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On September the 9th, 1935, the Master set out for Musala with a small group of seven brothers. In Borovetz we loaded the luggage on horses and we headed for the top on foot. On the way, during the breaks, we had interesting conversations with the Master. Here are some preserved thoughts.


One who trusts in the worldly, in the material, will inevitably and eventually be disappointed. One, who trusts in the spiritual, but with self-interested motives, will be disappointed as well. Only he who selflessly trusts in the spiritual will not be disappointed. That is the Divine.


Now the White race is passing collectively through the phase of greed (for instance, the Italians in Abyssinia), and the Bulgarian, on the other hand, is passing individually through the greed; of course, the Invisible world uses all of this again for the good.


Once, Musala was the highest mountain peak in all Europe, later it has lowered down. Bulgaria has been a sea and a land several times; however, the Rila massif has always remained a dry land, and has risen like a large island above the waters.


In the afternoon we reached the Musala chalet, where we spent the night, and on the next day we set out for the top early in the morning. On the top of Musala, at the rising of the Sun, the Master read the Second Epistle of Ap. Peter to the Corinthians. After the prayer a conversation began.


The first manifestation of God, which we know, is Love. God is Love. From the stars, from the Sun, from the fruit, comes the Love of God. Love is in the air, in the water, in the pears, in the apples, in the bread. And that is why each form we encounter should serve as a connecting link to us, through which we should connect with what is in it, namely - with the Love of God. That is why, when we perceive the air, the water, the apple, the pear, the bread, when we observe the stars, the rocks, the flowers, we have to connect with what they are an instrument of. And if, while eating, we make a connection with the Love of God, we have then eaten well. And if, while breathing, we touch and accept the Love, which is in the air, we have then breathed well. And if, while casting a glance towards Nature, we touch the Love, which is in its forms, we have then looked at it well. I have touched upon the matter of Love from all sides. It is all-penetrating and it is the great environment, in which we are submerged. Even in the tiniest creatures, in the atoms, in the forces - its influence can be seen everywhere, in one form or another. I see a fountain, and in it I find the Love. That man, who built it, has wished people well. I see a spring, and I call it Love as well. Some rational creature has let it flow to us. I see that the Sun is rising, and I find that this is Love, because some Supreme Being elevates our luminary above. This is the Love, which stands in the Sun. I see how the tree grows - Love is there, which makes it grow. In the small things, Love is strong. I see everywhere what providence there is - that behind all things stands God's Love. Man endures the sufferings because of Love. For the Love that God has towards Christ, He endures the suffering. So sufferings are not stronger than Love. Christ said, "I loved them to the utmost". And in another place, "I do not pray for the world, but for those, which it gave me, and for those, who will believe through them." A martyr is being cut to pieces, and he endures through God's Love. Love is above death. In the Brotherhood, a group of at least twelve people has to be form; they shall understand Love, and be instruments of it. Love is the light of Life. A life without Love is meaningless. Christ has said, 'You have to love each other. That is how others will tell that you are my students". A preacher would quote Isaiah, but not a word about the Divine Love. Moreover, he does not talk about the ways and conditions, under which Isaiah received what he has written.


People do not know each other now. Through Love there is a deep knowledge among the people. Everything is Love! God's Love precedes everything. Before it becomes faith, it is Love. Life is produced by the Love, and it is only a single condition for its manifestation. The entire world is an incarnation of Love, and it has derived from Love. That is why the first impulse of the man should be the perception of Love. When you say that the Sun does not think about you, you become discouraged. First of all, you do not speak rightly, because your father and mother have thought about you, and that is why you live. Secondly, if you have any brothers or sisters, they do not think the way you want, but they think about you. Maybe others think about you as well, but you do not realize it. The air thinks about you, because it enters your lungs. The Sun thinks about you, because it shines on you. The water thinks about you, and the tree also thinks about you. When you pass by their side, they tell you, "Welcome!"


Every day, the Sun and the stars flicker to see someone. The small bugs dance anxious to alight on somebody. The trees tremble impatiently for someone to come and take from their fruit, and you say that there is nobody to love you.


After this conversation, we entered the observatory to have some tea. When we went out in the open again, the Master continued:


The energies of the mountains descend down to the field, in order to make it fertile. In the future, the mountains will lower down, and the fields will rise up into mountains.


The Master looked across Musala towards the pine woods, beyond the valley of the Beli Iskar River, and said:


There are some clean places; Creatures live there. In general, Creatures like places where human foot never sets, so that they would not be disturbed. They know the art of becoming visible and invisible. Here they have abodes and live a semi-physical and semi-astral life. These creatures were once people. They are functionary creatures, servants of other, more advanced


Creatures, which have completed their development, and direct everything in Nature.


