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1921_12_04 Blessed Rather Are Those (nikimarinova)


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Готов превод Още по-блажени са! - 4.12.1921-НБ-402 / ...: 4.12.1921-НБ-402

TITLE: Blessed Rather Are Those

But he said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it. (Luke 11:28)

In my lectures, there are often two extremes or two poles. I don’t like staying in the middle. I must either stand in the beginning or at the end, i.e. two things, when they merge, they should complete each other. And all those things that have meaning in life, must all have a beginning and an end. The head is the beginning and the feet are the end. Therefore, with the beginning, we look at God, and we use the end to walk on Earth. It is the beginning that we use to talk, and the end – to eat. And thus, when one eats, that is the end of things. And, as you know, everything that is in the bowl is finished sooner or later, the bowel whether it has soup in it or anything else – all that is in it is “fertig”, finished. While, when you listen to the word of God, it is something that fills you up – it does not empty you but fills you. Therefore, everything that fills you up is the beginning of things, and what empties you – is the end. Or – if I should use the modern, cultural, or scientific language – the end of things, it is the material world, and the beginning of things – it is the spiritual world. These are merely terms, words to make our conversation easier.

Jesus Christ says: “Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it.“ And what does to keep the word of God mean? In my previous lecture, when I was speaking of resurrection and some of you started thing: “Have I resurrected or not?”. Thinking about whether or not you have resurrected, this is the material aspect. If you think of resurrecting your body, it is the end of things, and resurrection always refers to the physical aspect, the material world; while the Scripture means something much deeper – to live! Life – it is the only thing you know on earth. And what resurrection is, this you do not know, you just listen and get enthusiastic about it; but all of you know life, all of you sense it, feel it, it is real, it is material. And now Jesus says: “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it”. The Word – it is the only thing, it is indeed the reasonable life, for which we must live. Where you can find it? – In a reasonable performance. Take a fiddler, for example, it is the musical performance that it is all about because the laws of music are demanding? So, when a fiddler is performing, he must be content and the listers must also be content. Therefore, the exterior of the fiddle, the bow, may move thousands of times up and down, and all these movements have no meaning, what is meaningful are the tones, produced by that bow, in order to flow into your soul; what you will perceive and understand – this is music, and the bow and the fiddle, these are merely the necessary conditions for the sublime to be transferred into your soul. And therefore, in the current situation, all people resemble fiddles. People are fiddles with four strings, tensioned on them, waiting for somebody to start playing. Do not understand me wrong. I would like you to play, the way Paganini plays on his violin, to emit those Divine tones and everyone who listens to you to say to themselves: “This is one excellent fiddle”. The fiddle – this is your body, and therefore it needs that great artist, your Spirit, to inspire your body and play. And one day the body – the fiddle and the Spirit - the fiddler will start playing. And we can be certain what everyone’s fiddle is and what the fiddler is. People say: “Look at his life”, i.e., look how he is playing, does he know how to seemingly manipulate with lies, and what tones come pit, or he does not know how to play. But if the fiddle squeaks and the strings are out of tune, then there is no connection between them, and such person can say: “My fiddle is excellent, but yesterday I was not with my spirit, I was out of sorts, but as soon as you hear me next time, you will surely know how masterful I am, just wait and see”. Indeed, there are such good moments in every life, we call them inspiration. Then man and woman play well and resemble angels in their home; but as soon as they lose, inspiration they say: “It is no worth it”.

