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At the upper end of Lake Elbur there is a water fountain which we call "The hands which give". The water spray is crystal clear. It flaws out of two hands carved in stone. The fountain has the form of a reclining anchor. It is built of white milky quartz, the pieces are carefully selected and arranged, and some of them are brought from too far away. The water springs from the foothill of a huge rock; from there it flows in an open water course to the very hands - this way it is exposed to the sun rays. The water course is paved and surrounded with white stones. The whole fountain reflects the Master's and the students' bright love of the springs.


There is an anchor and an inscription engraved on the rock above the spring, given by the Master:


Brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, masters and students, servants and rulers - all of you, servants of Life, open your hearts for the Good and be like this spring!


Once, a sister asked the Master: "Why is it that one feels comfort and pleasantness around the spring?"


The Master said: one receives something from the spring which acts revitalizing.


Another time, God's Love of us and our love of Him were brought into question.


The Master explained: you expect to become saints in order for God to love you. God loves you no matter the circumstances you are in, but His attitude towards the good, clever people is one, and towards bad people - another. The external relations differ, but the internal relations of God to all the people and to all the creatures are the same. There is one quality in God - during thousands of millions of years people make mistakes, but He has not hesitated about His Love; He knows what the end will be.


Our mistake is that we look for Love somewhere. But there is no place without Love, all creatures live in it and draw from its sources. Wherever there is intelligent life, there is Love; where there is no intelligent life, there is Love too, but it does not manifest.


God is Love. He manifests in all Being. If you search for Love you will find it in the whole Universe - it manifests through the food, the water, the light and through all creatures. Love is a cosmic power, which moves everything in the world - all the planets, all the suns. Out of the spring of Love for millions of years all worlds will originate.


The Rational Nature is always favorable towards all creatures on the face of the Earth. Consider that the whole Nature is the Love of God - it is an environment in which man lives. What water is for fish, Love is for man - he lives surrounded by Love and nothing has the power to separate him from it. Some people think that they can live outside the Love; it is unthinkable - if they go outside of it, they will suffocate.


All abnormalities, incongruities come from the fact that a man leaves Gods surroundings of Love. When he leaves them, the sufferings begin. The duration of your life, your happiness and education depend on these surroundings of Love. Sometimes you say: "I do not need Love" - this is when you are in conflict with your nature. You will put in your mind the thought of living in the Love and you have to fulfill its great laws.


The unlimited Love gets you through all hardships so it can make you perfect.


The only One Who loves you and does not see evil in you is God.


Love is from God, but the way people manifest it is from them. When you talk with Love, you talk with God. A man wants everyone to love him, but that is an idea of the Divine world. Someone wants many people to love him - that is in the Angel world; and when he wants only one to love him, that is in the human world. Everyone wants to be loved - that is Divine, Love is an internal desire of the human soul and we search for it everywhere.


Every one embitters when people do not love them. When they do not understand Love, they search for it where they will not find it. The soul has one concept of Heaven - that there they have treated it nobly, but here on Earth they do not treat it so.


What is Love? A world in which the Divine Spirit lives. The greatest, the most sublime world is Love and when it is said: "God is Love", we think of the Essence from Which everything has originated.


In order to love someone, first you have to love God. A man is born on Earth in order to love God; if you achieve that, everything else is achievable. This is the conception of that great internal experience.


While your Love for the temporary transient things is stronger than your Love for God, you will always be in the temporary transient life, and you will never achieve what you want. The moment your Love for God is stronger than your desires, you are already in the area of immortality.


Someone loves you. It is important for you that your Love for God be stronger than your love for this someone. If you have Love for God, everything will work out for you.


The Love for God is an internal mystic experience. The magical power of this experience is manifested when a man directs his mind and heart towards God without any hesitation or doubt. Then, you will understand the meaning of life - the meaning of life stands in the Love for God.


I call a real person the one who has loved God. Even if he goes to hell, he will always be joyful and happy. The moment he has defined himself and has loved God, defines him as a person.


Someone asks: "Do you love me?" I will tell him: if you want to know if I love you, you have to know if I love God. If I love God, than I love you too - the Love for God gives birth to love for all the creatures. Think that the Divine Spirit lives in everyone and that you are all Divine. Work with Love as a great wave, which acts in the world, and then you will have Divine benevolence.


In our soul there is a place for everyone, for every living creature there is one sacred place. The one who has Great Love in him enjoys the little things. When a small butterfly or a small fly comes, we will caress it and tell it to fly around in our garden. Love the little firebug, which is crawling on you.


To love in a Divine way means that you have to be in connection with every soul - all of them to love you and you to love them.


The welfare of one soul is the welfare of all souls and the welfare of all souls is the welfare of one soul.


We die because we do not love God. If we love God, death is out of the question. When we love God, death cannot kill us, because we are with the Strong.


When someone loves one, two or several people this is a school to start loving everyone. We will love everyone, but to everyone we will give just as much as they need. This means that Love is the same, but we will love people in a different way.


Someone asked: "How can I love everyone?"


The Master looked at the bright calmness all around, looked at us and said: when you look at everyone you do not touch them, but you receive something from them and you give something. You can see all those things because the sunlight is reflected by them. The same way the Divine Love is reflected in all the creatures and comes to you; and you will love God, Who is reflected in everyone, you will love God, Who manifests through them. The sun will become comprehensible to you through all those objects, by which it is reflected - This way God will become comprehensible for you through all the people and creatures. Then, the whole world will be open in front of you, you will feel the meaning of things, you will understand God, as angels understand Him, you will have great knowledge of the angels and then you will also be angels.


