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1921_08_19 Cultivation of The Human Will (Preslava) - 72.0%


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Готов превод Възпитание на човешката воля - 19.8.1921-СБ-368 / ...: 19.8.1921-СБ-368

Cultivation of The Human Will

Now I will give you some basic guidelines on the cultivation of the human will.

What has been spoken on this topic by the pedagogues so far, as well as the methods they have been using so far, are not well-grounded. A person needs to have willpower. In what lies the human will? The human will can be expressed only in our ability to control the parts of our body. A person, who is not capable of controlling their body parts, does not possess reasonable willpower. Therefore, God has created the human body in order to cultivate in people the power of will. If a person doesn't have a body, they cannot express any will at all. Don't get confused in thinking that your willpower can be expressed outside of your body. Some might say: "Yet, how does the human thought get expressed?" Have you ever seen what kind of thing the human thought is? When I move my hand - this is one realized thought. Thought - this is a form, a movement of the body in a certain direction. If this movement is properly made and expressed, then the thought is proper, too. For example, when we want to caress someone, to express a certain harmonious feeling, we stroke their head gently and say: "My little chicken!" This is a harmonious movement. When we want to express certain discontentment, we say: "Phooey" - we snort and spread our hands wide. So, this is showing lack of will. In this respect, the forces, whose will is not reasonable, always explode instantaneously, whereas the forces, in which consciousness is manifested, lead to graceful movements. Therefore, you all should aim to have graceful movements of all your body parts and muscles, so that you don't appear docile and trained. We must return to the original Divine movements. For example someone wants to show that they suffer greatly, they sigh, they moan and groan, but they don't feel any pain - they want to deceive others, it's a pretence. Someone can grab their stomach to show that they are feeling a great pain. When you are suffering a great pain, there is no need to show this with movements - place your hands on your belly, focus your mind for 5-10 min and the pain will go away. Every painful state within a person arises from the internal intersection of two opposite thoughts, two opposite feelings or two opposite willed actions. Pain can emerge anywhere in our organism, when the mind, heart and will are not in harmony. In that case, you can feel a headache and it can reveal itself through a pain between the eyebrows, in the temples or in the stomach.

So, the first important thing for us is to know why God has given us the arms and the hands. The hand - this is an expression of the human will. The movement of the eyes, the movement of the mouth, the movement of the tongue - we can control these through our will. Especially, we should know how to control our tongue. As per the current status the tongue is not fully under our control. It's not that we don't have the best intention to keep silent, but when the tongue comes into play, it sometimes says what we don't want to say. Therefore, you should do your best to have graceful movements and be in control of your body. The first thing you need to ask yourself is this: are you capable of controlling your body and your body parts, since this is your right that was given to you by God? For example, can you be in control of your eyes and all the other parts of your body? And don't say God has created you this way - God did not create you such as you find yourself today. If the mother dressed the child with nice clean clothes, but the child tore and stained them, it would be ridiculous for the child to say: "My mother dressed me this way". No, the mother dressed her child well. We go around here and there and get dirty - this is arbitrariness of our own will. So, because now we are entering the Divine School, so that we can put into practice the Divine Teaching, we need to have a proper understanding of the human will. The human will can be expressed only in the hands, in the feet and legs, in the eyes and in the tongue; only after that we will come to control our mind, our heart, our thoughts, and our feelings and desires; only then we will come in alignment with the Invisible World. The Angels, for instance, are able to control their organs very well. You will ask: "Where are the Angels?" Some of you make up the pinky finger of the angels, and when an angel decides to use their will, you become mild and soft, then you get caught by the fear that you are at the top of the angel's finger, but tomorrow, when the angel lets you go free, you say to yourself: "Thank God, I am free!". But then, the angel may put you on another finger. Apostle Paul says that we are parts of one body, which is Christ. During the day our body takes different positions in the Divine World. Some days we are positioned in the Foot of the Divine Body, other times - in Its hands. It is not а misfortune to be in the Foot of God. The Lord says: "Today I will walk with you a bit". On the next day He puts you on His Hands and says: "Today I will caress someone with you". You may become a doctor or a surgeon, you may write a nice letter, you may make for thousands of goods, but if you are not ready to take up the position of the various parts of the Divine Body, you will not be able to understand the Divine law. Put your nobility aside and say to it "Rest in peace", because it is equally noble to be in the Hands of the Lord as well as in His Feet - His Virtues - or wherever He puts you. We must be keen to do God's Will without being hold back by such distorted views.

