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1921_12_18 And Peter Warmed Himself (nikimarinova)


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Готов превод И Петър се грееше! - 18.12.1921-НБ-404 / ...: 18.12.1921-НБ-404

And Peter Warmed Himself

And the servants and officers stood there, who had made a fire of coals; for it was cold: and they warmed themselves: and Peter stood with them, and warmed himself. (John 18:18)

Little things, little reasons are an impulse for either great deeds or great crimes – one or the other. These are your understandings. I say great deeds and great crimes. These are your contemporary understandings because many great virtues are great crimes, and many great crimes are great virtues. You can make objections why this should be like this. – This is because contemporary people aren’t smart. It is obvious that people aren’t smart because the whole earth is covered by human bones – from their foolish things. This is enough, this is the strongest proof, there aren’t any other proofs – there are other proofs but of secondary importance.

And the servants had made a fire; for it was cold and they warmed themselves and Peter stood with them and warmed himself. There are two categories of people: the servants of the old world - Herod’s officers and Peter who was a disciple of Christ among them. Both categories warmed themselves. Now I ask, what had made Peter stay with them? There is a reason for everything in Nature. And now you also are trembling in this world. What has made you tremble? – You have an idea. Now, whatever you say, the deep idea is hidden. A human never reveals the real reason that makes them write something. He/she will say a lot of things of small importance but will hide the most important. You also can’t find a saint, a great person, or a virtuous person to tell the whole truth. It was cold. Why was it cold? I answer – because it wasn’t hot! Well, why wasn’t it hot? – Because it was cold. These are philosophical arguments. At this time the Earth was in salty condition, its fans blew stronger, the Earth wanted to get cooled itself, it was burning hot and since the wind blew and people felt cold. The Earth cooled down, and people felt cold.

Now, you know that people sometimes make some entertainment with various bombs. A child entered a café bringing a small bomb and threw it away. As he threw his bomb everybody rushed outside. His father bought him a bomb however, the unprepared people were startled more than needed. You say: “It is cold.” How can you prove that is cold? Is it real, can you catch it? “I feel.” Your feeling is not a proof. Your feeling is a subjective way of grasping that something was cold. I translate the word “cold” as “hate”. These people build up a fire in making an effort to change this cold to some warm. These are the contemporary people since now is cold, their churches are cold. They have built up small fires, where their officers, teachers, and priests – all to warm themselves. And Peter also warmed himself. He was told: “You are also one of this man’s disciples.” And he answered: “Ah, no, I am exactly like you.” He had hidden his fear, but when the servants caught him, he said the truth: “I do not know the man.” It was better to tell the truth in Christ’s time, but he hid it, and when gave him a look Christ told him: “Peter, I had tried you.”

I will give you a strong argument, such a powerful argument that all of you will be broken. I will throw it like a bomb. A young bride was taken to a church, the priest stood up and all godfathers and other people were there asking her.
“Do you take this man?”
“Yes,” she nodded “I take him to have and to hold for better, for worst to live only with him and to die for him”.
“Very well.”
The man was also told.
“Do you take this bride?”
“I will die for her.”
And the priest said. “Everything is over.”
Tell me now, give me some proof, how many of these promises given in the church are fulfilled. Having caught Peter around the fire, they told him:
“Surely, you also were one of his disciples”
“No, nothing is impossible, however, I am exactly like you.”
Why are all these misunderstandings? – Because we don’t say the whole truth. Let’s make my thought clear. If you belittle your opponent, you expose yourself to danger and if you lie to your friend, you desecrate your conscience.
You must acknowledge the fact by yourself in the way it is. The fire was built up, you have to acknowledge the fact that is cold. We must acknowledge life in the way we find it.

