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Someone says, "I am not going to pray anymore", as if the Invisible world needs his prayer. Whatever you do, you do it to yourself. For instance, you lounge instead of getting up for prayer, the room is cold, you are tired, it is inconvenient for you to pray on time, etc. If you do not pray on time, you will have lost the moment. Did you know that with this prayer you do not contribute to God, but to yourself. With this prayer you will redeem yourself and the others from great sufferings and misfortunes. Therefore, do not lounge; even if the room is cold, get up and pray. You will gain a lot.


If in a particular moment man is able to believe that in the world there is a Supreme consciousness, which penetrates through the minds of the people, and if he directs his thought towards that Consciousness, all of his difficulties and hardships will disappear, not suddenly, but gradually, as the sunrays gradually melt the snow and the ice. The thoughts of the world fill the air, and if man is not awake, they will get into him, they will conquer him, and then he will start to think as the world does. The world is a wave that will sweep the man away if he does not have a constantly aware consciousness. This awareness comes with the prayer. The prayer is a guard of man. It must not weaken. Should it start weakening, man has to increase it. You pray; there are evil spirits that surround you and try to break your connection with God at any cost, to cause you misfortune. People have to be awake, to constantly hold a connection with God, so that the good spirits can come and help them.


An American was in the jungle, beasts were prowling and snarling around him, snakes were hissing, but because of the electrical net he had wrapped up around him, he was fenced off. Man needs to have a safety net around him, he needs to have something to rely on. Fate shadows the man each moment. As you know this, pray constantly. Do not sit down to eat without a prayer. Pray to God to keep you from the bad fate, which chases you each moment. When man does not pray, his brow becomes lower and lower, and along with that, it kicks back. Also, his chin gradually decreases and goes back, i.e. the will decreases.


Unless you deliver everything into God's hands, you will never become free. Unless you pray, you will never become free! It is said, "Pray for each other". When one prays for others and the latter pray for him, the Whole then starts to manifest through them. Pray for everybody. This way we call the Heavens' attention to becoming interested in someone who is suffering. Of course, at the same time, you will do everything that is possible for him. When you get up in the morning, say, "Let help be given to those in need, a hundred schools be built, etc." Say, "It will be done!" Do not ask who will do it, but whatever you can do, do it. You can help people outwardly, but praying for them is worth a lot of days of outward help. Furthermore, rejoice that the others succeed.


When a brother of ours was ill, his wife told me, "The children are still young. Let God leave him until they grow up!" When I came to see the ill man, I saw that he was praying, and that is why I understood that he was not going to pass away. We should say thus, "This man has your Will to implement here, God, let him stay here and get his work done!" We should not say, "Let him stay for the children, for us".


When somebody goes to work for God, the others have to pray for him, because they may tempt him. When you pray for somebody, his welfare from God to him will pass through you. The manner of the prayer should not be told to the others. The prayer can be with short, long, and medium waves. In order for the prayer to be with short waves, there should not be any counteraction on behalf of the man. If the prayer is with short waves, it goes very far, it goes to the Divine world. Many prayers that have short waves remain here, they cannot rise up. The prayer has short waves when the thought is pure and lofty, and when there is an elevated state of the mind, the heart, the soul, and the spirit.


Let him who has to speak at a gathering make contact with the Invisible world beforehand with an intense prayer. And when he enters the gathering, even before he opens his mouth, a force will pass through the people, everybody will feel an upsurge. If at the gathering there is one who has spent some time in prayer just before that, the atmosphere will be completely different, and he will alter the disposition of everyone else. Then the orator will speak with inspiration. Otherwise, coolness will be felt, his speech will be pale. Before his speech, the orator has to call upon God to help him by saying, "God, give me your Speech, speak through me!" And then he will be speaking with power and will be saying to himself, "That, which I say, is not mine, but of God". If he says that it is his, there will be drawbacks.


The same is when man is going to speak with someone, to arrange something; before that he has to pray for a long time.


Christ would withdraw during the night and pray for a long time, because he was working in a crude environment, and with that prayer He harmonized the souls on which he was working. When man is praying, even without thinking about his talk or about the person he is about to talk with, he perceives the Divine within himself, and then it fills the atmosphere, and what he is talking about deeply influences the souls. This is what happens here: when man prepares things thus, then the Angels, who guide the souls, transfer that, which he speaks to them, in an inward way.


Whatever work you might undertake, it has to be preceded and accompanied by a prayer. Then you are not alone. Then the obstacles are removed and the aid of the Heavens is drawn. Then you draw the favourable circumstances. When man is praying, certain forces in Nature go into operation. And when he is not praying, those forces in Nature do not work. Concentration is needed, focus. In order for man to learn how to concentrate, let him be closer to people who concentrate. Next to each other, people benefit.


When man falls in the mountain and slips, when he concentrates, he will become master of his movements and he will stop himself. You will call upon the Rational in the Nature, it will help you. Concentration has to be tried. With all things there has to be concentration. One small weight that you can lift with your thought is one small hardship.


Man has to know what draws away his mind. The insignificant things draw away the mind of man. What concentration does the wild goat, which jumps from a distance of ten meters, have - it jumps and will lodge its hooves on one span of the steep.


With incorrect development, when man does not practice in prayer and concentration, the streams within him, instead of going to the upper chakras, they go down, and thus they get blocked up or their life stops. You shall work in such a way so that the energy goes up. I will give methods for this. It happens by concentrating the mind on eternal Divine ideas. When man thinks over a matter, the human soul awakens. But its awakening has to happen gradually, not immediately.


All fires are linked up with the Fire above. Our thoughts and feelings are linked up with God's thoughts and feelings. An inner School is needed, workers are needed. There is a benevolence which is physical and does not contribute anything. For instance, a man is praying and wants to compel God to weep. These are outward effects, they apply to the physical world, but otherwise they do not contribute anything.


A brother inquired, "What is the connection between the breathing, on one hand, and the meditation and the prayer, on the other? Is it good to have a meditation and a prayer, accompanied by breathing?"


Breathing is an auxiliary tool and facilitates the meditations. The air facilitates the thought and the feelings, because through it we perceive the Divine element.


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