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In a private conversation with a brother, the matter about Love was raised.


Love is required for the achievements - the true mother; it is a power for achievement. You cannot achieve something if you do not have Love; otherwise, even if you achieve something, they will take it away from you.


In the other world, into which you are going, you will appear ready as disciples who have completed a lower grade; and you will be taught further. Otherwise, they will send you back, because they are noble.


Outside the Love there is only anguish. All the other teachings, on which man feeds, look like mouldy bread. Love is a Light, which comes out of God. It is not a thing that can be stored. When it comes out, the Love passes through you, and in the same moment you have to utilize it. Each thing done without Love is condemned to death and gets destroyed. Love is a path, which leads to achievements, for which the human soul longs. God is in the Love, and where God is, everything can happen.


Someone complains, "The conditions under which I live are bad". Nobody can help you with the conditions, under which you live, because you do not love. Love, so that an exchange can happen. - "I am getting on well with life!" So you love. I shall love, and the conditions will flow. Every day you can check that on a small scale. With Love, the world can mend. If you do not put God's Love into your work, you will not succeed and it will not produce any fruit.


Why you love someone you do not know and you cannot know. It is just a given fact. Somebody loves you. Why? Because he is rich and has what to regale with. Man loves and he is free to love. Man does not love and he is free to not love, but he bears the consequences.


Our love, our faith needs to have a practical application. Love puts proper relations among the people and there is no other law that can bring the people together; Love and Wisdom make the true connections. If you love, your prestige will elevate. Loving is a bigger wealth than all the treasures in the world. Christ, in spite of all the earthly crimes, did not hesitate in the least in His Love towards the humanity. When you love, God is pleased, because you give pace to what He does. When you love, you display God's Will. You love in order for God to be glorified!


In the future, the human organism will change and man will breathe ether. One, who loves, forms the future organs for breathing. Ether will be breathed through the sympathetic nervous system.


When a man, who has Love inside himself, enters a community, he can influence all who are present. They sense the vibrations of his soul and begin to display the Love. When a man comes into a house and the happiness starts flowing there, then he has Love. In the Love, the welfare of all people is our welfare, and our welfare is a welfare to everyone.


The Divine body needs materials, with which to work, and those who do love you give them to you. In the brain there is enormous energy, with which you have not yet worked. When you enter the Love, the brains of all people will be in your service.


Christ says, "If my words abide in you and you abide in Me, I and My Father will make an abode inside you". If that happens, then the entire Earth will be ours, we will be in everyone, everyone will be in everyone, and then all mistakes we now see will disappear. I wish that one day, all of you, who have loved, reap the fruit of your Love! The Good is a result of the Love. Once the Love comes, this world will start to change, like the stream, which, wherever it passes, the plants blossom and knit.


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