“Blessed rather” – Christ says – “are those who hear the word of God and obey it”. The word of God is what is great in the world. I would translate it to your language. This expression the “Word of God” is unintelligible, you have read it, read it many times. What does the “Word of God” mean? It is the initial moment when God’s Love consciously manifested itself in the material world. When you hear the first word, the first meaningful word of your child, who speaks reasonably, this is the Word of God and the mother feels joy, gaiety, she is inspired. Or when you are writing a letter, you keep scribbling down and you are not happy with it; one day you write a few lines and say: “That’s it:”. It is reasonable, your mind has been penetrated by a new thought, your mind has started praying and you realize that you have a mind. Sometimes people do not know, whether or not they really have a mind. They would say: “Indeed, we do have a mind”. But by “mind” I mean that servant, that good servant, who manages well his master’s works. And if that servant fails to arrange these works well, then I don’t consider him to be any good. Our mind is only good, when it manages our works well, grasps them well, transmits them well, does not alter facts and people see them well. We are now speaking individually, i.e., how does life go for each individual person. What people say” “The world must get better; peoples must get better” – these are metaphysical phrases. What is a people? A peope, this is a developed seed – e person, developed to the fullest extent. Therefore, what a person is as a seed, i.e., in the beginning, this is what they will be in the end. A people is the end of a person, and therefore, such people has been created for the person, so that it can be seen what that person is like; and if you, Bulgarians, want to know what you are like, what your people is, then look at each individual person, they are the original individual. Look, draw, see, don’t say that it is me that says that – it is you, yourselves that are talking. “Blessed rather are those”, Jesus says. I would not go further now. We are not interested in peoples, we are not even interested in mankind, we are interested in the Word of God, we are interested in the purely Divine. The entire mankind – it is you; One day, if you and your wife are the last ones remaining and the rest of mankind disappears, it is you that will create a new mankind. Whose is today’s mankind? It’s Adam and Eve’s, these were two disobedient people, whom the Lord drove out of Heaven, and they set the start of this mankind. And the current culture resembles Adam and Eve’s in heaven. The Scripture says that they used to be naked there. A man, who can be naked in God’s heaven, it is easy to understand how lazy that man had been. And as soon as the Lord saw that they were not going to work in Heaven, he drove them out – to get dressed. And now, thanks God, you are all dressed, and if someone sees you naked like Adam and Eve, they would send you to the madhouse right again. And people say of Adam and Eve: “It is because they were so innocent and holy, that they walked around naked, and children are sinful, so they must all get dressed”. But is like this: Adam was lazy, a wholesaler; if they had been decent, the Lord would not have driven them out of Heaven. Isn’t it so? But once he drove them out, now I speak like a lawyer here, and they were not decent. What would you say if the mother and father had actually been very decent, the Lord would keep them in Heaven, and would not have driven them out. This is to say that you are not descendants from a very noble family, and not only you – everybody. And now Jesus says – and he, Jesus, understands things very well – “Blessed, but blessed rather are those who hear the word of God”, i.e., the Divine, the Sublime, the thing that has never left heaven. It is better to listen to the Divine, the thing that has not changed, rather than to have drunk the milk from what has changed. And this great thing, it is the Word of God that lives inside of you, and not outside. If you see a handsome teacher, and his students say: “We have an excellent teacher! He is second to none!” I know that this is what students do. One day they boast about: “Our teacher is very clever, how clearly he teaches – history, natural science, chemistry”, students get excited. And two or three months later, they become restless and dissatisfied, some of them get poor marks and they say: “Well, I thought he was something, and now I see that he amounts to nothing”. Why is that? – Because of the poor mark. This is superficial thinking. You say: “There is God”. Why? – “Because I have a house, my children are healthy, there is God”. But if the father dies, you then say: “I don’t know if there is God”, and if the mother dies as well, you start doubting even more, and when children die, you would say: “If there was God, he would not take them from Earth, and since he did, I have started doubting if our Lord is truly wise”. The lord has not taken the mother and the father, but has driven them out of heaven, and that is why you now cannot see. Let me give you an example. When mother fox was saying goodbye to her cubs, they came out of the hole and asked her: “Where would we meet, mom?” – “At fur-dresser’s.” So, you come out of your holes, asking “Where would we meet?” One goes out for food, to one place or another, he got skinned and you say: “The Lord has taken her”. No, she has gone to the fir-dresser’s. If the Lord has taken your mother, or your father, or maybe even your son, your daughter; if the Lord has taken them, it is a great privilege, a great good that you have received, and apart from not needing to cry, you must rejoice every day instead. And if you cry, judging from the tears and cries, I doubt if they are with God.

Now: “Blessed rather are” Jesus says, „those who hear the word of God and obey it.”. these are reasonable words. Should our Lord appear today here on Earth as a man, you would gather around him to say what burdens your minds. And the Lord would receive so many letters that he would not have time to read them. Take the Christian world, if every Christian writes just two letters, this would amount to a billion letters; and if they write four letters each – this number will increase to two billion; and what about 10 letters; this would mean five billion. Let us not make these calculations and waste our time, what I mean is your feet. How much time it would take the Lord to read five billion letters? I mean – to open and actually read them? Some of them are only two lines long, yet others would be 10-15 lines – pouring out senders’ hearts. Well, if the Lord was supposed to read them carefully, how many years it would take him to read all those letters? We would find ourselves in a very difficult position if we understand things like this – that the Lord would come to the Earth as a living human being. And the Lord is actually inside of you. I am talking to the point here – do not deceive yourselves. And this Lord lives inside of your soul, and not in your body. Because if you had arrived on the Earth some 250 billion years ago, the Earth then occupied a vast gas-like space, there was just a small kernel, not larger than a walnut. All the solid part used to be no larger than a walnut 250 billion years ago – this is how big our earth was, and all that space was filled with a fog, which was gradually getting denser. And that is why you do not know and you say: “Am I here or outside?” And once you are resurrected, and the resurrection will be the moment, when the awareness of the sublime, of the Divine appears inside of you; when the new Divine life appears inside of you, the individual referred to as the “divine self” – occultists and theosophists call it that – then the new Divine life will begin. And do you know what it is? – It is the understanding of the existing sublime laws. You are sitting here, asking yourselves: “How should I fix my life?”. If you had that knowledge, you would be able to measure one of your eyebrows, how long it is? – 6 centimetres, and the other 6 – a total of 12; then measure your ears, the height of your forehead, your chin, and then you would be able to calculate a permutation, and right there on the spot you would know what to do. Why do some people have short and thick noses? Why do others have long noses? What are the reasons for that? You may say: “It is just what it is”. No, there are reasons for that. Why are eyes blue, black or brown? And why are ears large or small? – “This is what God wants.” This is no science. If you know why your eyes are blue, then you will be closer to the truth. And now you are saying: “They are black”. What is the colour of your eyes? – “I don’t know.” Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? – “They seem black or brown.” “What are they – are they black? If they are black, why is it so? If they are blue – why is that? – “My mother begot me this way.” And you decide that “My mother begot me this way”. You are like a statue. It is not so. In our mother’s womb we create our nose, our eyes and the other organs. Mothers only give us the materials, and we create our organs through our spirit. Thus, the spirit works inside, and it creates us, not our mothers. Then you would not be mad at anybody, because you have a short nose – this is how you have made it yourselves, you are the artist, this is the idea you got and there is nobody you should be mad at. And now people say: “My mother begot me this way”, “Thus us how God made us”. Do not put disgrace on the name of the Lord! I know that God only made the soul and we are the makers of our own bodies. And that is why our goods are now weak. Why? – Because we don’t understand the word of God, the reasonable word. For example, should I have BGN 4–5 billion, I would convert everybody in Sofia into my followers. Should I have 5 billion, I would be able to say: “I would give you BGN 500 every month”. They would say to the reporters – who would only publish excellent reports: “There is no one like Mr. Deunov, he is one fine person”. And why? – “He gives away five billion, he has a big heart, he is second to none.” It is a pity that I don’t have that much money, but even if I had it, I would not give it away to you. All the money I have I have made them for others; therefore, I would not give a cent to Bulgarians. The only heritage I would leave them will be: “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it”. And, therefore, only those who understand, would use it – I am talking here about very important, great things. I have been tempted yet again now, but I will beat that temptation and I will not tell you about it, you see, I will just not tell – I was about to tell you about the temptation but I won’t. I will now give you an example, i.e. a poem, but I will not say that but will remain quiet. I will ask you now: can you find out what it is that I concealed from you?

