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The implementation of the Will of God stands higher than being a king, a bishop, an Angel, etc. A person who does his own will is a slave and everyone gets in his way. A person who performs God's Will is free. God's Will hovers above everyone, and at the same time it carries everyone. Everyone obeys it, but you should never say, "I am performing God's Will"; this is the outer side, you had better realize that from the inside. When you are good, strong and wise, you are performing it, and if you are not such a person, you are not performing it and you are an ordinary man.


The bad people also perform God's Will. Scoundrels were robbing rich and very rich people; a poor man stumbled upon them and raised his hands: "Rob me!" The scoundrels said to him, "Wait a minute, what are you taking us for, we have an order to rob the rich". They gave him a sum a let him go. Someone wants from you ten or a hundred levs, you do not feel like giving; then scoundrels come and rob you of a hundred thousand. Should the evil become master, it is bad. And this is when man wants to do something personally for himself. And God has not subordinated man to evil. He has freed him. And we are responsible for misusing the Freedom, which God has given us. We restrict ourselves when we are not performing God's Will. When two brothers fight at home, it is not God's Will in even the slightest degree. People have to become servants of the Rational, the Good.


To perform God's Will, to glorify God's Name, and to work for the establishment of God's Kingdom, are living laws. One thinks that he can elevate on his own. No! He cannot do that alone, but when God and Christ come to make an abode within him, he will understand the Truth and will elevate. The Invisible world has a great task and many years will pass until it brings brightening into the human consciousness. Man regrets staying behind, but he does not regret having not implemented God's Will. And that is what is important - to implement God's Will, and where he is, it is a subsidiary question. If he has not worked, he should regret that God's work has remained behind. You are people who carry out your will and that of the others very well, but you implement God's Will very little. And the Will of God is sacred. Because the Light, the Knowledge, the Truth come from God, we say, "His Will be done!" Thus, the new will be created in man, and only thus can it be renewed. The verse says, "Those who wait for God will renew". When the Divine comes, it renews. Each organ can function, but it should function in accordance with the Whole. If we perform God's Will, God will be with us, and then we will come into the implementation of the other laws, everything will happen easily.


A sister asked, "Why is our will not always in accordance with the Will of God?"


There are enemies, who want to make you have wishes that are adverse to God's Will. On Earth, when you perform God's Will, you are close to God, and if you do not perform it, you are far from Him. Crime consists of not implementing God's Will.


A sister asked, "How can we tell that we have implemented God's Will?"


When we implement God's Will, we have Peace, Joy, Freedom, scope, breadth, and when we do not implement it - disturbance, discontent, indisposition. Christ says, "These flowers God has dressed in those clothes, and you he will dress even more when you are implementing God's Will". You will be dressed unlike any queen has ever been dressed. The head of everything is God's Will. When you are implementing it, the Rationality, the Love, the health, the Wisdom, the wealth, the joy will come; the beginning of each person will be the implementation of God's Will.


A brother asked, "What is an implementation of God's Will?"


To do what you do not want to. For instance, you receive a guest, you have a piece of bread, and you say to yourself, "I have enough for myself". The Will of God says, "Give half of it", and your heart sinks within you, you do not want to give a gram. We often put a faucet on the goods of God and then complain. When we are not implementing God's Will, we plug up the goods of God, and then suffer. Some want to have the goods of God without implementing His Will. Why, this is stealing! How much does the Sun want you to pay it for all the works the Earth produces and which it grows? There is someone who can think about the people, and they are obliged to implement God's Will. If we do not implement it, contradictions come. From the Heavens they do not wish to employ a guard's method, they will allow you to do whatever you want, and then you will pay for what you have done. One who ceases to perform God's Will degrades, descends, and loses his Freedom. Study the history: the Jews, who did not live by God, were being captured by other nations, and then God would come to free them. You are all deluding yourselves when you are saying, "Look, that one does not live by God, and his things are going pretty well". They are not going well at all, he has put a trivet underneath himself, the fire is already blazing up, and he will start burning. If we coordinate ourselves and implement God's Will, then the Rational forces, which have a relation towards us, will also coordinate themselves and implement ours. When you work with the Rational creatures, your work gets on. Their work is the common work. And when you are doing this common work, the Rational creatures will be helping you. When they are helping you, things happen easily; should you be left alone, you are not doing well.


Someone says, "Nobody is paying any attention to me". Above all else, "paying attention" is an inner process. On the other hand, it is not important whether people love you or not, but whether you are performing God's Will. Man has come for God, to implement His Will, not to fulfill the desire of this or that person.

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