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One of the beautiful traditions was the so-called brotherly dinners, when separate families of Izgreva invited the Master and about 25-30 brothers and sisters to dinner. A joyous, lofty atmosphere was created. The entering of the Master was celebrated with a joyous thrill, which went through our souls. We were excited that He was among us. After the dinner, songs, conversations began; we shared our memories and experiences. The Master always expressed very important thoughts, which were also the most interesting part of the brotherly dinners. Here I will present thoughts of the Master, expressed during one such brotherly dinner:


In our superconsciousness we receive pure Love, but when it descends and comes to the self-consciousness, it gains a certain impurity, and then man begins to love the good and the bad. This happens when we are not purified. After that, this stream of the Supreme love descends into our consciousness, and if our consciousness is not purified, it gains even more impurities, it gains an animal character. After that, this Love passes through the subconsciousness and again climbs up into the superconsciousness, in order to regain its initial purity. Thus, on this wheel, the Love goes, and that is why we have various stages of Love: animal, human, or physical, spiritual, mental, and Divine. The Love is Divine when it is free from impurities, when it is completely unalloyed - as such as it descends from above. I have spoken to you about the physical and the Spiritual love, but for the Divine one I have spoken to you little. All lower stages of the love are not yet the Love, but its outer side. The forms of the Love are different according to the stage of the Love. The New or Divine Love, which will manifest on Earth, will create new forms of the Love. The old love has produced what we see, and the new forms, which the New Love will create, are going to be something completely different. But do not wish to bring the forms of the old love into the new one. Leave the old behind, and when you are building the new, try not to raise any dust. This will come into the new education. The small Love passes through a small pipe, and there are hindrances - that is the human love. And the big Love passes through a big pipe - it is the Divine Love. The human love is in the astral person, and the Divine Love is in the Spirit. In the human love there is joy and suffering, in the Spiritual love there are changes, i.e. increases and decreases, and the true Love is the Divine one. The person who manifests with his love is weak in the Love. In the Divine Love, a lot remains undisplayed. In the human love, everything is displayed, and in the Divine one, what is not displayed is much more than what is displayed; it has depth.


The present ordinary love is karmic, it is not clean, and that is why it is not stable. The Divine Love is not karmic and is lasting. The Writ says, "What has birth from the flesh is flesh, and what has birth from the Spirit is Spirit." So there is a love of the flesh that passes, disappears. It is the human love. And there is another Love - the Love of the Spirit, which lasts forever. It is the Divine Love.


When some fall in love, they are like angels to each other, and later they do not want to see each other. He who loves with human love goes well, but later he chills. And the Divine Love is initially weak, and gradually increases more and more. In the Divine Love there is no interruption, but an unceasing growth and increase of the Love. The human love is like the burning of firewood, which is dying out. The human love is brief, and the Divine Love is compared with the burning of the Sun. On the other hand, the human love has quite different purposes. In the human love, inferior spirits participate. Each one who works with the human love is left deceived. In the Divine Love there is Purity. Man needs to have a connection only with the Lord, and with the people - relations. In the human love there is burning, and the Divine one has Light, with which the fruit ripen. Man has to outgrow the physical, carnal love. It is a phase, through which man has passed, but now he has to rise up to the most supreme forms of the Love.


With the human love, he, who loves, restricts, while the Divine Love does not make any restrictions to the one who loves. All of your weakness is because you fall in love. Love is a natural process, and falling in love is surfeit. If there is falling in love, the surfeit will come, the discouragement, the misunderstandings, etc. In the human love, man has quite a weak understanding of the Love. In the Divine Love, God sends his Spirit. It is different where the Divine Spirit is. In the Divine Love, you shall love all those who have turned to the Lord, and with that, God will be an ideal to you.


When you love somebody, his bad condition passes over to you. This happens with the human love, whereas with the Divine Love there is no such transfer. The sins, vice, weaknesses of the one whom you love are also transferred. And when you hate somebody, you again connect with him and gain his qualities. The enamoured, in the human love, looks like a calf that has tucked its head into a pot and does not see anything, until it finds a hard spot to break the pot. The human love is a love of the passions. That, which the astral man and the astral woman display, is no Love, but only a fiction. Love is a completely different thing.


