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On one of the joint lectures, the Master said:


Each person has his small insight into the Love. Sometimes, maybe man is visited only for a short time, then that state becomes lost, and man says that he has been in this and that state. Each person will always have one-two-three times of insight into the Love. Because he is not ready for such a visit, it cannot last a long time either. Should this state go away, man wonders after that, and cannot explain to himself how it has come; he does not know how it has gone away either. That is a visit of God! When God visits man, the Love manifests, because God is Love. In Love, man understands what God is. Outside of the Love, man cannot imagine what God is.


At a visit from the Love, man understands how he loves God. Then man loves with a great Love the flowers, the trees, the snakes, the wolves, the bugs, the sinful and the righteous, and many new ideas rush into him. There is not a moment more beautiful than the visit of the Love. That is what they call Resurrection, then you accept the Life. In the Divine Love, all Creatures from the Invisible world participate, the entire Heaven then manifests through the man. In the Divine Love, the collective Love of the entire Genesis manifests through you. Through the people, those Creatures who live on the various planets and suns will love you.


Those who really love you are up in Heaven, from where they pour their deep Love towards us - directly, or through some people. Each person on Earth who loves you is an instrument of the Love of Creatures from the Invisible world that are relative to you.


Before the Master, on the table, a beautiful apple was placed. He looked at it and said:


This apple in the future will be a poet.


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