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One evening the Master was walking around the camp and with him was a small group of brothers and sisters. A discussion on faith took place.


Faith is illumination from the light of intuition, from the light of superconsciousness. It has a foundation in experience - the experience of the past. And superstitions - those are something misunderstood.


What is Faith? It is to believe that things are going to happen as God has determined, and they cannot be otherwise. And believing they could happen another way, this is human knowledge. You will put your Faith in the belief that what will happen to you is as planned by the Rational. Faith is reliance on the Rational, which lies in the foundation of the entire Nature. This is not fatalism.


We see that things do not always happen as we think, but they always turn out better than we think. First you become disappointed, but later you see that things have turned out better than you thought.


You can believe only in the Divine - this is to believe in something, which stands higher than you. The Divine mind has surrounded you and thanks to it you live. It is very difficult to achieve this high state - when there is such an Absolute faith in man that he always preserves his interior calm.


Faith has three transformers: physical, spiritual and Divine.


Faith is an interior connection, which is formed by the law of Love. If you make this connection, you are saved - you will begin to understand life.


What we believe in, happens. When a man works with Faith, things are realized.


In the Angel world, when I wish for a fountain, it immediately comes to me. I shall place my hand and drink.


Aspire to make friends not only on Earth, but also Above, in the Invisible world. If you have friends there you are blissful; if you do not have friends Above, then life is hard.


A man must have Faith, he must not think that God will provide for him, now that he is praying. The note has been received in the mail, but as you pray, you will find it and you will pull it out.


When suffering, man is supported by Rational creatures from the Invisible world. They say: "It is alright!" - They start to console him. At first he always loses heart, but later he is consoled. No one is left disconsolate.


Have complete Faith in the Divine Providence, which exists in the world. If you understand the meaning of the great sorrows and joys, great souls you will become. When a great sorrow comes to you, you have to know that behind it comes a great good. No act of man can succeed if he has no help from Above. Eventually, man's actions scatter. Man will plant the seed and God will grow it.


A Creature of the Rational world aspired to make the people of Earth rational, so they can use that which is good. There is every condition on Earth, for people to be able to live well, and if they do not live well, it is because they have not understood the laws of the Rational life.


You want to arrange your life. It is arranged, but you do not know it. Let's say that your father has left you heritage on Earth, but you do not know it yet and you walk as a poor person. God has provided for you, you only have to study on Earth.


All Advanced creatures, which come down, do it with a sacred tremor and with joy. The souls do not come down alone, but collectively.


A strong nape must a man have so he can endure on Earth. The Holy Scripture says: "God will go before you and will be your rear guard." If there were no one to help, human life would be hanging by a thread. If the Rational nature did not protect man, he would face thousands of threats every day. If only man knew how many times he has been saved!


Faith, Faith is needed. Faith is developed during the trials- then it becomes stronger. You go - you are guided everywhere; wherever you are, you are surrounded by Rational creatures.


When someone does evil, there is one Rational power in the world which converts it in good. Everything, whatever happens, in the end will become good from this Rational power - from God. This is the beauty, the Greatness, this is the consolation of the world.


What you love, they will give to you. And what you do not love, they will give you that as well. On Earth, what you do not love will be given to you first, and what you love - last.


That which a man desires one day will return to him, but if it is not rational, he will suffer.


Faith and Hope are the wings of Love. Through Hope we are connected with the physical world, through Faith we are connected with the Spiritual world, and Love itself connects us with the Divine world.

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