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In a private conversation with a brother, the Master said:


Leave your buffalo cars and trains and travel with the Light. You all want the new, but you stay and do not redeem from the old. Each should feel himself and the others as souls! The New epoch will be a love epoch, and that is why it will liberate the people from the unnecessary sufferings. People will understand that there is no other way than Love. That is the only Way - with the least expenses.


Love is an aspiration towards the unknown. With this aspiration, it reveals itself to man, but it will forever reveal itself, it will grow more and more and it will always be an eternal elevated ideal to us, towards which we will aspire. It is said in the Writ, "Things which the eye saw not, and which had not come to the ears of man, such things as God has made ready for those who have love for Him". That is Love!


When it is said "You shall not covet", it refers to the human things, but desire what God has invested in you, desire the Love. In Nature, in order to correct a mistake, you have to come to love somebody: a tree, or a rock, a snake, a lion, a tiger, a person, etc. And when you come to love somebody, you will mend the things. It is an entire science, which is yet to be studied. When I speak about Love, they do not understand me properly. I say: when you make a mistake, you shall come to love someone. When you love the rabbit, you shall love it as a rabbit, and you shall love the snake as a snake. When you love the Divine in man, you are on the right track. And that thing, the Divine, you shall love only in one person, as it is expressed in everyone. When you love God only in one creature, you restrict Him. Now if you love only one creature, this is an obstacle between your soul and the Lord. It is not possible for man to not love everybody, because God has created everybody. Some people think that when they love one man, they love the Lord, however, man has to love the multitude, because everything has derived from God, and God lives in everybody. Each man is a letter of the Divine alphabet. If you do not love some people, you do not love certain letters in that alphabet. What will the disciple, who loves only ten letters of his alphabet, and does not love the others, achieve? Therefore, should you enter the Divine world; you have to love all people, in order to make use of the Divine language.


Two things are the most important: to perceive the Divine Love, and to come to love the Lord, i.e. to come to love everything!


The law is this: if the Love of man towards somebody is Divine, it produces Love towards all creatures. If a man can love someone, he can love everybody. The worst is when we do not love anyone. We must send Love from us, we must not stop. When you love someone, your Love then flows towards the others, it distributes itself, your love towards him passes on to the others.


Do not consider Love as a one-time process. You love a person, because he is a reflection of all people. When you love someone, unconsciously in him you love the entire humanity.


A creature from the Invisible world loves you through someone maybe for one year, and then it goes away. After that, it finds another one to love you through, then through a third one, etc. It is always the same creature from the Invisible world.


Imagine ten million people in the Invisible world, where no genders exist, all are the same; and you are like them. You love a creature, and in a moment you turn around, and that creature melts into the others; you look again - they all look the same. And when you meet another creature, it is also very polite with you, and has the same Love towards you. They have Love. We have deceived ourselves on the Earth that we have to love only one creature. What great power, what great force there is in one such Society - ten million souls, who love each other! Love does not distinguish between the poor and the rich. And the wind blows the same way for poor and rich alike. Whoever distinguishes, there is the human. We cannot free ourselves from the human, it is in place, but it has to be subordinated to the Divine.


When you give somebody something, it can be a little or a lot, but it has to be of good quality. Your love towards all people has to be the same not in quantity, but in quality. We do not busy ourselves with the quantity, but with the quality - that is where the power is. Whatever my Father does, I do it as well. God loves the plants, and so do I. God loves the bugs, and so do I. When they ask you why you love the bugs, you shall say, "Because God loves them." When you love all the creatures but one, you do not have a thorough connection with the Lord, because the Lord lives in that creature as well. Some say about someone, "He is of no interest to me." Well, how come? God wants to know about him, and what are you pretending to be by not being interested in him? This is not a way to think. The most difficult thing is for us to have the same relations towards all people. Only God can teach you how to love the people. And until you find the good in man, you cannot love him. In the Invisible world, all are equally good and beautiful, Love makes no distinctions. In the physical world we have a model - the Sun. The Sun shines equally on everyone, but some accept less, others - more. Somebody says, "I am not like the Sun to shine on everybody". Well, shine on those that are around you; the Sun does not shine on the entire Universe. If you distinguish the people, you are in the Spiritual world, and if you have partiality and constantly change and alter yourself, you are on the physical field. On the physical field there is change, in the Spiritual world there is distinction, and in the Divine one there is unity.


Should you start to think ill of your friend, you will lose him. When you start to think well of him, he will appear again. In Love there are gathering mirrors, and if you are caught there, you will burn away. Do not try to get caught in the gathering love only in one direction, only towards one creature, but to have scattering love - in thousands of streams, in many directions, towards many creatures. Then Love is safe. Let man love like God! What is the Love of God? We can call it all-forgiving Love towards the people. When things are looked at this way, interest arouses. Having friendship, experiencing Divine Love towards somebody urges man above. The spirit works, the soul is stimulated. When we love God in all creatures in the same way, not some more, and some less, it is then the Divine Love.


Some will be left for the future, they cannot save themselves now, because they cannot perceive the Word, or, in other words, they cannot perceive the Love.

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