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1943_06_13 TO BE BORN AGAIN (Angel Stanev)


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Готов превод Да се родите изново - 13.6.1943-НБ-3825 / .: 13.6.1943-НБ-3825


'Our father'

I will read just one verse which you have read for many times already. 'Do not wonder that I told you that you need to be born again' John, chapter 3, verse 7.

I want to talk to you about one method, which is not accessible for the nature. The language nature uses is incomprehensible for us. All human languages are very incomprehensible. For example. You are talking about good, but good is something unclear. You are talking about health, but it is unclear. When you say 'sweet', you don't feel the sweetness. In nature when you say 'sweet', it is sweet. when you say 'bitterly', it is bitterly. Whatever you say, it is that. With human languages you talk something but it isn't that.

Now I will try to speak as it is. It is talked about love, but it isn't love. Nature doesn't say 'love' but says 'give', 'take'. How will I give? When nature needs to give, she has scales. When she gives to you, she says 'Much take'. When they take from you, you say: 'They rоb me'. She got scales, she will weigh you. If you lost weigh, they rob you. If you say, you got robbed, but when she scales you , you haven't lost anything, she sees that nothing has been taken from you. This isn't the language of the nature. In natures' language, whatever you say, it is true. You are saying they robbed you, but you weigh more than you are supposed to. You must free from all the unnecessary stuff in your life.
Redundancy nature doesn't suffer, also doesn't suffer deficit. Where there is deficit, she always reach out to fulfill that deficit, where there is redundancy, she takes it back. Deficit brings suffer and redundancy brings even more suffer. There are many people who are dying from hunger but most of the people are dying from gluttony. Some times they die from hunger.
Nature gives hunger – dying, they don't have what to eat. They won't trade-wind the grass.

We, contemporary people suffer from deficit of sunlight. We, contemporary people suffer from lack of warmth. We contemporary people suffer from lack of strength. There is external force called mechanical strength, there is internal force, organic one.

From the word 'Born' we define human which is given the opportunity to go deep and explore the world in many ways. Somebody, who has been flesh born, will discover the world in flesh way. It is not bad to be flesh born, it is not bad to be born by Spirit. At first you need to be flesh born, after by Spirit and explore the world by two positions. Fleshly life is good 'Flesh' means in dense matter. 'Spiritually' means matter, which is moving, full with energy.

We are thinking that when we grow older, we are smarter but when we were children we weren't smart. Relatively this is true. The child conceive things much better than the old but the kid cannot manifest the same. In the kid there is will to make good, to make bad but feels its weakness and gives up. The old feels stronger and therefore acts. During childhood you are unable to do it. You are from the weak people. Old people are strong people. When it comes to them, they say: 'Do you know what experience I have in life? Already 85 years I live on earth. The earth circled the Sun for 85 times already. Do you know how many times I have been circling around, what sidewalks I have been done?'. Now you can multiply and find out what is the distance which the earth made for 85 years. Because 150 billion kilometers is the distance from the Sun to the Earth, you multiply 3 times, you will measure. Those who have studied geometry; how many times does the diameter fit to the circle and how many times does the radius fit to it? These things you have studied. It is an easy job.

Keep the process of new born in up rise level. From the morning until noon time you are born, this is youth ages. From noon until night time is old ages. From night until midnight you are in hell. Night like midnight, keep silence. From midnight until morning you are going out of hell. Therefore in the morning we are getting into paradise and going out of hell and by night time we are entering the hell. At midnight we are going out of hell. Don’t think about hell. The hell is place for straightening. It is experimental school. Whoever has a mistake needs to straighten it. You need to come out of your body, because these workers need to clean the body, there is plenty of dirtiness. When you come out, because you are master, the workers will clean up your body. When they clean, they will say: ‘Here you go master, everything has been cleaned up’

By night time when you cannot sleep, you are doing a big treat, because the house has been left unclean. You all want to work night time. Give up. Leave this work for the servant, they to clean the body. Somebody is excusing and say that all night prayed. Somebody is excusing that was thinking all night on how to innovate something: some shotgun, some cannon. These are good things, all the things in the world are good. The weapon is good for the soldier. The pen is good for the penman. Apples are good for children. Clothes are good for girls. Fur caps are good for boys. Hand gloves are good for ladies. Pianos’ are good for pianists. Violins are good for violinists. A Bulgarian who was in America and carrying violin in a box was telling me. They have asked him: ‘Are you fine?’ He said: ‘I am fine, my fiancée is with me.’ He takes out his violin and says: ‘My fiancee to play some music.’

