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1920_01_16 Hope (Stela)


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Готов превод Надеждата - 16.1.1920-ИБ-262 / .: 16.1.1920-ИБ-262

Title: Hope

And now these three remain:

faith, hope and love.*

I proceed from a new viewpoint. There are three points I will focus on: love, faith and hope. Love can be seen as an aspiration, but it can also be seen as a feeling, power, and a principle. Faith, too, can be seen as an aspiration, a feeling, power, and a principle. Hope can also be seen as an aspiration, a feeling, power in a man, and a principle. I regard love, faith and hope as principles. People often confuse these three concepts - love, faith and hope, without distinguishing between them.

Love encompasses everything, i.e. the entire space and Being, nothing can escape it. Faith encompasses time, and hope - the results arising from these two forces. In other words: Love encompasses eternity, i.e. the infinite life, all possibilities. There is no death in love. Faith encompasses the conditions under which this life unfolds, and hope accomplishes the results. These are processes that run sequentially. People who have hope, faith and love have some particular characteristics. Someone is a pessimist, he walks with his head bowed, he is discontented. Why? - Because hope is poorly developed in him, he doesn't possess that feeling, the principle works poorly in him. I would say of such a person: "There is no hope in him." One of hope's qualities is that when it is strongly developed in a person, it produces joy. And the Scripture says, "Be joyful in hope." It is a quality of faith that it produces trust. When we believe in someone, we have trust in them. It is a quality of Love that we are willing to sacrifice ourselves for the one we love.

Do not confuse love, faith and hope. Some think that there is no difference between them, that they are the same thing. If you feel discouraged in life, hope is weak in you; if you doubt, faith is weak; if you cannot love, love is weak. When a man says that he cannot love, it shows that the principle of love is poorly developed in him. It would be ridiculous for a paralyzed person to say, “I cannot walk”. Of course they cannot walk because their faith is paralyzed, they cannot use their nerves. Somebody says, "To love is stupid.” I ask, „Well, what is reasonable then? If love is a stupid quality of life, what is the clever one?”
“Well, to sit down and have a good feed, to have a nice drink!”
That's the silliest thing. When you look at that ox, which has its mouth full, chewing and chewing. Is that beautiful? You look at a beautiful maiden, her mouth full, her facial muscles crooked. Is that beautiful? Eating only makes sense when it is done with love. The beautiful maiden, while eating, says, "I will eat, I will mend my ways to be beautiful, to be loved." Eating, drinking, these are only objects, these are only means. One has to eat to regain their strength. Therefore, love, faith, hope, these are inner principles of conscious life. That's how you should understand them. You can make an experiment with them. This is not a doctrine that rests only on theory, but can be experienced every day.


So, love, faith and hope are not equally developed in all people. In some people love is highly developed, in others - faith, and in third - hope. The Apostle Paul, who had deep knowledge of occultism and mysticism, says, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” And I say that the two wings of love are faith and hope, or faith and hope are the hands of the soul. If you cut off those hands, it's all over. So, hope is a principle that reconciles all the opposites of the physical world. It deals with the visible world, the world of changes. Therefore, when do we hope? - When we have daughters, sons, lands, houses, money invested here and there. Hope sees things closely, it implies the present. This is one of its qualities. Therefore, a person in whom hope is strongly developed, has his eyes open, he sees everything - wherever he goes, whatever he does, he covers everything. Take the hope out of him, and his eyes will close. A man who walks with his eyes closed, heavy-lidded, has little hope. Have you seen what a cat does when it stands in front of a hole watching out for mice? Since the object of its hope is not there, it stays with its eyes closed until it catches the mouse, but when it catches it, the cat opens its eyes and says, "Well, that was worth it, I might as well play with this mouse." You say, "This mouse is unhappy." This mouse is in the hands of its lover. He will play with it and say, "Instead of doing mischief to people and being chased, come to me, come inside." He catches it and eats it, and takes off its clothes. You say, "The cat ate the mouse." I say, "The mouse went to visit the cat." Why? - Because they love each other. Give the cat a frog, it will not eat it. I have seen a cat play with a mouse and let it go. It says, "Аll right, have it your way, I am not ready to receive you today."

