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At a joint lunch, on the outer tables, in a conversation, the Master said:


Should you say to yourself, "Can't I love less?", you are then going to the lovelessness. Each day you must grow in Love.


A sister inquired, "How?"


You love somebody, because you see some good features in him. Find some new features in him every day, and then your love will grow. And he has many good features, because in him lives the Divine.


At the time of the conversation, a bird was singing, and the Master said:


That bird is singing, "Sow, sow, make, give!"


There are some who should get married, and others, who should not get married.


A sister asked, "What is the measure, who should get married and who should not get married?"


Those who are going to give birth to spiritual children should not get married. Those who should not get married, should serve the Lord, give birth to spiritual children. Let the others get married.


The same sister asked, "What does giving birth to spiritual children mean?" Giving birth to spiritual children means the following: first, you shall send across the world good thoughts, good feelings, and you shall proceed according to the high ideal; these are your children, this is a work of the Love. Second, those people, whom you are going to awaken for the Divine, are again your spiritual children, you have given them birth. I have met few people who like. Not that they do not love, but that is not Love. I will give you a rule: each morning, when you get up, through meditation and prayer, come to a beautiful Divine state of inspiration and upsurge, get filled with Love, Faith, and Hope, you will receive a blessing, and thus enriched, begin work. Do not go to work empty and poor. Let us say that there is a new song; play it to man, and without telling him any musical terms, let him understand what you are playing. Such thing is the Love. You are speaking about it, but you have to play it, i.e. to display it. There is a law: if man does not love, his thought cannot be proper. For instance, if there is not any love towards somebody, he will imagine him more base than he is, and if he loves him, he will be able to see the beautiful and the good in him. If you do not have any love towards somebody, he is millions of kilometers away from you, and if you have, he is close. When you love somebody, he should not be cross with you, but for years to keep in his consciousness that you love him. When you love somebody, a movie will open to you, you will see a whole range of pictures, and you will see why you love him. You will see what good turns he has done to you in the past. This is pleasant. And when you do not love somebody, again a range of pictures will open to you, and you will see why you do not love him, you will see what mischief and sufferings he has caused you in the past. And they will tell you, "Now fix this and that!"


If you have ten fountains, you will love the fountain that gives the best water the most. When you love somebody the most, in the past he has given you the best water. You love the one who is of more service to you more, and you love the one who is of less service to you less. So the first one draws your attention. When somebody loves someone, he speaks to him mildly, musically, pleasantly; when he does not love him, he speaks to him rudely. Love gives a feature to the face of man, and that feature does not change.


But this matter has a deeper, mystical side. When we come to the sacred Love, to the Love of Christ, then you love everybody, no matter what they are - sinful or righteous, good or bad, whether they have loved you in the past or not, whether they have caused you any sufferings or not. Man comes to this insight when he climbs up on the sacred peaks of Love! Since we are talking about the Love, we infer that you are giving what God has given you, without waiting for something for yourself.


Sometimes we feel a state that we are full of Love and are looking for somewhere to place it. And sometimes we are so drained that we are seeking to be loved. The first state is ascending, it has potential energy, and in the second one there is an exceptional amount of kinetic energy.


A brother asked: "Is it Divine for someone to want to be loved?"


Both are Divine - to love and to want to be loved.


Man should study those people who walk by the law of Love, he should connect with them. When somebody loves me, I am a door for him. When I love somebody, he is a door for me. When we love the Christ, He becomes a door for us.


As long as the Love functions within you, there is something to attract you, and when you do not love or are not loved, you do not want to live anymore. There is a thin philosophy in the Love. When you learn it, you will know how to change the sufferings into joy. When you are in grief, the reason for which you do not know, it can be due to the fact that there is no one to love you. But not that there is no one to love you, but that you are looking for the Love where it cannot come from, we are waiting for affection from the people, and not from the Lord through the people. You only need to aspire to love, and you will allow God to manifest his Love as he finds fit, and through whom he wants.


When man is not loved, he must change, he must bring in something new to himself, and in the new form to be loved. Somebody asked for someone, "What is there within him?" He is a seed, he might not have grown up, but inside him he has the power to grow. He is an unfinished painting. In the Love there are 35 million forms, and how many years are needed in order for you to taste them all. Think about it, if it is for three times a day.


You need to have a positive philosophy. Look for your Joy in the small things. When on the Earth some people love each other, it might be a secret, but above the Angels know and look whether they are playing their roles properly. Love is specific. Such Love, with which you love, nobody else can have. But you too cannot love like the others. Love is valuable, because nobody can display a love such as yours. Not that you do not love each other, you love each other. When they scatter you throughout the entire Earth, you will start to miss each other.


To be loved or to love is in a certain respect dangerous; if you do not have an awakened consciousness, you can always be surprised. Where you love or are loved, there are the biggest riches, there are also the biggest visible and invisible thieves of the world that you have not even dreamed of. Now I will go into the other side of the question: when people love each other, their ethereal counterparts can intertwine. That is where all the danger is, not in the Love itself. And when they do not know how to untwine, then improper connections are formed. Man has to love, without intertwining his counterpart. This is okay. In the Alps, the English tourists rope themselves together, ten people at a time, and when one of them falls, they all can go down. The laws have to be studied, and man has to live well, so that he does not cause himself any suffering or physical sorrows. You got scared and might say, "Then it is not worth it for man to love". No, it is not worth for man to bind himself.


A sister asked, "How should we love each other without intertwining our counterparts?"


You shall love without binding. When you love someone, do not expect anything from him, leave him free. That is the way for the counterparts to not intertwine. There are other methods as well.


Love comes periodically. When it comes to us, it does not stay, but gives Life, and in time, when it comes back again, it sees how much we have used. It always leaves superabundantly and goes away, because if it is with us, we will always be in a blissful state and will not be able to be angry. When it goes away, it leaves us free to do what we want. But there is another reason, for which the Love goes away: because our organism is still not adapted to endure its strong vibrations for a longer period of time. The organism of man gradually has to adapt to endure the Love.


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