A famous American billionaire published an ad that he needed a cashier. And lots of people started turning out, day by day, all of them with letters of reference and recommendations. One of them entered and presented his letter of reference. “And the billionaire said: “Very well, I will keep you in mind”. But everyone who went in, kept their head high, all of them looked up; a second, a third person entered, ten people went in, and he said to every one of them: “I will keep you in mind”. Then a boy went in, who first of all looked down and saw pieces of paper scattered on the ground, so he cleared his path and went to the billionaire, saying: “Sir, I read your job advertisement in the newspaper. I have no letters of recommendation”. “You brought the best recommendation, you have the job.” All the others had drunk milk – the first 10 applicants – they had drunk milk from their mothers, and that last one – he had in himself the word of God. And the billionaire said: “You are the man I was expecting”. Therefore, if you don’t bend down and clean all these pieces of paper from your path, you would not be able to go to God. What is all this mess, those external difficulties? – These are the scattered pieces of paper. And you say: “Isn’t there anybody there to clean them?” Or: “Lord, I have been looking for you for so much time”. And the Lord would say: “I will keep you in mind”. Then another true believer would come and also ask: “Isn’t there anybody here to clean these pieces of paper? Lord, I have been searching for you, I want to live with you”. “I will keep you in mind.” Fine. Don’t think that I am horsing around, I am very serious now. When one is serious? – When he speaks honestly. When I am in my room, I am very serious. And when I am here, I have decided to not show any outer piety. Some show-off externally as very pious. No, no – this is merely acting. You must be honest with yourselves. This is good. I do not judge those, who do that, but I would like them to retain that posture not just for a moment, but for one, two days, a whole year. It is a good position in life, but one stick to it. I am not saying: “This will not do” – this is the old law. Our eyes may be noble, our face may be noble, it all depends on us, but in reality, noble is only the one who understands the word of God and obeys it. Now, you may say: “This is what my mind says”. What does your mind says? Test if your mind is much enlightened. Do you know the laws that you worked with in your mother’s womb? Try to remember! – “It is a bit hazy.” You are angry, you are raging, where is your mind? Every time that your mind is not present in your work, a catastrophe ensues. Always, when you find yourself in such a state, this is a sign that your mind is absent. There cannot be a catastrophe where the mind, the supreme mind, is present. In order to be able to elevate yourselves, your mind must always be present. If you pray, and your mind is not present, your prayer will not be accepted: it would reach not more than a foot above your head. If you are writing or composing, your mind must always be present, and you should not think of anything else then. You should only thing about the matter at hand, and once you’ve finished what you do, then you may think of other things. The supreme law in the spiritual world is that we must get our mind to work with all its power. If you are angry, your mind is not at its right place and your heart is not at its right place, either. Your heart cannot be angry, there other forces that have gotten into it. Mind, as I know it, cannot be irritated, cannot get despaired. And what is irritated, what gets despaired, it is outside of the mind. The mind – this is the basis of the Divine world. And when the Lord wants to create a world, He puts the mind as the foundation. And in order for something permanent to be created, this Divine element, this Divine force must always be present in you in its entirety. And you have the power to control your mind. And if you are unhappy, your mind has not been put to work, and you can achieve nothing. You should put it to work and see what great things it can do for you. And modern occultism is now based on this foundation, and insists on this rule: both mind and heart must be put to work. How to do that? – Heart is made to love, and mind is made to think. You don’t think? – Your mind is absent. You don’t love? – Your heart is absent. These are not merely phrases. But you would say that you love somebody. Love, whom do you love? And among all the many writers I have read, there is no one who has managed to describe Love. Your love is just a children’s play, it is not Love. Love is something great! Love cannot just briefly enter your heart, your home, and then go out – this is something completely impossible. It is like sunlight: if we do not obstruct its path, it will flow eternally, and if we obstruct it, it is something else. Once Love enters, it will stay in us eternally. And once thought enters your mind, it will never leave. Therefore, you are to blame for driving Love and thought out. “This is what God wants”, you may say. It is not the Lord that has done that. He has made the world so that we are responsible.

