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On September 27th, 1937, we set out from Izgreva (once a settlement near Sofia, founded by the Master; today it is a district of Sofia called 'Izgrev') at 5:17 a.m. We were the Master and six people. We reached Cham-koria (Borovetz) in less than two hours. After a while, we headed for Musala at 9:30 a.m. We had lunch by the bridge, which is midway between the resort village and the top. There, the Master looked at the beautiful scenery around us, and said:


Who can make such scenery? Nature, when making its entertainment, it makes it skilfully. Human awareness is the hardest thing. He has to get into a tight corner, in order to become aware. When parents cannot bring up their children well, then in the next rebirth they become teachers in public schools, and teach those children. In the public schools, the relations between the teacher and the students carry on in the next rebirths as well. And the more they advance, the more intimate their relations become.


We reached the chalet at 2:00 p.m. We went to bed at 7:00 p.m., so that we could get up early the next morning and welcome the rising Sun from the top of Musala. Once we opened our eyes, we set out at 4:00 a.m. sharp and reached the top at twelve to six a.m. The Sun rose at twelve past six a.m. On our departure from the chalet, the temperature was 5 degrees above zero, and on the top of Musala at sunrise it was 2.9 degrees above zero. At sunrise we had the following programme: The Good Prayer, Gospel by John, ch.10, v.10- 12. After that, a conversation began, and here are some basic thoughts of the Master:


When we read the book of a poet, he himself is in each verse, in each word, isn't that right? We have to see God's presence everywhere just the same. To deem, that in all of Nature, His thought is present. Yes, God abides in his deeds. Each Word, which comes out of the mouth of God, is living bread. If in the rising of the Sun, in the blossoming of the flowers, in the flowing of the river, in the relations between people, we see the presence of God, then that is the correct look. We are in dependence of a point, the Rational beginning, from which all goods come. And man has to see in the living creatures the manifestation of God. A bear is coming towards you; if you recognize God within it, it will not spit on you; it will not do you any harm. And if you do not recognize God within it, it can attack you.


Once in Plovdiv I entered the house of a colonel, in order to make my measurements. A dog bit my hand, and I said, "That's all right, you are a good dog." And it let go of my hand, and sat down quietly. You have to respect all living things, because they are created by God. When the consciousness of God is directed towards a small part, let's say, towards a single person, then that is the presence of God in man.


Some people want to see God. God is in the light, in the air, in the water, in the bread. We are all submerged in God. To rejoice in Life anywhere you see it - in ants and in the grass, it is as if you are rejoicing in God. Rejoice that you live within Him. God is in everything, and He manifests to us. And we shall do everything for God. When we see a flower, a bee, a midge, or a person, we shall say, "Since God has created them, and out of love towards God shall we help them. Whatever we do to any creature, we shall do it out of love towards God". Somebody comes to you and helps you; this is the Spirit of God, which helps you through


Him. Your pear-tree has yielded pears. This is God's Goodness. You need to have respect and esteem for everything that helps you, because God is there. Somebody does not have any respect for the ox. Well that ox has helped him, God's providence works through it. The tiniest flower carries a fragment of the Divine world. It endures, it rejoices in the slightest piece of goodness. Do not exclude God from the world. He is in the position to fix it. He is everywhere: among the Angels, among the plants, among the animals, and among the people. It is enough to look through the eyes of Love, so that you can see the beauty that is everywhere. When you see a midge, be pleased. It is a letter of the great alphabet. Without it, something will be missing. Do not comprehend the world mechanically. God does not govern the world mechanically, because if he did govern it mechanically, we would not have been able to think. Man rolls like some stone. God thinks constantly, and when you collide with Him, you start to think. You collide once - you get hurt; a second time, a third, until finally you learn not to collide with Him.


Explore God, who lives within the people, and God, who lives within you. Without that intensive connection with the First beginning, man might have some disturbances, misunderstandings, etc. God is that Beginning, which rationalizes the Life. There is not more beautiful moment than the one when man feels for an instant the presence of that Beginning within himself. It brings in great Joy and Light. Then, man solves all the problems of the world, and that force starts to work within him, and he stops tripping over in his life.