A philosopher in China married a very beautiful maiden, but his big misfortune was his lack of money. However, she was an ambitious woman. I am not talking about you. I am talking about those old women, from the old culture.
She was living with him for about ten years and she told him at last:
“I am sick and tired of your poverty. You are a philosopher however, you are not smart enough, that’s why allow me to marry someone rich.”
“It gladdens my heart,” he said. “You are free and you have all my blessing.”
She married a very rich tradesman. However, there was a very big crisis in China and the philosopher was asked to set things right in China. He became a king to rule and order. When she heard this, she met him and told him.
“I am very glad that you have reached such high standing. I didn’t expect your fortune has turned to happiness in such a way. Can we live together with love as it was before?”
He watched for some time, took a cup of nectar, poured the nectar on the ground and said.
“Bring together this nectar and if you can bring it together so pure as it was before, we can start living together again.”

And now when Christ comes to earth to rule, all the priests will come like that Chinese woman to ask the living with him. However, Christ will pour the cup and will say. “Bring together this nectar.”
I don’t talk about contemporary priests, they are righteous. I talk about the big sinners, that have died. I can easily deal with the dead, but I don’t bother the living, I don’t bother them. This is a hive and bees have a sting and if you shove them, they will sting you and everything will swell. Don’t shove the bees.
It is said in the Bible: “And the servants and officers stood there, who had made a fire of coals; for it was cold: and they warmed themselves: and Peter stood with them, and warmed himself. (John 18:18)
I will tell you an anecdote. A philosopher lived in a very rich castle. He had a noble cat. Now, cats are also noble. Their nobility was in that they could catch mice with open eyes.
The cat didn’t close its eyes while sitting in front of the hole. The cat was sitting in front of a hole while a mousie went out and said:
“Why are you sitting in front of my hole? Don’t you have anything else to do instead of sitting here with all your nobility? Get out of here!”
“Ah, you don’t know, but I am a noble tom-cat. Do you know what my descent is? We can make a friendship. I have made many of your family acquainted with this home. My eyes are open, but you don’t be afraid. Well, what are you going to do? Why do you sit in this hole?”
“There is such light in our world, I expose whole day under the sun. You will walk with me in my garden.”
“Do you speak the truth? Let me ask my mum?” – The little mouse went out and come back in a while with its mother. The tom-cat eyes were open.
“It’s a truth.” – the mousie’s mother said – “Cats with open eyes are dangerous, but this tom-cat’s eyes are open. Well, you can go with him.” Now, you can conclude if there was a friendship between that little mouse and the tom-cat with the open eyes. The fabulist who wrote this fable stopped there.
A criminal either with open eyes or closed eyes has one rule; I don’t know what it is, but you don’t know it either. A good man either with closed or open eyes has one rule. Both have one rule. This rule lay in that everybody wants to acquire something. Nothing more.
However, when somebody who is smart acquires some things, these things are considered lawful. This is a question to legists it’s not pertained to my lecture. Therefore, it depends on our inner mood and what’s our aspiration.
Here is an example, I stand and preach thinking what people will say about me. Well, what will they say? They can say two things – either I talk cleverly, or I talk foolishly. One of both. Both are correct. Sometimes, I speak very clever things, but sometimes I speak very stupid things. In some circumstances I am a very stupid human, nobody is stupid like me, however, in different circumstances I am so smart since there is no anyone who is smart like me. Well, how will you reconcile these two assertions. Reconcile them as you want.
I would like you to be sometimes very stupid, sometimes very smart. When you want to quarrel with a human, you won’t know how to quarrel, be stupid then, and if you want to do good then you will have to be a very smart human. Nowadays, there are a lot of such people. Now, Peter found himself in this unsightly situation: he made himself stupid. He will excuse me. That Saint Peter now it’s not like he was before, he will excuse me, since I take his past, but Peter nowadays and that Peter in the past they aren’t similar – they look so different.
Therefore, when we look at the things we have to examine them with open eyes, in order to have a constant enlargement in us. And if every of my lectures doesn’t help you finding a little acquisition and make you grow one of million parts of a millimetre in a day, then there is no point.
A human will have to have an acquisition in everywhere and everything. Under the same law is acquired our body, the body that we have now. When did blue eyes appear in the world? Do you know when the long noses appeared, short noses or fleshy noses, thinly lips, small ears, small beards, wide beards. Do you know?
This is a whole culture in the past. This culture served thousand and thousands years ago and our present eyes show the culture we had been through. Don’t think our eyes are perfect – they will change a lot! You say: “How beautiful his eyes are!”
However, the contemporary eyes in the way they are, they are very beautiful and very bad. However, we have to come to a position where eyes are always harmonic. In this way, the eyes always have to express the Divine Truth, and eyes are the only thing in us that never lies.
Eyes have to express the Divine Truth. Just when you look at, you can see the truth in the eyes. You came to the last measure. They say: “His eyes are playing.” How can some eyes play? Do you know what is the play? The play always needs to gain something. It has hidden a self-interesting purpose. Play always aims to gain something.
“I want to play.” Yes, you want… Someone says: “He plays with thoughts.” Yes, there are people who play with ideas, but when our eyes start expressing the truth, then there won’t be such play, but harmony.
Russians say: “Igrat” („Играть“), while Bulgarians are more practical and they say: “Let’s play”. And the Russian now plays in Russia, that’s why they say: „Славянин крепкий задным умом“.
A human who plays develops behind, not in front. And when a human gets slightly drunk – I have noticed before – it doesn’t matter how melancholic are they say: “Ha, Let’s play!” And they played (in the meaning of dance [1]) and broke the windows, paying after that.
Everybody in the world has something to pay for. Therefore, now in this time people are exposed to big crimes. You are caught by the housing crisis, you will play a little, you will lie a little. Sugar is expensive – you will lie a little there, too. You are a clerk and you have a wife and children and you will lie too. You need clothes, you need shoes, you are cold – you will lie a little.
Everybody is exposed to a great temptation. “You have got a “credo”, “believes”, haven’t you?” – “Leave the believes, I have children, this and that” and says: “Come on.” I don’t judge these people, it’s a weakness. It is difficult for a human to speak the truth. I don’t talk about you. There are people who speak the truth, I don’t mention even a word about them. I talk about myself and about those who are my brothers. I see how difficult is for someone to speak the truth.
Sometimes a human is perplexed to talk the truth and says: “Should I say even a word? Let it pass.” And I tell you: If you can say the truth, say it: “Let’s pass.” In the current epoch, people young and old, everybody was exposed on one of the great temptations. There are a lot of sins in front of you, that you can make. Everybody of your can make a mistake.

