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To the Master had come brothers and sisters, guests from abroad.


Question: Please, give us some methods for work here, on the mountain.


First you need purity. Thoughts must have a natural light, but only when a man is notin conflict with himself. And the heart must have natural warmth. With this warmth, the state of a man does not change - the positive state of the soul remains stable.


I will give you two exercises.


Watch during the day, the blue color of the sky. When you watch the blue color of the sky, you must keep in mind that everything in the world has its own meaning. Through this exercise we can become more open to the thoughts which come from the Sun, to the rational influences which come from there. During this exercise, when you make a connection with the blue color, your state will change.


The second exercise is: at night, watch the stars, and keep in mind that the whole Universe is full of rational life. Rational creatures travel from one solar system to another.


Question: What will you say about the current political events and about the contemporary spiritual movements?


The contemporary political and spiritual movements are only harbingers of the Great, Divine, which is coming in the world. They are aids. And whatever they do, whatever the events to come, everything will turn into good.


Question: How should I work in my profession?


A man should work in his profession with love. He must think of it as means toward interconnecting with people. He should not think of it as some load. Through every profession in the physical world a man learns something, acquires certain virtues.


There is one anecdote. A child went to a great hero. The child begun hitting the hero with a stick and told him: "Do you know what I can do? I am beating you really hard!" the hero took him, lifted him and turned him upside-down. After that he put him to the ground. Then the child said: "I want us to become friends." If someone can lift the hardship in the air and turn it upside-down, it becomes his friend. When some great hardship comes to you, lift it in the air and turn it upside- down. Then you will have a lot of friends. This is the Divine law of Love - only through the law of Love can you become friends with the hardships. For Love there is no hard work in the world; for it, all works are easy. You will be assured of that when you start applying it and testing it, now it is still just theory to you.


One sister asked: Please, give me some health guide­lines.


You have to drink orange juice.


Eat slowly - then the nerves on the tongue, the palate and the gums have time to draw the vital power of the food; because the stomach digests only the rough matter of the food. When you eat, you must not think of anything else but the food.


It is good to drink hot water. You should not drink cold.


You have to take deep breaths two times a day.


Every morning during all seasons do the six gymnastic exercises. They work very well on the brain, the sympathetic nervous system and the respiratory system.


When you choose a home, under it there should not be any subterranean water flows. Houses under which there are such flows are not healthy. In such houses man feels indisposed - you are sensitive to the emanations of the water.


While you sleep, your head should face north. Take your time going to bed, until you have taken all precautions.


Every morning and evening take time for a prayer, reflection and contemplation.


There is one law: when a man is praying and contemplating, more blood is attracted to the upper front part of the head and the spiritual organs, which are there, are developed.


Question: How can a man gain the habit to concentrate?


Here is one method: when the weather is good, take a prism. Disperse the light through the prism and watch the seven colors of the solar spectrum. First stop on the color you love the most; after that stop on a second color, on a third, etc. This way you will learn to concentrate. On the other hand, through the effect of the colors your health will improve.


Question: How can we transform our disharmonic relationships with some people into harmonic ones?


Those who a man does not love have harmed him greatly in the past.


I will give you one rule: do favors for the one you dislike. Then your antipathy will become sympathy.


Question: How should happiness be interpreted - as something physical or spiritual?


Happiness can be neither physical, nor spiritual. Happiness is something Divine.


Love is one of the greatest laws of life. Outside of Love, no happiness exists. Happiness comes exclusively from God. A man can be happy only if he keeps God in his thoughts. Do not rely on the humanity inside yourself, or on the humanity inside your neighbor. Trust the Divine in yourself and the Divine in your neighbor.


You want to be happy. Only by the law of Good can a man be happy. In order for you to become happy, you have to be useful to all rational creatures. Now you are unhappy because you are not useful to them. If you are useful, they will love you. When they love you, the happiness will come on its own.


You have to love God, to believe in God, in order to be happy. Do not take happiness as something material. You want to be happy when you wear some cloths or put on some shoes. The happiness is not in the cloths you wear. Sometimes you are happy that you have a friend who loves you; what makes you happy is the Love. If you doubt it for a moment, it becomes heavy; an inner darkness creeps inside you. While we get that there is One, Who loves us, we are happy - this is God's Love. While you think you are loved, you feel vivacity, cheerfulness. The happiness is an expression of that endless Love which exists in the world.


Happiness is an external expression of Love. It stands on that - knowing that there is One, Who loves you.


Someone asked: Tell us, Master, something from you, without a question.


Develop that which God has planted in you

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