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This morning the mountain was crystal clear. The fogs had filtered the air and now were lying as a silver sea low in the valleys. The light was adorning the upper world; it was revealing it in front of us in a new, unique way. The mountaintops were shining pure, bright, festively cloaked. We were sitting with the Master at the hillside heated by the Sun, from which the Lake of Contemplation could be seen. The Master was silent for a long time, then started talking quietly, focused on himself:


One is your Master; He is connected with every Master outside of you. There is only one Master in the world - this is God. When we talk about a Master, we think of the Great infinite love, which is expressed in the giving of knowledge, of wisdom, of happiness, of bliss for every creature. That Creature thinks of all the other creatures every day - what form He should give them to improve their existence; He listens to their sorrows.


If you do not know the Master in you, you cannot recognize the outer Masters. If you do not know God, Who is in you, you cannot understand the things that surround you.


What is the title of Master? You have to know God, and God has to know you. You cannot be a Master until you know God, and God knows you. My thought is the thought of God.


Christ says: 'Talk!" - and I talk. I do not do what I want to - What God tells me, that is what I do, there is where I go. And God does everything for me, whatever I want. God tells me to visit someone, to raise someone.


For whom have I gathered you here? For the Lord; God has told me to gather you here. He tells me: "That is what you will tell them." You say: "This is how the Master has decided to talk to us." No, I speak what God tells me to. None of you know who I am. No one has known Christ yet either. If you had known Him, you would have His Love.


If there were someone, who had the biggest contradictions and hardships, that would be me. I know who I am, but that is irrelevant; for me is important what I have to do to accomplish my mission, the task, which I have here. I can only work, to accomplish what I have as a task.


God knows why I have come to this world. I have been sent by God, to show the people the path which they must follow and serve God as they never have before. If you are interested in who I am, that you will learn from God; when you go to Him, you will understand who I am and why I have come.


A man who has already learned everything on Earth, God sends to teach the others. When he teaches them what he knows, they feel joy, but he who was sent is also joyful for their joy.


You say: "What does our Master think?" I think of how to pass on to you God's Love. I have to let it walk free.


The Earth concerns me as much as the Heavens. For me Heaven and hell are here. Whenever I see hell somewhere, I bring in light and I make it Heaven.


When you buy a golden bowl, you clean it carefully. I do the same with you.


If you want to live, you have to live as I do.


The Master is what stands between God and the student, and the student is what stands between the Master and the nation, the world.


When I say, that I talk to the students, I do not talk only to you. There are Creatures from greater worlds, which you do not see - I talk to them, and you will understand what you are able to understand.


That, which has been said in the past, will happen. And that, which we have yet to say, will happen as well.


I can lift the fog - when I tell it to lift, it will lift; when I say: "Come", it will come.


For 40 years I have been warning the Bulgarians of what awaits them.


What you will learn with me in ten years, you will learn without me in thousands.


Who is the Master? Who is Christ? These are questions of the Invisible world. The Invisible world - the world of Truth up there, it will reveal from the inside the Truth of man.


He Who speaks throughout the centuries is the same - throughout the ages God is Who manifests Himself to the people. He is one, but the physical forms with which he is manifested are different.


Christ had a higher form than the once before Him. Christ says: "As the Father taught me, I speak." And then He says: "No one can come to me unless the Father of mine draws them."


Do I know Christ or not? Not only do I know Him, but I live with Him and I speak with Him every day.


For us it is not a question of convincing people, but feeding them - to feed these hungry souls. They will say: "Is this food good?" Taste it. If it is good, accept it. For us it is not important for the people to convert, but for the food to be tasted.


It is not a question of what I would say about who I am, but what the ones from the Invisible world would say. It is important that that the ones from the Invisible world support what I lecture. Because Christ says: "If I seek My glory, my glory means nothing, but there is someone to seek it."[1] That which I speak firsthand will be certified from somewhere else.


I give you wheat, you say: "Is it good?" Plant it and you will see. The Divine Word has the power to grow under any conditions. By that you recognize it - if it has the power to grow under any conditions. Of course, the one who will plant it has to be skilled and has to be a good farmer, but the wheat has to be of good quality. A smart man would never plant wheat of bad quality.



[1] Literal translation of the quote of the Master (note of translator)


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