Sins are of various types, some in one direction, others in a different direction however, everybody of your is in a position to make a mistake. You are all weak. Priests, since they are humans have weaknesses, too. Judges also have their weaknesses, and they are exposed to temptations.
During Turkish time, a defendant went to a judge, gave him 100 grosha and told him: “Kadi efendi, sen uzume bak” – look at my face to know that I gave you money to make a judgement in my favour. The other defendant also came and gave 2 gold coins saying: “Kadi efendi, sek iki uzume bak” – look at my both faces. – “Very well.”
The first one came, stood up and talk: “Mr. Judge…” – “Very well, however, what should I do with the other one with two faces?” He had given a promise to both. That’s the way things stand. It’s not a bribe, this is how it’s said not a bribe but a present for Easter, for Christmas. “You have children and I offer you a present”. But the defendant lost his right.
Local newspapers wrote some time ago. I don’t know to what extent the story is true that a man from Shopsko, Sofia region wore a keg with butter for sale. Two thieves came pretending to be tradesmen. “It’s a high-quality butter. How much is it? We will buy it.” The peasant agreed. We will pay you now, but we have a partner who is a priest. He is rich and will pay you.
They took the butter and gave him a receipt for him to go to the priest and take the money. At the same time, they went to the priest, gave him 20 levs and told him: “If a peasant comes to ask you for money, you have to read him a prayer. He is a bit potty, you will put your stole and read to him.”
The man from Shopsko came while the priest was in the church. The priest covers the peasant’s head with the stole and starts reading for him, then continue reading and reading. “Well, honourable priest, that’s very good but what about the butter…” The priest continued reading the prayers three, or four times. “Well honourable priest, the reading is not enough, you will pay for the butter.” Here is what happened. If that priest didn’t read prayers for money, he wouldn’t expose himself to such reprobation. To what extent that is true, nobody knows. We are also exposed ourselves to temptation, like this Peter, our matters are exposed to profanation. We are in the situation of Peter, and we can’t pass this moral exam. While we talk about the truth, those orthodoxy says: “How is this?” I will give you an example?

