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We were at a brotherly dinner in town, and a sister inquired about where a brother who was away was now.


Where he has always been. He was a guest here, and now he is there, in his Homeland. This brother I. was an earthly projection of brother I. above. Brother I. was never on Earth, and neither have you.


A sister inquired, "Do those who are close here know each other above?"


Those who love each other - yes, and those who do not love each other - they do not know each other even here. In the other world you have a friend, and when you get cross with him, he becomes invisible. In the other world you meet somebody you love; should you think something bad about him, he disappears from your eyes. At the smallest suspicion you disappear from each other.


The Love was mentioned. The Master said:


In the Love there is no crime at all, in the lovelessness - yes. If the daughter-in-law loved the mother-in-law, the latter would never make any noise. The daughter-in-law and the mother-in- law share the son. If you love a man, he opens before you, a Light is revealed inside him, and you see a new, beautiful world. And if you do not love him, everything is dark, in everything you see the wrong side.


Once we come to the law of the Love, we must not demand love. Other matters can be demanded, but once we come to the Love, we are completely free. First of all, the ordinary love has to be examined, then - the talented love and the ingenious love. The love of the young, the adult, and the old has to be examined. And after that you will come to the downright Love. Doesn't Christ say: "When you have not done something to somebody, you have not done it to Me either". Whenever you come to love somebody, you should know that you have come to love the Lord. When you love your neighbour, even if he changes, you should not change. You are candidates for the love only from now on!


At the theater, a drama is played for three hours, and you want here, on Earth, everything to happen at once. This life which people live is still not real. When you love somebody, you already contribute to the elevation of humanity. All the people, who love each other without knowing, are building the Divine edifice. Love always builds. When a few people love each other, the entire humanity becomes elevated, and the entire Genesis, everyone benefits from that. You should rejoice that you are in a quite beautiful world.


There are dark spirits, who cannot watch the people love each other, and are mad with rage. They want the people to hate each other, and form intrigues. When the Love comes, let the man go, do not give him any instructions. What morality are you going to give the man who loves? Leave him.


When we come to love a person, we are interested in that, which we have invested in him. Each person invests in the one he loves from his capital and wants his capital to not get lost, but that is a purely material love. You say, "I gave all my life for him". This is not yet real Love. Do not invest yourself in the Love, in order not to torment yourself. One of the renowned virtuosos of Italy gave his violin to be repaired. He sat down on an unoccupied chair. The craftsman disassembled the instrument to pieces. When he saw that, the violinist fainted, because he had invested his counterpart into the violin. That is where all the difficulty is. You have come to love someone, and like this violinist, have invested something from your counterpart, that is when you worry. The love that is not real displaces the counterpart and then the people suffer. With the real love, the counterpart does not get displaced. Sometimes, when you have a dream of something disturbing, you can awaken abruptly, your counterpart might not place himself, and then throughout the entire day you are indisposed. When your counterpart is not placed properly, you are indisposed, aggravated, you have let go of the float and are looking for a reason to quarrel. In order for the counterpart to be placed properly, when you get up in the morning, you shall pray and you will be well-disposed. Why does man have to pray? The prayer is nothing more than a method for the counterpart to be placed, in order for you to be able to perceive the things properly. The word "Israel" was mentioned.


"Israel" means "came out of Heaven" (derived from the Bulgarian interpretation "из Рая излязъл" or "iz Raia izliazul", which pretty much sounds like an extended version of the word). "Ra" in Egyptian means "Light". Heaven ("Rai" in Bulgarian) is a place of the Light.


After that, there were other things talked about, the Master closed His eyes and silently pronounced: "God "; His other words I could not hear.


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