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On October the 5th, 1939, we set out at 4:50 a.m. from Izgreva and reached Borovetz at 6:20 a.m. We dropped by the villa of sister Stoyanova for a few hours. There, in a conversation, the Master said:


The Jews were a haughty nation; they were given very little territory, so that they can be humbled and understand that they have to live on a wide scale spiritually, not materialistically. The Bulgarians also look like the Jews in this respect - they also had some land cut from their territory here and there, so that they can be taught and understand in the same way that they have to grow in the spiritual.


From sister Stoyanova we set off upwards at 9:30 a.m. and reached the Musala chalet at 3:20 p.m. On October the 6th we set out at 3:10 a.m. for the top, which we reached at 6:00, and the Sun rose at 6:19 a.m. The sunrise was nice. The Master read chapter 15 of John's Gospel. After that there was a secret prayer. Then the Master said:


Write down the following words: "The path of Life is hard. God's Love, God's Wisdom, God's Truth manifest on this path, and Life achieves its eternal purpose."


After the Good prayer was said, a conversation began.


When we are gathering here now, it is the Spirit of God that is gathering us. This is not a human gathering. Each one of you has the voluntary desire from within, from God, for us to gather here. Great is the patience of God. God, who puts up with the sinful and turns everything into good, has an unsurpassable patience. God, by loving the people, has restricted Himself voluntarily. He says, "I am first and last!" God is the first in creating the world, and last in the redemption of sins. You should never say, "in the past it was better for me, and now it is worse" or "in the past it was worse for me, and now it is better", or "in the future it will be better for me than it is now", or "in the future it will be worse for me than it is now", because everything that comes, comes for the good and carries a condition for the good. God always manifests one way or another, according to us, according to our needs. In each moment, what happens to us is best for the given stage of development in which we are. If we say that it will be better or worse for us, this violates the law of faith, the law of contentedness. Never say about the time, "This time is not good." The wind blows for the good too, and it carries something for the good. Neither should you ask, "Does God love me?" He loves you ever since He has created you, because He has created you with Love. There is no need to doubt His Love. Man comes down to Earth, while carrying a fortune from above. Once he sets foot on Earth, he will work and earn, he will take something from below as well. And when he comes back above, he will deposit the fortune he has taken, along with what he has earned, in the common bank. When the child gets his hands and feet dirty, the mother washes them up. God does the same thing with you when you get yourselves dirty with the mistakes you have made.


Love infers the following: when God loves us, when we are talking about God's Love, it infers taking from God, and when we are talking about our love towards God, it infers that we have to give to God. When man is praying to God or when he does something for Him, it is Love.


You still do not believe that God loves you. Your reception of His Love in a lower degree is entirely your fault. I wonder at the people as I am watching them grieve when God loves them. If you are in grief, your grandfather and your grandmother are in you, whispering their grief to you. Believe that God loves you, and you will immediately become encouraged, you will stand up. The only one who has in mind the welfare of all creatures is God. His ultimate aim is to satisfy all creatures, and for everyone to feel good. God is ready to satisfy all the needs not only of the people, but of the tiniest creatures, which He has created, be they insects, blades of grass, etc. Think that God loves you. This is a Path to perfection. If you cannot think that way, you cannot come to perfection. That you cannot see God everywhere - that is where the entire mistake is. Deem that God is everywhere. If you are not doing any good, God is not there; not that He is not there, but you are not manifesting Him. And once you do a microscopic good, God is there. Always reckon that God is with you; then you will do God's will. Accept it as an axiom that God loves you. Do not dig into how much God loves you. It is said, "You have come to love the Truth in man." So God loves the Truth, the Divine in man. Your beloved is the One who loves you - He is in the bread, in the water, in the air, in the light. Since God loves you, there is something of His within you. Boundless is the Love of God, with which He has watched over us for thousands of years.


