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We were several disciples in the reception room of the Master. There was the question about methods of the development of Love in man.


The biggest science is for us to display Love. It is a very easy job for a man to come to love, but he does not know where to put his finger on the violin - when you move a little bit to another position and there is no longer a correct tone coming out. Love requires precision. When you are talking to a man about love, it is not Love yet. The words "let us love each other" are not in place.


Or somebody says to me, "Tell me about God's Love". I tell him, "Come to the table now".


Someone says, "How difficult it is to love!" When you do not know, it is difficult, and when you know, it is easy. When you get up in the morning, sing, "Who has made the Sun shine for me?" As the Sun listens to God to give out warmth and light to the people, to the bugs, to the grasses, to the flowers, so should you act - without any fawning. God gave Adam and Eve to learn what thing obedience is, and they did not learn it. The biggest art is for man to love. Only the perfect man is able to love properly. If you do not know how to love, you have not solved a fundamental problem, which the Genesis wants. The entire Genesis wants you to love it.


A brother asked, "In which way can the Love grow inside of man constantly, become increasingly intensive, and expand more and more?"


Man can connect with the Invisible world through thought for God, contemplation, and prayer. When man connects with the Invisible world in this way, the Advanced Creatures connect him with those souls on Earth, whom they are in a bond with. Keep this inwardly. When man thinks about God, about the heavenly things, the Love in him increases. The best way for creating conditions for the Love to flow is the prayer. That is a strong practical method. The other methods are secondary. Once you establish a connection with the Prime Cause, the favourable conditions flow in from everywhere. Nature needs to be given a strictly scientific base. Man cannot understand the Love, unless the idea about God does not become clear within him. Christ has said, "I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life" and man has to get into this Way, this Truth, and this Life, in order to understand the Sacred love. It was said, "Things which the eye saw not, and which had not come to the ears or into the heart of man, such things as God has made ready for those who have love for him". The Sacred love is related to the following - for Christ to live in man. Apostle Paul says, "Not I, but Christ lives in me". That is a communion, of which the people have no notion. Man has to finish with the ordinary things and then come to the mystical. When speaking about the Sacred love, it is an inaccessible area, which will reveal itself on its own. The rules there are different. The inaccessible today is accessible for the future. Man should examine that, which is accessible, and leave the inaccessible for later. For this area man has to be ready. This does not depend on the desire of man. In order for him to enter that area, he has to achieve other things. Somebody wants things that are unattainable for him today, because there are other things, which he cannot leave out; why, if subtraction and addition are not understood, division cannot be understood either. But man needs to have aspiration, and in order to have achievements in this area, he has to read the Bible, study the life of great people, who have had insight into this area. When the inner state of man alters, his inner abilities will awaken; otherwise it is useless to speak. You shall elaborate what the prophets, the apostles, Christ have elaborated. They have annunciate.


A brother said, "Master, You mentioned in one of the lectures that you have not yet spoken about the Love. And what you have said is still a foreword. You have talked to us about the presents of the Love, but the Love itself - still nothing. How we desire, Master, to hear what you have not revealed to us about the Love; please, guide us to how we should prepare, in order to perceive it".


For this purpose, study the Gospel of John and then think for quite a long time on the Love of the Christ, while also pausing upon His Love in relation to His sufferings. How great, deep, and elevated this Love has been, which has led Him to be ready to suffer for the others. Then, it is all in all necessary to meditate upon the Love for five minutes in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. Also, it is necessary to find the good, Divine features in the people, not their human mistakes, and to come to love them. In America we travelled in the train with a Bulgarian. She was a very intelligent and beautiful woman, and she told me the following thought: "When I meet a person, I try to find a good feature of his and I keep my mind on it. And I have never found an exception, I make a friendship, and I do not remember anyone doing mischief to me". She is absolutely right. When you go to somebody else's yard, the dogs will pounce on you, won't they; that is why you have to call forth the master, and he will make the dogs shut up. Translation: when you go to a man, you have to call upon the Divine, and then it will command the human element to shut up. You cannot love a man unless you cease to see his sins. Even in the bad people there are good features. In order to love someone, you need to have a basis for that. You can love him either for his mind, or for his heart, or for his will.


A brother asked, "What do your words 'Find a friend inside yourself, so that you come to love him' mean?"


This means for you to seek the good sides of a person, and when you find them, he is already inside your heart. A man who loved to criticize a lot was allowed in Heaven by the gate-keeper. He used to say, "This is not right, that is not right". Thus he annoyed them, and they wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible, but they did not know how. Then one figured it out and said, "Outside the world, a great enterprise is being undertaken". The guy said, "Let me go and fix that!" And so he went. After that they closed the gate to Heaven for him and did not let him in anymore.


When you meditate upon the Love each day, it will reveal itself to you. That is an inner method. When man apprehends the inner relations, the world will broaden for him. Man is like a child, which gradually learns how to walk in its way. There cannot be any haste; everything - according to age. In the Divine science hasty things do not bring any benefit. A man who is not ready is a full bottle which has to empty in order for a new drink to be poured into it.


Man first of all needs to have appreciated the gifts of Love, in order to advance towards the Love itself. The appreciation of the goods of Love is a preparation for the understanding and manifestation of the Love itself. Without having appreciated and understood them, man cannot understand the Love itself.


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