The ether penetrates the air. Things penetrate each other. What penetrates, dominates. The smaller thing lives inside the bigger one. The bigger envelops it. The ether has four states. They think that the ether is homogeneous everywhere, however, this is not correct. The suns are centres of ethereal energies. The pressure of the ether forms the suns. Wherever there are suns, the pressure of the ether is the biggest. When the ether presses, solar systems are formed in the endless space; so this pressure is not the same everywhere.


When you are climbing a high mountain, the inner pressure is bigger than the outer. In that case, if someone more sensitive comes to a high altitude, he starts bleeding. That is why namely, when you walk from down to up, you have to gradually adapt, and the inner pressure and the outer expansion have to balance. You have to stop from time to time for 30 seconds, so that this balance can come.


There is a Brotherhood, which travels the world and brings culture. It has been in India, in Egypt, in Babylon, in Persia, in Palestine, in Greece, in Rome, in France, in England, in Germany, and is now moving to the Slavs. Wherever it goes, there is culture, everything moves and develops.


Bulgarians say that when man loses his Love, he becomes clumsy, heavy; and they are right. There is no expansion from within them, and the outside world presses on. The denser the environment, in which a creature lives, the more inferior it is. For instance, the moles, they live in the soil and that is why they are more inferior. But there are creatures, which live inside the crust of the earth, and take advantage of particular rays.


So far, our Solar system with all its planets has been descending. And today, it is moving in an ascending way, it is lifting up, and will therefore soon enter a new area, which corresponds to a New culture.


It is being calculated, that the entire Universe resembles an egg, whose inner capacity equals hundreds of millions of light years. This was also said by the old occultists. One year for God is equal to one with fifteen zeros for us. Once in 365 million years, God descends to settle things. The word "descent" refers to directing the consciousness.


Present-day people will become Angels. Angels differentiate from each other by the stage of their development - the evolution, through which they have passed. When the present- day Angels, who are helping us, passed through the phase of humanity, present-day people were like plants and animals. The people of that time were taking advantage of them. Now, Angels are coming to help people, in order to repay for what they did to them when they were human. Angels communicate with people through the law of inspiration, and that is how they transmit their thoughts to them. Angels understand us, and we should not create any obstacles for them, so that they could transmit their thoughts to us. The energies of the Angels are so immense, that they have withdrawn from the people, so that they would not harm them. When Angels go to people who are not ready, the latter faint and lose consciousness. Remember when they came to Christ in the Gethsemane garden, in order to capture Him, they fell to the ground and He reduced his energy, so He would not hinder them.


The Black lodge wants to make people collide with the Divine world, in order to cripple them. There is a danger in the religious people - they have ambition. Scientists also have it. And for Christ it is said, "He assumed a slavish image"; so there was humility. You deem a man is ignoble, however, in him, God lives. You shall exchange with him, otherwise you will deteriorate. The Divine is everywhere, if we understand things.


A brother asked the Master, "Since when have we begun to descend with You in groups?"


Ever since you descended from the Moon. From the Sun we have descended to the Moon, and from the Moon we have descended to the Earth. There is a group, which always comes with the Master. From the beginning, ever since the Master has been descending to this Earth, a group of disciples has been descending along with Him. At all great events you gather in one place and come with the Master. And when there are no great events, the members of this group disperse towards various places and are reborn. And then, when they gather back together, they exchange their experiences.


Man must not say a single rude word, nor should he have a rude thought, because with that the Love inside him crumbles; not that it actually crumbles down, but it recedes, and man is left abandoned. In order for Love not to abandon you, neither should you say any rude words, nor should you nourish any rude thoughts.


Now the time has come for the Black lodge to withdraw, and for the White one to gain superiority. We have been sent to Earth so that the Name of God can be glorified.


On the descent from Musala, we stopped for a while by the streamlet, which comes down from the highest lake "Okoto" ("The Eye"). There the Master said:


Isis is a symbol of the Truth, which was obscured, and Osiris represents the rising Sun. Each man has to pass through Isis, in order to reach Osiris. Isis was a woman. "He, who unveils Isis, must die!" A great adept lifted the veil of Isis, saw the beauty of her face, but did not die, because he knew the laws. He, who unveils Isis, cannot go to Osiris. Osiris preached for the Sun. Isis and Osiris lived in the pre-historic epoch. They later became symbols of the Egyptian schools. The veiled Isis represents the Truth, which is hiding. In each person there is a veiled Isis. That is the soul, the Divine, the holy inside man. To know the soul in a man - that is called dedication.


During the epoch of the Black race it was terrible. At that time there were such murders, such crimes that have not happened with any other race. Now the Black race is a servant of the White. Now is the epoch, in which the Sons of Light will come, the Luminous race.


We came back and spent the night again in the Musala chalet, and on the next day we went to Borovetz, from where we set off for Sofia with an automobile.


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