In order for God to be recognized, the Old and the New Testament have to be studied, the entire Nature, the sky, and the earth. A man was loved by God, but God put on a human mask and. While masked, He told the man, "I love you and I have always loved you. My Love is eternal!" After some time He left the man and the last one cried. But God put on a new mask and the same thing happened again. When they met for the third time, the man, crying again, said, "Two people told me they loved me, but now they do not love me and they left me." The masked one smiled and said, "That's all right. I love you eternally!" Actually, the three masked men were the same Being - God. So everyone who loves you manifests the Love of the same Being - God towards you! God loves you through them. Inwardly, God loves all creatures equally, but outwardly, He loves them according to the stage of their receptivity. The Love of God, outwardly expressed, is more particular and greater towards the one who lives righteously than towards the one who lives unrighteously. God keeps those people who love Him in His consciousness and helps them more. The inward Love of God is equal for everyone, but the outward is different, because they do not receive and value it equally. The attitude of Nature towards all living creatures is good. I can see its manifestations. When the wind is blowing, it is going to be humid, rain is going to come, the grass is going to grow and the fruit trees are going to bloom. Or the sun shines; I say, "It is good". And everything grows up. It becomes hot; I say, "Very good. Those who have shivered will warm up." I see the fruit hanging from the trees and say, "I am glad that not only the people, but the birdies also have something to eat." All creatures take advantage of the goods. The love of God towards us is a cause, and our love towards God is an effect. One who loves you is aware of even the smallest things that you need. There is nothing better than to be loved by someone. You think about a good book and it will come. You think about a flower and it will come. You think about a walk and it will happen. The one who does what we have wished for is God. The sky, the stars, the plants - we have wished for all that, and God has done it. What is now required from us? To offer Him some of the fruit and tell Him that we are very satisfied with it. The consciousness of man has to broaden, to feel God's presence everywhere, and to feel how God's thought develops everywhere.


You can never free yourself from the one who loves you. You can free yourself from anything, but from a man who loves you - never. Where can you be free from God! - You cannot. Wherever you go, He might not manifest to you, but you feel that you cannot go outside of Him. What we love is always within us. It is a Teaching, very simple to understand. Let the holy Fire of Love blaze up inside you! Let the spark of Love ignite within you.


When we entered the observatory, the Master got talking with the observer, he said to him:


The nervous condition that you are in and the irritation are due to your breathing. Hold your breath longer, and think about the breathing in this time. Man does not gain anything through anxiety.


When we went outside, the Master said:


Everyone wants to be happy. This is a personal element. However, this is not a way of achieving happiness.


We had lunch on the top of Musala and stayed until 2 p.m. After that we went down to the Musala chalet. When we gathered in the evening in our room, on the top floor of the chalet, a conversation began.


Each man who sins deprives himself from his Freedom, and when he lives by the Truth, he uninterruptedly frees himself. The man of Truth wants to know what the essence and the price of things is. The man of Love possesses Warmth, which melts everything. That, which penetrates and illuminates things, is the Wisdom. And that, which lets everything be done in the world, is the Truth.


Mighty is the nation that decides to carry out the Will of God. It does not matter whether you have committed a big or a small sin. You might have committed a small sin, but you are connected with millions of people, and when you commit it, you have given those millions of people a reason to commit a crime.


On the next day, October 7th, we set out from Musala chalet at 10:20 a.m. and reached the villa of sister Stoyanova in Borovetz at 1:45 p.m. At dusk in the villa of sister Stoyanova began a conversation.


It is said, "Dead in his sins", right? So the sinner has died. They say about someone that he has died now, but he has died long ago. Some people want the lecture or the talk to be mechanical. Then there is no work left for the reader. And as it is given now, there is a lot of work to be done on the lecture. If it is hard for him to understand, then at least the examples will have an effect, and this way the given principles will become clear to him.


Whoever passes by Izgreva says, "Very nice place, very calm. It is pleasant to stay here." But they do not know why it is that way; they only feel that there is something else. Before the spring has come yet, a current comes and some flowers appear long before its arrival. Also when something Divine is coming, some people sense it and they awake. They are heralds.


The man of Love is a hearth that warms. The man of Wisdom is a lighthouse that spreads Light. And the man of Truth is baker who gives bread to everyone who passes by. Every single job, in which there are all three manifestations, goes easily without exception.


Someone comes to me and says, "I do not know how to treat the others." I tell him that this is very easy when the following rule is observed: when somebody comes to you, put yourself in his place, and see how you would want him to treat you; and so treat him that way.


All believers of Christ are "Israel". When a nation becomes conceited and wants to be above all, this law applies to it: "Pride precedes the fall." All old nations - Romans, Greeks, Carthaginians, Phoenicians, etc, are now reborn again. The Slavs represent the stock of Judah through which Christ manifested. The English and the Germans represent the male principle, and the French and the Slavs - the female one. The English and the Germans have the power to organize, and the motivating reason is the will, while in the Slavs there are new ideas and they are motivated by the Love. The Divine is in the Love. Now the soft element is coming to the world! The Divine Spirit, through the Slavs, has something to bring out to the world. The English, the Germans, the French, the Americans, are teachers of the Slavs. All nations have some good feature of theirs.


In the morning on the next day, in a conversation the Master said:


When somebody does something good, and if I see that this good is not as well done, I am not going to correct it. If he has given somebody some bread that is not enough and is dry, I will finish his good by giving warm bread, and I will not go and tell him, "Why did you not do this and that good to him?"