The Bulgarian is very witty. After which, the Bulgarian is very generous. Thereafter a Bulgarian who is in an awkward situation. He said: ''There was a guy I knew from sight, he was an old evangelic preacher, he invited me to be his guest. As a Bulgarian, I invited another two persons. He told me: 'Maybe the Bulgarians are having this habit, but you were supposed to inform me in advance so I can prepare for the rest. Therefore I am going to punish you by taking from your meal to give to your friends. '' And this Bulgarian is telling me: 'I couldn't get enough food back then.' Bulgarians are very generous on the sake of others belongings. When the Bulgarian is free, he doesn't give anything.

By Turkish slavery time they were telling me an anecdote. One Bulgarian says to another: „Hey Ivan, 'yuzbasi' came.” - 'I am not giving anything to this squeezer.' 'Oh, Ivan.' - Started to beat Dragana. Then Ivan said: 'We will find something to give from somewhere.' Now, what is the difference in Bulgarians during Turkish slavery? When some Turkish 'yuzbasi' comes (yuzbasi means lead of 100 people, binbashi means leader of 1000 people, major), when yuzbasi comes, then Bulgarian comes out, takes his well-fed horse and Ivan starts to walk around the horse. After he is done walking around the horse, he will feed the horse and Ivan will not ride the horse himself. Ivan will bring the horse and 'yusbasi' will jump on the horse and get away. If you just walk around the horse who belongs to 'yusbasi', you are Ivan. If you get on the horse to ride it, you are the 'yusbasi'. Ivan should well know how to walk around the horse, because this horse takes it hard, it may brake. Ivan will gently shake the horse with his hand, will make the horse feel comfortable having some food, to have some water. He must know not to make any mistake, because Ivan has responsibility.

Now I am doing comparison. If you have an idea which you are walking around as Ivan did, what are you going to learn? You must ride your dream, to be on top of it and be like 'yusbasi'. If you are only walking your idea like Ivan did, you must know that your dream is a horse.

We, contemporary people are not paying attention. I have done scientific observations and pay attention on smallest things. Sometimes I do scientific observations at home. Sometimes a mother gives bread to her child, I observe and watch how the kid is eating. Watching how it opens its mouth, watching what is the position of its body. Some kids, I am looking, are taking big bites, eating fast. Just swallow, it isn't harmonic. Some are swallowing nicely. I am observing some kids eating very fast. As soon as they give them some bread, the kid starts eating immediately. But some kids, when they givst, take a good look at it good kids, when they are given the bread, they look at it, take a good look at it and than start eating it. I am saying, this child will become a person. The other child, which is starting to eat fast, I am making a conclusion for. You are eating and thinking that this bread, this piece contains that force. If you take that bite with your three fingers and don't believe in the force which is hidden in this bite, no force you can take from it. The force of this bite will reach out to the innermost part of your brain, it will go to the innermost station of your heart and it will reach out to the innermost station of your soul.

Why don't we learn to be thankful for the smallest things in life which the nature has given to us? Now we are worried about things, which are not our job. We are worried about how will we end our life. It is better not to know when we will end. If you know and if you don't know, you will get older. The old should take care about old ages. The young to take care of youth. You are using the young one also using the old one. The young is your servant, the old is your servant. You are grown man. You are talking about Divine Beginning. The Divine Beginning uses the old. Sunrise, this is new born. The sunset, this is dying. By midnight you are in hell. After one hour, you are going out of hell. Be joyful you are going out when the Sun is born again. Be joyful when you go into hell, because some of your mistakes will be ironed out and also unnatural wishes in people.