In the remote past, one of the Egyptian kings gave birth to a beautiful daughter and astrologist said that she will be one of the most eminent maidens of Egypt. The pharaoh’s name was Ramses. There are Ramses I and Ramses II. I will not describe the whole story of that maiden, but she was remarkable for her ability to know people in a specific way.
The method was the following: if somebody took her hand, she immediately washed her hand and poured the water in a bottle. If somebody touched her hand – she didn’t give it always, but whoever touched it she did it like this.
Then she made an experiment: she went to somebody who is ill and will give them a little water. If the ill died, she would know what kind of person was the ill one. If they got crazy, she knew and wrote everything in a book and she knew the quality of that hand – because of the water.
She had bottles of all court personnel, but she never told her father something. However, one day she met a poor worker on the street, ragged and tattered with a swarthy face. She gave him a gold Egyptian coin, and he kissed her hand in gratitude.
She immediately washed her hand and poured the water into a bottle. She met for the first time such a dirty man; Egyptian were very clean people. She made an experiment with that water and everybody who received it get well and became smarter. Then she tried to find him, but she couldn’t.

I will apply the rule of that Egyptian maiden. Let’s wash the hands of bishops, let’s wash the hands of all priests, hands of all judges, and pour the water into bottles. We will do an attempt, an unprejudiced attempt.
Now, I haven’t the slightest aim to expose the others. I am so fair, that you can make the same experiment with me. The truth itself to become known. In order for you not to say: He is always making reproaches. God sees from above and he can’t be lied to. He pours water into the bottles and whenever you go into the other world, God will say:
Ivan Stoyanov from Sofia, a student, orthodox, came here and gave me his bottle. Stoyan Draganov came in the other world, give me his bottle.” There are thousands of bottles there.
Professor so and so, Bishop so and so, God always washed his hands and gathered the water of everybody and knows the quality of the water.
How can we justify ourselves in front of such a great truth? This maiden was smart. And I recommend you open a laboratory, buy 100 bottles for whom kisses your hand. This is an experiment. You will make observations. Observe everybody. This is our teaching. We have to know ourselves. And if our teaching doesn’t give us a lift and if we in this life we aren’t able to correct firstly our organism, then our feelings, our thoughts, then we lived in vain. Our soul is excellent. I don’t talk about it.

“And the servants had made a fire.” Where? The fire has to be built in our hearts. And you will start the experiments. If somebody comes and says: “Oh, I love you so much, I will die for you.” – “Kiss me, in order to see if you love me.” Wash your hands and pour the water into a bottle with an inscription: “So and so.”
You are called to heal people. It’s dangerous, don’t try to heal however, if somebody who was well, but got crazy, give them a drop of water. On the second day you will see them stretched on the bed. You will say: “He is an excellent person!” – the healthy one almost endured, what about the sick one – he is on the way out.”
In old times, alchemists made experiments, and now it can also be examined that sweat can show if a human is good. And that’s true. I speak symbolically, but if you understand me, I will give you a method. Some people ask me: “Why don’t you tell us clearly?” Do you know what is clearly? 2 + 24. Well, what does 2 + 24 mean and what does 2 times 24 mean? An axiom, things can be in this way, but not the other way. Everything that can be used to make a successful experiment – not once or twice but always – expresses a positive truth. This is the way, in which you can find that worker with the dirty hands. Don’t think that a human with a smooth face and beautiful eyes is always a good human. It’s like this on heaven, but not on Earth. I contest that. What soil does give the best fruit? The white soil or the black soil? The black, of course. Somebody says: “Let us be white.” If we want to grow wheat, we have to be black. Therefore, the outer blackness is not bad. These are only symbols inside Nature.
Black and white, have their good or bad properties. If you come into contact with that electric wire, that is so small and you burn yourself, how do you think, is that wire in the right place? – It is not.
And that cold booklet, when you put your hand in it, if you feel pain, the brooklet will take all the pain. This is a remedy. Pour some water into the black soil, make a paste and if your hand hurts, apply it and there it is a compress. And the elephant makes such compresses from slime with its trunk.

