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In a private conversation with a brother, the Master said:


"How should I gain the Love?" - That is an incorrect expression. Love is not a thing that will pour in from the outside. If man does not have any Love and has yet to acquire it, it is a hopeless case. He has Love and all that is left is for him to manifest it. You shall pray to God for you to manifest Love, and you shall leave it to God. Many times, people take human views and think of them as Divine. And the love which man thinks to be Divine is very often human business. Man has to differentiate human love from the Divine, and not to confuse them.


They want to know in which way the Love will come. We shall wish for it and it will come. When we implement God's Will, we can also have God's Love. It can manifest within us, because everyone who implements God's Will is pleasing to Him. Man has to go through the sacrifice, servantry, service, in order to come to the Love. For instance, a rich person sacrifices everything for those around him, but they do not thank him at all. He is left with nothing, but in spite of that, he does not repine at all, but thanks the Lord. He is a servant and serves the Lord, and because he does everything for the Lord, at some time, the fountains of Love open up within him, and he is already passing on to a more supreme life.


The folk wisdom is abundant with very frankly said sentences. In "You burned me!" - This means that in the love there has been more warmth and less light. With the Love we have to transform the Warmth into Light, because now we need it more. So far, the people have been putting more Warmth than Life, and there is a discrepancy.


Take the hoe and work for somebody. That hoe is in your hands in order for you to meet with a loving soul. You will do a favour, and that favour is a connection. Then you will disperse, and the Divine connection will remain. In the New race, the following has to penetrate - for people to be like rational children; and now everybody presents themselves as something they are not.


Unapproachable is the limit of the Love, it is a constant process of growth. The hitherto prevailing forms of the Love are outworn. Love has to be put in a broad form, accessible to the human mind. The subject of the Love is inexhaustible. Love is a beautiful world. The Writ says, "You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart". And who seeks? The one who loves! With the Love, man seeks God!


Self-denial is a spiritual Love. Suffering is a material, which, after you process it, you will receive Joy. And self-denial is a material, from which the Angelic love is formed. After the Angel thinks about God, he denies his bliss in Heaven, and comes to Earth to help. He descends alone, only by thinking about God, and not by order. The human and the Spiritual love are a material for the Divine Love. The human love begins with happiness and ends with unhappiness, without exception. The Angelic love begins with unhappiness and ends with happiness. And the Divine Love begins with bliss and ends with bliss.


It is useful for man to have an interest in studying the Love. For instance, he should examine what was written in the lectures on Love, because in this way, many beautiful and great insights come, enlightenments come from inside the essence of the Love. The lectures must be studied! And it is not important to only read, but to apply what we read and to make experiments. Because without experiments, nothing can be achieved. Otherwise there will be scholasticism. The brother asked, "Your words in one of your recent lectures made a big impression on me, that the Love of Christ towards every man is bigger than the Love of Dante towards Beatrice, and I have constantly been meditating on that for a couple of days, but how should we work in order for the fountains of Christ's Love to open up and for us to become instruments of that Love?"


Make experiments. Here is one: you see a withered flower; water it as much as needed, and you will be a witness to what is going to happen. That is an experiment. The flower symbolizes a person or some other creature, and the watering represents sending a stream of Love towards it. When you see a man or some other creature, send him a stream of Love. Another experiment for the Love: let us display Love towards a sick person, and if he recovers, it will show that we have it. A change has to happen in the one who loves, as well as in the one whom they love. If a change does not happen in the one who loves, a change cannot happen in the one whom you love either. God's Love cannot pass through us without leaving something of itself. In this respect, experiments have to be made scientifically. If you love somebody, bring through your Love Light into his mind, Warmth into his heart and Strength into his body. Above all else, he has to become healthy. And if you cannot do that, then what is this love? However, in order to bring this change into him, a change needs to happen within you. If you alone pour out, it will be passed on from you to the other. It was said, "Love your enemy", but how? For the enemy, Love needs to be used, which will disarm him. There are ways that have to be tried, not dry, scholastic systems. We cannot only talk in theory about the Love, but we have to make an experiment about what Love is, what justice is. We need to have a correct apprehension of things and according to the Divine science at that.


Furthermore - man has to consider meditation on the Love of Christ as important, as necessary as the breathing of air.


In religious people, the personal feeling is often very strongly developed. This is not good at all - the activity of the cerebellum is increased through personal feelings. Man will go through there, but he should not stay, but climb up - to the upper part of the head, where the centre of benevolence and love is. And there he will have a meeting with God.


Man studies the Love in a time of disaster. Then he most efficiently develops insight into its essence and tangibly sees how it works in the world, how the Love of God manifests towards us. Man needs to have an open soul for the Love, because it is everywhere. Man needs to have an open ear to listen to its song.


A group of three people should be formed; these gatherings should happen at 12 a.m. twice a week - between Friday and Saturday and between Saturday and Sunday. Those days will be temporary, and later I will conclusively say on which days it is going to be. At those gatherings, Love will be meditated upon, and God's Love will be wished to flow through all hearts.


The brother said, "In chapter 17 of the Gospel by John, Christ said, 'You, Father, are in me and I in them." So the Love of Our Father will pass through the Christ and from Him it will come to us."


This is so, but how many people are able to understand these mystical things?


At the time of the gatherings, there will not be much speculation preliminarily, but you shall let the Divine begin to speak within you, to guide you in what you should do and how you should meditate on the Love.


The brother said, "At the time of the gatherings of the group, we will send a powerful stream of Love towards all creatures and we will wish for them to become instruments of the Love. We will endeavour to come to love everybody, to send them streams of Love."


An enlightenment of the consciousness has to come. If there is no enlightenment from the Spiritual world, then it will be difficult for man to understand. Let those, who are going to do a meditation upon the Love, have a basic idea about the Love, and let it grow like a seed. Let them begin with the small, and when their consciousness broadens, this idea will begin to grow. In the people there are a lot of unclear conceptions. For instance, Apostle Paul says, "Love is a fruit of the Spirit." And it is also said, "God is Love!" These are two different conceptions. Love, as an essence, is God, and, as a manifestation, it is a fruit of the Spirit.


Three people for the group of the Love are enough. Because God says, "I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob." - Three people. At what time people will pray - these are secondary and third-rate matters.



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