We must understand hope, this principle, because it is necessary under the present conditions of life. Modern people have mixed up their concepts. They have lost touch with God, they have doubted Him. They ask themselves, "Is there a God or not." It would be strange to ask ourselves whether there is а sun or not. If the sun disappears, the light will also disappear. Once light exists, the sun exists, because light is a manifestation of the sun. If love exists between people, God also exists, because love flows from God. Once love flows from God, faith arises, and faith is the carrier of life. Without faith Divine life cannot be projected here on earth. Therefore it is a thread, a principle that develops the rational, conscious life. Conscious life can never develop without faith. It is present in all people in one way or another. Hope, on the other hand, realizes this life. It is a force that gives form to things. Therefore, every one of you who wants to have a healthy body, to have a healthy brain, to be beautiful, must necessarily have hope. Hope shapes the body. If we start losing hope, our chest, brain, body lose their symmetry. Then a man says, "I don't feel like eating, I don't feel like living," until at last he goes to the other world or goes down to the grave. What is the grave? These are the limited states in which we find ourselves. There is no worse thing than the grave. The greatest prison is the grave. May God keep you away from a grave! And the psalmist says, "He will not let His Holy One see corruption." And now we say, "А grave awaits us." The grave - that is the most foolish belief. It will be funny if someone who has boils talks about them. There is no reason to believe in boils. All modern people, having lost the essential thought, talk about boils. And now we teach each other that we will go to the grave. A mother does not say to her daughter, "Daughter, you will go to God, to the angels to learn," but she says to her, "Daughter, you are beautiful today, but tomorrow you will grow old and ugly and will go to the grave with worms." These are human perceptions.

I am often asked if there is life beyond the grave. I say, "From your point of view, there is no life beyond the grave; I see no life in the grave." There is life outside the grave, but there is none in the grave. In the grave there is anguish such as a man has never seen. He who spent ten or fifteen years in the grave, and when he comes out of it, they make him commit some crime, and he says, "Have you ever been in the grave?"
"No, I haven't."
"I've been and today, I wouldn't get into it again for the world."
A person who was once in the grave has the strength and experience of the American who descended in a barrel over Niagara Falls. He wanted to taste the power of Niagara Falls, so he took a barrel, covered it with tar inside, went into it and descended from a height of two hundred feet. When he came out of that barrel, he said, "Not for all the world would I get into it again." I'm telling you, the grave people think of is a barrel from which once you come out, you wouldn't want to get into again for the world. The grave - this is an old belief. The new teaching does not believe in any graves. The new teaching believes that where there is love, faith and hope as principles, there life is eternal. When these principles do not work, then the grave is formed and one feels suffering. Imagine a paralyzed young man. What is his situation? He is suffering. Why? Because he has a desire to get out in nature like others, but he cannot do that. The one who has a weak stomach, he also suffers. Why? Because he cannot fulfil the desires of his stomach.

