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We were at Yavorovi Prisoe. After the sunrise, the entire picture came to life, Reznyovete were gilded by the first rays, the bird choir increased. All of nature exulted. After the prayer program we performed Paneurhythmy. After that we all greeted the Master with the new day. A conversation began.


In all times, God has spoken to the people. There has not been a time when God has not spoken. Some think they can be self- taught. Surely somebody has taught you, but you have forgotten. God has spoken to everybody, but some have heard, and others have forgotten. God has a specific way of speaking.


God speaks to everyone generally, and specifically - only to those who are ready. The silent voice that talked to Elijah is a specific voice. Not all people can hear the Silent voice. If people fight, God cannot talk to them with a silent voice, they are deaf to that voice. Connect with God, so that wherever you go, you can hear His sweet and silent voice. Should you hear the voice of God, hold it i.e. stop. It is God that makes people live, think, and be free; so He helps humanity. God is that from which we have come out. We are in God! It is God in you that acts within your inner needs and desires. So when man desires something good, beautiful, then it is God in us, who acts within that desire. Listen to the Lord, so that He can manifest in your inner little impulses. Observe one rule: make use of the smallest occasions, the smallest incentives, the smallest thoughts, which come to you. Why do all the people have the will to manifest in the big impulses and do big things? This will come too, but not until the future. All of these big things depend on the little opportunities, which man has utilized. First of all, man has to manifest in the little conditions and opportunities, and if he has not manifested in them, he will not be able to do so in the big ones either. Somebody waits for years, he wants to become a preacher in a big hall; well he is given the circumstances every day to meet a child and talk to it about something. And if he does not utilize that, he will not be able to make use of the big thing either. If he has not made an effort to occupy some time with the separate letters, can he become a writer, can he write a book?


Let things be revealed gradually, by the law of the Spirit. Everybody, who answers to the call of the Spirit, understands at once. When the musician places his hand on the string, the latter responds. The sensitive string responds at a slight touch. The same thing when the Spirit touches with the human soul and the latter responds to the incentives of the Spirit; this means it is ready. Not everyone has that. Some have not come from there. They have an aspiration, but have no insight. They have not come to the state of understanding, and now the small things in them have to grow.


God constantly speaks. You make a mistake and He tells you, "That is not right". You draw a picture and He tells you, "Make another one". You will make a second one, a third one, and when you come to the most beautiful one, He will approve of it. God does not criticize you. He just says, "Make a new picture". When you transgress, heed the Silent voice of God that whispers to you, "Walk among all the souls as I walk among you."


Should a hardship come to you, do not hurry, but start to meditate. Observe how God will solve it inside you. It will not be five minutes before you see that your problem is solved.


During the conversation, the question about what purpose man has for thinking about God was raised. The Master gave explanations.


Let us make use of the following analogy: on a wall you cast light through a prism, and on the wall, the colours are being projected, but once you remove the prism, the colours disappear. Conclusion: as long as you think, the Divine light passes through you, and there are colours. Once you cease to think, the colours disappear. When you think about God, Life comes, things become real. That is where the secret is: to have a most supreme idea about God!


If somebody feels sad, let him think about the Angels. And if he still feels sorry, let him think about God. Why should he think about God? When he thinks about God, the sorrow, which cannot be solved in any other way, will be solved. When you think about God, let all the perplexities disappear from you, let everything shine from within you. When the ailing thinks about God, he has to recover. And if you think about God and do not recover, you are still weak. The water, which can spin the entire motor, drives the watermill. The weak water does not drive the watermill. You are drawing close to what you are thinking about. You are drawing away from what you are not thinking about. When you are thinking about God, you are drawing close to Him. And when you are not thinking about God, you are drawing away from Him. When you are not thinking about God, there is no Life entering into you, and you are growing old. And when you are thinking about God, Life is pouring into you, and you are growing younger.


Man has to start thinking about God, in order to become a real man. Everyone who walks on God's way gets their matters onto the right track eventually. Man is not just a single Divine ray; man is Life, a constant stream that comes out of God.


There still has not been a case of a righteous man begging. Assume that your name is known in the English bank. Are you afraid that you might be left with no resources then? If your name is known to God, if your life is in accordance with the Divine stream, with the Divine Love, if your name is written at God, you will never be left without the necessary.

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