. The divine law does not recognize exceptions - there you must give. People who have not given anything are afraid of it. So it is for evil and for good. It is an irrevocable law when we come to this Divine law - there are no exceptions for it. There are rules for the application of this law in various cases. For example, someone wants to lend you money, make new clothes, and you have no bread - it's a luxury. He wants someone on loan to buy new chairs, and you need something else that you need - you will not help him. Some beg, but do not want to work - they are old bankers who now want old accounts with torn notebooks.

For those who are really in need, heaven will help. There are people possessing clayirvoyance who see the bad situation of somebody, go and arrange his work: for example, pay his debt without his knowledge.

If someone is being imprisoned, don't go to release him, don't give him money, because while in prison he will be robbed, but when he gets out of prison, then go to him and offer a job, for instance, to be hired as a clerk. Let him bear his karma. While he is in prison, give him only food, clothing and edify him.

The poor man is generous in his givings because another brings him money - he easily takes and gives. The rich man is not generous in his givings, because he solely bears a load of eighty kilograms, and do not have time to take off that load, to untie the sack and give, and again tie the sack and put load to himself. Therefore, another carries the load of the generous man, a miser carries his load. He who wants to live long must have to give - then everyone prays for him. Who wants to die soon, lend money and wait to get it back. For such a person, everyone will say: "Rather to perish and not seek for my debt."

You have a horse, cow or other cattle that serves you - do not sell them to butchers, but give them to a poor family without payment, to serve for them. It is for his uplifting, to serve there as well. It should not use either the meat or its fur for your advantage. Once you start feeling sorry for the cattle, this indicates that we have already established a connection with the animals. The future will correct people. Things will become clear to them. Their current condition is the result of cruelty. The heart is lumpy, hard and needs to be improved.

The various systems of communication that usually people use are following:

"I'll drink your blood" - this is the bear's method. "I will kill you" - this is the wolf's method. "I'll catch you" - this is the spider's method.

10. Kuna comes from "kuan", which means a bee.

11. Do you have wealth - do good, because if the Lord takes it from you, you will not be able to do good. When the communists come, they will rob you of everything and give you a room to sit down and you will be satisfied. They are now waiting for their grandfather (the bourgeoisie) to die and receive his inheritance. Grandpa is now supporting him with injections to live a little longer. Now it is dualism - unnatural marriage, partnership.

The sun is setting today, it is already setting. Today was a very nice day, like spring. Today's lecture about love and a good day show that 1921 will be a good year - it brings grace to people.

A small radium lamp will give a lot of light and will burn for thirty-three thousand years.


Preservation and conservation of fruit and vegetables

1. Preservation of apples: A row of apples are placed, then a row of ferns, a row of apples, a row of ferns etc. in a trap in a garden, and on top of the top row of ferns are covered with a thick layer of soil. Preserved in this way, they can last a whole year and be fresh. The trap can also be dug in a cellar which is wet. They can be arranged in rows and in a tub of apples, a row of leaves, apples, leaves, etc. The leaves can also be apple, quince, vine, etc.

(By the Master)

2. Green peppers: A thick layer of dry soil is placed in a wooden container, a row of healthy peppers is placed on it, undamaged, not to touch each other, another layer of soil on them, peppers again, etc. They can last a whole

(by brother K.Ilarionov)

3. Tomatoes: Unripen tomatoes are plucked with the whole root system and hung on the ceiling to hang upside down. Thus, the tomatoes gradually ripen and are preserved for a long time.

(By the Master)

4. Eggplants blue: Preserved in the same way as peppers.

Birds use the law of affirmations. The Master was telling how in Sofia, at 66 Opalchenska Street, opposite direction of his room, a sparrow occupied the nest of a swallow. The swallow alone was not able to keep it away. About thirty swallows gathered. One after the other, they flew by the nest, and each of them, coming to the nest, pronounces the sound "chruk", which means: "You are a robber." Within half an hour, the sparrow left the nest by virtue of this commanded tone.

Swallows also keep cats away. Flying, they pass it quickly and make the sound a "churk" to it. It watches them, watches and hides. These are magic words that cats obey.

19 o'clock, conversations at the dinner


January 2sd 1921, Sunday, Ruse

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
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Превеждали: teddi_blue (Теодора Милинкова)

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