Hope is a principle that opens the free entrance of our life on earth. It is a principle that does not ask if you are English, if you are German, if you are Bulgarian, what party you belong to or whether you are Orthodox, evangelist or whatever. You can be Bulgarian or English and still have a bad stomach. But someone says, "I am Orthodox."
"Is your stomach healthy?"
"No, it isn't."
"Then you are not."
"But I am an evangelist."
"Is your stomach healthy?"
"No, it isn't."
"You're not."
Where there is hope, the stomach is healthy; where there is faith, the chest is healthy; where there is love, the brain is healthy. If you are not healthy, love, faith and hope are paralyzed in you. Now people are waiting for resurrection. How will Christ resurrect you when you believe in graveyards? How will Christ resurrect you when you say, "When I die, this is how you will dress me, so-and-so priest will read the burial service over me, this is how you will bury me, etc." How will Christ raise you up when you have no faith, hope and love? Hope says, "You will believe only in one Christ, in a life where there is faith, hope and love and where there are no graveyards. When you believe in such a life, there are no limitations for you." People say, "Prove that." It's ridiculous to prove! Imagine a blind man to whom I prove that there is light. He says, "I don't understand it, it's dark." I touch his eyes and his sight is restored, and I ask him, "What do you see? "
"Do you want any evidence?"
"No, I don't."
"Go walk! Now do you believe?"
"I do."
"Because I'm not stumbling."
Now people say, "Prove it!"
I don't have time, my time is expensive. I will touch your eyes and ask what you see.
"We see the surrounding objects."
"Walk. Are you stumbling?"
"No, we aren't"
"Then you have faith. If you master yourself, you have hope."

Everyone who loses hope becomes a slave of the earth. Cowards who despair on the battlefield, they surrender. A trader who has fear liquidates 100%, but one who has hope does not give up. When a person has hope, everything is possible for him. These are not just empty words. You have thousands of occasions to check this in your life. Someone says, "I believe in Christ, Christ has spoken to me, I no longer doubt God." I have been told so by some Orthodox or evangelicals. The next day he starts limping, rheumatism appears in his leg. He calls the doctor and says to him, "Doctor, what is wrong with my leg?" He doesn't ask what Christ would say about his leg, but the doctor. The doctor gives an injection, a second one, but the leg doesn't heal. I say, "Where is your faith, where is your hope?" If you have hope, you will say to the rheumatism, "Go to the thumbs, then to the shoulder, then to the other shoulder." You will take it for a walk around your body and finally you will draw its attention to the fact that it has lost its way and it has to go away, it has to stop doing mischief in your body and the rheumatism will disappear. Those diseases which you cannot move from one place to another in your body are very difficult to heal. I have heard men and women complain to me that they have some disease that moves. Once it moves, do not be afraid, it will pass easily. If the disease settles in you, .....base, that means it wants to become the owner. Once the disease moves, it makes attempts, like an engineer, whether it can settle and where to settle. All diseases in us are living beings that want to make a place for themselves to live. If these three principles - love, faith and hope - were at work in us, we would be strong to defend our freedom. Modern people have not learned to handle their world yet. If you cannot defeat one microbe, one small difficulty, how will you defeat the big ones? As a man manifests himself in small things, so is he in great things.

Someone says, "I do not believe in God." God does not want faith without love. You cannot believe in God without love. And there can be no hope without love. In order to believe in God, you must first love Him. And in order to love a man, you must first know him. With a man, you will start by the opposite law. With God you will begin by the law of love, and with a man by the law of hope. A mother can only know her child after she gives birth to it. When she sees what talents, what abilities are hidden in it, she loves it. Why did we come to earth in this temporary life? You will say, "Well, both my mother and my father were born, lived, died, and were buried." When someone goes to England, to America, they say to him, "Come and see my mother's grave, my father's grave." I say, "These are their graves, but your mother and father are not there." For years we have kept these graves, these monuments. Your mother should not live in the cemetery, but you should carry her in your heart, in yourself. Someone asks, "Where is your mother?" If I love, I am a mother; if I believe, I am a father; if I hope, I am a brother and sister. If you do not love, you seek your mother in the cemetery. With these beliefs and conceptions, we think we are very advanced.

