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The Master took a spud and went to dig the vegetables. We were about ten people, and we followed him in the work. After some time, at about 10 o'clock, we sat down on the meadow to rest. The weather was sunny and calm. A conversation began, in which the Master said the following thoughts:


When the Love, the good in you, come along, do not be afraid; the Kingdom of God has come. Without the law of the Love, man cannot be happy. He can delude himself, but upon death, he will lose everything he has gained. Only the free person can love! Only the one who thinks can love! Only the one who loves can live! Only the one who lives can work!


You shall not eat from the tree of lovelessness! The lovelessness gives rise to all the contradictions in Life, and the Love gives rise to harmony in Life. Today, in the Love there are many admixed things, which are not Love. There are alien things in the Love, from which the people are afraid.


Here at Izgreva, our Ivan had a filly, which was gifted with the habit of stopping in the middle of the road. Ivan would get off the cart, he would caress her, he would give her provender, and she would go again. Then, she stops again. He would get off and caress her and give her something again, so that she could move. Ivan told me, "I apply the evangelical proceeding, and it goes well.


The law of Moses does not work at all. You can beat her, but she will not move". Another case: here, on the road, the orderly was driving horses that were pulling the cart. But once the regimental got on the cart, the horses did not move. The regimental got off, the horses moved off. This happened three or four times, and in the end he gave up, "You go, I will walk". Maybe that colonel had negative feelings and the horses did not like him. So employ the evangelical rule for yourselves as well.


When man awakens, he will see the One who loves him in his Reality and Beauty. If he understands the Love, he becomes free. The man of Love is the free man. Evil cannot be done unto the one who loves, because around his hair there is a big fire. And to the one, who does not love, evil can be done, because around his hair it is cold. As long as you apply and live inside the Love, you are absolutely free. Once you violate it, you are no longer free; God applies the law towards you.


The one who loves you will find you in the most difficult situation and will untie you, he will free you. You are speaking about Ideal Love, but you do not know how to display it. And if they display Ideal Love towards you, you will not know how to appreciate it. In order for a man to have Ideal Love towards somebody, he must not get any closer than 10 km from him, and must watch him through binoculars from there. The Ideal Love infers not seeing any flaw in the one whom you love. How should you understand these 10 km? They represent the Freedom. That is symbolically speaking. A distance of 10 km means the following: giving complete freedom to the one whom you love. In what does the Freedom lie in a particular case? For no one to enter into the place that God has given him. When two people love each other, by moving for a certain period, they will come to the closest distance - next to each other; those are minutes of happiness. Then they move away again, but they will also meet again, and so on. A periodic approach and recession of the souls happens, like the planets in their movement.


The heart cannot be given orders. For instance, you cannot make the people love this one or that one. The matters of the heart remain free. If we had left our heart to be guided by God, then the matters would have been settled.


Do not stay too close to me, because you are overshadowing me and you are losing me. In the families, when they are physically close together, people start quarrelling. You can be so close to someone, that you can even trip over him. Others are so far away, that you barely see them. It is best to be at such a distance, so that you enjoy communicating and not trip over each other. Should you want to be very close to each, you bury your happiness. Stay away from your beloved, because the closeness will burn you. Does the Sun get closer to you? It warms you from afar. The karma is liquidated through the Love. Some people are amiable to us by the karmic law, but others are antipathetic to us again for the same reason. We have to rise above that law.


People wait to be loved. One, who waits to be loved, is poor. Wanting to be loved means wanting to take. And when you love, you give. And it is said, "More blessed is the one who gives than the one who takes". He, who loves, is rich. He does not look to whether they love him or not.


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