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On September 23rd, 1941, we set out to Cherni Vrah. The excursion was four-days - until September 26th inclusive. At first we were nine people, but on the second day, more came, and we became twelve people. In the afternoon we reached the top and settled in the observatory, where the observer Gosho and his mother, Grandma Maria, welcomed us very kindly. The Master was invited into their room, and all of us took the adjacent common room. In the morning we made for Reznyovete - two peaks, lying at approximately 20 minutes distance from Cherni Vrah. A thick curtain of fog was covering everything from our sight. We spent some time in meditation and prayer. After that, a conversation began. Here are the main thoughts, which the Master expressed:


Our Love towards God takes up the highest place in the human head. The most elevated one within the human mind is the feeling of love towards God. When a person thinks only about himself, he needs to know that he is somewhere below. The centre of personality is further behind the centre of the Love towards God, and it is more base as well. The conscience, justice, and benevolence are also ranked after that. In some people, the centre of fortitude stands higher than the one of Love, and this position is unnatural. In the souls of all people, the centre of the Love is the highest.


The love, which young people have, is the lowest peak; after that, the love of the mother towards the child is a higher one, the friendship is even higher, and in the Divine world, a higher peak than that of the Love towards God does not exist. After that rank the peaks of Faith, Hope, benevolence, etc, and between them, valleys form. Such peaks are forty in number; actually, on the head there are up to 120 tops in their subdivisions, and along with them - another 120 valleys. You see that before you stand vast expanses for studying, and you shall rejoice, even when you are being born and when you are dying, you will always be studying. The Love towards God is a great impulse. God is the highest top, from where all other streams take on their destination.


We have to turn to the rational, which is in the Nature, but there has to be someone who will show us the way there. If we want to climb up the highest peak, someone who has been there has to show us where to go through. The English wanted to climb up Mount Everest, they were carrying oxygen apparatuses and whatnot, but their endeavours did not succeed, until the monks of the Himalayas gave them instructions.


We aspire to the following: directly entering communication with the Lord. Man has to love the Lord in such a way and be so filled with wealth and Life through his Love towards Him that he shall not need to seek some people to love him. When he loves God, he loves everyone and everything. With this Love he does not feel emptiness, which this or that person should fill up inside him, because he lies in the abundance. Once you realize that there is something higher than you, there is no way that you cannot love the Lord. To love God is the biggest privilege, and people can glorify me for writing something; these are evanescent things, i.e. outer ones. The biggest weal for me is that I love God! When I see the Sun and benefit from its rays, can the thousands of candles, which people will light, benefit me then? There is an important matter, which I must settle - what should my love towards the Lord be. Here is the important question! Big is the joy of Love. Without expressing it, you will rejoice. You love the Lord - that is where the secret is! It is true that everybody cannot love everyone. But that everybody can love each everyone, that is also true. Our task is to tell the people that when we have Love, we have everything. To love the Lord is the only straight thought, with it I hold on to the right direction. It always has to begin with Love towards God, otherwise nothing is achieved. As the light and the warmth are necessary to the physical world, so is Love an inner necessity. You need one thing - put in the Love as a basis, or I add: love God, believe in your neighbour, and hope in yourself! The entire capital is the Love.


The following law is very true: when man calls upon God with all of his heart, God will answer him from everywhere. An acquaintance of mine told me, "I was travelling on a hot day, I was passing through fields, I had nothing to eat. I stopped by a pear-tree to have some rest, I saw that the branches were stripped of fruit, and I wanted at least 2-3 pears to be there. A breeze came, it shook the tree, and 7-8 pears fell down. As if they were waiting for me! That made a strong impression on me. I have read many arguments, my desire was fulfilled. The pears fell to me like honey. They were sweet pears". Disbelief has crippled the people. The crippled man cannot see, and starts to believe that he cannot see. He has damaged his eyes. His sight has to be regained.