We ask, "When will the world be made right?" The world can be made right in one day. The outer world is made really right, it is good, but with our inner world being distorted, we say, "When will the outside world be made right?" So in order to make the world right, let each of us apply these three principles to ourselves. I don't care which church you belong to, what your beliefs are, what your hopes are. I am touching on the matter in principle. First of all, one must have a spirit, a mind, a soul, to be full of feelings, to sympathize with every being. Everyone has life within himself/herself that can manifest in his/her body, because on earth life without a body cannot manifest. How will someone prove that there is love in him, is it simply with his sweet words? If we think like that, we will be like that Russian prince who became poor and married a beautiful poor maiden. "Well, let's kiss" - they kissed on the first day. "Well, let's kiss" - on the second day. Also on the third day, but you can't live with that alone. A kiss does not mean love. These lovers should be given some bread. Thus says the Lord's Prayer, "Give us this day our daily bread." It does not ask for tea, coffee, but only bread.

So, in order to manifest our love on earth, we need to give of it to those who need love. And love manifests itself in some kind of favour, in whatever sense it may be: either with a sweet word, or by feeding someone, or by looking after him when he is sick, or when someone comes to you and you give him all your trust. We bring only mistrust into our relations with each other. Someone comes to us, asks to borrow some money, and we tell them, "I don't have any." Tell them the truth, "I have money, but I can't, I don't want to give it to you." Why don't you give it to them? Because you don't trust them and you think they will lie to you. By doing this, you do not realize that you are doing harm to yourself, because one day you will fall into the same situation, they will not trust you either. Ask a man how he feels when his wife has lost faith in him or what is the situation of a woman in whom the man has no faith? These man and woman are running away from home, they are on the run. All the tortures in the world stem from distrust. When someone does not believe in you, it means that he has doubted you. Sometimes you feel an offence, a sadness, this shows that you have lost the love of the one who loved you, he/she has closed his/her love for you.

When we descend into the physical world, it is hope that makes things happen. We have descended and say "the real world." What is the real world? All people want lots of fields, lots of houses. It is good to have one house, one field, one garden. It is good to have one house, one body that never dies. To have one field, it means one heart in which you sow everything. So the house is the human body, the field is the human heart, and the garden is the human mind. You must have fields, gardens, but not like the ones a Greek priest had. He sowed a field and said, "Know that your master is a priest."
"Yes, I had a hundred masters like you, ninety-nine of whom I took away."
We also occupy houses, gardens, and then we say, "Will there be anyone to bury us?"
"Yes, there will be."
I find it very plausible when a woman laments over her husband, "Ivan, Ivan, shouldn't you have lived by God?"
And this means: "you will pay for your sins, so that when you come for a second time, you will not sin."
Some say, "She is crying out of love." Does a woman cry when she gives birth? No, she doesn't. She cries when she loses her child. When you lose your husband's love, then you cry, and when you gain his love, you rejoice. When the man comes home, then they say, "There is great joy, now there is love." This is a real understanding of things. We have lost the concepts of things and we speak in an incomprehensible language. God says, "Love one another!"
Some say, "Prove what love is." I can prove it to you. I'll take someone, tie his hands and feet with a rope, hit him twenty-five times, stomp on him and ask him, "What is this?"
Then I'll untie his hands and feet, feed him, kiss him.
"What is this?"
"This is love."
In order to understand love, you have to experience two opposite conditions. This is how nature does it. You lose your house, your fields, your mother, your father, your children, and you say, "My hair turned white, what is all this suffering?" Then your mother and father come, they treat you to a good meal. God begins to show you what faith, hope and love are. Put love in your brain, faith in your chest, and hope in your stomach. When you eat, eat with hope. I am not against eating. You should eat, but neither too much nor too little. I say, "A person who wants to live with hope should not eat too much, he/she should not overeat." Sometimes you eat a little, and you say, "Why haven't I finished my meal?" But when you eat more, you feel disgust. The law of hope makes mothers say to their children, "Eat, my child, eat." But then the child gets spoiled. I say, "Your child finally gets sick out of a lot of hoping, out of too much dressing up." What is your hope like? When King David of Israel went to a battle, he met Goliath and said, "I will fight with him." He went to King Saul and told him about his decision. The king gave him a helmet, a spear, and a bow. He put them on himself, but he was not free to act because of their weight. He took off all his burden, took his sling with twelve stones, went to the battlefield, fought Goliath, and defeated him. The mother thinks the same way as Saul: her son comes, she gives him armour, a helmet, a spear, but after a few months he falls ill, carrying a heavy burden. Give a little food to your children! The little one is blessed in nature. Plenty, glut in the world - this is a sin. Those who live by the law of hope must have only what is necessary in life. When you want to process wool, buy one kilogram and process it, not a hundred or two hundred kilograms. Otherwise you will find yourself in the situation of that villager who, having become rich, changed, taking the properties of his neighbours. One night he had a vivid dream: a large cart full of gold and harnessed with several pairs of oxen was passing through the village. All the villagers approached the cart with a small plate in their hands, gold was poured into it, and they went away. When the rich villager saw this, he said to himself, "Here is an opportunity to get even richer! He went into the cellar, took out a large chest, and went to the man who was giving away the gold. He said to him, "Sir, wait a minute, I want some too.” "All right, I'll give it to you, but you'll lie on your back and put the chest on your chest and I'll put gold in it until you can bear it, and then you'll call out. " "Okay, I'll bear it." They dumped one, two, three, four, five, ten, fifteen shovels on him, and he was still silent. At last he could barely breathe, choking, he began to cry out. "Leave that chest on him, let him bear the consequences of his gluttony! " When he woke up, he realized that he didn’t need this chest, but he had to give away his wealth. A whole chest full is a lot. The present life is hard. I see - many of you have many such chests and want to be given more in them. All right, but if they give you more, you will not be able to bear it. You must have love, faith and hope in yourself in order to gain more. You must use these love, faith and hope for the good of your neighbours. Hope is a principle that belongs to all living things, even the smallest bugs. Therefore, no living being should be deprived of this principle of existence. If you walk on the road and step on a bug, you have deprived it of its hope. It won’t be long before someone stronger than you deprives you of your hope.

