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It was one of those bright days in the mountain, one of the few during the year; for us these are the days to celebrate Nature. On a day like this we were sitting with our beloved Master up at the Peak of the Contemplation. In front of us a view was revealed, so mighty and sublime that it took the breath away. The mountain ridge Rupite stood out in the transparent air with its peculiar unreachable crests. Today they looked bigger and closer than ever. Behind them you could see the Musala, and in the far distance the numerous mountaintops of the Rhodope were fading. We were sitting around the Master on one of the small grassy fields and we were contemplating the mountain world. Many questions were emerging in our souls and silently they were waiting for an answer.


When he pointed at the wondrous view, the Master said:


All these shapes are created by other Creatures and now you are the ones who benefit from it. They were worked on for millions of years. This is for those who understand. God has put every stone where it belongs.


The building of these mountains by Rational creatures is a whole story. What rationality is hiding now in this closed book! When he comes to Earth, man has to be focused and has to know that everything is in accordance with natural laws. He has to take everything into account, but must not worry.


The ones who have built this place were building for the rational people. When someone writes a book, he does not write it for the stupid, but for the smart. The wind blows for you, the rivers flow for you, the Sun shines for you. The Earth is built by Creatures, who had completed their evolution and as a final assignment they were given the creation of the Earth, as they were given all the materials too. In all the forms, which are made, they have put in their ideas, their thoughts, and that is why we feel a particular pleasantness when we are surrounded by Nature. When we are in contact with the rocks, the flowers, the lakes, we connect with the Advanced creatures and with their ideas.


The Earth has not completed its development. These flawless Creatures are now working on it, and will work more on its construction. Our task for the future will be to continue their work, for we are following in their footsteps. How many workers are here - billions of workers come here, who are working even now; they have built the lakes.


The Rupi are unapproachable, there live Sublime and Advanced creatures. One may think that when you go to the Rupi you can eat and drink and have ordinary thoughts. These places are for the ones who think of God.


At today's conversation at the Praying top there were a lot of friends from the Invisible world. They came to you and you did not recognize them. The Creatures who live here have their own centers; almost no man has ever been there. Here there are places where angels are standing; those places are invisible, they cannot be photographed, they are etheric. Those centers stay unknown; they are connected to other superior centers.


In Bulgaria you can bring in culture because the land assists. In Egypt, to bring in culture, they had to build the Pyramids - on them lays the culture of Egypt. As the Egyptians did not have high places, they created them, so they could have transformers of the cosmic energies that come to the Earth from the Universe.


The mountaintops perceive the cosmic energies that come to the Earth; they transform them and spread them everywhere.


There are specific places, where you can acquire specific energies. Every part of the mountain is connected to one rational power in Nature and when you climb one high mountaintop, you will connect with the rational in it. When you climb such a peak, think of what its service is, of what its purpose is. And the lake has a purpose, however small it may be. Musala is the head, the Rupi are the liver, and the Seven Rila Lakes correspond to the heart.


As I look at these rocks, I read how people lived in the past epochs. What curious stories, what religious adventures took place here, what adepts have crossed these places!


This massif between Olympus, Shar and Rila used to be big - it used to be over ten thousand meters high. This whole massif used to be Olympus - place of the gods. Musala used to be 7-8 thousand meters high. Musala is the place where there are no sediments, which means it was never under the sea. Once, here in the Balkans, there used to be a tropical climate. The Rila-Rhodopean massif used to be the center of the Rational powers, which would work; it used to be a pillar of their construction activity. Here, there used to be a settlement of the Universal White Brotherhood from ancient times.


Some mountains are lowering and in thousands of years will become plains, fields, and in their place new mountains will arise. The old mountains will become fields and the old fields will become mountains. The soil which is under water will come out. Now, a new continent is being prepared for the new race. In time, this lowering will stop and rising will begin again.


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