They say, "Where is God?" God manifests in every man and in everything. One who understands Him knows that, and the one who does not - he looks for Him where He is not. When David wanted to build a temple, a house of God, God said, "When a house is built, it is not a place that God can inhabit." There is a place that God can inhabit - the human heart. The temple - that is the human heart. We have a projection of God inside us.


The Writ says, "It is life eternal to know You, the one, the true God." The Writ also says, "God is Love". So Love is a manifestation of God. God always displays what we did not know. You think that God is like the humans, and that he invites those, who are loved; no, God has no such character. For Him, the first saint and the biggest sinner are the same. You philosophize and say, "Why have you given me little?" Because you come with a small mug. When you go to God with such a mug, He pours little. Go to Him with a big mug, and you will be given more. Remember one rule: if you set out for God with a cask, you will have to carry it yourself, and when you fill it up, again you will have to carry it on your back. Nobody is going to carry your weight to God. The law is to bring to God such a vessel, in which you will put as much liquid as you weigh. "Do not make an attempt to get more money than the right amount" (Gospel by Luke, ch.3, v.13). Actually, God loves the good, the righteous. Not that God does not love the sinful, but outward it looks as if He does not love them. Remember, the sinful are not perceptive to the Love and the goods, which come from God. Today, people respect and esteem the sinful. For instance, they love king someone, but the murders, the crimes he has committed, nobody notices. And the righteous, without sin, is hated by the world, but God loves him namely because he is sinless. The saint should not expect anything from the people. It is said, "Do not expect glory from the people." God has an aversion for evil, and preferred to banish from Heaven those, whom He loved, once they made a mistake. Because He loves them, that is why He banished them, so that they could learn from the school of Life.


When we are disgusted with sin, then God is in us, because He is disgusted with sin. He signalizes you from within, "The thing you are doing is not good." And when you sin, the fallen spirits whisper to you, "What you are doing is a good thing." Should you sin, the one, who approves of it from within, is a fallen spirit, and the One, who does not approve of it from within, is God. God never loves outwardly. For instance, man wants wealth, however, God does not give it to him, because it will do him harm. When man does not penetrate into the good distant design of God, he does not understand things. If God does not cause you suffering, you will not be able to heal yourself. In the eternal Joy, man must enter when he is ready.


What is God? God is what makes you happy, joyful, feeling full, and having no need of anything. Where there is God, there is the strength, there is the beauty. For the Great rational beginning we have mechanical apprehensions, from which we have to liberate ourselves. If you have Life, God is within you. If you have Knowledge, God is within you. If you have the slightest piece of Freedom, this is now a presence of the Great rational beginning. These have to be the criteria for His presence. God is the Absolute rationality, with which we must always be in harmony. By the word "God" we understand that Rationality in the world, which removes illnesses and sufferings, and provides us with conditions to develop. Wherever there is rationality and goodness, there is God. So believe in one God; when you find Him within yourselves, everything will be in place, you will learn by light, and everything will be pleasant to you.


Which is the strongest in the Great rational beginning? That, which distinguishes Him - the clemency. With all its workload, wherever it passes, whatever it is working on, if it sees that you are suffering deeply, He will stop to give you a hand, and will be on his way. God is attentive, no matter how small your desire might be, He always remembers and gives a hand for that, which is necessary. This is characteristic of the Great rational beginning. He says, "This small life deserves a small piece of joy." There is no one like God. Only God possesses that feature. When man is abandoned by everybody, the last one, who will find himself next to him, is God. He is the last refuge, the last instance, which we stop by. And Peace settles immediately within you, comfort comes. You fall; God will tell you, "Do not worry, your matters will be settled." And from the last instance on, everything will go forward. This has to serve as guidance. Keep in your mind that great quality of God, and when you come to the greatest despair, say, "I have reached the bottom, but this bottom is the Divine!"


God's paths are thus: you cannot know a piece of God's work as long as it is a bud, but once the fruit ripens, you can then try it and see what it is. You will eat it, and you will go to work. As this fruit sacrifices, so shall you go to sacrifice for God's Cause.