The mountains, the air, the grain, the water, are product of the Rational creatures. When we eat bread, we are in connection with those who have produced it. When we drink water, we are in connection with the Creatures that have produced it. Therefore, you shall drink the finest water, in order for you to connect with them. When you look at a picture, you connect with the painter. Also, when you read what Christ has said, you come into connection with the Christ. That is how you should apprehend things. The first thing that is required for the Inner school is that everybody aspires to form a connection with the First Principle in the world. The first manifestation of this connection is the Love. The disciple must have a connection and should not be disconcerted by anything that happens around. All fear shall disappear! Man should learn first to come to love the Lord; then he will be able to come to love everything. Man has to be first and foremost a carrier of the Love of God. When he loves God, he will recognize that God loves him, and will display Love towards all creatures. If he trusts in the people to love him, he alienates himself from God. Not that it is bad for the people to love him (let them love him and let him rejoice at it, because God manifests), but first of all he needs to trust in God's Love. Your heart must be free, do not pawn it anywhere. Grant your heart to the Lord! You can give to whoever wants from your pitcher, but at the same time you shall send him to the fountain in the mountains. You will love some person, but at the same time you shall send him to God, in order for him to perceive God's Love and become a carrier of it, otherwise the purpose is not achieved.


When man meditates on the Love, let him alter the entire setting of his consciousness. If during meditation he breaks all connections with the earthly, his soul will rise up. This has to happen during meditation on God and on Love towards God.


Put in action the first law - Love towards God, then love towards the neighbour, and finally, love towards yourself. First and foremost, we shall work for the Lord, then for the neighbour, and finally for ourselves. And now the world is upside down. That is a wrong way. An Englishman thinks first and foremost of the English people, and then of the other nations. So does the Bulgarian, the Serbian, etc. This is not bad, but a time will come when an Englishman will think of the other nations the same way he does for his own nation. The same thing will happen to the Bulgarian, the Serbian, etc.


When Christ said that you must deny your father, your mother, your brother, your sister, this means that you must not love them more than God. Christ told that rich young man, 'You lack one thing. Go and give away everything to the poor, and come and follow Me!" The rich young man did not accept, his love for wealth was bigger than his love towards Christ. Only a strong man can work for Christ, and the strong one must have knowledge. In order to have knowledge, he has to learn. And to learn, he needs to have Love. Everything comes unto man according to the degree of Love.


When we love the Lord, we will recognize Him. We have to pass on to what connects all rational souls into one whole, and which gives Life a meaning, and that is God. A day will come, when people will recognize God the way it should be. And Love solely is a means, through which we can recognize the essence of Life - the Lord. A thing we do not love remains unknown to us. When you do not love a creature, how can you recognize it? And when it does not love you, how can it recognize you? If we know the Lord, we gain Eternal life, because it comes out of Him. It is said in the Writ, "When you look for Me with all of your heart, you will find Me". The expression "when you look for Me with all of your heart" infers "when you come to love the Lord". In order to recognize the Lord, you have to come to love Him. When you recognize the Lord, you will recognize the people as well. And when you recognize the people, you will come to love them.


God loves you, and if you do not love Him, it means that you do not respond to God's Love. If you are being loved, you have to love too. It is said, "Each tree that does not produce fruit gets shoveled, so that it can be determined whether it is going to produce any fruit, and if it does not, it gets cut down". So, man is given conditions to produce fruit, and the fruit is his loving. You shall love the One who has given you all those gifts that you have. When you love a lot of people, you actually love only One. People are windows, through which you see God - through their souls you see Him. When you look at a creature, around which there are mirrors, you see it in many places, yet it is one. That is God.


The human soul is fruitless if God's Love does not fill it. Until God's Love and the Spirit of God fill the human soul, man is a stranger, a foreigner on Earth. Let us give thanks for today, let us thank the Divine Spirit, who descends and possesses the people. God intends to save all of humanity, to put Peace, order, Light inside the minds, and for the people to start living in Love, not like so far - in war. When the Divine Spirit and the Love, which will save the world, descend, everything happens then. And all our thoughts, feelings, and deeds get blessed then. Everything you do, do it for the Glory of God.


After that we performed the gymnastic exercises and made for the observatory, where we stopped. Regarding the fog, the Master said:


This time is like a young bride. Several days she has her veil on, after that she unveils herself. Tomorrow it will surely become unveiled. These rocks here have existed for millions of years, and they can reveal the story. They have descended from above, because the peaks here were once higher.


In the battle between the two lodges, the White one wins. Now recruits are being enlisted for the New culture. In the Invisible world, the recruits are at the front, and here the recruits are at the rear.