And Jesus says: “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it”. He has said a lot more, but not everything has been written down. He has also set down laws and rules how his disciples should live. And in all my lectures I am always trying to make you love and think. Whom? Some say that you should love me. Have you seen, or have you dreamed about my soul? Do not believe in your dream. When you meet my soul, it will be illuminated, like the sun, and you will carry with you my light for thousands of years and centuries! And now, when you meet someone, wearing breeches, white pants and a fur cap, you say that you have met the “Master”. And you think this is philosophy: you have met the “Master”. The Master is like the sun. When you meet my soul, the sun that you are looking at would seem dim, compared to it. From that sun you will hear the finest music, the best speech and you would exclaim: “Now I understand what is life, flowing out of God!” Now, I don’t want to discourage you in your lives – no, but I look at things in a rational manner. The Lord has made the Earth as a teaching establishment, a day-care with all the necessary equipment; everything arranged so that it can prepare us, take us to another, superior world, where Nature is much different. This here is nothing, the world that you are going to enter soon – it won’t be long – nature there is 10 times better than here on Earth. Light there is softer. Now you may once again get me wrong. You may think: “When are we going to enter into that life”. You can even do it today. But imagine – if you have walked a long road, in the cold, heavy rain, and water has frozen on you, and you have become so large that you cannot get through the door, what it is that you should do? – You should break the ice, of course. How to do that? – You will melt down to your original size. I see now that you are so large, there is so much ice around you that you just cannot enter. You will melt down. How? – The ice on top of you must melt. These are metaphors, parables. How should I talk to you? Love is not something that I can just take out of my bag and show it to you, like an apple.

Let me give you the following example: Assume that you are ill, you’ve been squirming in bed for 10 days with stomach ache, back pain. A friend of yours thinks about you and sends through her child some flowers and a letter. You took the flowers, smell them, and start thinking for your friend and then her words unite with your soul and her face appears. So, these flowers have to go on in order for you to come to the essential and to that one who sent the flowers. Therefore, let’s start understanding each other – soul-to-soul, heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind. Now, poets say that the heart is an altar in the God’s temple; but it’s a merely a symbol, it’s not so and the mind is a servant, this is not so. And the soul is the whole light [1]– this is also a symbol. What is the entire universe? Do you know what the universe is? “It is not that we don’t now, we do.” There are educated people, men of letters from the outside – when they fly those wings in the sky, the airplanes, and those super-dreadnoughts, within an hour they can wipe out an entire city, throwing shrapnel, more than one meter long, and then those buzzers start skilfully throwing bombs from above. So, these educated people have knowledge, but modern people only know how to destroy. They don’t have in them the great art of building. And modern culture has been solely a culture of destruction for 8,000 years. And if someone disputes this, this is what I would say: show me a city, built thousands of years ago, which has remained intact, or a person, who has remained alive for millennia without dying. And this is the culture – a culture, where the earth is full of bones, and its face is covered by destroyed cities. This is a culture of eternal destruction – which builds and then destroys. Why is that? It is not that it is evil, it prepares the world for something greater. And all of you, who have come here, you have knowledge – I bow to your knowledge. But what is it that you can do? – You cut my head off, you can defame me in the papers. And this is what makes me wonder. This is genius – one’s ability to invent and make up things, this is culture. But this culture does not bring happiness to human hearts, it does not bring life to the human mind. Why? If you have come to listen to me, so that you can hear what the world has to tell you, you may as well not bother coming. You may die, but you can also say: “I am one of those, who don’t die.” And all your bodies will die, will perish.

Immortality is a quality of the human soul only, and not of the human body. When the soul becomes immortal, this is a condition, a law that the body will also be immortal. Paul says: “You shall have a spiritual body”, and your current bodies, they will change. And I will throw away this beard, I am now in disguise, my beard used to be black before, and I will also change my voice, and my arms. How will you know me then? I say: There is only one way to know. “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.“ And if that word of God abides in our hearts, and the thought of God – in our minds, we shall know each other in God’s world as rational souls. And then the new culture will arrive, not that of men and women, not of old Adam, who was made of dust, but that of the rational people. And a reasonable man is one, who provides his wife with all the necessary conditions to grow and develop, does not say a bad word and does not cast a bad look at her. And a reasonable woman is one, who values her husband, and provides him with all necessary conditions to show his Love and his noble and sublime sentiments. “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” And the sun shines, it too rejoices. Now, of course it would be a sin, after you have struggled for so much time, to find that there is no actual substance. You mind and heart must always be in you.