So Paul says, “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” Now, since you live on earth, begin with the realization of this hope. In what? Hope that you can become good, smart, healthy, rich. Rich in what? In virtues. To hope that you can fix your life. In my opinion, poverty and wealth are two great blessings that God gives to а man. Rich people are half-inclined to admit that wealth is a blessing. The poor don't admit that poverty is a blessing. Why is it a blessing? - Because a poor man is like a little child going to school. He is poor, but he has conditions to develop. His bag can be filled. But an old man cannot get rich. He says, "I know a lot." What shall I tell this old man who is rich? He will tell you that he has experience, he has danced the horo dance for many years, he has loved many lasses. A teacher cannot tell the rich man stories. That is why Christ says,“Unless you become as little children you cannot enter the kingdom of God,” that is, you cannot use life. So, children grow rich, and the old people get poor. They should not tell their stories but learn. Rich people create conditions for others to hate them. Of them they say, "They are rich, but who knows how much they have stolen, who knows how their fathers and grandfathers got rich!" When you are poor, you create conditions for people to love you and to work. A poor man is always thinking what to work and where to go to work. And that is why the future world will be for the poor and not for the rich people. To translate the word "poor" - for children. The rich man is said to go to the cemetery. The old man grows old, and when he goes to the other world, he says, "I'm not getting old anymore." Therefore, in the other world, in the Divine world, there are no old people, but in this world there are old people, there are rich people. Children nowadays say, "Well, let me become like my grandfather!" Young lasses want to become like their grandmothers. You don't need any grandmothers and grandfathers. It's a silly thing to be like them. The word "old" occurs frequently in Scripture, but it has a different meaning there. The word "old man" is a Sanskrit word and means a manifested man, i.e., one who has wisdom, knowledge, and is useful to others. And by "old man" we mean the one who has gotten doddery. He is a grandfather, not an old man. Tomorrow they’ll say of him, "Well, that dotard!" A mother receives her children with joy, and they say, "This dotard will not go away." A mother in Varna told me, "I have four daughters, I gave an education to them with the greatest effort, and then they told me I was stupid, simple-minded. Yes, while I was providing for them to be educated, I was good, and then I became stupid." These are the modern daughters. They are daughters of hopelessness.