If someone dies, they assume that God is the reason. Yet God says, "I do not take delight in the death of the sinner." Somebody is sick. What is the reason? They say, "God". That we get sick, it is not from God, but that we are healthy, is from God. Yes, cleanse all the negative thoughts from the ideas of God.


They say that God has created the world, and they speak well, but they understand that He has created it like man creates his mud; here is where the wrong is. Or they say that God rules the world, and they think that He guides it the way people manage to, and that is not right. A way has to be found in order to tell who God is. And He is the One, who can remember you, get you out of trouble, and help you; the One, who can get you out of the nothingness. And that One, who loves within us, is the Great rational beginning! The One, who brings Knowledge and Freedom into us, is the Great rational beginning. Only by the Path of love can we come into contact with God. When you adopt the idea of being a manifestation of God, everything will then be possible, Knowledge and everything else will come immediately, and matters will be settled easily.


Because we are not ready when God passes by, He remains hidden. I have one opinion about God: nobody should meddle in His business. When it comes to this, I stop. When the Divine goes out of you, it makes a circle, and then comes back to you. If something in me is Divine, it is mine and what is not - it is not mine, and they can always take it away from me. In the human nature there is no Freedom, whereas in the Divine there is, and no violence exists there. In the world, God fights for our Freedom as well. He is the One, who constantly works within us, in order to liberate us from slavery. Our situation looks like this: a child wants from his mother bread with butter, and at the same time, he is crying his eyes out. After the cry, his mother will give him what he wants, however, if he asks his mother and waits without crying, again she will give him, and twice as fast at that. Isn't the second thing better? So do we, when telling God, let us wait without crying, and He will give us what we desire.


God is one. There has to be unity, we are all within Him. He knows the price of everything. Outside of Him, nothing exists. He does not take into account that one man is taller, and another - shorter. Both the good, and the bad live within God, but their understanding is different. When a sinner goes to God, he becomes a righteous man.


A sister asked, "Isn't God everywhere?"


It depends on the consciousness. If the consciousness is awake, God is closer. If it is not awake, God is farther.


The only perfect Being is God. We are created in His image. The form, which man has now, is not Divine. You have to see the spiritual body of the man, in order to have a slight notion about God. It is said in the Writ, that God has repented of creating the man. This has to be understood mystically, and namely that He has prematurely given goods to man, and with that He has restricted himself. God leaves us free, so that we can connect with Him. And He withdraws when we do something, at that. And when we make a mistake, He tells us - Correct the mistake!, and withdraws again, conserving our freedom. The Great rational beginning is always on the side of the weak. And we should always be on the side of the weak.


What is the idea about God? Do not leave the pure air, do not leave the Light, do not leave the Love, do not leave the Knowledge. When these things gather together: air, Light, Love, Knowledge, etc, when a thousand things like these gather together, you will have a slight knowledge about God.


What kind of a thing is God? He gives us Light, so that you can see, air, so that you can breathe, love, grief, knowledge, so that you can think. It is a grief, but God has only tightened you up a bit, so that you can think. You are so distracted, that with the next step you will fall into the well, and that is why God is tightening you up, so that you can watch your step.


The idea about God, the idea about loving God has to be explained. Once it is explained, man will then understand the Life as well. The main principle in a spiritual school is that there is one understanding of God, which should serve as a criterion. There is one truth, of which man must be convinced. It can be sensed and realized, but you might not be able to find a way to express it. And only after you have actually tasted it, after the result you will be able to share it. We serve a Great rational beginning, in which all possibilities are included, and from which all impossibilities are excluded. The deep things can only be said by those born by God.


God puts up with us, even though there is something unpleasant in us. God has in mind that one day these children of His, who sin every so often, will understand Him; and He endures and He likes it. In any one moment, He can make it so that they do not sin, but He wants them to choose the good by free will. Since we live and move within the Great rational beginning, then why do we worry! If you have an adversary, it is you who have created it, not God. And once you understand your relation towards God, once you come to love God, because God is within that man, he will cease to hate you. And today he hates you, because you do not have proper relations towards God. The connection, with which God attracts us, is the Love. Why did Christ stop by the blind man? He stopped because He wanted him to be able to see again. It was not the blind one who found Him, but it was Christ who found him. When man lives a good life, he is in a prominent position, where God can see him. The Great rational beginning is constantly working, and we have to learn to work like it. And now we have to awaken and realize that God works within us.