I will now give you two rules, which you must obey. Do not pledge your heart. Do not sell your mind! And what is the situation now? A teacher sells his mind: “Write an article and we will pay you 200 leva.” And so, he writes it right away. And what about an actor’s heart – he shows how “a poor man suffers” – and they tell him: “We will pay you 2,000 leva“. And he suffers, performs. Don’t do that! For modern people now walk around with minds sold and hearts pledged. Take back your hearts, buy back your minds! And know this in the future: never lend your mind as servant to someone else, whoever he may be. Your mind is yours only and your heart is yours only, they don’t belong to anyone else. But you may say: “I have a loved one”. Keep your mind and your heart for yourself: he too has one mind and one heart – what use he may find for your heart? He is a robber if he wants your hind; and if he wants your mind, he is a scoundrel. That word “robber” – it is a bit harsh, but what should I do, this is what my language is like. If I say “apache” – it is a French word. And bandit /Bulgarian: ”разбойник“) from “razboy” (“разбой“) which in Romanian means “to wage a war“, “warfare“. This is what I should have said, to correct myself: one, who takes someone else’s heart, is not noble; one who pledges his mind is not decent. Now, “not decent” and “not noble”, this is another permutation. I somewhat softened the words, and now the law is not applicable to me, but in their first version I might even be fined, and now let me be frank and five you an example of an Englishman, who called another person a “liar”. “A liar?” So that person sued the former. But “liar” is very close to “lawyer”. The former told the judge: “I told him that he was a lawyer, that he knew the laws well, by my tongue slipped and I said “liar” instead. So, the judge said: “It was a slip of the tongue, so the law is not applicable in this case”. But let me tell you that, it is not a slip of the tongue, I always speak consciously, I used the word “bandit” on purpose. Even if I am sentenced to 10 years in jail, I confirm that I said “bandit”. “But it is 10 years” – 10 years, if I have to speak the truth, I will speak, although I may be sentenced to spend 10 years in jail. I use the word “bandit”, because it also has a good meaning. If someone says: “I hate you”, the word “hate” is excellent for me. Why is that? Because hate reminds me of Love.

