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The great environment
The rational beginning in the world
The language of the rational beginning
The unity in the world
A visit by God
The silent voice
Communication with the rational beginning
Harmonizing of the human soul
Guard of man
Real connection
Musical state of the human soul, gratitude and contentment
Active in Life
The loyal son, serving God
The seventh day, the seventh hour, the seventh minute
In the regiment of Christ
God's will
The sacred connection
Whoever hears his voice will revive

Love towards God
How you shall Love God
Three laws of Love
Unknown Love
The gifts of Love
Power for achievement
The matters of the heart remain free
A path to Love
When you seek me with all your heart, you will find me
Stages of Love
Qualities of the divine Love
My father and I will make an abode within you
Four oranges
Love towards everybody
"Love everybody!" Is a dynamics
Love towards the enemy - that is a school
Some features of Love
A visit by Love
Tests of Love
Kindred souls
Love will build the new culture
Some rules of Love
Love is serving
Ordinary, talented, and ingenious Love
Meditate on Love
Maiden, fire, and water
Orbit and influence of Love
Connected with the Lord of Love
The eternal weal
You will grow wings
The art of doing good
Come with me to the fountain
Taking and giving
Rationality in nature
Laws and methods of Wisdom
Organizing the spiritual body
I will give you the wealth of secret places
Laws of thought
The straight thought
Unity of life
The elevated in man
A law for development
The law of causes and effects
Through the dark zone
We have a home not made by human hand
A few words about the human nature
Strong vibrations
Development of the new senses
Conscious emanation
Our smaller brothers, the plants
Our smaller brothers, the animals
Involution and evolution
Phases of the ascension of the human soul
Everything turns into good
The new farming
The colours
Vital magnetism
Something about the starry sky
Physiognomy and phrenology
Present your bodies in a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God
Man is a microcosm
"Om" contains everything




Life for the whole
New direction of labour
Future order - order of Love
Private property
Without violence
International life




I take you to the spring
The Bulgarian golden age
Revealed and unrevealed plans
Crying ieremiev
Be with watchful consciousness
The experiment will be tonight
Master - disciple relationship
I have gathered you for several reasons
Masters path
Disciple's path
A poem by Stela Belmen, France
In front of the portrait of our master
Raise to the higher worlds
Disciple's consciousness alertness
When you sit down to think
Operate with yourself
Disciple's safety
Free in the world
When do we become fragrant
Devoted service
Light and mistakes
Have peace, in order to have useful work
Parallel worlds
Absolutely possible for a strong man
Young people are heralds of the divine
Christianity bears the principles of the future culture
Gifts come after crying
The awaking of a soul
Divine life is a reality




Sacred hour
Take off your shoes
The five brothers
Right of the divine soul
Seven groups of three persons
Water, which always flows
This is an eternal life
The kingdom of God is taken forcibly
Concentration on the rainbow
Halo round the head
Nine blessings - nine methods for work
Plant installations
Let us Love each other




Believe in the impossible
Difference between belief, hope and Love
Development of the virtues
Suffering is awaking of consciousness
Hardships lead to good
Hardships purify and develop virtues
Hidden in us, wealth reveals through hardships
Hardships develop talents
Perfection comes through hardships
Hardships bring nobleness and beauty
Divine stays with suffering
Suffering is a path to Love
Torture and hardship
Joy comes after suffering
Reasons for the hardships
Suffering is a law of concentration
Attitude towards hardships 

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