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It was raining for several days. Fogs covered the mountain tops. Wind, mixed with rain, was whipping the little tents. It was cold wet and.


Today the clouds parted, the deep sky showed between them. The fog started crawling up the mountaintops. The air was humid, fortifying. The wet mountain pines produced the smell of resin. The Sun started shining. It was glancing through, between the big clouds, and was hiding back again. The Master came down to the second lake and when we gathered around him, he started talking.


Which is the main reason for illnesses? Whatever the thoughts and wishes of the people are, their body ultimately becomes the same. And then, the exterior reason is just something for the predisposition of the organism towards the illness to take advantage of.


The heartbeat is the cosmic pulse of electricity; electricity is what makes a heart beat. You must not put brakes on this electric flow. There is one nerve that controls the heart, which comes from the head. If you get scared, if you are worried, this nerve tightens the heart and it beats abnormally, the electric current which passes through the heart flows incorrectly and that disturbs it.


The air is a carrier of Divine thoughts; it transmits the Divine thoughts to the brain. A sacred thing is the air. This is why, when man breaths, his mind has to be awake, because this is when the thoughts are perceived. We have come to the lakes, so we can perceive the sacred thoughts through the air. In the low places, where ordinary people and animals live, the air is filled with ordinary thoughts. We have come here to perceive the pure Divine thoughts.


For several days the Rational nature gave a storm, winds, so the air would purify, so we would be able to perceive Divine thoughts today. You will be able to use the energies and thoughts of the air, as far as your mind is awake.


One brother asked: "What do the white spots on my nails show?"


They show demineralization. They show high electric voltage in your nervous system - they are a result of this high voltage through the suffering you have experienced. When the suffering and the pressure stop, these white spots will disappear as well.


If a white spot appears on his nails, an illness will appear in the man. The smallest white spot is a sign of a painful condition. When you notice it, immediately take measures: bring a divine idea into yourself, start exercises which include deep breaths, etc. The white spots are warning signs, which have to make a man take measures against the painful condition that is to come.


When you see how a man eats, you will understand what kind his love is. When someone hurries with his meals, he is the same with all things, including love. If he does not think while eating, he does not think while working either. Never eat when you do not have inner balance. Eat with thankfulness. When you are not content, there is a process in you, which will affect your blood circulation.


Here, in the mountain, you eat less and you are still full, even if there is an abundance of food. If the people are calm, they will be satisfied with less food and will extract a large amount of energy from it.


Expose your back to the Sunlight every morning. Stay like this for an hour, between seven and eight o clock. At the sunbaths you will turn to the Sun sometimes your chest, and sometimes your back. Your head will be turned north. You must not expose your head to the Sun, because it will attract the sun power too suddenly and you will not be able to perceive it and use it. It is important that you sweat at the sunbaths, so cover yourselves with white or light green fabric. The sun energies come most intensively before and during sunrise. To all is recommended to go out half an hour before sunrise and perceive the early sun rays. Dawn gives such energy to man, which no other force can give. The clouds do not prevent that; they prevent you from seeing the Sun, but the energies go through them. During this time, think of the most beautiful things you know. Do this experiment for a whole year and you will see that 99 per cent of the time it will be successful.


When you raise your mind towards the spiritual, the divine, your face becomes beautiful, but when you go down, with your mind, to a lower surrounding, your face becomes ugly. When a man disturbs his harmony with other people, his face, his fingers, etc. start deforming. Try not to let your face become rough. If it roughens, this shows that your thoughts and feelings are roughening.


I wish for your faces to become beautiful in the year to come. We are beautiful when our spirit works.


In the new culture the nervous system has to toughen, to become resistant, in order to be in harmony with the Divine world.


If you eat well, you will increase your Hope. If you breathe well, you will increase your Faith. If you think well, you will increase your Love.

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