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First of all, let me say a few words about my summers with the Master. The first summer in the mountains with the Brotherhood was in 1920, in Stara Planina ("Old Mountain" - the long mountain range stretching through central Bulgaria); tents were pitched on Sinite Kamani ("The Blue Stones" - a nature park near the town of Sliven), there were mainly brothers and sisters from the town of Sliven. In 1921, the Master spent the summer with many brothers and sisters, mainly from Sofia, in Rakitovo village - in a picturesque recess of the Rhodope Mountains, among coniferous forests, in the so-called Tzigov Chark. During that summer we built a nice fountain in the vicinity. In 1922, the Master spent the summer with a big group of brothers and sisters from Sofia and the province in Borovetz, in the so-called Woodland school. During that summer, the Master organized outings to the vicinity, particularly to the beautiful meadow of Shumnatitza, and often to the top of Musala as well. In 1924 we spent the summer by the lower Musalenski lakes, on an eminence, which descends from Musala downwards like a ridge, and divides the valleys of Beli and Cherni Iskar. This countryside the Master called "The unknown peak A-B and B-A". There He was with a small group of students from the Special class and held a few lectures.


From the year 1925 began the regular summers on Musala. The bivouac was set up near the lower two Musalenski lakes, and there were regular outings at dawn to the top of Musala. The sojourn there lasted 3-5-7 to 10 days. Those excursions were made under more severe conditions. Most of the brothers and sisters were without tents. Some did not have any shelter. Fires were the saviours, around which they warmed themselves and dried. There were such joint Musalenski summer holidays during the years 1925,1926,1927,1928, and 1929.


From 1929 began the summers by the Seven Rila Lakes and thus - until 1942 inclusive, with two year breaks, in 1933 and 1934, when we spent the summer at Yavorovi Prisoe on Vitosha. Until 1939 inclusive, there were joint summers at the Rila Lakes, and in 1940, 1941, and 1942 there were no joint brotherly summers, but the Master was going with a small group of about 7-10 people for 5-6 days.


After 1929 there were no joint summers on the top of Musala, but the Master again visited it with small groups, and namely in the years 1934,1935,1937,1938, and 1940.


Here we will say a few words about our summer at Yavorovi Prisoe. This exceptionally beautiful, picturesque place is covered with coniferous forests and is located at the foot of Reznyovete. Through the Yavorovi Prisoe, deep in the ravine gurgles the Bistrishka River. We went to Yavorovi Prisoe on several paths - through Bistritza village, through Simeonovo village, straight through Aleko Chalet. We engaged the karakachanian horses of Bistritza for the luggage.


The first task of the Master after pitching the tents was finding springs. He found a good spring near the Bivouac, but amidst swamps and mud, so we cleared the area. We moved enormous blocks with levers. After a few days at that place a fountain popped up, decorated with pebbles around, arranged with taste.


The Master pointed to a small meadow above the Bivouac for a place for Paneurhythmy. With common efforts we evened it. And after a few days on the meadow delineated the distinct circle of the Paneurhythmy.


At that magical place, beautiful days went by, filled with spiritual activities. Mornings, from an eminence we welcomed the rising ofthe Sun with prayers and songs. Often at sunrise the Master held a lecture. After Paneurhythmy we had interesting conversations with the Master, or we took up common work for the furnishing and hygiene of the camp. The evening fire, which was always attended by the Master, was a beautiful ending of the day.


The Yavorovi Prisoe are located at a high altitude of about 2 000 meters, and before our eyes opened a vast expanse towards the Sofia Plain, Stara Planina, Lozen, and Plana Planina. The majestic Reznyove were powerfully hanging above us, like patrons and guardians of these sacred places. Reigning all around was a silence, which enthralled us and compelled us to concentrate, in order to listen to the voice of the eternal and intransient. There our human consciousness elevates to a mystical world. And the Moraines, located above our camp, were a perfect place for meditation and prayer. These are enormous blocks, scattered around like a sea of stone, and below them flow the waters that come from Reznyovete. The Moraines are surrounded by forests from everywhere.


During our summer we sometimes had outings to Reznyovete. Once we organized a night outing to them. We set out at 2 a.m. We used electrical lights. The aim was to welcome the sunrise there. We passed by Piperkata, an eminence, then - the stalwart snowdrift, which was still preserved at a dank place under the top. We reached Golemiya Rezen on time, and after the prayer and the songs, at the beautiful sunrise we lit a fire and warmed some water. Here we spent several hours. We read an old lecture and after that a conversation began. During the conversation, the Master said:


In all of our sufferings we search for the reality. We search for something, and then see that it is an illusion, and again we go on searching further. In Love too we search for the Reality. We search for the Reality in our father, in our mother, in that lad and in that damsel, we see that they go away. Yes, as long as you are not inside the Reality, all the voices you hear in nature are rough. And when you come to the reality, you hear a voice, which is pleasant and it is as if honey drips on your heart. And then you start doubting again, again come the rough voices, again they confuse you. But even the soft voice, which will come again, will brighten up the sky. Sometimes you think that life has no meaning, you get discouraged, and all of a sudden from somewhere someone looks at you amiably, and then to you the grass, the flowers, everything, gains a meaning. This reality, which the sorrow forms, and the reality, which the joy forms, are not real. The world of Reality has a bright colour, the world of changes has various colours. Reality itself is nonspatial.