Suffering in human is growing and developing like the fruit trees, but the suffering is bearing bitter fruits, as the joy bears sweet fruits. One suffers you will graft with one joy. You will learn to graft. Lemons, you will be able to graft, apples you may graft, cherry you may graft.

You are saying: God will providence. God providence long time ago but we should providence now.
What would God say? He long time ago said it. I believe in what God said in the past, I believe in this, what God is saying now, I believe in this, what God will say in future. For me God has spoken in the past, he is speaking to us now, will also speak in future to the people. God is always speaking. For God, the present, and the past, and the future is one. For us, the people on Earth, there are three times: past, present, and future.

I am Saying you: Listen to This, Who is speaking to us. Or saying: Listen to that, what the Love is speaking to you. To tell you more clearly: Listen to this what the apple speaks to you. Listen to the apple. When you take the pear and bite it she also speaks to you. When you squeeze it, the pear starts speaking. Saying: 'Do you know why you want me to get into you, do you know what might happen?' You need to listen. She says: 'Please be so kind, whatever you say, I will do it.' You are drinking water and water is asking you: 'You know why are you drinking me?' The Bulgarian often drinks water by night time, without listening what the water is saying to him. Bulgarians often have the habit, waking up by the middle of the night and drink one or two mugs of water. Says: 'I don't know what happened, misfortune happened'. He drunk one-two kilos of water (a little exaggeratedly is this).

Some of you admire from some colors. You don't have the same Love to all of the colors. You will love the red color, the orange one, yellow one, green one, blue one, clear blue color, dark blue, the violet one, you are going to love them all the same. Your health depends on these 7 rays. If you are biased and love only one color, you are ruing the harmony. All together these colors are forming the light. The colors are creditors green one, the red one is crediting the orange one. The orange one is crediting the yellow one, the yellow one is crediting the green one. The green color is crediting the clear blue one. The clear blue one is crediting the dark blue one. {The dark blue one} is crediting the violet one.

There is a science in which we should be studying about the light, same as studying the music. A human who does not have clear view for the red color, never can take the proper 'C' tone. The one who is familiar with the red color, immediately taking the tone very clearly. I have been making tests and seen correlation between the red color and the main tone in life. Because the main color is the red one, the scarlet one. There is one red color like fire. When you stair at the red color, you will heal. If you are looking into the flame, once you lighten fire, you look into the fire, the illness disappears. There are many people in the world who are wearing red color. But when you look at it, you are bringing to yourselves trouble.

Some man is seeking for red a like woman. Man needs this color. Man is looking for cure. When he looks, what? He takes from her. Saying: 'When I saw this woman, I felt better' and the others saying: 'A-a, you felt better once you have seen her!'. No understanding of the law. That the woman
to feel better, that this other woman helped her husband to tell her: 'I am very happy, thank You very much that when you came into our home my husband was sick and healed once he have seen you. You brought the Goddess bliss in our home.' Now you are persecuting the Divine. When this woman comes, you are thinking for her to disappear. to go away. From this day the man is hiding. The woman says: “Where did this 'Jidiya' ('Jidiya' means Jewess) came from?”

You want to be spoken to. You are keeping away the Goddess blessing. God sends you some young girl with life. An Angel from the Sky came into this girl, spreading light and you are not going to be happy that an Angel came into your house but thinking for her to go away. You are saying: 'Since the Angel came there is bad intention.' I am fortune teller. I have been telling many people: 'This sister is bringing a bliss in that young woman Jesus came.' - 'Do not say!' He is saying: 'Does it choose young ones?' He is choosing young ones. The old ones are thick-headed. It is hard to boil the old one’s head, the old one is proud, graduated university, saying: 'What do I know...'