It was cold and servants build a fire and Peter was among them. That “cold” is now. All religious spiritual people are like Peter, who sit and worm themselves waiting to see what will happen to the religion now. Today Christianity is on an exam. The world has brought it to trial, what will we say in front of the exterior world.
These people will object like this: “If this teaching that has been for two thousand years could be applied in life, it could give a result, however, there is no result therefore this teaching is not applicable.” They are right. But this teaching of Christ goes into a new phase. Do you think if Christ comes today will preach like in the old days? No, he will teach differently. And what will he teach today? If Christ comes today, he will teach on first place Love, brotherhood, and equality. Why? Because the evolution nowadays requires this. This law is necessary. There is no other power that can bind people, not to join them, but to unite them, to make them reconcile like Love does. Not that love of feelings: it’s not enough, not this temporary mood, this is not Love. Love is a conscious power, that always can make you warm and can take down the burden of your heart. Love will not keep you hungry: Love is that power that gives people all the good things. This is an innate striving. Now all you want is to be rich. If Love comes today will not tell you to be poor, раби or servants. Love will tell you to be brothers and sisters, and such servant – out. Love will order out the servants and the masters and will say: I accept only brothers! Love preaches brotherhood and equality. Our souls came out of God. What difference could be there?

The difference is only in our clothes, your clothes are unclean, however, your soul is clean. Take off your clothes, I will give you different ones, and we will wash yours. Wash your body and we can walk then. Therefore, the external circumstances will have to be improved today, without saying: “God has said that.” No, God hasn’t said that. And whatever God wants to say, I will be silent, because, he will soon say it and the whole world will understand and there won’t remain even a single head without understanding what God will say. We will be silent in front of that great truth. Whatever God wants to say will be received by all minds. Because this is as necessary, as the sun light is necessary, as the food we take, as the thought needed for our life, as the feelings needed to warm our hearts.