By the word "Truth" it is understood that when it is inside you, you can do what your soul desires and you can be content and happy. The expression "whatever your soul desires" means doing what the Divine within you would want you to do.


In Skakavtzite and Rupite (small mountainous protected area) there are Advanced creatures, but only where no man has ever set foot. It is said, "Take your shoes off, for the place on which you step is sacred." This does not concern the physical shoes; the feet represent the virtues, so a change has to happen within the consciousness of the one who goes to places of Nature that are purer, more sacred. There live Supreme creatures, and if a man comes, who is not ready, he will be crippled by their strong vibrations.


A brother asked, "But if he goes ready, purified, shouldn't he be able to withstand? Can we too go to such place some time?"


In the way that we are going to the mountain now, cannot be done in the same way in such places.


Another brother asked, "Perhaps man has to go not with the body, but emanated, is that right?"


No, with this body, but in another way. Nature makes sacred places deserted, there are no plants growing, there are no animals either; therefore, man also does not show up there, because nothing attracts him, since they are deserted, and on the other hand because they are inaccessible as well.


A brother inquired, "What is the meaning of the verse: "For God had such love for the world that he gave his only Son, so that whoever has faith in him may not come to destruction but have eternal life".


This means that Christ is a transformer, because man could not go directly to God without Christ, because God is a consuming Fire. And if the Sun did not have a transformer, we could not have been able to withstand its energy. Transformers of the solar rays are the air and the moisture in the atmosphere, otherwise, the solar warmth and light, which come towards the Earth, would scorch everything on it. Somebody asks, "Can't it be without Christ?" One who says that man can save himself without Christ, he does not understand the law. When Christ came to Earth, He illuminated all people - those who believe in Him and those who do not as well. However, those who have accepted that Light are believers, and those who are closed inside their rooms have not accepted it. Christ has shined on them too, but they have not perceived, and now the question is whether they will perceive. The Writ says, "Seek me while I am close." Once man loses the circumstances, he has to wait for another epoch. It is said, "The harvest is big. Pray to the master of the harvest that he sends more workers." From the Invisible world, workers have to come, and when they find such workers on Earth, which are suitable, they will possess their bodies to work. So here Christ speaks not of the earthly workers, but of workers that should be sent by the Invisible world. Someone asks, "Whither should I turn my face during a prayer?" These are outward things. If man thinks about God, he is turned towards the mystical east. First of all, man has to free himself from certain delusions. Even in the smallest things there is a Rationality which is not mechanical. Learned people will say that this house is warmed by the fire in the stove, but the fire has no consciousness. Behind the fire is the rationality of the face that lit it. The same thing is true for Nature - the worldly people know how the fire was lit, and the religious people know who lit it. Both sides are good. The theories of scientists are mechanical. They study the atoms, the electrons, the ions - this is the material side; after that, the substance and the meaning have to be learned.


After breakfast we all set out for the beautiful countryside of Shumnatitza, which is not far from Borovetz. Shumnatitza is an eminence, covered in high grass and many flowers. We passed through the so-called Wide meadow, and when we reached Shumnatitza, from there a broad expanse opened, a part of the mighty Rila range and vast pine woods could be seen. The Master looked at the beautiful picture and said:


Behold, this is a live cinema before you. But this is not the real yet!


We spent some time at Shumnatitza, and came back another way to the villa. In the villa of sister Stoyanova, after finishing the lunch, a conversation began.


Each departure of man from here above is different, because the situation here and the situation there are different in the various periods. When you come back, you will see that the other world is no longer the same as it was when you left it. And if you remember the other world, you will not be able to work here. This is until a certain stage of development. When he comes here, man comes to straighten something up and to learn something. The Earth is a place of exile, but then again, what culture and what entertainment is given to the people. Should you come down to Earth, you are given freedom to apply whatever you want. There is such a big variety in the Universe. The planets are abodes. A variable construction of the matter is now taking place within the man, inside his atomic and ionic structure.


On October the 8th we spent an unforgettable evening around the fireplace in the villa of sister Stoyanova. The fireplace was built in an Old-Bulgarian fashion, as well as the set-up of the room. The fire was wondrously illuminating our faces, shadows and lights were flickering over the walls. I have to say that every time we came back from Musala to spend the night here, the fireplace was abundantly lit with wood. And in those magical surroundings we had long and interesting conversations. The brothers and sisters who were there on that October night asked various questions, and the Master, as always, answered them with benignity.