So hope is needed to reconcile contradictions. You cannot reconcile the following contradictions: why some are rich, educated, and others are poor, uneducated. Only hope can reconcile these contradictions. You think you have come here on earth for the first time. No, all of you who are here have a long history in the past. Some of you do not want to acknowledge your past. Why? When someone's grandfather or father has left them in a lot of debts, they ask the young man, "Аre you from their family, are you the grandson of that person?" "No, I'm not a member of their family." Yes, because the grandfather has a lot of debts. But when the father or grandfather is rich, the son says, "I have a share here." He who does not acknowledge the past has many account books, many debts, and must pay them honestly and honorably. Someone says, "I did not exist in the past." Yes, because you have gone bankrupt a hundred times. And you say, "Don't say that I have lived, that I am the same person." No, you'll admit you have debts to pay and you'll pay them off little by little. A servant comes to you and robs you. He is the one you did the same to in the past. Someone sets your house on fire. He is that creditor of yours from the past whom you owe something. Now you will ask, "Why did God create the world like that?" I ask you, "Why did you sign these policies?" You wanted to become rich, and then you ask why God allowed these policies. The policies - these are diabolical inventions. People can use only their present labour, they can't take for the future. Take a little and do not sell your future. I think only about today, I do not think about tomorrow. This is the Divine teaching. The one who has no hope says, "How can I do this job? He starts thinking about tomorrow, about the next day, about twenty years from now. What are you sure of, in twenty years, what do you know about then? You are not a master, you are a servant. Tomorrow your master may call you. The law of hope is like this: if you spend today well, according to all the rules of the Divine law, there is hope that you will spend all the other days in the same way. If you make a mistake today, you will spend all the other days the same way. Therefore, the future day will be like today. Don't say, "Well, today I sinned, but tomorrow I will correct myself." No, today, not tomorrow. When a man thinks of getting married, there is hope in him. А young man comes, everyone welcomes him, but he is dissatisfied, and he says, "I will decide tomorrow." He refuses to give his word today, he doesn't accept the girl. If he is to say tomorrow, he refuses. The girl who is to answer tomorrow, she gives up too. Do you dare to take the girl today? If you leave it for tomorrow, it will lead nowhere. Some people say, "As I sort matters out today, from tomorrow on, I will start living under God." Our matters are sorted out; it is a false doctrine that we have to sort them out. When a student goes to school to study, his mother and father have already sorted things out. He/she doesn't need trade, he/she needs studying. And when the Lord sends us to the earth, He says, "Son, I am sending you to the earth to learn; I have fixed things up for you, I do not think about them." If the son says, "Well, my mother, my father may die." A mother, a father, these are eternal principles that never die. When a mother goes to the other world, she would provide for her children much better than if she was here, so it doesn't matter where she is.