Now, a thought remained in your mind: “Has God got one, two, or three faces.” I don’t know how many faces God has got – I haven’t examined this philosophy, but I know one thing, that who knows God of Love, they revive and for them life gets complete meaning. They become citizens of the Great Kingdom in the material and the spiritual world. It has been preached till now: a human who becomes a Christian has to leave trading and all of them have to be priests, I teach the opposite: We don’t have to be parsons, priests, professors; we have to become servants, servants of the great God of Love. Do you understand?
We all have to become servants – men, women, and children. Men, women, and children, we all have to serve, without having a goad and machine-gun behind. From now on, when you meet you mustn’t say: “Mr. chief”, but “Mr. servant”. Not “Honourable lady baroness”, but “lady servant”. Something else. Now, some sit and talk about how they will set things right. You can dress the bride in 10 wedding dresses, clothes won’t change her character. If the new life doesn’t arise in our souls, if that consciousness doesn’t awake in us in order for us to use this material, nothing will come out of us. Therefore, we have to change our bodies.
Now, some who listen to me think. “What is he thinking about?” I will tell you what I think. I don’t talk in secrecy. I think: You, who are ill become healthy, who are stupid let them become smart, and if you don’t work, you have to learn to work. You are a woman, you had miscarried – do not miscarry again. I would set a whole beadroll as well. I study with this clearly; this is applied in practice. And if contemporary mankind doesn’t take warning by that, it will go … I will be silent where it will go. I will tell you again. You think you know what I would say? No, you don’t know.
You are in the position of that Greek priest, who said: “I don’t talk to Bulgarian priests, I talk to the Greek ones. And if I hint at somebody, I hint at old times priests in Turkish times. So, this priest usually said: “Pious Christians, do you know what I will tell you?”
“We don’t know the reverend Father.”
“If you don’t know it, I am not going to tell you.”
“Well, we know.”
“If you know it, then I will not tell you as well.”
However, in both cases there is no any knowledge, neither, the priest had a definite idea. It was All Souls’ Day when Another Greek priest was shown a wand. He stand upright in front of the pile on the table and said:
“Can you see me?”
“We can see you head only, Reverend Father.”
“Next year you shall not see me.”
“This is a symbol; this is not for mocking.”
“What about this pile, when I accumulate money next year will I be seen?” We will find ourselves in the situation of that German priest, who was poor, however eloquent. The German Emperor went to listen to him, remained very satisfied and said to the minister: “This priest is worthy, let’s make provision for him.” – “Well.”
He issued a decree for increasing the priest’s salary. However, a while the emperor asked the minister: “What has happened with our gentlemen just man, why his voice is not heard?” The minister answered: “A cock doesn’t sing when got fat.”
Bulgarians also say: “A cock doesn’t sing when got fat.” If we put an unbearable burden on our minds and hearts, how can we think or feel? If we have 100 things, that tempt us, what will you think? You can’t think. Therefore, Peter was sitting and thinking, he wanted to see the end of that work: would Christ succeed? Would he be let go or not? He wanted to know if Pilat would free him or judge him. Then he said: “I will cut my hair and will shave my beard, and let’s go to the forest.” I don’t want to have something in common with this human, let’s work like all other people.” Now, the orthodox would say: “Ah, this Peter was of such a weak character, walking for three years with his kind-hearted Master and denying him.” And today, those who walk for 2000 years deny again. One who denies in 3 years, will deny in 2000 years. I have met people from outside, who never went with Christ and they don’t deny still. A teacher who was a communist catch were caught: “I am a communist, this is conviction.” – “We will expel you.” – “You can expel me, I am a communist, this is conviction.” She didn’t believe in God, however, she kept her teaching, whatever it was.
And we who believe in Christ say: “Let’s understand each other.” I don’t talk about the historic Christ or the cosmic one. “Who is Christ?”
“There is no historic Christ, there is no cosmic Christ, however, there is a living Christ of Love, who now lives in our souls and in every noble awakening, inside our soul, this is our living Christ.” If he is inside the heart of a simple human, of a judge, of a poor human, of any animal – whatever. I have seen dogs that lick their master’s wounds and heal them. The dog becomes aware and says: “Master, I know and have my own experience: when I have a wound and I start liking the place, I am licking the place continuously and it is healed.”
And this licking I will translate it for you: somebody’s heart is in grief, tell him a sweet word, another sweet word, it’s a perfect first-class bonbon, not made of saccharin, from the best sugar. One bonbon, two, and then you remind him that he has a brother in the world who will give him part of his possessions. These are the sweet words, Love is right. Christ sits now in front of everybody and is silent. He says: “I am with you.” I would talk about the cosmic and also about the historic Christ. However, I have my word about this Peter, ha let’s say Saint Peter. Do you know how many followers Saint Peter has in the Christian world now? – He has 250 million Catholics. They are all for Saint Peter, and there are 100 followers in the East-Orthodox church, 350 million in total. Do you know what if they hate you? That’s why you shall not shove Peter. I don’t shove him, too. Well, you have 350 million followers, however, there are 1 billion people and others of foreign faith and other brothers. I talk now to the one thousand million, not to the 350 or 500 million and if I don’t come to understanding with Saint Peter, he would tear out well my beard. He is now brave, however, he is noble.

And I am telling you, put your hands and warm yourself on this fire on the new life! Well, you passed your exam in your court, you didn’t deny. Now, I examine you. And if somebody get cold … whatever number of people get cold and whatever you pay for a doctor I will pay for the doctor and will give you 50 levs more for a day. If you were sick for 10 days, I will 500 levs. If somebody get ill let them tell me. “You teach your sermon however, I got ill.” There will be immediately a cheque of 1000 levs. I am telling you seriously and who get ill let them come to me.

Let’s apply the new teaching. Put it into practice. I wish you to be heroes. I know you in old-times when you came back from the sky, you were so fresh! I have known you for a very long time, but time passed, that’s why I am telling you. “It will be!” And if somebody says: “It won’t be”, you answer them: “It will be”. And if he/she makes too much noise, you should tell them. In the name of God’s Love, God’s Wisdom and with the power of God’s word – go away

Lecture held on 18 December 1921 in Sofia.

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