After that, we entered the observatory. There was a conversation about various matters. The Master said:


If someone has been a scoundrel for 20-30 years, and repents after that, then the signs of his scoundrelism disappear from his head and his face, but on his hands they remain. Changing them there is most difficult.


When the Saturnian lines goes out of the Lunar hill, others are the factors of the human life, and when it goes out of the middle, from where the Life line goes out, then mainly the human himself is a factor of his life.


There is no reason why man should stray from the physical world, but he has to harmonize with it. Invisible rays come out of the eyes. And if they are directed downwards, man is a materialist, and if they are turned above, man has an aspiration towards God. The right and the left ear are not completely identical. If the right ear is bigger, this shows a bigger activity today. The left ear shows the past, and the right one - the present. There are two kinds of criminal types: the first one was created by circumstances, and the other one was born a criminal. Those are two different things. That criminal type, who was not born such, can change more easily, because the criminality in him is more superficial.


They placed a plate of pears in front of the Master. He gave everybody a piece and commended the Creatures that had created those forms, and said that they knew something of everything. Then there was a talk about earthquakes.


If an earthquake is going to be powerful, the crabs come out of the water and flee in disorder over the land. The dogs leave the towns and the roosters cease to sing. Those animals have very fine, sensitive organs for perception of electromagnetic disturbances in the atmosphere before an earthquake. Several days before an earthquake occurs, you too feel a big anxiety, which ceases once it is over. There are rational forces behind all those processes. The continents move. Also, when we look at these rocks of Vitosha, we think that they are randomly scattered, however, they are just in place, and if they are displaced, there will be reasons for that. Everything changes; for instance, frost bound Siberia has a future, because the climate there will get warmer.


Because of the dense fog we spent the afternoon in the observatory and continued to talk.


Somebody complains that he has not seen a bright day and that there is nobody who can love him. No, God loves him. The Bright creatures come to man, they help him, and after that they go away. There is an archive for all creatures. When the leaders of karma see that a man, who is going to be embodied on Earth, needs more softness, they order for him as a child to receive more from his mother, and if he needs more hardiness - from the father. The predetermination does not limit our will at all. Only when man does something evil, he limits himself and feels that he has done something which is not in accordance with the laws of Nature. And then he has to come to great suffering, in order to break himself of an already archaic habit of his.


Swedenborg says that those who live in the First heaven cannot see those who live in the Second. And those who live in the Second heaven cannot see those who live in the Third. The higher ones descend to the lower one. And when the lower ones decide to go higher, they cannot withstand.


The next day we went to Reznyovete early again. Cherni Vrah is 2 286 meters high, and the big Rezen is 4 meters lower than it. There was not any fog. The sky was crystal clear and there was a wondrous sunrise. After meditation, prayer, and songs, a conversation began, in which the Master said the following basic thoughts:


Unless man knows God's Love, he cannot be of any use neither to himself, nor to the others. Come to love the Lord and begin to think the way He thinks, and act the way He does. If we come to love the Lord, we will come to love all creatures as well. Love has a relation with the Divine, but it is not the love that is being applied today. As long as people love this one or that one, they have not reached the Love yet, and cannot have a result. But it is good still, because they will reach it, only later. Let man love the Lord! When he sees a form, let him see the Divine in it, let him send a love stream, and be on his way. You shall direct your Love towards the mountain; you shall direct your Love towards the beauty.


All the evil comes when the love towards oneself is greater, and all the good comes when the Love towards God is greater. Once we determine our relations towards the Eternal Love, we also become interested in all that God has created. "Love towards oneself" infers Love towards the Divine within the man. "Love towards the neighbour" infers Love towards the Lord, who works within the others.


Somebody said, "How are we going to find God?"


Why, God is very close to man. We have to love God, in order to accept from Him the Love and then go and apply it. In order to love the people, you have to go to God earlier; otherwise you will not have any capital. When you love somebody, he will be keeping the fact that you love him inside his consciousness even after thousands of years. We shall love that God, who manifests inside all people. Faith is a path to God, and with the Love we have a communion with God. Should we have Love towards God, we perceive the Divine and become its carriers. When we come to love the Lord, we will descend along with Him, and He will teach us how to love. It was said, "All will be taught by God".