Do not focus on how much you know. I know more from you, but I am still a little kid on the planet earth, I am learning what may it be on earth. Jesus says: humility. You are saying: 'I remember much.' What do you remember? What was the weather like one year ago on today's day? You have forgotten it. What the weather would be in one year from now, you do not know. We are thinking we know much. What happened a year ago we don't know and what is happening now we don't know but we are feeling like we are educated people.

I see a lot of exaggerated stuff into the human order. Let us say you have 1000 leva; do you know how much 1000 leva is? What is the current price? These are 1000 stotinki (cents). Each 1 lev equals 1 stotinka (cent), golden stotinka (cent). Because in 10 leva there are 1000 leva equals 10 leva. You are saying: 'I gave him 1000 leva' but in my mind you gave him 10 leva.

You are saying: 'I made him a big favor.' For me, the biggest favors are the smallest ones, and the smallest favors are the biggest ones. I never stop by a single process which is a big one. The big processes are only for the God. You become friend with somebody, you do not know the character of this person and you want from this person to do whatever you want. Who said so? Leave it to be its own will and not you to overcome your will. Then it is not friend. By law, you may be captain. You will give order: 'You will do this; you will do that.' This isn't friendship, this is subjection. When I am making him orders, this is not by free will.

Saying: 'You know what happened with me.' In the holy writ the apostle Paul is saying: 'It would be bad for me if I don't preach.' But this is the Jewishness in apostle Paul. In the certain case I proceed from anxiety. Because God did all for me, based on this ground I can also do everything for God. Thus, who made all because of me, I am also ready to do everything because of Him. Thus, who did not make anything for me, I am also not ready to do anything for him. It would be a shame for one person doing everything for me, he credited me, when he comes to my home, I cannot do anything for him. Can't I give him a lunch? What will it cost me to behave well with him?

We are all people now. The servant is thinking on how to pleasant its master. Priests are thinking on how to pleasant the church adherents. They are thinking on how to pleasant the priest, everyone is trying to please each other. You will meat very least people who want to indulge This, who made everything on planet Earth because of him. He gave (him) all needed conditions, and to thank Him.

He stairs and thinking, is there God or not. 'Where it is, I haven't seen Him thus far.' Ok, I am seeing in daylight time but during night hours when there is dark outside, your friend is talking to you and the only think you are sensing is his voice, you are not seeing him. When you are not seeing him, is that making him surreal? He is real.

There is one law in the reality, the following one. Every one of you can make a test. You are saying that you believe in God, but it does not mean anything, on my perspective these are empty words. You are out of time in a particular moment. Whenever you point your mind to God, in the certain case outside its time – there will be а change in you. If you are having the worst disposal, having the worst sickness, you might be having leprosy, if you point your mind to God with belief, the leprosy will disappear immediately. There is one leprosy which will disappear, and a light will appear. Once you start doubting – the leprosy will come back right away. Once you believe – again the leprosy disappears. You start doubting, the leprosy comes back. You start doubting in richness, it disappears. You start believing in poorness, the richness comes to you. You start believing in richness, the poorness is coming. That is the law. Once you believe in richness, you must know that poorness will come. Once you believe in poorness, the richness will come. They are helping each other. The poorness is helping the richness and the richness is helping the poorness. Sickness is helping to the health and health and the health is helping the sickness.

There are creatures in sick people. When you got sick, this sickness is due to some mindful creatures. When they come to you, to understand them, they will make you sick. You will focus into yourselves and whatever they are telling you, you will understand it. If you stay strong, you will not understand anything from their language.

There is a law. When Jacob was coming back, because he was very clever, by nighttime a creature came to him and he said that he fought with it all night. He is telling: 'You lied your brother for a (cup) of lentil meal and have stolen the Benedictine', showed him his other mistakes. Afterwards going to the Laban and showing him what mistake he have made. And told him: 'Now, when you came back, you have stolen gods of the Laban and bringing new gods. You are bringing not the true gods but bringing gods of the oldness.' Jacob was excusing himself, he wanted to leave, and both were talking to each other over the whole night. Jacob told him: 'I will not let you down until you bless me'. To bless him, he touched him on the hip, and he became fall lame. Afterwards he let him go. How will you fight now?

