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Imagine a lake; if all of its connections with the source are broken, what will happen to it? - It will run dry. That is loss of faith. When you lose your faith in this small life you have, nothing is going to be left. The loss of faith is a breaking of the connection with the Real. Man must never break that connection. What do you have to do? Connect with the Real. A man who is not connected with God looks like a loose leaf, and the wind blows it all around; that is why you have to be connected with God. If someone doubts in God, he has lost everything. Once someone doubts in God, however advanced he might be, an entire catastrophe happens within him. Man is connected with God and he must not look for side connections. It is said, "Do not connect with the world". One connection is enough. We suffer because of many connections. Yesterday I said that I acknowledge above me only God and all other Creatures that are perfect.


Man builds a house and it becomes his idol, or he gains wealth and makes it his idol, or gives birth to a child and enthrones it for an idol. This is a false basis, because for a basis we have to place only our relations towards God, i.e. towards the One who has created us, whom we owe our lives. The spiritual people need to have a complete unity with God. When man is not in connection with Him, he is in the relative reality. What constantly rejuvenates is the Divine, and what constantly ages is the human. The true rejuvenation lies in this - for man to enter the Complete life. Someone who is absorbed only with material things is excluded from the table. And the one who has entered the spiritual life has found a treasure, a mine. The one in which you believe has to enter into you. Do not break what God makes inside you; should you separate from Him, you isolate yourself. And when you always hold God in your thought, you are connected with Him and He works inside you and aids you. God always has to talk in the words of the disciple. Then he is free, the fear disappears, and profound Peace sets in within his soul. When you are too far down, hopelessly down, in the greatest suffering, then God is above you and is lending you a helping hand. But you need to have that rope - the Faith, so that He can grip it and pull you up. When man thinks he is strong, God withdraws and leaves him to try his strength, to see what he can do on his own. When you fall, say, "God, I am powerless, You are strong, manifest Yourself!" And then God will manifest.


Man should hold on to God as the Earth - to the Sun. When you think about God, you will grow. The thought is from God. It was said, "We will be taught by God". There is a way in which man can learn from God how to think. When you want to acquire knowledge, first of all you will have a desire to understand God's ways, and when you understand them, God will send you to learnt people, who will teach you the details that they are studying. Disciples of Christ believed that Christ had descended from God, and the Divine passed on from Him to them. If they had not believed, this could not have happened. When contact is made between man and God, the Divine Light and Strength pour into him and he gains an insight, he understands things with clarity, and acquires a higher consciousness. We will be well when we become instruments of God and when He manifests through us; however, should we influence the Divine, God in us will not be free and we will be restricting Him.


A brother mentioned to the Master about some, who displayed disheartenment.


When man is without the Lord, disheartenment sets in. Man has to work. They want to easily enter the Kingdom of God.


We need to have inspiration. In Plovdiv, a violinist played before me and said that she had never played in her life the way she did then. Her father, who was watching her from the side, expressed his admiration that he had never seen her so beautiful. She had inspiration. When you want something and they give you ten times more, it means that you have fulfilled God's Will. Sometimes you want, but they do not give you. So you have not fulfilled God's Will.


When man finds himself among contradictions, the idea that the Rational sits behind all things, that a Great rationality leads everything, gives him Peace, serenity, harmony, and then he solves all contradictions. Always when you are discouraged, once the Divine thought comes, everything immediately disappears and you feel at ease. When the Divine thought goes away, discouragement comes again, which is an animal state. Someone insults you; you pass by him, and look askance at him. Why are you looking at him like that? When man is not implementing God's Will, he is stealing. When he is implementing it without Love, he is borrowing. And when he is implementing God's Will with Love, he receives for free.


You get up in the morning, and until you come back in the evening, what have you accomplished for God? He, who is in an unceasing contact with God, is a source. Then all possibilities are open to him, he enters into new conditions. I caught up with a sister who was carrying a heavy pitcher from the tiny fountain by Dianabad; she would often stop to take a rest and I told her, "There is a way in which the pitcher will become light to you, and you will carry it very easily. Here is the way: say to yourself, "God and I are carrying this pitcher." This applies to every other work you are doing. Once you say to yourself, "God and I are going to do it!" You will then succeed.


Everything that is not Love does not endure. The outer love, with which people are now marrying each other, is a parget. Today you plaster up the house, but tomorrow the plaster will collapse. The present marriage is not efficacious, because they fall in love on the outer side, on the fa3ade, they do not form a spiritual connection, and the plaster flakes away. Who is your relative? The one who loves God is your brother and sister.


You cannot achieve any longing of yours without the Love that ensues from God, without that Light, which ensues from God, and without that Light, which is spread out by the Spirit of God. The reason for the sin is very small. In the Spiritual world, when you merely turn your back on a creature, you have already transgressed. And when your turn your face towards it, you have already repented and have mended your ways. You shall hold your face towards God. A suffering appears to someone, and he stops thinking about God; why, he has then already turned his back on the Lord. That is the reason for the sin.


The Great rational beginning reigns everywhere, and its ways are unrecognizable. All creatures are under Its control. In It we live, move, and exist. When man cannot understand the Divine, the negative forces in Nature take over him and he allows transgression in. In India there are fakirs, whom the English hire to hunt pearl oysters from the bottom of the ocean. The fakirs concentrate, and the sharks do not approach them. The fakirs have learned the art of practicing influence upon the animals. In connection with the Great rational beginning, man is surrounded.


Life is a very complicated tangle - an interweaving between spirits and forces - and man cannot easily come out of these conditions with his ordinary consciousness, but only when he looks upon the Life with a higher consciousness. Sometimes you feel abandoned, and in that loneliness you should seek the Divine - wherever you are, hear the voice of God - by the fountain and by the trees, everywhere. There should be no interruption of the consciousness, and it should be awake.


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