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The tent of the Master is located on a small grassy field above the Second Lake. It is sheltered next to the mountain pines, which surround the field. The lake valley can be seen from here. The powerful outline of the mountain ridge embraces the horizon. Beautiful peace reigns here at dusk. The sun descends towards the large peak Kabul, which has the outline of a pyramid. The shadows are already slipping into the lowlands. The song of theflowing waters comes from the lake valley; the sound rises and weakens, as if invisible doors were being opened and closed. The Master sits in a light cane chair. There are fruits on the small table in front of him. Here we have spent unforgettable hours talking with him. Once he said:


Today, people have only come to an automatic understanding of life. Be joyful, we live in a rational world. It all talks - the light talks and the air talks. If you listen to a foreign language, but you do not understand it, you say: "What an unfamiliar noise!" It is the same with Nature - when you do not know its language, you here only noise, but this is a language.


You suffer, because your vibrations are weak; raise your vibrations and you will not suffer. The suffering resembles a fighter, who has knocked you down, but you rise again and you knock the fighter down. Some other suffering comes and knocks you back down - this is how it is, until you finally become strong and the sufferings cannot play with you anymore.


Someone wants do you harm, but evil always becomes good. Someone comes and burns down your house, but later you build better house. Others come, they burn this house down as well, but you rebuild it again, even better than the last one. Then those people, when they learn that their evil becomes good, will never do this to you again.


After the suffering comes double, triple good. There is no suffering, which is not rewarded, and there is no joy, which is not appreciated.


Life is something, in which a man progresses; a man progresses even in the worst life.


A new body is being created now. The old body will give its place to the new one and our new feelings and abilities will be put in it. In some, it is still in its beginning, and in others is one month old.


The flesh is a body, where the spirit lives temporarily, and our spiritual body is a body of Eternity. The body we have is a wonderful creation - it is a model for the future body.


The organizing of the spiritual body is done by the following methods: through Love, through serving God and through prayer. How do you know if the spiritual body of a man is organized? If he does not lose his balance at some contradictions in life. You are all clogged like some lakes. Now I want you to flow out - what flows in has to flow out. You stop and say: "How can I understand what you are saying?" You will flow out to understand. Like they gave you, the same way you will give to the others; if you have taken, you can give. When you say that you cannot give, you do not speak the truth - then you should not have taken; if you are capable of taking, you are capable of giving too.


When you finish a job, when God speaks to you, then you are the strongest; and when you finish it after a year, then you are weak - your work will look like dry bread, and the perfect bread is the fresh one, which is taken out of the furnace. Someone says: "We are not good people." Nobody has the right to rule on whether people are good or not. In the world only God has the right to rule on the actions. One thinks that he is better than the others, and another thinks that he is better than the others; everybody has a notion of themselves but has no notion of the others.


You have to be grateful and to wait. A day will come, when things will become clear to you and you will begin to see them. Apply the law of analogy: if a mother takes out her child from her womb on the first month, it will look nothing like it should; on the second month - the same; after several months it might look like a fish. It has to wait for the ninth month. We too have to wait for things to be born in us and then we will see them as we should. The whole philosophy is: you will wait, with a lot of patience you will wait.


If people were precise in fulfilling God's will, God's Kingdom would have come. How would God's Kingdom come? When we start fulfilling God's Will like the military - they say: "Go!" and you go; they say: "Come!" and you come.

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