The lower and the higher feelings collide in man. These sorrows and sufferings are due to the physical love. This is a thicker matter, and when man gets entangled in it, until he frees himself, he will experience sufferings. A number of creatures from the Astral world act in this love. Each love that produces any bitter feelings is not Divine. Man has to distinguish the human love from the Angelic one and from the Divine one. When a man becomes tempted by the forms of the woman and vice versa, this is not from them. The dark spirits do that through them. The human love manifests through kisses and embraces. The Angelic or Spiritual love manifests through the smile. If the one you love smiles to you, you are joyous. In the Divine Love, only by glancing at the one whom you love and by thinking about him, you rejoice. In the Divine Love there are no contradictions, there are no sufferings. It manifests through Light. You look at the Light, and you see the Lord everywhere. In the human love, there is a magnetic web being cast between two people, in order for someone to become embodied. The spirits attract the man and the woman, in order to become embodied through them. In the physical love, people do not know that they are fulfilling somebody else's desires. When man has frequent elevated aspirations, the Bright spirits come to love him and work on his elevation, in order to prepare him and embody him.


A sister said, "A woman asked me to ask You how to love."


There is no point teaching her how to love. First of all, we will teach her how to inhale and exhale. The difference between the ordinary and the Divine Love is in that one of them is warmth from outside, and the other - from the inside. When a body becomes warm from the inside, it does not cool off.


The Divine Love has three stages. The first step is to give the man you love what is most necessary - bread, clothes, conditions. The second step, you shall send him to school, you shall educate him. The third step is to grant him with gifts, to make him talented. With the Love you send him, you will make him gifted and you will rejoice at his gifts and his success.


The Divine Love does not stay where there is private life. Man has to spread his love outside the family. Someone wants mutuality, but he wants to enslave that person with that. Many young ones grew ugly with incorrect feelings and contradictions, in constant inner struggles. When the love is not Divine, man grows ugly. All seek the happy life, and happiness is in the understanding and in the application of God's law.


The human love ages, and the Divine Love rejuvenates. When the lass is very beautiful, as she knows that someone's angel is weak, she should put a simpler cowl on, so that this friend can go to work, and not to slack off. In the human love there are hits. The hits are the excessive enthrallment, which comes and stuns. It deceives, leads into an area of inactivity, and man cannot work. In the Divine Love there is no argument. Should there be an argument between two, then both of them are not rich. That, which we love, we do not keep constantly before ourselves physically, but inwardly within us. A man, who complains about the people, does not love the world, neither do the people love him.


They ask what adultery means. Adultery means any love which is not Divine. If you love someone, God has projected your love towards your beloved through you.


A brother asked, "How can we tell whether we have understood the Love or not?"


If an unpleasant thought or feeling is in a position to destroy your inner peace, you have not understood the Love. I told a young brother that the one he loves does not answer him on purpose. Heaven deliberately makes it so that others woo her, in order for him to suffer and for something to burn away inside of him, which is useless and harmful. He will pass through suffering, in order to be cleansed.


A brother inquired of the Master, "Didn't You say in the last lecture of the Joint esoteric class that we have to find and restore the relations we have had amongst each other before our coming out of God? Are those relations of the souls between each other different or not?"


The relations of each soul towards the others are different, but again, of course, they are Divine. All people have come out of the Lord under different circumstances, not suddenly. The relations between the souls are different, otherwise there would have been monotony. The relations between the souls have existed in Eternity before their coming out of the Lord. These relations were relations of Love. Restoring them is our task today. The relations, which renew those eternal, primal relations, are correct. There are tasks, which we are studying now. However, they have always existed in Nature. There are even tasks in Nature, which we do not know yet.


It was mentioned that somebody was going to travel on Tuesday. The Master said:


It is always good to travel. In the Divine world there is only one day, and here there are seven days. Leave the traditions. You cannot accept the new unless you renounce the traditions. They are old habits. Now then, why don't you sing a song!


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