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It was Wednesday morning, and after the lecture of the Youth esoteric class we went outside by the slates in front of the reception-room of the Master. The Sun had risen just a while ago and Vitosha, which in its upper half was capped with snow, turned red before our eyes. We were contemplating that picture, and when it faded, the Master said:


Thousands of creatures listened to my lecture, and when they left, they went to Vitosha, greeted the day, bid us farewell from there, and they went away.


After that we formed in rows on the meadow and practised the Six gymnastic exercises. When we got back in the hall, a conversation began, in which the Master said among other things:


If I were you and I listened to the lectures I am giving you, I would have had a magical voice, so musical, that no one in the world has ever heard such. Then, I would have been able to paint ingeniously. The people who follow God are gifted! The most gifted people, the geniuses, the talented, those are occultists. The present pious ones think that when they become pious, they will not need any studying. They look like the one who, when he receives wealth, says, "I do not need work". When you become rich, from that time on you have to brace yourself to study.


Only the Divine beginning is in position to make man strong. Some say that humanity has culture. Leave that! You have to connect with God, God's presence should be within you. That is where the strength is.


A sister asked: "How do we get the strength to help people?"


Through connection with the Great rational beginning. Only from It can you gain strength, and by loving It and being in connection with It at that. The world is one. There is unity in the world, there is unity in the mind; find a place in it, from where you can obtain. God gives his Spirit without limit. But when a soul has not completed its development, the Divine cannot manifest. Those who have not completed their development have no frank communication with the Lord and cannot have one. Not that this is not possible, but even if God spoke to them, they would not understand him. I wish you to hear the first word of the Great rational beginning! It will be not from the outside, but from the inside. It was said, "Whoever hears His voice will revive". When you hear the first word, it is a Rebirth. In the soul of the disciple there has to always be a conversation about the Great rational beginning. This way he is free and within his soul a profound Peace sets in.


There are truths in the world that are inaccessible to the human consciousness; this is caused by an indisposition of mind. Let the disciple study the inner side of the mystical life and aspire to imagine it clearly.


A brother asked, "How the mystic talents in man should be developed?"


Here is how: reflect on some verses, sentences, etc, and study the Gospel by John. Also, in whatever hour a thought about God should come to you, accept it, in everything see God, who tests you and brings you certain blessings every day. In order for us to be good, God has to manifest through us. God chooses the forms, through which he manifests, on his own. The Good - that is God himself. In connection with the Rational beginning, the human soul blossoms. Unless man understands things, he cannot apply them. You cannot read unless you have light. If the Sun within you do not shine, the plants within you cannot bloom, and the fruit you expect cannot ripen.


In the world, the opinion of the Lord has to be reliable to you. There is no other who loves you more than Him. If you have a good thought, you are open to the Divine light. If you have good wishes, you are open to the Divine Love. If you have readiness and good will, you are open to God's power.


The thought is of big importance, it is a condition for drawing the Divine weal, and for man to become receptive towards it. When you think about God, you gain His qualities. Do not think about yourself that much, but think about the Lord. There is a law: you become whoever you think about; you become the same as the people you surround yourself with. An experienced philosophy has to be applied, because there is a lot of theoretical talk about what is not understood.



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