If you invest in yourselves the idea of the existence of God, then before you stands a great future. Become a pipe, through which God can help his children, his neighbours. People think that they love each other. I believe in their love only if they love God. If they do not love Him, their love towards the people resembles a fire, which is only valuable as long as it is inflamed, and when it burns out, nothing is left of it.


God is the highest ideal, towards which man aspires. Christ says, 'You have been given to understand, not the others". And now it has been given to more souls than it was then. And after another two thousand years it will be given to even more souls. This is for the devoted: Love is a door for Wisdom and Truth; Truth is a door for Love and Wisdom, and Wisdom is a door for the application of Truth and Love.


Some care to be loved and suffer from that. Let them love the Lord, and they will be loved - that is the secret! Is an Englishman not reputable because he is a member of the English country? If you love the Lord, you are a member of the Kingdom of God, and there is always someone to cover your back. If your relations towards the Lord are proper, then all other relations will be proper as well. Nobody can convince me that, without loving God, he is able to love someone. And the people's falling out of love is due to that. Because if the Name of God sits inside my mind, I will not be angry with the people. We are constantly having the delusion that we are loved. It is possible, but this should not hinder us the slightest bit. The main principle is that God loves us. And the other matter will settle by itself. You can never force the people to love you, because this consciousness is not in them yet. The other law is: whatever your relation towards God is, such will be the relation of the people towards you. You cannot love the Lord and for people to behave badly to you. If you have an adversary, it is you who have created it, it is not God. Should you change your relation towards God, should you come to love God, that man will also change - he will not hate you. He hates you because you do not have a proper relation towards the Lord. There is a Truth, in which when man becomes convinced; he will have an unshakable basis.


Each day we should go to God to hear a word from Him, and then we will be happy and we will accomplish the finest things. You shall pray, until you hear a word from God. When man comes to Love God, then all the flowers, grasses, trees, all creatures will smile at him. If you do not have the Divine, everyone will chase you away; if you have it, everyone will welcome you. It was said, "When the ways of man are pleasing to God, God reconciles him with all of his enemies". If you are not reconciled with the others, it means your ways are not convenient.


A brother asked, "How should the words of Apostle Jacob be understood, "How can you love God, whom you do not see, when you do not love those that you see?"


Apostle Jacob has told this to worldly people, not to advanced disciples. He has talked to those who have been far away from understanding the mystical ideas. With the love towards oneself and towards his neighbour, man partly solves the issue. Those who bear love towards the neighbour have a good heart. It comes natural that the people are not able to make a leap from the old love to the new one. In order to pass on to the New love, man has to hold God within himself as a high ideal and to work for Him.


A sister asked, "Why are there not any models of the ideal Love on Earth?"


Often the reason that there is no realization of that Supreme love is the external influences, even the people themselves. Above all else there has to be souls prepared. If at the greatest trials, which befall the man, he endures without impairing his Love towards the Lord with anything, it shows that his trial was successful. The Love of man towards the Lord is recognized at the greatest trials, sufferings and misfortunes, which befall him. Man is ready to sacrifice any other idea, everything, for the Love towards God; without it there is disappointment, his happiness is in the love towards the Lord.


During the conversation, the matter of forgiveness was raised.


When you forgive someone and it is unpleasant for you to see him, it is not forgiveness. Whether he deserves it or not, you shall put this aside, you shall love him for the Lord. Someone might be unpleasant to you, but for God he must be pleasant to you. If people are irritating you and you cannot overcome it, then you have not understood. Solve this little problem. You can solve it with a straw, because then it becomes so hard, that even with thousands of leva you will not be able to solve it. Someone discontent comes to you and brings his thought in and you need to have a strong inner life, so that you can bring your thought into him. An experienced philosophy has to be applied.


Your sufferings are small. You have not tried the big ones. I have passed through them and I know them. I know what suffering is, and I know how to settle those matters. For some, sufferings are for guidance, and for others - for testing what they are studying. The entire Life is a Great school. When you see a worm, do not despise it. It is a creature that wants to learn the Life through this form. Here on Earth we honor the big people, and above they honor the small creatures.


After that we went back to the observatory. During the day we went about the vicinity and welcomed visitors from Izgreva. On September the 26th, filled with blessing, we set off downwards. Upon descending, we stopped at several places for some rest and conversation with the Master. At dusk we were at Izgreva.


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