I am seeing this fight always happens between one maid and a lad. When he grabs the maid, he does not release her. She is talking to him, that he should be thankful, he says: 'I don't want to let you go, you will give something to me.' Young maids are a strong one. Each of the young maids has an Angel. All the lads showed whatever they can do. Once the heart gets on fire, the whole house is burning out, you will twist in a circle, you cannot sleep. Not only the young maid but also the lads, too.

I am saying: In the world pay respect to the young maids and lads, because from the respect to the young maid and the young lad we will have the respect of the old grand mom and grand dad. You do not respect the young maid – the old grand mom also would not be respected. You do not respect the young lad – the old grand dad will also not be respected. You are saying: 'They are green'. All the young people are sent from God, they bring something very beautiful in themselves. All those old grand dads and grand moms, because they are prepping out to go to God, to bring their richness and then come back again.
Old people should learn to be respectful on young ones and young people to be respectful to the older ones. This respect should come from one inner conscious of the man. In every single good man, you are who is living in the inside. And the man lives inside yourself.

Nowadays there was one brother, who told me: 'I wanted to rule with power, but I see that the power doesn't work.' If one man starts building a house by himself, he is saying: 'To do it by myself', for how many years he will build the house himself? Let it be one and a half floor house – for how long would you build it for? To bring all the stones, the mud and the burnt lime. To bring all this upstairs, how long would this take you?

Things are going fast in the world when they got collectively cooperated 10, 20, 100, 1000, a million of people, one nation – and the work is going well. In life, when people got cooperated each other, the jobs go well. Also in the sky, in the unseen world they are also cooperating, angels are cooperating, the bright spirits also – and the things are going well.

You are saying: 'I will do the job myself'. You will do your job yourself thus much, like that Bulgarian did, who said to his wife: 'Tomorrow morning, I will prepare the bogie and will go to the grape yard to trim it out.' The wife says: 'Ivan, say: If God says so.' - 'Said, or not said, I will go to trim the grape out. What job has God to do there?' She says: 'Ivan, say: If God says so.' 'I am telling you: I don't want to ask neither God neither anybody!' He gets up in the morning, puts a team of oxen to the yoke, he climes up the cart and goes. The Turks meets him, catches him, and make him work for them corvee (corvee is a form of unpaid, unfree labor). And during the whole day, they brought him here and there. And so, until late night. Ivan comes during the night and start knocking on the door to his wife and says: 'Woman, open the door, if God says so.'

If you are on the battlefield and those bombs, which are falling from the airplane, big bombs are blowing around yourself, once you come back, what would you talk about? You will say: 'Thank God.' You are wondering how you stay alive after all this. You are thankful inside your soul that during the biggest dangers in life, there is One who takes care of you. Saying: 'Thousands would fall on your side and ten thousand to your right side.'

I am talking your language now, not to preach to the others, this is not needed. I am not winning anything when I am telling you one Truth. Saying: 'To convince him.' I do not want to convince him. I want you to be honest on your promises, which you gave, when you came to Earth. To fulfill these promises and be honest. Not to promise in front of me now, this is useless. When you fulfill the promises which you have given, you can do other things too. Now I want you to fulfill your promises. What (has) the youth girl promise? - Never to seduce the young boys. What have the young boy promise? - Not to seduce the youth girls. What does seduce mean? - Not to judge themselves, not to take from themselves, to open their path, to cooperate themselves. The youth girl wants to study science, she wants to paint, she wants to sing – all that let her do it. She should not seduce him, not to tell him: 'Quit all these stupid things, let us go for a dinner together, let us go smoking, a little modern, to drink some cognac, some sweet wine.' This is seducing. This is where the youth girl will put her hat in the wrong way (twisted), the young boy will put his hat in the wrong way (twisted). These twisted hats have made the world wrong for the boys and girls, too.