So, hope is one of the great principles on earth, without which earthly life cannot be well resolved. Instill in your children the hope that their hands and hearts will be clean and that they will know that the body they have is a temple for which children must be responsible. Don't leave your children in filth! A man who has hope is always neat, well dressed, his eyes are always open, joyful, cheerful. In order to develop hope in your children, make them joyful. How? Create for them such entertainments that bring joy to their souls. This law is not only for children, but also for men and women. Men should create joy for their wives and women for their husbands. If there is no law of hope in the world, discouragement comes, and in hopelessness all modern evils are born, we become sour, discontented. The man is discontented because his wife has put too much salt in the dish, he is angry, and he says to her, "Don't you have the slightest idea of how to cook?" His anger passes from the woman to the children. The next day the man brings bad meat, the woman gets angry, throws it away and says to him, "Don't you have the slightest idea of meat?" Modern people are like the English reformer Wesley, who got married, but three days later he said to his friend, "It is not worth getting married." Yes, when one loses hope, he/she should not marry. If a young woman or a young man has no hope, they should not marry. That's what I would recommend to them. If they have hope, there will be peace and joy in their house. And today people say, "These young people cannot live together now, but later on they will get along." Not later but now, now. What love is in the beginning, so will it be in the end. So says the law of hope. From the standpoint of love we must understand time, from faith - space, and from hope - all the methods, ways in which this life can develop. If a woman doesn't know how to tidy her house, she has no hope; if a student cannot play, he has no hope; if a priest cannot serve, he has no hope. You have confidence in yourself that you can do something with this hope. Someone says, "What do you think, do I believe in God?" How strange! I have to answer if he believes! Well, open your purse and see! He asks me if he has any money. Open your purse and you will see. Open your heart and see if there is anything there. Open your mind and if you have something inside, you have faith. When people meet me, they ask me, "Do you believe?"
"I don't believe in anything. " "How come? Are you an unbeliever?" I know only hope, faith and love. Beliefs, affections, expectations, I have forgotten these things, I have nothing to do with them. Only those who have lost love have to deal with them, they sigh, they want love. When you have love, you are with it. When you are in love with someone, it means you have only one window to look through. This is a misconception. You must be love, faith and hope. You must have faith, you must have hope that every person can raise themselves up. When you have a friend who believes in you, you have wings. When you lose faith in a friend, you become discouraged.

When I talk about the invisible world, my understanding and yours are diametrically opposed. All things that are far from us are invisible, and all things that are near are visible. Therefore, things far from us that we have to travel to are invisible. But if we move away from the visible world, it becomes invisible. So the visible and the invisible world imply space. Nowadays people understand the invisible world as something impossible. They call the world we aspire to invisible, and I translate it as "distant world". Human life, which is distant for an ant, is invisible life for it. This is the angelic life for us, for example. When we come to the state of understanding and feeling like them, we will understand this life. It is wonderful. There is no death, no priests, no merchants, and no courts there. You will say, "Well, then, what is there?" What does the judge do? - He sends people to prison. What does a merchant do? - When a tax collector catches someone, he robs him. There is brotherhood and sisterhood in that world. When you go there and walk into a shop to buy something, the merchant will not ask for money, but he will say to you, "It will be a great pleasure for me if you take what you want without money." If you give money to the merchant, he will be offended and will tell you to get out. If you take it for free, he will invite you to come again. The other world has applied hope in this very sense, and in the physical world the conceptions are just the opposite. If you go to the angelic world, you will see what beautiful, slender people there are, not like you. When you go to them, you will say, "Let's run away from here, this world is not for us." Therefore religion is a science that teaches people the laws of love, faith and hope. Nowadays, people learn everything but these things.

So, hope is the future great science that will give meaning to life on earth, it will teach us how to reconstruct schools, courts, how to eat. There will be no graveyards in this future world, and then Christ will come. This earth, we now live on, will be reconstructed. This world will sink under water. New continents will be created, there will be new air. If Christ comes to the earth now, what will He find? Everybody will meet Him with a plea - some will complain about her husband, another will complain about his/her brother or sister. Christ will say, "I did not come for this purpose - to judge people. I have come to bring peace, love, faith, and hope." Now the world is being judged/judges itself, and Christ will not judge it. He gives a new commandment of love and asks, "When the Son of Man comes to earth, will He find faith, will He find people willing to accept this teaching?" He says, "If you have love, you will keep Мy teaching, you will apply these three great laws." The world will improve, there are conditions for its improvement. And today they talk about some destiny, but that is a side teaching. Now some people say, "Secular people are unbelievers, we have no hope in them." Well, then, let the evangelicals, let the Catholics apply this teaching. But they can’t see eye to eye. What a ministry is that! I ask, "You, evangelicals, Catholics, merchants, doctors, lawyers, were you born that way?" No, you have acquired these firms later. Then why these misunderstandings? When we understand basically why we came to earth, we will be able to apply the great law of hope, and we will not ask whether God exists or not, but we will ask whether we apply the laws of love, faith, and hope. If we apply these laws, we understand why we came and misunderstandings will disappear. What do people do now? Someone makes a mistake/sins, and he/she goes to prison for three or four years or the church excommunicates him/her. And all the people are fixing the world! Those who believe in God, and those who do not believe in God, they all call the shots. I say: They both have a common denominator. You, who believe in God, will rob me, and you who do not believe in God, will rob me too. What is the difference between them? If a believer robs me, and an unbeliever does not rob me, I'd say that in the latter there is some principle, something good in his soul, which people do not see. That is why I would like us to act a little differently.

