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Sometimes you say to yourself: "I do not feel like doing this, I do not feel like doing that." This way you become petrified. A man has to know what to do -help where it is needed, water this tree, clean this fountain. You walk down a road and you see a rock - pick it up! The picking up of this rock will bring you great happiness. Do not ask: "Why would I pick it up?"; when you pick it up, it will rejoice.


The first thing is to work on our ascension and on the environment, in which we are placed, to be in service of everyone. All the people, to whom you have given one pear from your own garden, have become your friends. This is why it is good for your bags to be full of pears.


Rich is the one, who is smart, good, capable, talented, beautiful and healthy. Poor is the one, who is devoid of those things. Whoever has them, may he go to those who are devoid of them, and lift them. Of course he will get dirty, but it is ok - when he gets dirty, it will be as if he had planted wheat in the field; it will grow and he will harvest the fruits.


An absolute good in the world is for us to be good for everyone.


That, which you do for others, you do for God.


A good man is he who, even in the worst of conditions, is willing to do God's Will.


The law says: a day in which you have not received something good will bring to life something evil in you. If a man does not do good, the evil comes.


To feed someone, to give him money - this is not yet Good. Good always comes with Love, Good is the outer side of Love. When you do not love, you do not understand the Good.


When you want to do good, the impulse comes from God. You meet a person and you want to do him good. Even if you wanted to, you would not meet him again, so do not miss the opportunity.


When you give something, keep in mind that it belongs to God, not to you.


When someone is sad, find a way to secretly do him good. When you do good, hide it, so no one can know - this is a great law. Let only God know.


That which you have may have been left with you for others. Once, a widow went to John of Kronstadt, and asked him for help. John said: "Lets pray to God and in a week I will see". The next week he was given an envelope with a large amount of money and he gave it to the woman. She said: "They are too much"; John responded: "They have been given for you".


Good always wins because God is on its side. In the beginning of the fight evil is stronger, and at the end Good is stronger.


He who does evil slowly loses everything, and he who does Good, who loves, becomes stronger, grows and liberates himself. Everyone wants to be strong, but they do not know that first they have to be good.


When you do good, it will begin flowing towards you like a fountain. The degree of the good in a man determines the credit, which is granted to him.


You meet someone and you do him good. This is a fund, which is invested in the bank for you. This fund will come back to you, it will be given to you -good comes back to the one who made it. If it comes back to you and you are not satisfied, it shows that you have not done it correctly.


Good is a requirement for health. Without good a man cannot be healthy.


Do not wait to become good, you are born good - why? Because God's life is in you.


Every man has to do at least a small favor for his neighbors.


Do good, because you are organs of a great cosmic organism.

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