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1922_04_01 Rules for the students of the first occult class of the White Brotherhood (Stephanie_Dimitrova)


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Готов превод Правилник за учениците на първи окултен клас на Бялото Братство - 1.4.1922-ИБ-433 / ...: 1.4.1922-ИБ-433

TITLE: Rules for the students of the first occult class of the White Brotherhood

We sang "Fir - Fur Fen Tao Bi Aumen".

At the doorstep of the occult class, the listener should know the following:

1. Whoever once tried to correct the Absolute, the Great, the Divine, is removed from the class.

2. Whoever does not do his lesson once is removed from the class.

3. Anyone who does not come to class twice (without an important, urgent reason) will be removed from the class.

4. Three times if there is rudeness between the disciples, both parties are removed from the class. Angry people are absolutely not allowed among the students.

Note: Deep in his soul, in front of his conscience, the disciple must know the reasons that kept him from attending class. The importance of the cause remains absolutely on the student's conscience. A disciple should never lie to himself. If he lies to himself, he is himself out of class.

5. He who comes here, to come because of love, without coercion.

6. The disciple must be true to himself. To be a strict judge of his actions.

7. The greatness of the disciple's character lies in this - he always fulfills the promise he has made to himself.

8. The disciple enters the classroom with full faith, without fear and doubt to the words of the Master - doubts and thoughts are not allowed.

The disciple obeys, listens, and executes the Master's words.

9. A disciple is only one who is regular with his lessons and always attends lectures. He is absolutely accurate and never late.

10. A disciple is only one who is in harmony with the Absolute. The disciples need to know one thing - the Divine is never corrected.

A disciple is only one who never, either in class or out of class, is rude to anyone.

11. The disciple is not offended, but always seeks the good in the words that are said to him. He seeks Love in everything.

12. The disciple does not take anything out of what is said in class, outside, until he has processed it, until this knowledge becomes his.

13. The disciple does not show any curiosity. He neither asks nor allows others to question him much. He is free to remain silent. He is content only with what he is told.

14. The tasks given to the disciple must be performed without doubt or hesitation. The slightest doubt is an obstacle.

The best way for a disciple is the one, in which his soul is freed from those connections that have hindered him in the past, which still hinder him today.

16. The disciple must have absolute obedience and attention to his Master. Obedience must come from the consciousness. The disciple must listen and perform. To have such feelings and abilities with which to know his Master. He who doubts his Master is not a disciple. If the disciple doubts his Master, it is all over with him. If the Master violates even the smallest Divine law, also with him everything is all over.

17. If he does not work with the law of Love, the disciple can achieve nothing.

The main task of the disciple is to realize the Love of God, ie the Love to all.

18. Constantly awake consciousness and accuracy is required from the disciple. With these two qualities he will be able to correct his mistakes.

“Get up, go, do it on time!”- This is the law of the nature.

The disciple is not allowed to speak idle words.

20. The disciple does not marry, nor does he become a slave. He is free.

He who does not want to study and serve God, can marry as much as he wants.

Who wants to flirt - out of class!

Who is jealous - out of class!

The disciple is pure, honest and sincere.

The disciples to help each other, do not use each other.

21. The student works consciously to acquire the perfection to which he constantly strives.

1 April 1922

Внимание! Този превод може още да не е готов.
Статус на превода: превежда се

Преведено в Beinsa.eu

Превеждали: Stephanie_Dimitrova (Стефка Димитрова)

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