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Often after a lecture, now with an elevated spirit, we entered a conversation, and various ideas were concerned, about which the Master had spoken. The Word delivered before us compelled us to think, and new flashes and insights came forth, because a broad new world of Light and Beauty was opening out to us. We constantly consulted the Master, and He, with his inherent patience, maintained the conversation, in order for us to understand the Life in a new way.


In order to love your enemy, you have to love God in him. You say, "I cannot reconcile with him". Reconcile with God, who lives inside him. Someone is unpleasant to you; he should be pleasant to you for the Lord. If people irritate you and you cannot surmount it, then you have not understood things. Forgiving and loving are very difficult things. There is a great law in Nature: when you forgive, you gain your Freedom. Christ says, "Forgive them, because they do not know what they are doing". This means that He does not want to have a connection with the people who constrained Him, he does not want any inimical feelings towards them to remain inside Him. Because the connections, created by the inimical feelings, are not within our power, and when we want to unbind them, somebody else needs to come from outside to unbind us. And the connections by good feelings are within our power to unbind and bind. Sometimes, not only do you not forgive somebody, but you do not let the Lord forgive him either. You bring him to trial. Then God comes and He brings you to trial as well. When we all go to serve, we will all suddenly become free. Some say, "I will never forgive him". You will not forgive him, but God will forgive him. When God forgives him, you will forgive him as well. The man you do not want to forgive becomes a banker. You have a need, he is good, and gives you without a bill, your opinion of him immediately changes. So God puts someone in a hard situation, and opens the heart of the other one. And thus he will reconcile them. When you love your enemy, you disarm him! Love towards the enemy means that in the past you have pushed that man onto a wrong track and made him an enemy. You have diverted him. You shall love him, in order to bring him back onto the right track.


When you love the evil ones, you mollify them. If we perceive the Love, the world will open for us. A dog is barking at you. What is better, to throw rocks at it? Then it will bark at you more, but if you throw it some bread, it will wag its tail and stop barking at you. Should you throw rocks at it, you aggravate it and it will dash towards you from afar. Each hindrance in Life is a dog, which barks at you. The bread will help you more than the rocks.


We have to show that in us there is something Divine. You shall try to do something good to the enemy. Through this good, his strength, with which he wants to do mischief to you, will be paralyzed. This way you will defuse him and he will throw his weapon away.


When somebody has talked to you for half an hour and has told you insulting words, give him a present. Tell him, "I have never heard such a fine speech. Help yourself to two British pounds". I am speaking symbolically. This means to do him a favour when he needs.


A smart man is the one who can turn his foe into a friend. And stupid is the one who can turn his friend into a foe. If we cannot solve the difficulties, then where is your Teaching? We were sent to solve the most difficult problems. You shall solve the problem of hatred through Love.


You say, "I will not hate him". That is not the way to speak; you should say, "I will love him". In August 1926, a brother came to me and said, "A man insulted me in the public gardens and told me some very rude words. I flared up and answered him back also with such insulting words and even more insulting". I said to this brother, "That was a test for you and you did not pass it. You had to remain calm and quiet. And because you did not pass the test, sufferings await you". And indeed, later the brother told me that his eyes had started to weaken. That brother told me that he had already forgiven that man, and that he is willing to go and to verbally ask forgiveness. When you forgive someone and it is unpleasant for you to meet him, it is not forgiveness. You shall love him for God. You shall proceed as God does. Whether he deserves it or not, you shall set that aside. When God was doing well for you, did he not do it for your welfare? - He was doing it for the Love he has! You have to equally love both those who cause you sorrow, and those who cause you happiness. The Writ says, "If you do not forgive, you will not be forgiven as well". It is a School. This is not a thing which man can learn in one day, in one week. It requires an entire life.


Two people were arguing, and finally one of them said, "What you said is right". And the other replied, "What you said is right". They took each other by the hand and went together. Apostle Paul says, "God was in Christ making peace between the world and Himself, not putting their sins to their account"; so he was forgiving. You have to take from many people; are you ready to forgive, to forget what they have to give? You shall remit the interest for someone, to another - one third, and from somebody you will not take anything. I say to someone, "You argue with your neighbour about a two-meter space. Reconcile with him, and your headache, the gathered energy, will pass".


He, who goes to reconcile, is strong. He, who expects the others to reconcile with him, is weak. Each one, who goes to law with others, crucifies the Christ. I do not want anyone, who goes to law, to come to Me. We should not disturb the Divine consciousness within us. God does not want anyone discontent.


Love excludes the law. Moses, who served the law, did not enter the Promised Land.


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