Further, another thing that paralyses your will is that you fight with each other and say: "You know nothing!" Well then, I would ask that one, who says "you know nothing":

- So, my friend, you, the one who knows everything, tell me how many million years have passed since the Sun has been created?

- I haven't studied this.

- Good, then tell me, how many million years ago was the human heart created?

- I don't know anything yet on this subject either.

- Say, how many years ago did the humans take their current form - when did they start to speak?

- I don't know anything about this part of the history.

Yes, and you don't know your own story either - you don't know where you come from, nor where you go to; you don't know anything, both the past and the future are hidden for you, you just know that you are here and you can feel the Divine Sun, but everything else is hidden for you. So far we have been living in the world of illusions - of changes and variations. Now we have come out of the collective subconsciousness and when the time to develop our will comes, we will get into a new phase of collective consciousness - we will be aware that all people, who we live together with, are parts of each other, and that we all need each other. If your brother dies or loses, you will have to carry his burden; but if he becomes intelligent and learned, you will benefit from his good and welfare. Both the goods and the sorrows are common.

So, you should strive to create harmony out of the good actions of your will. For example, for someone they say "he has a cunning look like a a sly old fox". In every good person the look of the eyes should be determined. You love somebody - show your love! Is it shameful to love? What's wrong with love? Yet, there is this kind of love that aims to get something out of you. Then, in this love, people start lying that their love is big, and when they take that "something", it becomes clear that there was no love and affection. This is the pretended love, from which today's people suffer. Why? Because in this love there is no aspiration, no feeling, no power. In order to have Love manifested Itself, all the above should be present. And when I love, I should make way for the Lord to manifest through me - It is God, Who loves within me. We wish for God manifesting on the physical plane in us. You wish to be loved, but by whom? By God. So, let's free ourselves from this delusion: Love does not originate from people - It does not stem from me, nor from you, but It only passes through us - God is this Love. The world of Love is so infinite that in order to be known for us, It must manifest within us, i.e. in the finite world. And when Love comes in us, we are in good spirits, our mind words well, our heart works well, everything around us goes well in harmony. When Love is missing, our feelings get tense.

So, firstly you should strive to control yourself, to have your words precise and tempered, not to speak more than needed. I can say "I love you". Another one can say: "No, I love you more than the other one, I love you very much". Once you start putting adverbs such as very much, more, the most, Love is gone. Love does not tolerate any comparison. Then I determine: the smallest Love in the world is the love of the parents towards their children. From there the physical love starts. The physical love is the smallest one. You want to kiss someone, this is the smallest Love. After all, one should start with the smallest thing. You will give someone a little piece of bread, you will say a kind word - this is the smallest Love. However, when you speak of the spiritual Love, It requires a lot - this Love gives everything and takes everything. We cannot yet open the question of spiritual Love. What do you understand by spiritual Love? Some brother may tell you that he has spiritual Love for you, that he loves you, but once he gets inside of his house and closes the windows, his love disappears immediately. As soon as you feel even the slightest doubt, you have no love at all. Love doesn't allow any doubt, Love doesn't do any wrong: if God lives within me, this God cannot do anything evil. If you do wrong, this means that God does not live in you. You ought to get rid of these doubts: " People don't love me, they look upon me holding prejudices."

No, we are not yet what we should be, we don't have this Divine cult. When God comes and resides within you, then you will have the complete good disposition that you seek: Love will manifest in you.

We will all concentrate and do an attempt, we will work. We will not wait for just the one to work, we should all manifest our thought. We should know that we are parts of God and He manifests in us in one way or another. Wherever we see a Divine Thought, we should rejoice at It.

Now I will show you one movement. (The Master raises his right hand above, at a sharp angle to the body, and places the thumb between thе forefinger and the middle finger.) How would you explain this - why is the thumb between the index and the middle fingers? If the Divine consciousness is not awake in a person, when he / she find themselves faced with troubles in life, the physical man behaves like a snake - it hides its head to avoid being smashed. The thumb - this is the head of the snake, this is the physical man, who upon meeting me takes precautions in accordance to the old law and says: "Anything could happen". To the physical man I say: "There is nothing to fear".

The second position is when you have all three fingers folded together into the sign of the cross - this is the conscious life that is connected to the angels and God. One should be honest, virtuous and just. The thumb consults with the other two fingers. Therefore, the second one (the forefinger) is the spiritual man, who says: "We should manifest ourselves wisely, that is why we need to consult with each other". This is the consultation of the big thumb that asks: "How should I act and behave - I should have my whole respect towards you, to be fair and treat you just like I treat myself." In this situation the Christians will say: "In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit", and then you will be able to cross.

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Превеждали: Preslava (Преслава Петрова)

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