We do not need twisting, but we do need the human brain renewed every minute. We need the human heart to be renewed on a minute base, minute-based refresh of the human spirit. A minute-based refresh. This is a Divine process. Once this process stops, we start getting old. The holy writ says: 'I will send you my Spirit and will give you life.' When I take the Spirit back, you are getting old. When the Spirit gets withdraw, you die. You will start praying: 'Lord, sent your Spirit' to be born again.

I am saying: The human should keep sacred the Name of the God in his mind, to keep sacred the Name of the God into his heart, to keep sacred the Name of the God into his spirit. You will put this into yourselves, this is the human. What it is the human? - Whoever can keep the Name of the God sacred into its spirit, who can keep sacred the Name of the God into his soul, who can keep sacred the Name of the God into his mind, who can keep the Name of the God sacred into his heart, and at last: who keeps the Name of the God into his body.

Somebody says: 'Why do I need exercises for?' Religion is for exercising. Tell her: 'God, I bow in front of your Strength', you raise your hands and saying: 'I accept your Blessing.' We are raising our hand – why do we do that? 'I am going to work with the hands, you gave me.' Each movement should be considered. Why do we remain sit, why do we stand up?

Twelve English officers are sitting on a treat in India. A Wizard comes to them. The English as they love witting told him: 'Can't you show as a trick?' 'I can,’ said the Wizard. He stayed with them for half an hour and told them: 'Gentlemen, I am leaving but you wouldn't be able to stand up from the chairs.' They are saying: 'Look at this one, he is a perk. We are English mans, how can't we not being able to stand up from our chairs?' They started laughing and told him: 'Have a nice trip, we will be able to handle with that job.' But afterwards when they attempted to stand up, they could not do that, they were sitting like nailed to the chairs. All of them were wobbling around, cannot stand up. What is this like? One hour later the Wizard comes and set them free. He tells them: 'Gentlemen, this is a trick, how does it happen, this is my work.'

I am telling you now: If you cannot give order (to the) evil into yourself to remain sit on its chair, you are not a Wizard. Every evil, every bad thought, bad wish isn't bad because it came to you. He might be an officer, you will tell him: 'Until I come back, you will remain sit on the chair. You are not allowed to stand up without my will.' I am saying: You want to have a strong will, pretending to be a strong man, who gives orders. One bad thought, bad wish, one bad act, this is a strong man. Whomever cannot give orders, is not strong, but the weak man is not weak, he has will.

Nowadays the new times require another thing. We are suited in times which are very uneasy. Isn't it God who rules the world? Isn't it Him who watches over all that humans are doing all the time? That Bulgarian farmer who watches while the grain is put on the threshing floor, while the horses are threshing around, he is saying: 'Why did they put the wheat in such suffer?', he is looking otherwise. Once they thresh the wheat, he is putting away the straw from it and takes only the wheat away. Nowadays in the world there is only threshing. From spiritual sight of it there is threshing going on in the world. The straw is put into the outbuilding and the wheat into the barn. Thereafter we will come to meet the future sufferings. The present sufferings will be a good thing for the future because the people will learn a new law – that God is in the world, which is ironing the world. He built it and he will iron the world out. And what are we like? We are only Gods employees.

Now, if God wants, he might quit the war immediately, but the people will not learn anything if this happens. If an earthquake happens in the Earth, all the houses come down, everything fells apart, they will stop fighting. Once everything becomes mess, how will they fight? God wants us to be wise.

Everyone of you wants to defeat, to defeat whom? I want the people who love God to win. To win the people which think well, which thoughts are good, which are thinking well about the benefit of all mankind. The people who want to bring the Goddess freedom to all people win. Let them win. If it is going to be Love, may it be Love for everyone of us, if it is some knowledge, may everyone uses this knowledge for themselves, let everyone use as far, as he was meant to use. Everyone should work in that direction. To declare Goddess Love, to conduct it all over. To express Goddess knowledge.