The grand rule is: to have love for everything, which God has created.


You love someone, but as you love them, this love should be passed on to everyone. It is not that it is bad to love one more than others - Jesus loved John more than the others too. To love - this is a great knowledge.


Now the law of the physical plane is: with the people who are closest to us we have closer relations, we can help them, but others we cannot help on the outside - because they are far away there is no chance of that. Understand the mystic side of things: to realize that we love God and that God loves us, whoever His Love goes through, whatever clothing it manifests through. When the Divine way of understanding comes, we will have the full enlightenment of the mind, so we can understand things. What you love in someone is the internal, invisible, and it is, in fact, what is real. The important thing is whether you can love in another that which you cannot see, their true self - their soul, the Divine.


To love someone means to find in them the good, which is hidden from everyone around, and if you find it, to be happy and to thank God that with Love you found it.


Love grows in a man only in contiguity with God. With your first contact with Him, Love will shine in your soul as a fait accompli and the whole area will be blessed by this contact. It will bring in you a new stimulus, you will understand the world as you have never understood it before, and you will start living in another way. Someone says: "We already acquired the Teaching." You have not yet acquired Love, you have not acquired the special contiguity with God; you do not know Him yet. This contiguity you will acquire maybe in 40­50 years of work and then you will have the state of an angel. You can become an angel in one day or in millions of years - depends on your work.


The Love we feel is the Love of God, but it is partially reflected, because we are not in a condition to fully perceive it. God loves through us. All of you want to be loved - by whom? By God. Love does not come from me, neither does it from you - it passes through us. God is Love and the world of Love is endless. To know it, it has to manifest through us, i.e. in the finite world.


The Holy Scripture says: "The desire is from God." When a yearning comes to you, a desire for something sublime, Divine, it is introduced by God.


Enjoy the Love, no matter through whom it is manifested, because Love is indivisible. Anyone's Love is your Love as well. When we understand the unity of Love, its indivisibility, peace arouses in our souls. But when we do not understand this idea, we have worries, concerns.


Love is a quality only of God; only God is He Who loves. Our love is a reflection of Divine Love. Become conductors of new Love, which now comes into the world. When one becomes a perfect conductor of the Divine Love is when he becomes one with God.


The better conductor of the Divine Love you are, the better - your dignity depends on that. When a man comes to you, he has to be grateful that you have transmitted the Divine Love to him just as it is.


An action towards any man is an action towards God. To love someone, there has to be a reason for it, there has to be something to love in him. When you approach a soul, you have to approach it with sacred trepidation; you have to feel that it has come from God and not tempt it. And when you look at it, there has to be no dishonesty in your eyes. When you meet someone, whoever it may be, you will face yourself and say: "God, help me to show myself the same way You do!" When you go to a friend, he has to feel your love. When you see a brother, you have to feel a trembling sensation, as if you were facing God.


It is good to love a someone - this means to find a virtue, which is hiding in him from eternity: to find the Truth which lives in him, the Wisdom which lives in him, the Love which lives in him, or in other words, to see God in people.


When you love someone you will say: "I love God." God says: "Love thy neighbor for I live in him. In him you will love Me." When you see a fly you will love it because God lives in it too. You have to love God in everything; this is the mind of a saint, of a genius.


In your mind, you will think of the one you love as a deity - this means you see him as a soul. What do you understand by those words - To love each other? To love each other means to explore ourselves. To love a man, this means to read from the book of his life, to browse through it every day. You will open this book, you will read from it, you will meditate on its contents and the more you read, the better you will understand it. Every day you will find something new in it, something sacred. If you want to understand a man you have to understand the language of the book in which his life is written. When you finish reading it your heart will burst into flames and it will burn - this is the sacred fire of which the Holy Scripture speaks. If the heart does not burn, it produces smoke, soot; this shows that a man cannot read the book of his neighbor.


The one who loves you becomes an altar of the sacred fire of Love and in its light you can read the Sacred book. The flower, the man, and every creature feel joy when you read from the sacred book of their soul in which God has written.


When you go to a man, call upon God in him and speak to Him. After that, speak to the man.


You can love a man for his gifts, for his knowledge, etc. This is not love for the real man; the Divine Love is Love for the actual person. The task of every man is to get to the internal, mystic side of Love.


Why should I love any of you? A book is loved only for the good that is written in it. For those beautiful things, which God has written in us, in our mind, heart, soul and spirit, for those people will love us. When they come and read us, only then will they love us. God can be known only through Love. God is reachable only through Love.


You cannot know a man until you love him. Knowing someone is not a single act, it is a constant process. To know God - this does not happen only in one moment, but in a whole eternity. Also, to know a man in the Love, you need a whole eternity. Do not think it is easy to know a man.


We are gathered here so we can get to know each other, because we still do not know each other. To know someone - this is life eternal. The Holy Scripture says: "To know God - this is a life eternal." - Because, when we get to know God and God gets to know us, He will always live in us.


If we drop the curtains, no Sun will come in the room. The curtains are our negative thought and unnatural desires - then the Divine sun cannot come in us.

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