The entire language is somehow materialistic. For instance, they say, "God should come into us." Well God is everywhere, God is within us. So the thought, hidden inside these words, must be, "I have to realize that God is within us." There are things that penetrate the walls of the room, and there are things that do not. The Primordial Life penetrates everywhere, and the limited - only in some places. Place both of your hands on top of your head (the bathing we do at the end of Paneurhythmy is quite the same exercise - the fingertips are touching that place on the head and are perpendicular to its surface), and then think about God. God will come and help. He says, "Seek me out in a day of grief."


We performed the exercise, after which we entered the observatory. The observer complained that he was bored. The Master said:


Now the scientists have come to an astral area, which is above the physical world, and that is why they cannot work with ordinary methods. To the top of Musala they should send a pious man as an observer, who should dedicate himself to science. The observer here has to know how to bring variety into his work. He needs to have inner work as well.


We then went out and sat down on the meadow. And so we stayed until 11:30 a.m. The weather warmed up. The temperature reached 28 degrees centigrade. And as we were sitting on the meadow, the Master said:


When the weather is about to change, you can tell that by the following: if in the evening your feet are growing cold, this shows that there is plenty of electricity in the air.


Then the Master silently examined the surrounding area and continued:


A rock is forming now in Izgreva. There is a soil, which is currently elevating and becoming more and more solid and firm. In time, those who live in Izgreva will have a big change - their thoughts and feelings will have new aspirations, the Rational will work within them. Also in Turnovo, at the place where the gathering was held, a rock is forming. Those rocks are literally forming, and in time they will be as hard as a flint. Something rational is working in Russia as well. So there are rational places in Nature.


Bulgarians did not need to wage war. How can a nation come to any good when it is waging war? After a war, at least thirty years are necessary for the damage to be repaired. The same law works for the inward life: if you become cross four times a day, it is an entire war, and after that, how much time are you going to spend to repair what was destroyed inside you?


Notice that where we have passed, after us they came and cleared a path. There is not a place by which we have passed, and where after that people have not come and done something.


The Master looked at the Skakavtzite countryside, and at all the tops and peaks between Musala and Rupitte to the west, and said:


Advanced Creatures live there. Our coming here, to the top of Musala, has a completely different meaning than somebody else coming here.


At about 12 p.m. we descended from Musala and stopped by the topmost lake, which we call "Okoto" ("The Eye"). Here I will present the conversation with the Master by the lake.


Faith is a path to God. But Love is a path to receive something from God. Outside of the Love, life does not exist. It gives out life and happiness. If you do not find the path of Love through faith, if you do not find the path of Wisdom through Love, if you do not find the path of Truth through Wisdom, and if the Truth does not show you the link that is between Love and Wisdom, then you cannot achieve anything. When you go to God, Love will help you receive a gift from Him and return after that to distribute what you have received, in order to help the others. Through the Love we have for God, He gives us everything.


The sky was clear and blue, without a single cloud, and there was abundant sun. Bugs were flying around. The Master caressed a blade of grass and said:


Whatever the tiniest bug does, do not think that it is stupid. The grass has knowledge as well. It has learned for years. So we will learn from everywhere - and from the grass, and from the bugs.


The Master looked up to the top and said:


Bulgaria is a Promised Land. It has the best of fruit. And there is no one like the Bulgarian gardeners - they know them even in America.


We came back to the Musala chalet at dusk. On the next day, September the 29th, at 3:50 a.m. we set out towards the top. We reached Musala at 5:53 a.m. The sunrise was at 6:14 a.m. The Sun came out between the peaks of Belmeken and Iber, there was a light haze. We performed the following programme; "Our Lord", The Good Prayer, ch. 65 by Isaiah, "From the first he was the Word". After that the Master said:


The story goes that the gods resided on Olympus; however, that was not the present-day mount of Olympus, but the Rila massif. It was the great Olympus, which later subsided. The present-day Olympus formed later. In the future there will be films which will be present how the Earth was created, and will copy from the actual film, which has been preserved - the Akashic records. The Creatures have preserved all those processes of the past in the form of a film. In the future, people will see them. Remember, there is a connection between the Himalayas and Rila.


