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After the lecture we performed some gymnastic exercises, then we came back to the hall, where a brother brought the Master four oranges and said, "This is a gift of the Love, gift of that Great Love, about which we talked in today's lecture."


With the Love, everything is possible, and then man could not be able to ask for anything irrational. The disorganized world is limited, and the organized one is unlimited. The Divine world is organized. If the Love flows through the human hearts, how easy it will be to settle the most difficult matters! In the Love, with the slightest efforts you will have acquisitions - real and constant. All efforts of the Love go in an ascending degree, and the Love in man needs to have a new insight, a new revelation every day. Love is a boundless world, and when you enter there, you will go from glory to glory.


A brother asked the Master, "You, Master, said that today the people have love, but it is one from which they die. What is the difference between this love and the Divine one?"


From the New love, people resurrect. Isn't it said, "When they hear the voice of the Son of Man, the dead will resurrect." That is the voice of the Love. People die from the present love, because there is an impurity in it. Purity needs to be preached.


A brother asked, "You said that when we love, we have to give, and when we are loved, we have to be given. Is an inner giving of Love, of good thoughts, etc, supposed to be understood here?"


Here, both inner and outer giving is understood. The giving has to contain all elements. Those who love each other have a connection above. When the Love manifests here on Earth, it is not on a physical field. It is above in the Spiritual world. Love is not of a physical nature. It is from the Spiritual world. Love gives Freedom, expanse. It has no need of guards and keepers. And the human love keeps track of where you are going, what you are doing. The word "love" is an alias. You do not know the name of the Love. If you knew that name, whatever you said would have happened. You do not live in the Causative world. It is incomprehensible to you. He who enters there will solve all the difficulties; now the people are only dreaming about it. Love does not want any load. You are carrying an entire car full of whatnot, but in the Divine car they do not want you with a load. In the Divine car there is room only for you, without any load. Whoever asks what thing the Love is, is far from it. If man is not by the fountain, he is looking for it. Man has to find the fountain of Love.


The soul prepares for the world of Love. It is its longing. Man prepares to become receptive to its vibrations. In the Divine world, life is like Love!


A sister asked, 'You said that when we love a creature, we need to know why we love it? How do we know why we love it?"


You shall look for the essential qualities, for which you love that creature. You should know what God has invested in it. And to recognize what God has invested in it means to recognize God. And by recognizing God you will gain the Life, because it was written, "And this is eternal life: to have knowledge of You, the only true God, and of Him whom you have sent, even Jesus Christ."


When you love somebody, you send towards him a shaft of Light and you see that his face has beautiful features. And each time you find newer and newer beautiful features in his spirit.


A brother said to the Master, "Many things became clear to me from the lecture on Sunday, when you said that a person should neither be a man, nor a woman, but a person! As it is said in the Writ, "It is not possible for flesh and blood to have a part in the kingdom of God."


With Love, man has to be extremely resourceful. Resource­fulness and prudence are qualities of the Love. When someone who loves you from the Invisible world learns that you are suffering, he shrinks, he leaves that place, he travels through the entire space, and comes to help you. This is now the outer side. But there are even deeper and better things that, even if told to the people, they would be incomprehensible. You are barely at the beginning of that development. There are such fine points, and you want to resign yourselves to the new in the present life. There is nothing to resign to. Man is not a philosopher, but he should be a philosopher. Man is not a poet, but he should become a poet. Man is not a musician, but he should become a musician. Man is not an Angel, but he should become an Angel. We all have to acquire what we will bring with ourselves.


Mistakes in the Love are incompatible. When man makes mistakes, he loses conditions to be in connection with the Supreme creatures, which project their Love towards him. And he then loses his Love. Loving those who love you is in the regular course of things. And loving those who do not love you is Perfection. Loving one who loves somebody else is where Perfection is. Help a soul and put whether it will love you or not aside.


With Love, you have to be the same towards everybody; if you love somebody more, and another - less, it is not Love. Nobody has the right to require a great love. Leave the one whom you love to love you as he knows. Do not teach him how to love you; otherwise he will ruin even what he has.


I explain Love thus: you see a creature and rejoice in it; that is the initial in Love. A midge comes to me, I rejoice. A little wind blows, I rejoice. I see some grass, I rejoice. Those are small things, but they make me think about the big and great things. The grass suggests the following thoughts to me: that it is patient when it comes out of the earth. Many times I might be sorrowful, but when I look at the grass, I say to myself, "It is content, why I should not be content too? I have once been in its place. When it comes in my place, I will be overhead." And I tell it, "If I were in your place, one day you will be in my place." Then it says, "I am very happy!" Some would say, "That featherbrained fellow speaks to the grass. How can one speak to the grass?" I consider the grass as a telephone receiver. When I take the receiver, I connect with the One, Who is far away. I speak with Him, Who is on the other side. When you enter the Path of dedication, you will understand that, and only then will your Life elevate. When there is no growth in Love, it is only a delusion of man that it is Love. You should not dominate those creatures you love. God has created the man and projects in him. Why would you want to dominate Him? When you decide to restrict the Love, it goes away, and then you see that you cannot restrict it. With real Love, when man loves somebody, he loves all those whom this creature loves as well. And when love is not real, man envies those people who love his beloved creature. Our love has to be pure, like the mother's love. The mother is pleased when her child loves some people, she loves them as well. The mother is pleased when more people love her child.


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