Therefore, as he hates, I will thank him for reminding me of Love. When they say: “You’re lying,” I think of truth. Or: “You are a fool”, I am glad and start thinking of Wisdom. I perform permutations of energies. This is the reasonable thing to do. You are a “bandit”. Stop, so I am a man, who holds something in his hand – this is the “B“. “A” – you have a nose, you have mind, the thing that thinks: can I apply this to my life? From the “D” I can built an anchor, drop it in the sea and stop my ship, keep it in balance. The “B” is the law of the plant. If I am mindful, I will speak reasonably, all roads will lie ahead open for me. From an occult perspective, the word “bandit” is an excellent word, it has a rhythmical pronunciation: but the way you understand it, you give it a meaning, which this word does not have carry. If I make a paper knife and poke you with it, I would cause you no harm. This is what I am asking: Can you bring me to court, saying: “This man stabbed me with a knife”? And if I bring with me the paper knife, how would the judge sentence me? So, we judge by our inner thoughts and desires, which are hidden deep in our souls. This is a think you cannot steal. We are building our own lives. And the first thing – you must get your minds to work, you must study your body – and here I give praise to the anatomists, physiologists – and then investigate all elements, which form part of the human body, and what roles they play in it. For example, what is the role of your liver. I used to put Bulgarians in the liver? The liver is a great factor in human body. If one liver’s gone, that man is completely broke. In the current situation, everything is decided by the liver. If it gets upset, one becomes indisposed, brooding, he is a pessimist, cannot speak carefully, hates, gets angry, may even commit murder. All this comes from the liver. And if there are many criminals in the modern world, the reason for that is that people’s livers are disordered. Fix their livers! So, you should give this man certain foods, there are known tonic substances. One’s wife got neurasthenia, and he says: “She has become a mean woman”. – It is your wife’s liver that is not in order, give her proper tonic food. Once the liver gets well, your home will also be well. A man gets angry –his liver is not in order. And if you get angry, say: “My liver is not right”. Whatever misfortune comes upon you, start talking to your liver: “Please, brother, when you are irritated, our live is not going well, you are noble. When you are in this unnatural state, you do all sorts of wrong!” You talk to your liver evert night and your life will get better. And now, if your liver hurts, the doctor comes and gives you a shot right away. No injections are needed, but Words – talk to you your liver: in the Devine world, it is a spiritual thing; stomach is a spiritual thing; your heart, lungs, these are all spiritual things; the brain is a spiritual thing and we should talk to these organs, as if they are rational; beings, do you understand? And then, have you studied the brain? What is brain’s function? You say: “Let us love the Lord”. And how can you love Him, if have not even started studying your mind, which is the basis of the spiritual world? And I have a friend, who loves me very much, but does not know what is the colour of my eyes, or my eyebrows. He says: “I don’t know, I have never paid attention”. – Well, I ask then, what sort of love is that? Love, once it crosses the doorstep, will bend down, will pick up the fallen pieces of paper and look to see your eyes. Some might say: “This is gazing, hypnotizing, I want to hypnotize you, and you must obey”. There are no such things here. In order to see something, the way the Lord has made it originally, you must know your friend’s mind, and when you meet him, to say: “This is my mind’s friend”. The way you know you friend’s horse, this is how you should know his mind, his heart; and knowing that, you won’t touch it, you will kindly fence it. You should act very reasonably with respect to that mind, and you should treat your friend’s heart very delicately and gently. Let me give you an example: Your love should be elevated, like that of the American woman, who got engaged to a man during the Civil War. So, he went to battle and two weeks later he sent her a letter, saying: “I was wounded and they had to cut one of my legs below the knee, therefore I am releasing you from our engagement”. She replied: “You’re still my fiancé, although you now only have one leg”. One month later his second leg was cut-off, and he wrote: “My second leg was also cut-off, you are free”. – “You are still my fiancé, even without both your legs”. So, it is still fine even without legs. But this type of thinking is only possible by a being, who knows that “blessed rather are those who hear the word of God”, a being, who has a soul. These legs may grow out again. So, the essence of today’s lecture is: you shall control your heart and mind. And we shall start a new culture. But you may say: “Alright, but how should men and women live, then?” I will answer right away. You think that this teaching would break your homes. I am asking you: Have you been happy so far? Those, who are happy – do not apply this. But those, whose homes have not been happy, apply my teaching, and your lives will get better: you will be reformed within a week. A man, who punishes his wife, says: “You are too raptured by the Master”. I don’t preach a teaching of rapture. And I don’t want you to be raptured, I don’t want your hearts, I don’t want your minds. Why would you judge me? I can give thoughts to your mind, and I can give material to your heart. Keep your hearts, they are all for you, and there is only One, whom you should open your hearts and minds to, he is the Lord, and nobody else, whoever that may be, without exception. If it is a man, he shall not open his heart to a woman, and if it is a woman, she shall not open her heart to a man. And now you may say. “Now, this is a fine kettle of fish!” You have to understand me properly – a man should not open his heart to a woman, and a woman – her heart to a man. Why is that? – The man must wait for the Lord to come and enter his heart, and once the Lord enters his heart, that man must say: “Lord, whatever you say, I will obey your will”. And if the Lord says: “Open up your heart to your wife!”, then open it up, do not wait. But if you don’t hear your Lord’s voice, keep your heart locked, and never unlock it. Your wife may cry her eyes out, but don’t believe those tears. Let me give you some examples. There are men, who have cried – I am not talking about you, there is peace and accord in your home, I am talking about the wide world, so there is a man outside, kneeling, begging his wife, tears flowing down his cheeks, and she forgives him. And then, one week later, he beats his wife down, breaks her head. Here’s what I say: The liver is not in order, it’s done! In the new culture, you should choose things spiritually. First of all, internally, the mind by analogy, this psychological law is always true and has only been created to think, and if you let that mind into your heart, it will spoil everything, and if you let your heart to your mind, then the mind will be spoiled, and the heart will also be spoiled. They will work together, but would not get close to each other; they will communicate, but never live in each other. And this is what it is said: “The lord has joined them together”. In music, notes are joined together. What does joining together mean? There are straight lines drawn, and then there is going up, and down, and notes are connected, the tones themselves are joined together. The joining together of the tones gives volume, width, but each and every vibration is separate, they don’t absorb each other, but keep occupying their own space. But if these waves merge into each other, tone disappear. It is like this: never allow your mind to go down into your heart. It is the captain of the ship, it must not go down, even in the most turbulent sea, it must stay up there, walk around, steer the ship. And what about the heart – it is the machinery, which must work. If the heart climbs up, what will happen? – There will be fire and flame. And if the mind goes down – there will be a shipwreck. And you might say: “This philosophy is too difficult, abstract. Mind, heart, up-down – we don’t understand this, we are confused”. And I will be a little bit clearer. When a friend comes to visit, I will give you this law: If in the presence of this friend of yours, whoever he may be, he may be well-educated or a simple man; if your mind gains light, you feel free, you may think freely and your hearts expand, and his and your heart work normally, then here’s what I say: “Whatever you two start doing, it will go smoothly”. But if he is shy, and if you feel shy and embarrassed, your minds are not at their right places, and your hearts are not where they should be either, then you are not intended to work together, and you should not attempt anything together. Many people tell me: “I want to touch my Master, just for a second”. – And here is what I have to say – your Master is not to be touched. My heart is locked by nine keys. Do you understand why? – This is where all the wealth that God has given me, is kept, it is not my wealth it is God’s, and my mind – it is too bestowed on me to work, to sit there and steer the ship.