At about 11 a.m. we came down by "Okoto" again, where the Master said:


You have a completely crooked view of Love. Love must never be scattered, it must not be spilled. Here is what happens: you grow fond of someone and you give him a lot of money, and he buys himself a car, starts living at a high rate, drinks, and lives a spoilt life. They call you and ask you, "Was it you who made this benefaction?" The entire humanity is responsible for the mistakes that happen. For everything, which happens, each man is responsible, and mathematically, a red bill will be brought to him in order to pay or take a certain profit. Let us wish the following: all people to be healthy, all to learn and to have an exchange among each other.


A sister asked, "Who are those now, who have been disciples of the Christ?"


Even if one knows that, it is best to remain silent. People think that we live like they do, but what do they know about our inner life? They do not understand us. Now the Astral life is free from the dark forces. And today there is liberation from them in the physical world. What knowledge the dark forces have, they have stolen from the Bright creatures. However, the knowledge of the Bright creatures grows, and the knowledge of the dark ones does not, and that is why they are limited. In the Revelation there is the story about the woman who gave birth to a child that was snatched and hidden, because it was pursued by the dragon. The dragon symbolizes the dark forces, which will be bound to the core of the Earth and will be banished from the physical world. When the woman was tempted by the dark forces in Heaven, they then stole from her the Divine knowledge, because the woman is a daughter of God. But the woman saved that child, so there is liquidation happening, so they are now binding the dark forces.


When is man carrying out the will of God? For instance, when a poor man comes to your house, you should receive him and yield your bed to him, and after that you should not say, "It will be better if this one does not come another time".


At 1 p.m. on September the 29th, we set out from the "Okoto" lake, and at 2:30 p.m. we reached the Musala chalet. At 3 p.m. we went our way down and at 6 p.m. we were in Borovetz. There we stayed for one night at the villa of sister Stoyanova.


After dinner we had a long conversation with the Master - until as late as 11:30 p.m.


Man suffers from his waywardness. He does not eat properly, nor does he drink properly, nor does he do all the other things properly. In some people there is a grumbler. If there is a grumbler in you, then you are not him. Whatever they give him, he is dissatisfied. Once man loses his Love, then the Light and Warmth in him disappear. Our mistake is that we want to find happiness on Earth. And the Earth is a school. That, which we seek, we will find in another place. Everything on Earth is temporary. In another epoch, this happiness will be achieved on Earth as well. Once Love comes, it will give that Freedom that you seek. Once Love comes, the dead will resurrect. With the Love, one gives, and the other perceives. Each genesis begins with the Love. Everything begins with the Love and everything ends with the Truth. You can distinguish between one man and another. The one who does not understand can distinguish. Tonight assume that you have the Love, speak as though you have no need of it, because you have it. Yes, you have yet to study the science of Love. Learn all the kinds of its lighters. You have Love but you have not displayed it. Deem that you have it. The piano, on which you are playing, is good. And the notes, which are in front of you, represent a good symphony, but you cannot play the piano well yet. What is the idea of this example? That God has created Nature well, and that whatever He has written in it is good, and if someone does not get on with his life, he is the cause. People want the big Love, but they have to be content with even the smallest thing they get. It is a misunderstanding that everyone starts with the big Love. In Love you have a state where you are content with even the smallest, and you close your eyes to the mistakes of the one you love.


A creature on Earth, which is considered a genius, when it finds itself among the Angels, it will be an ignoramus, it will speak like a child that gapes, and will say, "This job is not for me."


Meanwhile, it started to rain. The Master said:


Notice how the Rational works in the world. If we had remained up there today as well, it would have rained on us. Health is in the air, and the people, as they do not know how to breathe, cannot perceive it. Knowledge is in the Light. But as people do not know how to perceive the Light, they do not know how to perceive the Knowledge either. The man who suffers is in a higher place. And the one who rejoices is in a lower place, in the valley. Bad people avoid climbing up on the high places. They always try to be down, because the inferior creatures, which are within them, cannot endure up there, and they will have to leave them.


On the other day, September the 30th, in the forenoon we came back to Sofia.

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