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There was abundant sunlight flowing. In the garden, the roses were blossoming and were spreading their fragrance. Lunch was over and a brother was playing the violin, and we were singing. After that, a conversation began, in which the matter of serving God was raised.


We reason in a human way, when we want to know who is loved by God. All those who work for the coming of the Kingdom of God on Earth, are loved, faithful, and good sons. You shall not seek your weal. It will come at the end. Why do have fear of God? Serve him with Faith and with Love. Those who apply the Love are children of God. And those who only speak that Christ has done this and that, and do not apply it, are out. Man has to see the Love in its great work, he has to see everywhere how God works. He who accepts the Love of Christ will work for God. Love frees the man, and in his freedom, he has to work. God's work is now consisting mainly of finding the ready, the predetermined souls, who have to find the Divine way. One who serves the world is like a loaded beast of burden - they whip him, they force him to work beyond his abilities. If you are not subservient to God as a son of his, you will be subservient to the dark forces as a beast of burden. In your service of God as a son or a daughter, your consciousness must always be awake and connected with God, because the evil spirits are always trying to draw off your attention, in order to break that connection and do some mischief to you. There is no better thing than a man to understand the paths of God, but until he finds them, the dark spirit sneaks up and tells you, "What are you doing going up that steep path? I will show you an easier way". Tell him, "We are taking the part of servants, servants of the Love, and we are going to serve God. Come and serve Him too." God's Will works in two directions: when you do bad, it restricts you through sicknesses and sufferings, and when you do good, it broadens you, it gives you scope, conditions, it emboldens you. We become the reason for God to confine us, because we oppose, we compel Him to restrict us. When we are doing something that is not in accordance with His Will, we come into collision with Him. Certain Angels have come into such a collision.


Now the world is in restriction. In one respect, the people are restricting themselves from the Heavens, and in another they are encouraged. Take for example the leaders: the soul of the nation recedes, it abandons them, and with that they get paralyzed. They feel that the national soul is withdrawing and they become powerless. As if the national soul stops all of its sources, it does not provide them with conditions, and they are bewildered.


A rational explanation has to be given to Life, not for us to think that in the world there exists arbitrariness; on the contrary - a Supreme rationality exists. We have to be co-workers of God, to work in the same direction with Him, and where He restricts, we should restrict ourselves there as well, and where He frees, we should free ourselves. When we transgress, God puts up with us, and his patience shows that He restricts himself. Man needs to have the proper attitude towards the source of Life. And because you are the branch of a tree, have a proper attitude towards the life of the entire tree, but at the same time be aware that you are not the entire tree. With a proper attitude towards the tree, you are going to receive life from it.


Serving God carries Freedom. Do not worry about how it will manifest towards you. When you are restricting yourself in God, the Good will come to you. Everything you gain outside of God you might lose. Happiness is only in God. The connection with God has to be uninterrupted, ceaseless, without any breaking. When you are serving God, you have nothing to give Him, because He has everything and does not want anything from you. When you are serving God and your neighbour, serve selflessly, without expecting something in return.


When you believe in God and you serve Him, the money will be running towards you, and you will say, "What is it with you running after me?" One who does his work will have ordinary blessings, and the one who does God's work will have extraordinary blessings. He, who does good, sows and reaps. He, who works for the others, has not lost anything. In serving God, the more time that passes, the more the matters get settled, and in serving only yourself, matters grow worse and worse.


Recently, in a Sunday lecture, I read chapter two by the prophet Joel. That chapter is going to be fulfilled. That is why man has to be awake, sober. If God is in man, the strength is in man too. You shall carry out God's Will, you shall think of the others, and God will think of you. For instance, the finger is part of the body, it breaks the bread, but it is another who eats and sends nutritive sap towards the soil. And the finger does not even know the ways in which the food comes to it. The "fingers" - these are the separate individuals. We should carry out God's Will, we should love God, we should work for Him, and in what way will God's blessing, the Life, and all the goods come to you, is for God to decide. You shall trust in God, and you shall love God in the people.


A sister pointed out, "Master, I wish to have conditions to serve God".


The law is this: only wish to serve God, and the conditions and opportunities will come on their own. Each day will be settled for you, as long as you constantly nurture that desire. There are many souls that are ready to awaken, and there needs to be someone who can point the right way for them. If you desire to serve God, they will come on their own, you will not have to go looking for them. And then, the service of God includes the following as well: whatever you do each day, try for it to be pleasing to God.


People are always in service of the Divine. Once they notice that It is within you, they are ready to be of service to you. And when they notice the human within you, they will tell you to go away. What your state in the Divine world is, such you are given in the physical world. When you are serving out of Love, you will not have inner sorrows, and a certain gift or a certain small talent will by all means awaken in you, and it will gradually increase. As long as you think that you know, and you do not learn, they do not give you anything; but should you take up learning, they start giving you, so that you can succeed. The nation that does not want to serve God will disappear from the Earth. That is a law. Each conscious person has to make up his mind to serve God, and once he begins the service, all people will become dear to him, and he will see that those are souls. When you start serving God, you shall take a little, not more than you can carry; you do not need much, because wherever you go, there is everything. There are two kinds of people: some live for themselves and the rest live for the others; so the latter live by God. You, who work for God, will be strong.


Man can liquidate his karma only by serving God. When he is determined to serve God, he will be master of what God has given him. When you oppose, all hardships will come to you, the burden will increase. In order for that man's consciousness to be built upon, he must have a selfless desire to serve God, and it should not be material wealth that interests him.


I suggest that Sunday is devoted absolutely to God. This means to say a good word to someone, to visit him, to read the Gospel, lectures. The seventh day should be devoted to God, this is for the broad masses; for the faithful it is different - you the seventh minute, the seventh hour, the seventh day should be devoted to God. You can devote six hours for yourself, and the seventh - to God.


When man becomes determined to serve God, he builds on another basis, does not go out of a personal view; then the Life has another meaning. The only work for man that is left for the centuries to come is the work for God. When you implement the Will of God, Life is given a meaning. People often ask themselves what the meaning of Life is, and it lies in the service. This is the main problem which man has to solve. When man becomes determined to serve God, his heart gets filled with Joy, his mind - with Light, his will - with activity.


You think about the following: "What can I do for the others with what God has given me?" Be as selfless as a pen - when it gets dipped in the ink, everything it takes - it gives. And then they dip it again. The pen enjoys giving when taking. With the Love you have to humble yourself, come down, and help. It will teach you what to say to the people. Love, in all areas, leaves what it has.


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