And now Christ says: “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it”. Both mind and heart must understand the word of God. All of you can now apply this law. And sometimes I notice that there is no harmony, but don’t be desperate. You have been waiting for an angel to come and explain to you. The Spirit of God works consistently. An ignorant person – even if he is a Christian, he is still ignorant. The Spirit cannot repair these defects all at once. Something serious is required – meditation is needed. You must work on yourselves. In what way are you thinking? Your meditation must not be like the Hindu meditation. You can mediate every day. The first thing to do is this – your minds must be put to work and never criticize anybody. If you want to develop, your mind must not squirm like a worm. Inside yourselves, in your souls, you must be as generous to people, as you are to yourselves. And always be consistent: think of the others, as you think of yourselves. This is the first thing. If I put myself at a superior position and look at you as inferiors, it would be an unnatural situation. Let’s take, for example, a blossom in full bloom, and you are merely buds, you too can bloom, just like me, and you all want to develop and become a blossom like mine. But if you violate this great law, which works from above, your bud may be spoiled. You have great things in you. I often notice some of you, including now, kicking around the bush. And do you know why? Let me explain about this defect. So, someone comes and start walking around. Just tell me already what is important: “I have come to ask you for a recipe or a way that I can fix my life and I am ready to obey”. And he keeps talking for two hours, before actually saying what he wants, but it is already too late then, and this is what I say: “It is noon now, there is no time for me to tell you anything. Come some other time”. So, you lose and I lose, as well. The English say: “We must speak clearly and to the point”. We must serve God! Do we believe? But not with this ordinary faith. The Lord lives in us, and sometimes he remains quiet for a long time, and other times he speaks. I know that there is no one here among you, whom the Lord has not spoken to. He has spoken to all of you, but not in the same way, and so you have not understood him the same way; it is just like the sun that has shone upon you all equally, but not all of you have received it the same, you have all received its vibrations differently. One has seen his eyes become clear, others – opaque, and those of a third one – black. Why is that? – Those who have said: “Let us start a new culture, let’s think about and live with God”, they have had their eyes become blue. Those, who have said: “Let us get rich”, got green eyes, etc. But if you have thought about the heavens, your eyes have turned blue, and your wallet is full of money, then it is written for you: you will live for God, and wallow in the material world. And some say: “My wallet is full of money”, but then he says: “I will live for God”; then he opens up his wallet, then his eyes will become blue. Many, whose eyes are all black, will see their wyes turn blue, and many with blue eyes, will have them turn black. It all depends on your mind’s and your heart’s striving.

There are experiences, which are worth millions. Do you know what a good experience is? When you have your heart adjusted like that, Bulgarian’s say “I want to kiss the entire world”, this is a fine poetical expression – to kiss as a soul, to express this feeling, which you have. Now, imagine that you have Jesus Christ before you – go some 2000 years back in time and listen to Christ, who says: “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it". You would say: “If we could really go 2000 years back intime, what joy it would be to see our Good Christ – the meek, the loving, how sweet His words would be: Jesus, Jesus, Lord!” So, 2000 years ago you would be able to do so, and now – 2000 years later, you cannot doit. I will write to Christ today, telling him that these people here would have listened to him some 2000 years ago, but now they don’t want to listen. What they say is: “Everyone, who comes after Christ, is a false prophet, from now on there may be no other prophets”. No, no, we live within the law of evolution. Christ will come to the Earth. God will reveal Himself like he has never done that! Compared to Christ’s coming 2000 years ago, his coming now would be a truly exceptional event. So great and glorious would that event be, where God will manifest himself in this world, that people’s heart will immediately open up and adjust themselves, their minds will start thinking right. And all over the world, everywhere there will be peace and joy and singing will be heard all over the land. There will be great joy! He is great as the sun and you will find in yourself this awareness and you will say: “I can now understand the deep meaning of that great Devine Wisdom”.

I want your hearts to cry and your minds to think. Do not speak in vain, keep your thoughts and hearts for yourselves. For those, who are listening to me now, I have a hammer to offer – and every heart that does not open-up to the Lord, I will smash it, without hesitation. The Lord has come knocking. And when I find someone, who does not open up their heart to the Lord, I will hit him with the hammer and say: “This man here does not deserve to live”. Now, you may say: “Look at that – he is in fact a bad man!” But this is all just a symbol. A man, telling his wife: “You listen to me, for I will now take this club and beat you to a pulp”. And then he says to me: “I’m just threatening her”. And I ask: “Have you beaten her before?” – “No, I am just threatening her to make her obedient.” When I say “hammer” I mean the great karmic law: should you fail to open your heart to the Lord, that hammer – karma, i.e. destiny – will hit you so hard that your heart will be beaten down to a pulp. And some, some misfortunes, which come upon your homes, these are penalties for your failure to open the door, when the Lord came knocking. And everyone who does not open their hearts to the Lord, he has a miserable destiny waiting for him. And so, get your mind to work, read, think, love – not me – yourselves, your husbands. A wife, any wife, should love her husband; and every husband must love his wife, but never get raptured for rapture is not Love. Love each other harmonically, every home should love the other homes, every community – the other communities. This Love should spread everywhere. We must be reasonable, mustn’t we? For if I only love one person, this is not truly Love. When I speak about Love, I mean God, the principle working now in the world. We must give a chance to the great Lord to manifest himself; I don’t speak of myself, but of the great Spirit, who is now working in the world. And this Spirit is equally delicate to everybody. You are all delicate at heart, and for the spirit – some of you are only a bit more delicate, and some others – a bit harsher. Harsher, I said, well, excuse me – let me say that a little less offensive, to make my thought clearer: some of you are dressed in harder woollen clothes, and some of you wear softer clothes; some of you have hearts of a finer, softer matter, while that of others is a bit harder. And, can you wear softer clothes? This is the question here. You wear various clothes – this is on the outside, and all of you have good hearts. They were originally made like this by God, and the original light of the mind originates from God. Don’t think that your hearts are spoiled. I will just say, what the prophet said, his words are righteous, and my words are righteous as well. If a heart is spoiled, the Lord would not have said: “My son, give me your heart”. This means that there is something good in that heart and He wants it: “My son, give me your heart!”