We are now passing towards a new way of living. Now is a transitional epoch. Once, after the fall of man, on Earth appeared the Black race, the black colour. In it, the self-consciousness started to restore. Then came the Yellow and the White races. In the Sixth race, the Light is being restored. It will be the luminous race. It will radiate Light from itself. You are doing good now, but as a reflection. And man has not yet come to the state of giving Light from himself when doing good. Man has to put the following into his life: first, the Name of God should be sanctified within us; this is the great thing and it means that whatever man does, he should do it for the Name of God. Second, he should seek the Kingdom of God, and work for it to establish on Earth. Third, the Will of God should be done; this means application. Think about the Name of God, about the Kingdom of God, about the Will of God, work for them, and then think about yourself.


The entire Sun is covered with high temperature, and those sunspots are doors, through which the Solar creatures go out and back. Some ask, "Why did Christ come?" I said that He was a transformer. He was supposed to handle the evil in the world, to convert it into good, to suck up all the poisonous gases of evil. When His blood was shed on the cross, He brought His Life into the world, and thus leavened all the life on Earth, like an injection or transfusion of new blood into an old man, who becomes renovated. But time is needed for that action of Christ to manifest.


If the teaching of man being able to do whatever he wants comes into the foreground, people will become animals. In the


Divine morality, the good that I do should benefit all others. A thought is right when it concerns the good of the entire humanity, and then with each thing you do, God blesses you. A man can shout; it will be heard a kilometre away, and another can talk quietly, but his talking might go over the entire Earth. This is when he emits short waves.


Somebody asks, "Do you love me?" This question is awry. In Love there is a law: if you love for a thousandth of a second, then the Love can no longer be interrupted. If there is an interruption of the Love, it is not Love.


What prolongs Life is the Love. What encloses Life, which gives it all conditions from outside, is the Wisdom. If a man has Love, you cannot ask whether he is smart. He is wise and truth- loving! If he has Love, he also has Wisdom and Truth. These three things are inseparable. The new methods have to be applied in the world. All of our sufferings will be valuable in the future for studying, and will be subject to extensive examination. When you are suffering, you have got to know why you are suffering. The faces of all those who study the New teaching change, and the others notice that there is something new in that Teaching.


If the thought that what you are striving for is impossible to achieve catches up with you, then pronounce the following words: "It is impossible for me, but for the God within me it is possible!" Why would you say that you will put off for another rebirth, it is not clear whether you will have such favourable circumstances then; do your work now. For instance, somebody works with cement and leaves the work for tomorrow, but the next day the temperature changes and then it would not be possible to work with cement. When everything flows forward for you, when you begin to do well, then be on the look-out, because great trials will come to you. When obstacles come to you, you are safe. Each good initiative is preceded by darkness and contradictions. Because when the Divine light comes, our light darkens and we are already in darkness.


Once I was passing by a military post and dogs approached me, an entire pack. However, a female was circling around me and was not letting the others attack me. Then the soldiers called them and they went away. I thanked the female, "Well done, you are a very smart dog!" So when you are attacked from all sides, there will always be some female which will circle around and protect you. Another appropriate example: a karakachan (nomadic mountain shepherds of the Balkans) was going on board the Greek ship "Elpis" going to Tzarigrad (the Slavic name for the city of Constantinople), but his favourite dog grabbed him by the trouser to drag him out. He then returned the ticket and with that he saved himself, because the ship sank from the storms on the way, and not a plank, not a passenger survived.


A sister inquired the Master, "How is it explained that some people feel the Love only for a second, it passes through them in only a second?"


I will give an example to clarify. Let us imagine that between the Sun and the man there is a board with a small hole and that board is spinning. When the hole comes in front of the eyes of man, he sees the Sun, and during the other time it is hidden, but if the board be removed, he will always see it. So it depends on the obstacle in the consciousness of the respective man. When the thought is impure, it represents an obstacle, and Love cannot display through the man. And when man displays Love for a thousandth of a second, it shows that there has been a purification of the consciousness in that moment, and that is why man has apprehended and perceived it. Man has Love, but often, an interruption of the Love happens, because there is an obstacle, there are clouds; this is namely the sin. This is the same as when day and night come, while the Earth is spinning around the Sun. While you are in the day, you love, and when you are in the night - you do not. However, you have to emerge above that field, above that area, in which there are no changes in the Love and where there is no interruption of the Love. I will give another example: you have a friend who is moving. If you stay in a low place at home, at first you can see him through the window, but should he continue moving on the road, he will soon go out of sight and you will have to wait for him to come back again. And if you elevate to a high place, you will then always see him. This is what the non-interruption of Love means. To be in a high place means to have an elevated consciousness. The man who has come to love you cannot betray you, he cannot cease in Love. You can tell me that you love, but I will find your neck and your hand and then I will see whether you love. The neck and the hands of a man who has love widen. You can be loved by the one who loves everyone! We are now interfering in the freedom of men. You tell someone, 'You do not love me." But let us leave the people free. He is free to love or not. Do not interfere in his freedom. You might not love someone, but another loves him. You do not find anything in him to love, but what has the other one found? Who is right? The one who loves has found something interesting in him. For instance, I look at an old book and say that there is nothing in it, however, another one comes and claims that it is very interesting. Who is right? The one who has read it. Love gives all of the material, Wisdom arranges it, and Truth works with it.


