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1921_01_01 A private conversation with the Master (teddi_blue)


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Готов превод Частен разговор с Учителя - 1.1.1921-ИБ-342 / ...: 1.1.1921-ИБ-342

A private conversation with the Master

The moving of the Sun at the poles is observed spiralically up and down.

The old year 1920 is gone and is now out of the Earth. It leaves with a large caravan: 35 million people and more than 100 million livestock. People are kings, bishops, rulers, people, citizens, grandfathers, grandmothers - a whole nation of 35 million with all of its fortune. It came to Laban with only one stick like Jacob, but left with treasures and gifts.

1920 gave birth to 40 million people. It came solemnly, leaving with gifts.

1921 comes ritually, solemnly, with all those spirits who will be given bodies of flesh and bones so that they can be positioned among the people for the return of human side of the humanity. Workers are also coming.

With the departure of 1920, all those military serving solgiers have also left. At the meeting of 1920 with 1921, they greeted each other with "Hurray!" and passed by with the wishes "Good luck!"

The condition and position of the Moon shows that much work will be completed this year.

Angels, archangels work in the human body. In the trees too. Therefore, the body should be protected and the trees shiuld be grown with love, because in them the Lord is manifested and then with our care they will bear much fruit.

One should always have something to tighten oneself. If the cooper does not tighten the barrel with hoops, it will fall apart. This is a necessity.

9 óclock


1921 is strict because the father and mother are coming - 1 and 2. The father is strict.

1922 - the two mothers will come - the spiritual and the world. The 19th century leaves and the 20th century begins - the century of justice. 1923 - a year of conflics. 1924 - the father and mother of the people will come. 1928 - the Divine Mother will come.

The mouth is only one, but everything that passes through it, and through the teeth - crushes everything, squishes.

People have to take food, but also to starve. And then they live longer. When you eat a little, say to yourself, "Oh, I wish I had eaten more, it was good!" - with this you expand, and whoever overeats becomes heavy, is not grateful and shrinks, so nature gives hungry years. That is why the birds fly 40 km. daily to feed.

18:30 at dinner


Conversation between the two of us upstairs in the hall.

Large rivers are formed by small creeks, not by larger creeks (rivers); grand profits come from small profits.

8 o'clock in the evening.


January 1st 1921 in Ruse

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: teddi_blue (Теодора Милинкова)

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