Now I know you, that all of you are very pious. The roles you have played in live, you have played them very well, I cannot put a spell on you. In future you will be given a very heavy role to play. You should learn a new role in future. The knowledge which you are having, would be like secondary one. You will learn for a long time on how to go around the people. You know how sad it is to go around the people. When someone does not do whatever, we wanted to, we are changing and saying: 'He is not a good man.' When you do not do good to the Bulgarian, he is saying: 'He is a bad man', when you do good to him, he says: ''He is a good man' This is right in parts. Man can sometimes be kinder there are different ways to do good.

At first pick one hour from the week not to think bad about anybody. No bad people to exist for you at least for an hour. Because as you are thinking, if people were bad, God will clear them out. Because God is seeing that these people are doing bad from a good will, from jealousy... Apostle Paul from jealousy, from devotion was chasing the Christians. By loving Moses more than Jesus Christ, he was chasing the Christians. If he was loving the Christians the most, he was not going to chaise themselves. When we are loving more our people, we are chasing the others.

This was you are walking on; you are all going to die. You are going to get older, you will lose your strength, the legs will join, the stomach will become imbalanced, the lungs will break one day. Everything that you are having will be taken from you and you will be sent to another world. You will be sent with one luggage of 33 grams. 33 grams you can take from the Earth. Because it will go through 3 stations, they will sequestrate 10 grams on each station and once you reach out the Goddess world, you will be having 1 gram left. One little cell you will be having, and no one will be able to see you. You will remain there, you will feel disgusted from life and you will not see anything, you will also not be going to be able to feel yourselves. You will know that once you have been a King and become a nonentity which is billion times smaller than modern ion. If we increase one ion by the size of the Earth, it will remain invisible.

It is important what God is saying to you now. Listen to Him. There is no youth without God. There is no knowledge without God. There is no freedom without God. If you are thinking that the life exists without God, you are mistaken. You are living and, in this life, there is God. You have knowledge and, in this knowledge, it is God. You have freedom and, in this freedom, there is God. Where is God? He is in your life in which you are living in. You have freedom, you have knowledge, and you doubt it that this light is God. The life you are having, God is your life, and you regret It. However small the life is, however, small the knowledge is, however small the freedom is, you know that God of Love is there. I am talking about that God, who has equal attitude to all the people, He has given such freedom to all the people, which matches to their own growth.

This doctrine should go throughout the country, in one political law – that law is. Those who rule (well), they are hired by God. Those who does not rule well, they don't get the Goddess law. Those who fight on the battlefield, that brain was given to them by God.

There is one war in this world. Two fighters are in it. One of them hands down the other, pushes him down, does not kill him.

Saying: You are having a wish to destroy the evil in yourselves. Do you know what it is to destroy the evil? You say: It does not work with good attitude. If you take the good us of there, what will remain? If you take the evil away from the world, the good will disappear. If you take the good out of the world, the evil will disappear. You will support both. The good and evil in the world are supporting people's life, but nowadays the evil takes advantage, and the war is creating it. This war is a lesson. Nothing is produced by the good itself, but the evil nothing well can bring to you either. The evil does not bring ripe fruits. But rotten fruits it can bring you as many you wish. The good it is bringing ripe fruits in the world. Every positive thought is a fruit of the good. Every negative thought is fruit of the evil. Every bad feeling is fruit of the evil, every good feeling is fruit of the good. These fruits ripe into us all the time. Let us be thankful for the good fruits into ourselves the rotten fruits of the evil becomes manure to the good fruits. This was the good organizes the fruits of the evil. The good from sour fruits of the evil knows how to turn them into sweet ones. How this works, I do not know.

Because man did not know the laws of good and evil. God has forbidden not to touch, not to enter this world. Because man goes into this world, God allows him. You have a habit now, saying: 'What should we do then?' If a bad person comes, threat him well – the person will soften out a little. If you threat him bad, it will become worse.