If the Sun would draw nearer and fill the entire sky, what would our situation be then? We are not next to the Sun, it shines on us from afar, so that there is room for it to manifest elsewhere as well. The same law: you should never require a man to fill his consciousness only with you; there is no such thing in the world. Even God, who is so great, withdraws to a certain extent, so that you can think and seek Him. God does not want to take possession of your consciousness with no remainder, so that you can be free. In life, man has to be like a jeweller, who is looking for a precious stone. A wise man looks for a manuscript, a sacred book, and when he finds it, he reads it. Sometimes you look for someone, but you do not know the street and the number. So try not to forget the street and the number of the one whom you are looking for. The name of the One, whom you are looking for, is God. The street, where He lives, are the Angels. And the number - that is the good people. Interpret, this has to be interpreted. And you do not know the name, the street, and the number, and something is not right. You shall see whether you have mistaken the name, the street or the number. When you find the name, you shall ask for the street and then, when you come to the number, you shall ask the people. Then you will see that God lives in the hearts of men and the minds of the Angels. This is a very difficult science, but when you learn it, everything will be all right. A brother asks me, "Master, in which way did You find God?" He thinks this is something mechanical. How can I tell him? I adduce an anecdote to him: one was complaining that there were no good people in the world, and that all were bad. One day they beat him up good, but a good man cured him and he said, "There is a good man". So, in order to find God, they have to beat you a lot, and then you will find Him. The one, who is going to come and heal you, will be the first good man, and you will come to know that there is something good in the world. If the Sun shines very nicely, then when I go out, I will accept my share of light and warmth. But let us say that I have been under very unfavourable circumstances and I have not used the Sun's light and warmth, then the mistake is not in the light, but in me. When you are ready, whose face are you going to see? I am not going to tell the name. He is without name. We call Him Father, but He is more than a father. We call Him Beloved, but He is more than beloved. We can call Him with a thousand names, but none of them is able to express what He actually is. He is more than everything. For now, He is considered our Father, our Beloved, and our Friend.


You say that you love somebody. Who do you love? The one that you love is not in the body. When our consciousness is awake in that moment, God is there. When our consciousness is not awake, God is not there. And when they love us and we realize that they love us, and then God is within us. When people love us, they love the God in us, and therefore we should not protest against why they love us. Indeed, when a king comes to a house, everyone looks at the house, but they are not there because of the house, but because of the king. When God manifests inside a man, people love him, because God has manifested inside him. We need to have this idea. When they love you, you will always benefit, and when you love, you will again benefit. So in Love (no matter whether you are loved or you love) you always win. True Love is when the man opposite sees God in me and I see God in him. It is said in the Writ, "You have taken for free, so give for free!" This refers to Love. When you love someone, God in him has begun to speak to you, no matter whether he knows Him or not. Be happy that you have seen God in him, be happy that God has spoken to you through that man.


If you cannot love someone, it means you have blindness, you cannot see the Truth. God is in them, this Truth exists within them. With Love, man is an instrument of the Love of God. Love is an attribute of God. God is the one who loves through us. How can you tell that God loves you? When you love the other people, it shows that God loves you. Indeed, Christ says, "As the Father came to love me, so did I come to love you." When man comes to love God, when man lights the Holy fire within himself, like a magnet he will attract people, everybody will love him. These are two laws. To love means to look yourself in the mirror every day, because when you love the other people, you look at yourself. When you love people, you love yourself. When you love the others, you love God inside them. So Love is a mirror. Since I display Love towards the others, I have the approval of God that I am implementing His Will. Love is an implementation of the Will of God, of God's law. It is not easy to explain the Love. It is the greatest law in the world. Love is unexplainable. It can be presented in any form, but by itself it is unexplainable, because Love is God. Love in man comes from God, man is only an instrument and he cannot explain something which is above him. Man only has to give effect to it, not to confine it. If Love is spoken about, it would not be understood in human.


After we had tea, a conversation was taken up again.


Knowing God is a condition for the Eternal life. Outside of Love, you cannot recognize Him. Outside of Love, God is unrecognizable. You can study His deeds, and you will always benefit from something, but the main thing is the Love. The meaning of Life is in the knowledge of God. This Teaching is difficult to adopt, and if man does not suffer, it will be hard for him to understand. You cannot come to know God if you are happy from the outside, if all your needs are satisfied. You need to have grief from the outside in order to come to know God. Occupy your time with those who need help. This means to show people the way to God. Christ said, "I will make you fishers of man", didn't he. The Spiritual world will show the man where to go and where he should work. The Invisible world will send us to the ones it has predestined and prepared.


He who wants to get acquainted with the esoteric sciences, has to recognize the supreme, the Divine, or in other words, to recognize God. This means to recognize the circumstances under which we can grow. You recognize those whom you love. You cannot recognize a man as long as you do not love him. You have a friend, and yet you are not acquainted with him. If you do not love somebody, it is a mask for you. And if you love him, you will see that he possesses a great soul, bigger than the Universe, and for thousands of years you are going to have to study what beauties hide within it.


When you set out for the next world, you will see how much the others love you. Ordinary love is for the Earth.


At Reznyovete we spent several hours, and on the way back we passed through the so-called Samodivska polyana ("Fairy meadow"). The lectures which the Master held at Yavorovi Prisoe in 1934 are published in the little tome "What is Great in Life".


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