In Bourgas (a marine town in the eastern parts of Bulgaria) a woman who lay down to sleep found herself outside of her body and saw it lying between the sheets. Thus she went out through the window, and after that she woke up in bed. She was then afraid to tell her husband, so that he would not think she was crazy. That is an emanation. When you pass from a field to an upper one, the border is crossed through sleeping. For instance, to find yourself in the Mental world, you have to go to sleep three times upon crossing the border and to wake up at a higher field. When you are making attempts, you have to be in a harmonic environment, in order not to spend too much energy.


Man has to aspire to find the souls. He has to see the Divine soul in every man. Otherwise we are still in the area of shadows. As long as you watch only the outward, it is a misunderstood business.


The man who does not know God can commit a crime. And those who wait for God will have their strength renewed, they will become younger. What happens to the coal will happen to the people. The coal is cheap, and when it becomes a diamond, how much is it going to cost! People too have to become diamonds from coal, when they put themselves at a temperature of 15 million degrees.


When you are ill, that means you have to pay off a creature, and now that you are ill, you are paying it. However, when you turn to God, God comes and pays for you, and they free you, you recover. We need to have the desire to be spiritually reborn. Even before our rebirth, we want to be happy, but that cannot happen. Only after man is reborn will he be happy like Jove, who got everything back again.


Remember: when you pray, your feet should not be touching, but should be a bit away from each other, so that you are not locked inside yourself.


On the awakening of the human consciousness there are four stages. You shall initially straighten your mistakes. Secondly, you shall become rich with virtues. Thirdly, you will take the mistakes of another and shall straighten them too, you shall pay for the mistakes of others. Fourthly, you shall work for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth.


In our virtues God manifests, and in our mistakes He is not there, He withdraws and leaves us free. In the virtues we learn to know God, because we act like Him. In our mistakes we learn as well, because of God's clemency, since He does not judge us, but only whispers to us "Do not do that", and does not tell us "Why did you do that?"


All people are instruments of God's consciousness. Somebody says, "How can you listen to that ignorant person?" No, God speaks through him. He says something, and I translate what he says. What he says is a ciphered telegram to me. He does not understand why he is saying that to me, and I decipher and I am grateful to him.


In the morning on the next day, October the 9th, several brothers and sisters visited the Master in His room in the villa. A conversation began.


When you are cast out by everyone and they consider you to be scum, there is One who loves you. An Angel then walks with you and tells you, "Do not be afraid, God loves you, it will be all right."


The personal morality is more advanced than the social one. In all nations the social morality is far behind. For instance, you steal or kill a man, and they put you in prison, and during a war, when you kill, they do not punish you. But today, in the common morality too people must not be killed. When they execute criminals, they become more dangerous, they remain on Earth, and commit crimes through other people. When a man commits a crime, it is not he who has committed it, but other inferior creatures have gone inside him and have done it, and then man wonders what he has done. You should not be influenced by the people, but within yourself you have to be straight. When we do something bad, we try to not let people know about it, however, in the Invisible world they know everything, and our fate depends on them. The one who works for the welfare of the people always benefits. I will give you an example: two men rode their horses on a road covered with snow and they saw a man lying prostrate, freezing with cold. One of them said, "I do not want to stop", but the other one got off his horse and revived the man by rubbing. By the movements he was making, he got warm too; that saved him as well, because the temperatures fell completely, and the other one, who was unsympathetic, froze with cold on his horse.


When man does something wrong, he might fall. Do not speak ill of the people, you might break your leg, and you might even pay with your life. Do not speak ill of the people, because it is dangerous. Barely one in a hundred of what you think about them is true. Here is an example: a man from Novi Pazar (a city located in Serbia and Montenegro) had just one leva and did not know how he would carry on afterwards. Just as he sat somewhere to rest, a beggar came by and asked him for money. A voice told him, "If you do not give the leva, great sufferings will come to you!" And so he gave the leva. And from there on things went well for him.


After that we all went down for breakfast. At 3:10 p.m. we set out with a car for Sofia, where we arrived at 4:45 p.m.


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