Am saying now: Be at least microscopically God alike. God is very long-suffering – you can be little suffering. Be as suffer as you want the rest to suffer you. You make a mistake; you want the others to iron it out. Be as suffer as you want the others to be with you. Notice: somewhere there is tiny mistake, somewhere in the written spelling I might have forgotten to place a period or a comma, or both. The English are not placing periods and commas very often. The Bulgarian is writing commas and periods more often. You need to understand the periods and commas well. There, on this station do not stay for more than 10 minutes. The comma is the lesser stay – 1-2 minutes you are having. Period and comma – about 10 minutes. And the period itself about half an hour.

You are all having knowledge; you all know when the people are behaving well with you. Because of what you have studied so far, you know who acted well, how do you know this? You act with others however you wish them to act with you. At least this, there is no one besides you who does not know it.

You are saying: 'I know, it isn't a retour, I went home, they did not feed me, they did not give we water to wash my legs; It doesn't let me come visit, (but) having plenty of rooms there.' When they welcome me somewhere, I am saying: Whatever they do to me, I will do the same with the others. To this who come visit me, I will warm water, I will prepare bread, I will feed him/her. For one night I can do this. What is this going to cost myself? The lake is about 100 steps away from me – what will it cost me to go bring some water from there? Every good the human does, he/she is also taking advantage from it – this is the law. At first – he/she is taking advantage from it. When the good is coming above, it will go through me and if I step away from it, the good will be lost for myself and for yourselves.

You are saying: 'We might not know.' I am not from these who are being lied. I am looking about my own interest, I am cautious. Nothing faulty can pass through me. I can save the good for myself, but whatever is coming from God, it is all clear. First, I am not needing of a weak man, I do not need to hear 'well done' from the people. I am happy to hear this from one person who admires me, because he is cleaning his tang. When he admires me, his tang is cleaning at that time. Whenever he compliments me, his brain is cleaning. When he compliments me, his heart clears. When he compliments me, his soul is getting younger, when he compliments me, his spirit is becoming strong. I am glad of this, whatever he has acknowledged and I, to make myself younger, I am start complimenting God. I do not want to compliment people. When I want to get younger, I am complimenting God. I am lightning His name in my mind, I am lightning His name in my heart, in my soul. This is a law. Let us be faithful in this law. There is no exception in it.

You are saying: 'Maybe he wants to talk that way.' No, sometimes I want to talk as God is wants to – I know how strong I become. I have had gone through salty stuff.

There is an anecdote about the salty stuff. A Bulgarian is getting engaged. (The example is a Bulgarian anecdote.) His fiancée was a very beautiful girl. He had a friend and wanted to bring him to meet his fiancée, to see how noble she is, how beautiful, how exquisite she is. She had all the good will to feed them. She made them coffee, but the sugar can, and the salty can were right next to each other. She made the coffee to the visitor with sugar and to her beloved she put salt by mistake, instead of sugar. She made the two coffee separately and wanted to make her beloved coffee sweeter, she put extra salt in it. Two spoons of extra salt she put in her beloved's coffee. Once he starts drinking the coffee, he notices the coffee is salty then he looks at his friend who was drinking the coffee. He starts wondering that he is drinking it without his face muscles shrinking. After which he says: 'The coffee was very salty.' Not that the youth fiancée wanted to make it this way for a purpose, she did that because she was in a hurry. You are saying: 'I put salt on him.' Do not put 2 spoons of salt on your beloved. He has enough salt. Put some more sugar. I am not recommending you putting salt. Even healthy persons should put salt for healthy purpose. Salt is medicinal substance.

I am recommending you now, from the unseen world they say: Each meal which is cooked, every thought to be salted with the salt of Love, every feeling to be salted with the salt of Love, every action, every force, everything, whatever you say, to be salted with that salt of Love.

I am holding in my mind only one educational method. It is the following one – same like in the nature: ''When the cherry fruit sees me, it says: 'Taste me.' When the pear sees me, it says: 'Taste me.' When the apple sees me, it says: 'Taste me.' Once I tasted them, I get to know them.''

Sacred prayer

Discourse number 34, led by the Master.

On June 13, 1943, Sunday at 10 o'clock in the morning,

Sofia, 'Izgrev'

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: anchostanev (Ангел Станев)

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