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After the lecture we all went out on the meadow. The grass was strewn with millions of dew-drops that glittered like jewels. At the bottom, Vitosha was gilded by the rising sunrays. The Master looked at that picture and said:


Every such day shows that something good is spoken in the world. It will be settled, it will be settled! The good days are for the future.


We performed Paneurhythmy. After that we all gathered round the Master and greeted him. They brought the Master some pretzels. He gave a piece to everyone and said:


Thank the Lord for that good which He has given you. Thank those who have kneaded and baked it as well. From now on, in the world there will be abundance! When the Love comes, there will be abundance. You look for it everywhere; that is where your delusion is. Love is a strength that you carry with you. If it is now left for you to wait for it to come into you, it is a hopeless case.


You are all rich and now you want high stages, but start from the lower ones. In the state you are in, what do you have to do, how do you continue the Way? For instance, what prayers have some of you made today, what meditations have caught up with you? The one you love sends you away, "Off with you, mind your own business, set me free". It is a test which you have to pass. When your Love is put to the test, it starts to bend. Love is a strength, desired by all. Everyone always aspires to it. But there is an inner competition, and that is where the danger is. Those who keep loving you, even when you are cast out of the society and when you are already poverty-stricken, then they have passed the test of Love. When you love someone and you discover weaknesses or mistakes in him, and your love does not fade away, you have passed the test of Love. When the one you love does not treat you with care and you do not fade in your love, you have passed the test of Love. When the one you love loves others and your love is not impaired, you have passed the test of Love. You should know that your Love will pass through all sorts of tests, and you must be strong in order to pass with a point. When you are cast out and you are left with nothing, God loves you. If you understand that, you are strong. Do not meddle in the love of others, do not counteract the Love. People do not walk by God's Will and God regrets that they will come to suffering, because they are coming into collision with Him. And the anger of God is revealed to the sons of defiance. So the anger of God is prominent as a result of the counteraction against the Love. The Love of God is unalterable, and when we say "Anger of God", we understand something completely different, and namely - with the non-observance of the Divine laws, man becomes unable to apprehend the goods of God, and falls into suffering. Or to make use of a comparison - the sin forms clouds around the person, and he becomes unable to perceive the sunrays. When there is counteraction against the Love, it passes and destroys everything. It does not stop in its wake. No matter how dense the matter, it passes and destroys. Remove the faucets in respect of the Love. The Love does not like obstacles. These norms are not for the world. They are for the devoted. Let the world go with its faucets. The Love is powerful. The only force that does not stand any counteraction, is the Love. When God projects a feeling through you, woe to you, if you want to stop it. It will break through the dam, it will come out and destroy you. It is a force, a storm. If you oppose, you cannot stop it. When a person loves, you should rejoice at his love. This is the New teaching, which you have forgotten. You have much to learn in the Love. And do not hinder a man that loves, because he will do many good things. Even the worst person, when he comes to love, do not hinder him in his love. Everyone loves as they can. Should you begin to teach them how to love, you close the faucet of Love. Do not plug up the Love. The smallest restriction of the Love brings poison into man. To restrict the Love means to restrict the Lord in yourselves. How much they have to love you, you have no right to meddle in that. Leave every man to display his love freely. An inner self-discipline is required.


In the conversation there was the topic of jealousy. The Master said: Jealousy is outside the Love. Jealousy is not something you have displayed. Others are quarrelling and you are involved in that quarrel. There is a jealousy of the fallen spirits, which delude the people. All delusions, which you are in with the Love, are theories of the fallen Angels, and you are developing them and name for Love what is not Love.


In the current knowledge there is jealousy, because you think that you are going to lose that object. But when you know that you are not going to lose it, can there be jealousy? Jealousy is a negative means, a misunderstanding of things. Then man doubts in the creature he loves. Jean Valjean loved Cosette, they took her away from him and he felt sad, and he should have been pleased that there was somebody to love her.


Jealousy had come forth before man appeared in this form. In all insects and in all other animals there is jealousy. Jealousy is the lowest side of mental development, because you already distinguish between one and the other.


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