Тhis teaching is necessary for you. You have to live on earth, be healthy, happy and blessed. Whatever you want to do, you cannot accomplish it if you do not have love, faith and hope. Everything is hidden in these three great principles - love, faith and hope. If you understand them correctly, if you develop them in yourself, you will be strong, powerful, you will have joy, trust and strength in your life. This is the doctrine that Christ preached when He came to reconcile men to God. How? - By teaching them how to live. This is not a belief, but a great art. There is no greater art on earth than learning how to live. This is what we must learn! Young, old, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, masters, servants - all must learn to live wisely, to have peace and harmony among all.

So, apply this teaching. Leave all your old views, i.e. do not throw them away, but put them as fertilizer. Graft new branches onto your old beliefs. Everything in the world must be utilized. This experience we have is excellent, take a step forward! Apply the law of hope, to always be joyful and not to know what discouragement is. Even if you become а pauper, still not to be discouraged, for there will be something in your soul that no force can take away from you. You have powers, hidden treasures within you that modern science does not even suspect, although it finds them. There are things one cannot learn from books. If a child undergoes magnetic sleep up to the fifth degree, he/she will develop special abilities, and this child will be able to tell you what is going on in America, will be able to describe the disease of a patient and thus prescribe the most effective drugs. How does this work? The human soul has not yet fully manifested itself; there are forces in man which await the most favourable conditions for development. If you free yourselves and enter into the freedom of the Divine life, you will learn everything. If you perceive God as an all-encompassing Love in which life can manifest, if you perceive Him as a Being who looks with the greatest favor on the smallest and greatest beings, He will exalt you. If you perceive God as a being just waiting to punish, He will not help you. See Him as a being of goodness, a power in which there is no death. With such an understanding of God, the two principles of faith and love will enter into you. In twenty or thirty years, God will call you to Himself, in order to see what His children have learned, and then He will send you back to earth. There is work for everyone. Seeing that you have learned your lesson, He will send you to serve in the Great Universe. In this life, every soul will satisfy all the aspirations it has. There is no desire of the soul that it cannot fulfill. But when? - When we finish this great school, where the law of hope is studied. I would like all of you who are listening about hope to come out of here rejoicing. If you have joy, all is well with you. If a girl sings, her things go well. She opens the windows, she is cheerful. A girl is silent, her situation is bad, she has lost hope.

So whatever you do, I would like you to sing. Old, young, sing! Whoever wants to be young must sing, must rejoice. If you stop singing, you're done for. You are an old woman or an old man, and everybody says, "God rest his/her soul!" Your relatives will come and mourn you. I say, "Yes, may God rest your soul, because you do not know how to sing and rejoice." If you do not want water to be poured on your grave, and to have prayers read to you, then sing, rejoice! So, apply hope in your life. There is no melancholy, sorrow, despair in hope.There is only joy and gladness in it. This is how this Divine principle is known.


16.01.1920 10:00 Friday, Ruse

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Превеждали: Starlet (Стела Каменска)

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