And so, „Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and understand it”.

Studying great Nature, all the great laws, encourage everyone to think, to feel, do not hinder them. When one starts thinking, don’t get in the way. Do not get in each other’s way. Encourage each other, both in thought and in good feelings. And I would like– this is how I am encouraging you right now – I would like you all to be great, genius people, all of you have excellent souls, and spirits, and minds for that matter – they are also excellent, but you still have not put them to work.

And now the Lord is coming, but is your mind ready for the Devine Wisdom? The Lord is coming! Is your heart ready to open up for Him? Once your heart opens up, the Lord will say: “Come with me, so that we will work together in this world!” Are you ready to go and serve Him in the world? The Lord will not seat you on the first chair at the table. He will say: “You will go to Africa, you will go to Australia”, and men and women will be scattered, there will be a complete mess! And you say: “But doesn’t the Lord want us to live happily?” – You will live happily! You should understand that well! And not according to the old culture. Your husband will think about you and arrive in Australia within 6–7 minutes, and he will say: “Mary!” – “But how did you come, on what boat?” And if she misses him, within 10 minutes she will be with him. It is very easy to travel. And it is good that we are far apart. And when this culture comes, then there will be a special room for everybody, there won’t be two people in the same room, children will have a special room for themselves. “Well – you may say now – when will all this come true?”

“Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” And when you adopt this Word – you have already done that, I’ve said that wrong – the Lord is inside of you, but beware of other deceptions. You say: “The lord is not what we know him to be”. What the Lord is in me, he is the same in you, with the only difference that he has my heart at his disposal, and what about you?... So, the wife is at home, the Lord comes, knocking on the door: “Who’s there?”, she asks. – “It is me, Christ.” – “Wait a second, let me ask my husband – in times like these, there are so many Christs.” So, he comes knocking once again: “But, I have not checked yet, I cannot let you in, I don’t know what my husband would say, when he comes back?” And once Christ is inside, the husband would say to his wife: “You have changed.” And once Christ is inside of him, the wife would say: “You have changed!” Yes, we will all change.

But the God of Love must enter your heart! I don’t want to enter your heart myself, and I don’t want you to enter my heart, but I would like you all to give your heart to God, to the Lord of Love. Don’t be fooled: no being – no angel, nor archangel – could be able to deceive you; once you have that Love, you will love. When you adopt this Love, everything will become clear to you. I just want you to never judge yourselves. You might say: “We are very sinful”. But Love wipes out many sins.

Open up you hearts now for the Lord! And the Lord will come for some to you this very evening. Now you may think: “He will take us away.” Many, to whom I have said: “Tonight, Christ will come to you”, think like that. – “His words are fine, but I am not ready yet.” So, they think that they will die. And I say: Tonight, today Christ will knock on your heart, of men and women, everywhere. And if a higher, Devine manages to get through to you, just say: “I hear your word God, I am ready to act upon your will!” And he shall speak so softly, as he spoke to Prophet Elijah, and he covered his head with his coat. And now, if I have said too much, excuse me – I beg your apology. Sometimes my words are harsh. But you are noble disciples, so good, your hearts are enlightened... You maty say: “The Master is making fun of us?” No, no – for me it is a bit more difficult to ask for apology, but I am testing your hearts, I am testing if you will need an apology. It is the same law. But it is that I am asking, and you don’t – then then club should come to play. I am doing this because of Love. I am telling the Lord, who is inside of you: “If I, in my words, in my phrases, has failed to speak Your Truth”, Someone may say: “You scratched me” – “then I beg your apology”. This is what I am saying to the Lord and not to you. And you will say the same. We are here on Earth: once I start cutting, I might even cut a bit of healthy flesh, as well. But I only want to cut away the rotten flesh, and whenever I put my knife a bit deeper, I say: “Lord, you will show me”, and I would review what I have cut, and I am always ready to go and fix the damage I have caused. I always do my best to be considerate – I inspect what I have cut, check my surgeries to see whether all is good: if I have cut deeper than necessary, I would go and fix things, so that no one complains of my surgery.

“Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” And this is what I want, as well. – The word of God to rule over your minds, hearts and homes. So that the husband never says: “You are raptured by the Master”, and so that the wife never says that, because there are many husbands, raptured as well. So, I will go to them and say: both of you should love me. I don’t want a husband without his wife or a wife without her husband; I don’t want a child without its mother and father. I don’t want you one at a time. I want the three of you, and not one by one. That’s it. How is that? – I have not come here to break your homes, but to introduce Love in them. I have only one heart and it is enough; and my mind – it is enough for me as well, why should I want yours? This is how you should act, as well. And now, when the Lord comes... You will say: “He keeps coming all the time, but he has not come yet”. He’s coming from the inside, and not from the outside.

“Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” Obey this word of God and this will be your blessing!

Translator's note: [1] light - In the original text, the Bulgarian word light "виделина" is very close as pronunciation to the word universe "вселена", written in the very beginning of the next sentence.
In the Bulgarian thesaurus, the word "виделина" is given as the archaic variant of the word light "светлина", however in some lectures, Peter Dunov makes difference between the words "виделина" and "светлина".

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